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Ratings problem on Coaching hiring screen

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I noticed on the assistant coach bid screen for offensive coor, defensive coor and st coor. that the ratings in the above columns are diifernt from the coaches card below in the color coded ovals eg john miller offensive coordinator is listed above with good motivation, and good scout QB and below on his card in the bottom of screen the oval for good motivation is not grren for good but yellow or blue whatever same for good scout QB should be green but is another color. I noticed this with nearly all the coaches being mixed in the ratings and oval colors. One other thing I noticed is it is aliitle difficult to review the different coache ssince you can't easily see he is a3-4 guy prefernce for example unless you click on him or you have the personal filter on. I would make a small to try to put the coaches preferred style eg 3-4, 4-4 etc on at least the ratings screens for development and scouting since it is of such importance.
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