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Post your 100 matches

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Post all the matches that fetched you 100 ratings


Christian Faith defeated Angry Gilmore -100


Was a Main event with both wrestlers around 90 pop.Match was 25-26 mins long with simple road agent notes like open match,decisive win,slow build&made faith took a crazy bump


Gilmore Vs Lobster Warrior - 99

Main event of a TV show

Could have been 100 If it wasn't for the poor gimmick of gilmore.

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Only 100 I've had so far is Jack Bruce beating Enforcer Roberts. Took me completely by surprise, wasn't a title match or anything. Heck, it wasn't even on PPV.


I've had a couple of 99s;


Christian Faith defeated Jay Chord (while he was a lower midcarder - cannot wait to redo this match when I've moved Jay up the card a bit).

Vengeance defeated Rich Money.

Christian Faith defeated Remo.

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I've had 2


My first was a Rich Money-Jeremy Stone tv match. I think this was down to Money taking a crazy bump.



The other was a throwaway tag match on a PPV. The Flying Stones losing to John Maverick and Shooter Sean Deeley.


This one took me completely by surprise, afterwards I was as giddy as a schoolgirl :)

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