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A comic book cliche that shouldn't exist.


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As I lull myself into a Nyquil sleep this evening to battle with a cold, I sit and I watch various superhero cartoons. I find something that irks me.


When normal people are shocked/scared/laugh at the notion that there is something superpowerful going on. In this particular example I just saw comes from Static Shock, a show that takes place in Dakota after a freak accident turned Virgil and a bunch of other teens into metahumans.


Virgil brings up an idea to his sister that a girl at his school may be said baby and use telepathy to zombify people. She proceeds to laugh like it's a crazy notion.


You live in a world where there is a hero with eletrical powers. There are multitudes of villians, including one metahuman that had a freaking stero in his chest. The very man she's dating is made out of rubber. And the universe of the show falls under the DC Animated Universe. So obviously Batman and Superman are out there too. And all this kind of freaky stuff happens on a near constant freaking basis.


But no <.< a girl with telepathy, that's just absurd!


Christ. The thing that confounds me is how can this cliche even exist? Okay I understand it happening in THE BEGGINING, but after they've long established people being able to shoot lazers out of their eyes NO ONE should be shocked anymore.


I'm off to my coma to seduce dream women. Laters!

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You know the worst example that comes to mind? The first Transformers movie.


"Oh there wasn't any attack, the Govt would have told us" - supposed to be yet another "Hey, Americans! Your Government does a bunch of cover-ups!"


but when ten giant robots crush a few city blocks, with thousands of witnesses... How the **** could anyone not realise what happened?

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