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So, I finally gave in to the idea of writing a diary, I usually only play with real world mods however I think even you CVerse players might be interested in my idea...


Short backstory:


WWE's Vince McMahon is ready to usher in a new era for World Wrestling Entertainment, not only is the company starting to push younger talent, but both head writers for RAW and Smackdown! have been released as Vince wants a feeling of "change". McMahon is not satisfied with recent TV ratings/PPV buys, he feels the business has passed his current writing team by. To solve this problem, Mr. McMahon signed two young minds in the wrestling business, two men who will take the WWE to new heights it has never reached before. The WWE is in their hands now, what will happen as World Wrestling Entertainment finally enters a new era?


Basically, I want to run a multiplayer game in TEW with the WWE, one person will control RAW and the other will control Smackdown!. To start the game, we'll run a draft where we'll pick wrestlers for our respective brands. Once we do that, we'll each book one show every week in TEW, then write a diary based off what we booked in game. So, who wants to be my partner? I'll let you take control of whatever brand you want.


For more info, including how we handle where Free Agents go, who posts the thread, etc, either post here or add me on MSN at chessarmy2@hotmail.com or AIM at chessarmy453. Lets make the ultimate WWE based diary, NOW WHO'S WITH ME!?!?!?!?!?!?



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