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Company's importance and popularity!

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I was wondering how does it works.

Because i'm running my own company in a real world mod and i'm working to get my importance higher for about 2 years now.


My importance in a canadian province (where my company is) was F- and two years later it's F+.


My popularity in was F- and two years later it's E-.

Strange but i got E- when i fired Raven lol.



My shows are always considered as success.

So what must be done to get a higher importance?

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Importance is simply your popularity mutliplied by the Importance of the region.


For example, the Tri-State is 100% Importance, so whatever your popularity is there, your Importance will be the same.


Other areas, such as Hawaii, have a lower Importance value, so your Importance will be reduced in those areas.

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on that note - in my game I am running FCW and am D- importance and C- popularity in PR but I am D-/D- in tri state area ... yet I am ranked 21 behind BSC who are D- in Southwest.


What can I do to jump up to 20th?


Get to D?


If you look in the editor, they may still be ahead of you. Letter grades aren't as exact as pure numbers, after all.

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