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UFC 2001 - Quick Trick's Way

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With Zuffa purchasing the UFC from SEG, they had to follow some rules and meet certain expectations from Zuffa.


1) To make money, UFC had to try desperately to get a television contract to attract a broader audience to shed the bad reputation that the UFC has had in years pass.


2) The UFC must hold a PPV once every 5 weeks.


3) Zuffa wants the UFC to be the greatest MMA organization in the WORLD. With that being said, Zuffa wants the UFC to hire a very multi-ethic/cultural roster to have the best competition in the world.


UFC 30: Barnett vs Couture

Las Vegas, Nevada

Saturday of Week 3, January 2001


Main Event

"The Babyface Assasin" Josh Barnett (7-0) vs "The Natural" Randy Couture (7-2)


Main Card

"The Monster" Kevin Randleman (9-4) vs "The Rock" Pedro Rizzo (10-1)

"Gumby" Jeremy Horn (46-9-4) vs "The Wolf" Eugene Jackson (11-6-1)

Fabiano Iha (6-3) vs "Lil Evil" Jens Pulver (8-2-1)

"Fearless" Lance Gibson (4-4) vs "The Iceman" Chuck Liddell (6-1)


Preliminary Card

"The Pitbull" Andrei Arlovski (4-1) vs "The Machine" Ian Freeman (10-2)

Gil Gastillo (3-0) vs "The Janitor" Vladimir Matyushenko (9-1)

Mark Hughes (5-1) vs Alex Stiebling (5-1-1)

"The Truth" Bobby Hoffman (23-4) vs "Mo" Maurice Smith (9-12)

John Lewis (3-4-3) vs "Lights Out" Chris Lytle (7-6-3)


This diary will be based on the Dr. Sanchez data.

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UFC 30: Barnett vs Couture

Las Vegas, Nevada

Saturday of Week 3, January 2001


Main Event

UFC Heavyweight Championship

Randy Couture defeats Josh Barnett via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 1:34 of Round 1 to retain the UFC Heavyweight Title


Main card

Pedro Rizzo defeats Kevin Randleman via Knock Out in 1:37 of Round 2

Jeremy Horn defeats Eugene Jackson by Submission (Armbar) in 0:51 of Round 3

Jen Pulver defeats Fabiano Iha via TKO in 4:12 of Round 1

Chuck Liddell defeats Lance Gibson via Unanimous Decision


Preliminary Card

Andrei Arlovski defeats Ian Freeman via TKO in 4:03 of Round 1

Vladimir Matyushenko defeats Gil Castillo via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 4:33 of Round 3

Mark Hughes defeats Alex Stiebling via TKO in 4:49 of Round 2

Maurice Smith defeats Bobby Hoffman via Unanimous Decision

John Lewis defeats Chris Lytle via Unanimous Decision


News and Notes from UFC 30


*Many thought with Randy Couture facing another decorated wrestler in Josh Barnett, that he'd have difficulty taking him to the ground. I think Barnett must have been thinking the same thing as he allowed Couture to bully him up against the cage and take him down to the ground. Couture worked his way into mount when Barnett gave him his back and allowed Couture to retain the UFC Heavyweight Championship.


*Pedro Rizzo will get the next crack at Randy Couture with his highlight reel knockout of Kevin Randleman. Rizzo controlled the fight very well, blocking each takedown attempt Randleman shot in for. Rizzo peppered Randleman with shots in the first round which gained in ferocity during the second. A three punch combination put Randleman completely out.


*The seasoned veteran of more than fifty fights, Jeremy Horn proved to be just too good for Eugene Jackson. Horn was comfortable being taking down again and again as he was able to work off his back way more effectively than Jackson was able to work from guard. Horn finally caught him in a fight ending armbar in the beginning minute of round three.


*Jens Pulver proved to be a fan favorite yet again tonight with his absolute destruction of Fabiano Iha. Pulver took Iha down twice in the fight and just unloaded with some vicious ground and pound that sent Iha to the showers. With rumors abounding that UFC match officials are trying to find two suitable contenders to square off for the UFC Lightweight Championship, Jens might have just made a pretty convincing showing that he should be one of them.


*Even though Chuck Liddell got the 'w' in this fight against Lance Gibson, many feel that his performance was, well rather lazy. Lance was suppose to not win this fight, he was a feeder to Chuck. Many thought Chuck would knock him out in the opening seconds. Chuck did win the fight and in a convincing manner, but he never had Lance in trouble and for someone who is considered a very exciting fighter, tonight was just disappointing.


*Zuffa officials have announced that they have come to a TV agreement with NESN to showcase a UFC fight card on cable. The show will be called UFC Warriors and will debut on Saturday, the third week of March.


UFC 31: Tanner vs Ortiz

Las Vegas, Nevada

Saturday of Week 4, February 2001


Main Event

UFC Light Heavyweight Championship

Evan Tanner (26-2) vs "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Tito Ortiz (6-2)


Main Card

"The Giant" Gan McGee (7-1) vs "Suave" Ricco Rodriguez (9-1)

Yuki Kondo (29-9-3) vs "The Iceman" Chuck Liddell (7-1)

"The Master" Drew Fickett (12-0) vs "Mach" Hayato Sakurai (17-0-2)

Yves Edwards (14-4) vs "Uno Shoten" Caol Uno (14-3-2)


Preliminary Card

Jerry Bohlander (10-3) vs "The Messenger" James Zikic (10-2)

Tim Lacjik vs "The Snowman" Jeff Monson (5-3)

"Dinyero" Din Thomas (10-1) vs Paul Rodriguez (5-3-1)

Ebenezer "Pitbull" Fontes Braga (10-5-1) vs "The King of Rock n Rumble" Elvis Sinosic (3-3-1)

Tiki Ghosn (3-2) vs Karo Parisyan (6-1)



UFC Warriors: Lindland vs Shamrock

Mobile, Alabama

Wednesday of Week 3, March 2001


Main Event

Matt Lindland vs Frank Shamrock


Main Card (Televised Portion)

Vladimir Matyushenko vs Renato Sobral

Andrei Arlovski vs Maurice Smith

Shonie Carter vs Sean Sherk


Preliminary Card

Aaron Riley vs Rumino Sato

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Mark Robinson

Mike van Arsdale vs Joey Gilbert

Danny Batten vs Ryan Bow

Marvin Eastman vs Anderson Silva

LaVerne Clark vs Brad Gumm

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