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Recruiting Improvements

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I was really hoping this game would have a few recruiting improvements lacking in similar games.


1. The ability to offer more recruits than you have scholarships available. Real life coaches always offer more scholarships than they have. It allows them to fully recruit guys at the same position at the same time and take whoever commits first. Front Office Football: College Years allowed users to offer more scholarships than there actually were, and that game is over 5 years old, so I don't think the technology would be that difficult.


2. Recruits deciding in a realistic time frame. In real life, the 5-star recruits aren't all committed by December 1. 5 of Kentucky's 6 elite recruits committed after March 1 this year. The top player in the country, Josh Selby, committed in April. 2 and 3 star guys also often wait until Spring to commit. Yet, in Fast Break, it seems like everyone commits ASAP.


3. The ability to go after committed players who haven't signed an LOI.


4. The ability to recruit freshman, sophomores, and juniors in high school. I'm pretty sure this would be a difficult addition because it would add numerous players, but it would add quite a bit of realism to the game and certainly make the game more enjoyable.

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