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Season Half done bug report

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There is no bug forum, so I figured I would put my bugs here: My punter was hurt on a play that I returned the opponents punt. My backup had several punts that went for what looks to be negative yardage (how?) and the play by play said it went 0 yards (i.e. the punt went 0 yards, I punted from the Baylor 46 and they got the ball at the A&M 36). 1st thing, anyone can do better than that. 2nd thing, it almost cost me the game, as I had to stop punting in the 4th quarter because they were making a comeback. Another punt bug, my team punts the ball and the opposing team is called for a facemask. We accept without asking me and they get 15 more yards after the play. It looks like the penalty should have been called on me. I threw a long streak for a grand total of 2 yards. I have had situations where the same player is playing both LDT and RDE as well as the extreme where the same player was playing my entire line (I only had one guy left on my depth charts for the line and all the starters went for a breather at the same time). I beat a ranked team that was ranked 18 in the sim AP (I was receiving votes but not ranked). They went down to 20 and I lost votes that I received the week before??? I beat them 34-10 (I think, I know I had 24 at the end of the 1st quarter). Hope that helps.
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