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United States Pro Wrestling - Old School at it's Finest!

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Here I was, sitting in the USPW custom made offices in the Hunstville Fairground, being interviewed to become Sam Strong's right hand man. Shane Sneer was stepping down. Something about the pressure being too much. I thought he was crazy. I mean Shane had run SCCW back in the day.


Shane was kind of a mentor to me. He taught me things and even put my name down for the book. I kept telling him that I wasn't ready. I mean I was a lowly referee. But Shane saw potential in me.


"So James, what do you say". Sam had the entire booking squad out. Danny Jillefski, Giant Redwood, Commisioner Doom and himself. "Are you willing to become USPW's leader into a new generation".

"Well, Mr.Strong. When can I start"

USPW - Old School. At It's Finest!

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United States Pro Wrestling


Al The Hillbilly - 38 - American - Face - Hillbilly

Alicia Strong - 21 - American - Face - Old School Face

Anger - 48 - American - Heel - Demon

Bruce The Giant - 36 -Australian - Face- Giant

Captain USA - 49 - American - Face - Patriot

Cherry Bomb - 31 - Canadian- Heel - Bad Ass

Chris Caulfield - 33 - American - Face - Patriot

Danny Rushmore - 37 - American - Heel - Monster

Darryl Devine - 24 - American - Face - Blue Chipper

Des Davids - 23 - American - Face - Legitimate Athlete

Eric The Bull - 22 - American -Heel - Man Beast

Freddie Datsun - 38 - American - Face - Blue Collar

Giant Redwood - 42 - American - Heel - Giant

Happy Elwood - 22 - American - Face - Happy-Go-Lucky

James Justice - 37 - American - Face - Dude

Java - 35 - Indonesian - Heel - Savage

Jim Force - 33 - American - Face - Power and Paint

Jumbo Jackson - 32 - American- Heel - Bad Ass

Lex Appeal - 33 - American - Heel - Suave

Mick Muscles - 32 - Canadian - Heel - Monster

Nadia Snow - 20 - Canadian - Heel - Arrogant Heel

Nicky Champion - 23 - American - Face - Clean Cut

Pete The Hillbilly - 40 - American - Face - Hillbilly

Peter Valentine - 44 - American - Heel - Chosen One

Stephanie Wade - 27 - American - Heel - ****y Youth

T-Rex - 32 - American - Heel - Monster

Tribal Warrior - 35 - Samoan - Savage



Baby Jamie - 31 - American - Referee

Commisioner Doom - 50 - American - Heel Authority Figure - Sadistic Corporal

Danny Jillefski - 46 - American - Heel Announcer

Micky Starr - 62 - American - Face Colour Commentator/Road Agent

Robbie Sanchez - 37 - American - Referee

Sam Strong - 61 - American - Face Road Agent - Patriot

Seduction - 29 - American - Face Manager - Grunge Rocker

Shane Sneer - 51 - American - Heel Colour Commentator/Manager - Sports Agent

Sheik Mustafa - 57 - Iraqi - Heel Manager - Sheik

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Welcome to the inaugural USPW American Wrestling of 2008 and what a show we have lined up for you this week.


In our main event James Justice takes on "The Hardcore American" Chris Caulfield in what should be a fantastic match-up between these two athletes.


In our semi main event, the giant Australian, Bruce The Giant takes on "The Heartbreaker" Peter Valentine. What effect will Shane Sneer and his dastardly Sneer Corporation play in the outcome of this match-up.


Also featuring tonight Des Davids taking on another member on The Sneer Corporation, the deadly Jumbo Jackson, Jim Force takes on Anger and Alicia Strong does battle with Stephanie Wade.


Make sure you don't miss USPW American Wrestling on Sports America!


Quick Picks

Des Davids vs Jumbo Jackson

Jim Force vs. Anger

Alicia Strong vs Stephanie Wade

Bruce the Giant vs Peter Valentine

James Justice vs Chris Caulfield

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Glad to see you keeping the 08 section up and running!


Des Davids vs Jumbo Jackson

Jim Force vs. Anger

Alicia Strong vs Stephanie Wade

Bruce the Giant vs Peter Valentine

James Justice vs Chris Caulfield


It's glad to be propping up the old guard. The show will probably be up late Friday evening or Saturday morning.

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To say I was nervous was an understatement. It was my first night booking USPW : American Wrestling. But as they say in the business, the show must go on.





Danny Jillefski & Micky Starr


Pre-Show Recap

Eric The Bull defeated Darryl Devine E+

Post Match Beatdown E-


Main Show Recap




Alicia Strong vs Stephanie Wade

This was an evenly matched contest between Alicia and Stephanie. The ending came when Stephanie spent a little too much time taunting the crowd and Alicia snuck up and nailed her with the Angel Driver.

Winner : Alicia Strong. Match Grade: D-


Backstage, we had hype duty from Peter Valentine about his up-coming match with Bruce The Giant. Some of the comments/insults slung about were "overgrown ape" and "dumb Australian moron". Peter was quite confident about his chances. Grade : D



Jim "Feel The" Force vs Anger

The WC favorite Jim Force took on the former Demon, Anger. This was a sloppy brawl between the two aging warriors. Jim got the win after a mistake from Anger gave Jim the advantage, and one Full Force later, the pinfall was academic.

Winner : Jim Force Match Grade : E



Des Davids vs Jumbo Jackson

Des Davids and Jumbo Jackson were up next. Both men brawl all over the Fairground, in a match aided by good chemistry. The two men couldn't stop brawling and the match was thrown out by referee Baby Jamie.

Match Result : Draw. Match Grade : D


A hype video for our man event of the reigning USPW Heavyweight champion James Justice and #1 contender, Chris Caulfield was shown on the large screen. Grade : C+



Bruce The Giant vs Peter Valentine

Bruce was fired up after Peter's comments and it showed here as he pummeled Peter into oblivion. Peter got some offense in but Bruce was like an enraged animal and a Giant Choke Slam ended Valentine's misery.


Winner : Bruce The Giant. Grade : D+



USPW Championship Match

James Justice © vs Chris Caulfield

Our main event sure did deliver. In the best match of the night, James and Chris went all out to give our loyal fans a good showing. They were evenly matched until James got the Liberation Slam and the pinfall.

Winner : James Justice Grade : C-


Overall Show Grade : D+


I was a bit disappointed with what the ARSEHOLES ( see J Silver's old USPW dynasty for the explanation) graded the show at. But onwards and upwards, right.


Prediction List

BHK1978 = 4/5

TakerNGN74 = 3/5


Both BHK and TakerNGN thought that the Des/Jumbo match would have a decisive winner but in terms of storyline a count-out brawl signifies the start of a feud.


Please leave any comments about the show and/or my writing.



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