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Reality Bites Back or Welcome to the Rest of My Life

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((or In Which I Shamelessly Steal From InfinityWPI))


Finally I had put the money away for college. 25,000 per year, for four years. It took a lot of loans, a lot of ... harrassing of my parents, but I could get into a decent school and learn to become a teacher or an accountant or an accountant teacher hybrid.




Company Name: Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling

Founded: April, 2002

Starting Cash: 100,000 Dollars. F*ck College.

Owner: 2k Nikk

Booker: 2k Nikk

User Character: 2k Nikk


First Show: CZCW Welcome to the Coastal Zone 1 (Monthly Show)


I'll readily admit that I had no idea what I was doing for this show. Before the show I made a speech. It was supposed to be inspiring but it came out more like "Bear with me, I'll get this eventually".


I'm very motavational.


In the dark we ... ****. I didn't scheduel any dark matches. Off to a fantastic start...


We decided to use something I read on the internet called a Triangle Tournament. First I defeated Teddy Hart and Evan Karagias in a decent match. Next I tried one of these Upstart Villians vs Respected Elder type deals. Holloween went over Ricky Steamboat, and it was only slightly worse than the first triangle match. Next we moved to a second triangle match which put Elix Skipper in the title match after defeating Air Paris and Kid Kash. Those three tore the place apart and put our match to shame.


We introduced the Coastal ZoneLadder Championship next, and the rules are exactly as it seems, every match involving this title must be a ladder match. The first champion was a young grappler named Chris Hero, when he defeated Christian York. To round out the undercard The Jimmies (a tag team of Jimmy Yang and Jimmy Jacobs acting like punk rockers) defeated Lethal Red (two youngsters with great potential Jay Lethal and Amazing Red) for the Coastal Zone Tag Team titles... and it was almost as good as my triple threat match.


To start the main event Ron Killings joined Elix Skipper and me in the title match by defeating Alex Wright and Super Crazy. In the Main Event Me, Ron Killings and Elix Skipper used a slow build style to try and draw in the crowd, but where unable to overcome my lack of skill. Perhaps nepotism isn't the right way to book. At least the crowd left on a positive note, with Ron Killings holding his Coastal Zone Championship high.


OVERALL: D+ (1,910 at NV-Cox Pavillion)

MotN: Elix Skipper defeated Air Paris and Kid Kash ©

TotN: Chris Hero defeated Christian York (D-)


On the Next RBB: Let's try that Main Event again, minus me.

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I wish I would have thought that before I started college. ha. :rolleyes: I could be a wrestling owner versus an unemployed college graduate.


Looks good so far, Astil!


I just wish I had that kinda purse ... ever :p.


Anything with Jay Lethal has my vote.




'Me' is always doing that kind of stuffy... that is why I call myself Yuu.




Asian punk is the future.

So is this Fed.


Have fun. :D


Yeah, I'll be moving Me down the card now ... :o


The Jimmies are a big time fav of mine as I have a soft spot for both Yang and Jacobs.


Welcome to the Coastal Zone 2


Before the lights went down ... wait why is it called dark if the lights are on ... anyway Kid Kash won a ten man battle royal. It was okay, definetly good pre show material.


Next Holloween comes out and runs down Steamboat. I come out and try to 2k Kikk his head off, and we fight.... and I dissapoint. Again. This is worse than the preshow, and I think I need more training before the crowd'll accept me. Next The Jimmies retain there championship of The Killer K's (Evan Karagais and Johnny Kashmere) in a decent match. Blitzreig makes a return to wrestling to a small pop and he and Chris Hero pull another decent match for Hero to retain the Ladder Championship. Lot's of ... decent so far.


Teddy Hart and Air Paris help break that trend by waking the crowd up with a good match that Teddy wins. Super Crazy beats Alex Wright in a match that keeps the momentum going into our main event. In that main event Elix Skipper and Ron Killings show that wthout me weighing them down they are in fact Main Eventers. Killings retains his title, but both men come out great.


As the fans are going home we give them Lethal Red vs. Matt Striker and Chase Steavens. Everyone seems to leave faster.


OVERALL: C (1,774 at NV-Cox Pavillion)

MotN: Ron Killings defeated Elix Skipper (C+)

TotN: Lethal Red deafeated Matt Striker and Chase Stevens (E)


On the Next RBB: Super Crazy gets his title shot, and we sign the forth cornerstone of CZCW.

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We were able to bring in one of those huge deals in wrestling, someone who could act as a trainer and a Main Eventer. A huge win for the Coastal Zone.


So now we had Elix, Killings, Super Crazy and this new guy as our four corners. Very solid.


Welcome to the Coastal Zone 3


We use our dark time a little better this month, having two dark matches. The first is two newcomers, who perform in the single worst CZCW match of all time. That's okay as Shawn Davari and Jack Evans are both young. Oh, Davari got the win. In the last of the dark matches, Killings got a title defense win over Calo Genial (Super Calo) in a decent match.


