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Summit Wrestling: Who'll Get To The Top?

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"My name is Big Jim Teasdale and I stand before you as the owner of Summit Wrestling."


"Summit Wrestling is the new innovation of wrestling around the world. Featuring six squads of the hottest talent from around the four corners of the world... they all will be coming to Summit Wrestling with one aim."


"To reach the Summit first..."


"Of course first of all. We're going to need to meet the owners and then we're going draft the teams from those available."
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"Hello. Get used to seeing this smiling face as I, Lisa Bowen, am the team owner of the team that are going to dominate the first season of Summit Wrestling."


"My team are just as good as I say they are. They are
The Awesomeness


"This whole thing is going to be a procession. The overall team championship... The singles championship... And the Twin Peaks Championships... We are aiming for all three. And we are planning on capturing all three."


"I've had a look at some of the wrestlers available to be drafted... I know the squad I want. And I know who I will be drafting when I get to make the first overall draft. It's pretty obvious who the franchise player of this whole thing will be."


"Don't expect to be surprised when everything I have said happens. I know you don't want to believe me... I know you want to think this thing will be competitive. It won't be. The Awesomeness are going to win. The plaques are being etched already."

Summit Wrestling : Season 1 Squads

The Awesomeness (Lisa Bowen)

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