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Entertainment promotion without gimmicks?

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What would the best setup be, in your opinion, for a promotion without gimmicks?


I love the whole mic segments and stuff, but I think gimmicks - with wrestlers being reinvented totally differently and the whole craziness - might be better left at the door. Workers will get the opportunity to give color to their persona theirselves, shifting between gimmicks all the time. Austin & The Rock, both didn't really have a gimmick imo. They never changed it since they became popular. I hate how in TEW you have to keep changing gimmicks to keep them fresh.


I thought about changing a promotion to these values:


Key - Traditional

Heavy - Realism

Medium - Mainstream, Comedy, Risque, Cult, Modern


I might just take the NOTBPW setup, if only it didn't say: "Fans don't care about the wrestlers' characters"


I want them to care, I just don't want their characters to be caught in stupid gimmicks. So I either want eternal gimmicks that don't grow stale (at least not for 5 years) or no gimmicks at all.

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So I either want eternal gimmicks that don't grow stale (at least not for 5 years) or no gimmicks at all.


To answer your initial question, any product.


Game Options -> User Preferences, clear the checkbox next to 'Characters can become stale over time'. You might also want to clear the checkbox for 'Gimmick effects are turned on'. While it's true you'd be giving up the bonuses for good gimmicks, you'd also be giving up penalties for bad ones.


Your product is likely to determine how willing your fans are to accept gimmicks at all but there's no product that guarantees any gimmick will perform well. As much testing as I've done with various products, there wasn't a single one that gave me gimmick ratings I would come close to agreeing with. So I turn 'em all off.


And Austin and Rock both had several gimmicks that subtly evolved over time. Unless you think Steve Williams and Dwayne Johnson act like their characters in everyday life. Even if the character is just the worker's real personality turned WAY up (as both The Rock and Randy Savage have said theirs were), it's still a gimmick. They might be unique to those workers, but they're still gimmicks.

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Surely the wrestlers' characters are their gimmicks?


The whole badass '3:16' thing Austin had was a gimmick, as was The Rock's ulta charasmatic 'people's champ' character.


A catchphrase or nickname is NOT a gimmick. Getting that wrong is one of the cardinal sins of mod makers in the gimmick section.


Steve Austin played the Rebel gimmick, that simple. The Rock was a highly charismatic guy with an admittedly hard to classify gimmick. Guys like Benoit shoudn't have had a Rabid Wolverine gimmick, it's Machine. Ken Shamrock would never be World's Most Dangerous Man, he'd be an MMA Bad Ass. The list goes on and on.


It's a pet peeve of mine in mods, it's actually lazier to create the gimmicks than to think about what the actual gimmick was. There are very few people who aren't covered by the default gimmick file. :)

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The Rock was quite obviously in the ****y section. From there, there are a few that could fit him, as there are a number that are incredibly generic in description.


That said, both The Rock & Steve Austin DID change gimmicks, after attaining stardom.


Austin was a Rebel throughout the McMahon feud, until his big heel turn at WM X-7, where he went to something more Weasely (the character work, that is). As we move towards the Invasion angle *shudder*, Austin takes on a Loose Cannon persona, before becoming a straight-up Bad Ass, through the tail end of his career.


The Rock similarily moved through ****y Youth (with the Nation of Domination), Chosen One (Corporation), possibly even a Comedy gimmick during the Rock'n'Sock days. Once we get to the McMahon-Helmsley era, with The Rock as the primary babyface, The Rock takes on Austin's old Rebel gimmick. I admit to not watching the Invasion days, so I can't really comment on those, but definitely ended up with the Rock Star gimmick (admittedly, he was a movie star, but the gimmick holds).


Hey, that almost looks like they were changing gimmicks as often as people need to in TEW. Go figure.

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