The main show starts with me and Ricky Steamboat coming out to face Holloween and a mystery partner. The crowd becomes interested when the partner is revealed to be Psicosis. The two Luchadors beat us out in an below average match. I expect Psicosis to pull us higher to be honest. Next Chris Hero attempted to defend his Ladder Championship against Air Paris... and failed. Paris becomes the new champ in an average for the Zone match. Next the Jimmies beat a new team of Calo Genial and Ultimo Guerrero to retain the Coastal Zone Tag titles. This is an above average match that is a good lead in to our dual main events.


In the first main event Elix Skipper, Teddy Hart and Alex Wright take on our newcomer for the number one contendership... and in the end it is Jerry Lynn who will fight for the title next month after a good match. Finally Ron Killings and Super Crazy fight an absolute war, punctuated by a Trifecta Moonsault and the title changing hands to Super Crazy!


After the show we reward the fans who stay late with Christian York, Delerious and Matt Striker defeating Xaivier, Kid Kash and Abbadon, followed by the Killer K's beating Lethal Red. Both were good dark matches.


OVERALL: C (1,848 at NV-Cox Pavillion)

MotN: Super Crazy defeated Ron Killings ©

TotN: Shawn Davari defeated Jack Evans (F+)


On the Next RBB: Taking a look around us at the WWE and the new upstart: TNA. Oh and Super Crazy vs. Jerry Lynn for the Coastal Zone Championship.

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A quick bit of info about this mod.


It's the 2002 with a bit of Nikkjusting. Like for example WWE has 3 brands, RAW, SD! and ECW and all are even brands. Also TNA is a start company, meaning they were founded in April 2002, meaning I messed with there scheduel a bit.


WWE Champs

RAW: Steve Austin

SD!: Kurt Angle

ECW: Edge

Tag: Billy Gunn and Chuck Pulumbo


Euro: Regal

Cruiser: Tajari

Hardcore: Raven

Woman's: Jazz


PPV wise they ran Backlash (B ME'd by Angle over DDP for the World Heavyweight Championship), Judgement Day (B+ ME'd by Kurt Angle over the Undertaker for the Heavyweight Championship), Bad Blood where Triple H one King of the Ring (B+), and Vengeance (B ME'd by Austin defeating Booker T to retain the WWE Championship.


TNA did some decent work, putting there Main Event title on Ken Shamrock and the X Division title on Shark Boy.


Welcome to the Coastal Zone 4


In the dark we tried some team blending when the proven team of Lethal Red went over the teams of Blitzreig & Matt Sydal and Delerious & Cheetah Master. Then Kash went over Christian York and Shawn Davari. Both were decent pre show matches.


After that we start the show with me dragging Ron Killings to Trash of the Night in a tag match against Aliencia de Terror (Holloween and Psicosis). Air Paris retains the Ladder title against former champ Chris Hero in an above average match and Los Rudos defeat newcomer Shark Boy and Teddy Hart in a Main Event quality match! Hmm, may have to push Shark Boy...


We settle things down to average with the Jimmies retaining over the Killer K's in an average match. Then we go into Main Event mode as Elix Skipper defeates Alex Wright in a good not great match, and then Super Crazy defeats Jerry Lynn to retain the Coastal Zone Championship. These two show what the CZCW Main Event should be, and everyone goes home happy.


OVERALL: C+ (1,871 at NV-Cox Pavillion)

MotN: Super Crazy defeated Jerry Lynn (C+)

TotN: 2k Nikk and Ron Killings defeated Aliencia de Terror (D-)


On the Next RBB: Someone pulls me to a near Main Event level match, and Ron Killings gets his rematch.

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We release Chase Stevens, Matt Striker and Xavier. Striker told us it was cool he wanted to go work in Japan and Stevens said he was gonna "Be on RAW soon, you'll see!"


Ok Chase, sure.


In the dark we try out a new team called Arkham (Delerious and Abbadon acting like over the top villains) and they work well, defeating Cheetah Master and Jay Lethal. The Amazing Red then defeats Shawn Davari in a below average bout.


To start the show another new team of mismatch personalities in the form of Shark Boy and Teddy Hart battles Mister Coastal (A masked wrestler) and Myself as well as the Killer K's. The Underwater Foundation (Hart and Shark) beat Team CZCW (Coastal and I) and the Killer K's in a near main event level match. I was in a near main event level match! Then just to make me feel bad Paris and Kash take our momentum and pull out a great match with Paris retaining. Holloween cools the crowd down with a win over Chris Hero and Christian York that is easily the worst match of the night. The Jimmies retain over Los Rudos in a Lucha Style tag match, and we decide henceforth all tag title matches will be lucha style.


