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My own free online game (please read)

Capelli King

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I had a topic when i released it to private beta some time back (sorry, cannot find the old topic, was a long time ago). I Just released the public beta stage last week! I do not plan any further resets from this point onward, should be relatively bug free now.


For those which did not read the previous topic i had, basically you take on the role of a city ruler, somewhere in the middle ages. You build up your infrastructure, improve your military and join up with others to form clans for political and military expansion. The game is very deep with a focus on strategy and if i was to compare i guess it is a mix of Civilization and Sim City, but with real players and online. The game is TOTALLY free and was designed to take just a few minutes (if not seconds) per day.


You HAVE TO check this out:





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