In the sub main event Alex Wright and Jerry Lynn team together to defeat Elix Skipper and Psicosis in a good match. After this Ron Killings and Super Crazy put on a show, cementing there place as the best in CZCW with a great showing. Crazy keeps his title, but its safe to say Killings will resign with us, right?




OVERALL: C- (1,760 at NV-Cox Pavillion)

MotN: Super Crazy defeated Ron Killings ©

TotN: Holloween defeated Chris Hero and Christian York (D-)


On the Next RBB: Ron Killings will resign ... he has to ...

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liking this so far, hope you are having fun with it!


Definetly am, mis amigo.


Ron Killings resigned! We celebrate with a double update.


CZCW Welcome to the Coastal Zone 6


Before the lights go down Lethal Red goes over Davari and York, and Hero goes over Johnny Kashmere. Both are decent preshow matches, the tag match being a tick better.


We start with Elix Skipper going over Alex Wright and Evan Karagias and woah - this is as good as WttCZ 5's Main Event! Air Paris going over Halloween and Kid Kash is supposed to cool us off, but they pull out a great match as well and I'm starting to get good vibrations.


Unfortunetly those good vibrations dont help me in the ring, as Los Rudos defeat Team CZCW in a terrible match. The Jimmies and the Underwater Foundation recover with a match possibly better than the opener. The Foundation goes over to win the title! Next Jerry Lynn defeats Psicosis and Ron Killings, and forget match of the night, this might be the best match in CZCW history! I feel comfortable knowing Lynn and Skipper will be taking on Crazy in the main event ... but something goes amiss. Don't get me wrong, it's good, but ... it should have been better.


As the crowds leaving we scare them out with Arkham going over Jack Evans and Cheetah Master. I leave dissapointed, knowing that main event let us down.


OVERALL: C- (1,699 at NV-Cox Pavillion)

MotN: Jerry Lynn defeated Psicosis and Ron Killings (C+)

TotN: Arkham defeated Cheetah Master and Jack Evans (E+)


CZCW Welcome to the Coastal Zone 7


Lucky number 7's preshow starts with Kid Kash and Shawn Davari defeating Arkham, and its main show worthy. The Killer K's defeating Lethal Red is also main show worthy.


Then the real show starts ... with two preshow worthy matches. the Aliencia de Terror defeates Team CZCW in a dreadful match and Alex Wright defeated Chris Hero in a really dissapointing match. The Ladder title match picks things up as The Jimmies (not as a tag team) face off against Air Paris and Jimmy Jacobs gets the big win. The Underwater Foundation retains against Los Rudos and the match keeps the momentum going. Next Elix Skipper gets the number one contendership by defeating Ron Killings in a good match. He'll face Jerry Lynn who defeats Super Crazy in a great match.


The crowds feeling so good they ignore how terrible the post show match of Christian York defeating Cheetah Master and Jack Evans.


OVERALL: C (1,823 at NV-Cox Pavillion)

MotN: Jerry Lynn defeated Super Crazy (C+)

TotN: Christian York defeated Cheetah Master and Jack Evans (E+)


On the Next RBB: So in two shows we had three title changes. With the end of the year creeping up will things stabilize or get crazier?

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  • 2 weeks later...

Had a great vacation in Vermont, but I missed the Zone.


News of the Weird

Wrestler Gail Kim posed nude. OVW then hired her.

Scott Steiner became freelance.

Axl Rotten and Ian Rotten dislike each other.

Nelson Knight passed away in a drug related death. Cassidey O'Reilly died in a car accident.


Welcome to the Coastal Zone 8


In two great preshow matches Lethal Red defeated Arkham and Psicosis defeated Blitzkrieg.


In the main show I stink up the joint with Alex Wright, pulling a full grade lower than our pre show. A tag team match pulls us back as Los Rudos defeat Shawn Davari and Kid Kash. Jimmy Jacobs retains the Ladder Championship over Air Paris, Jimmy Yang and Halloween in another decentish match. The Underwater Union kick it up a notch defeating the Killer K's in a good match.


In the sub main event Super Crazy defeated Ron Killings for the right to fight for the title in December. It was a smidge better than the tag match. Then we blow the roof off the Cox Pavillion. Jerry Lynn defeats Elix Skipper and these two get match of the year by far!


We end the show in a post show every wrestles match where Chris Hero defeated Cheetah Master, Christian York, Jack Evans and Mister Coastal. As to be expected, it's terrible.


OVERALL: C+ (1,699 at NV-Cox Pavillion)

MotN: Jerry Lynn defeated Elix Skipper (B-)

TotN: Chris Hero defeated Cheetah Master, Christian York, Jack Evans and Mister Coastal (E)


On the Next RBB: Last show of 2002, which means End of the Year Awards!

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