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Here We Go Again

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After the close of Danger and Violence Extreme in 2007, Charles Zulas left the world of professional wrestling behind. After D.A.V.E. Charles spent most of his time working on other projects and working mundane jobs. As Charles was sitting at home in South Bend, Indiana watching the NFL on tv he received a call. On the other end of the line was a man he had not thought about in years, Mitch Naess.


Mitch: Hello is this Charles Zulas?


Charles: Yes?


Mitch: I’ve been trying to reach you, this is Mitch Naess. We worked together in Danger and Violence Extreme.


Their was a pause between the two as Charles thought back to his time in the company.


Charles: I have not thought about that company for years, to be honest I really have not been keeping up with wrestling these days. What have you been up to?


Mitch: After Danger and Violence Extreme, I took some time to regroup and then I started Pittsburg Steel Wrestling. I am calling you because Alex Braun just stepped down as my head booker and after calling around I thought of no better person then you.


Another pause on the phone as Charles thought about the offer, he had been away from the wrestling business for so long would he be willing to get back in.


Mitch: I know you are great for it.


Charles continued to think


Charles: You know it has been awhile since I have done this but I accept.


Mitch: Great! Can you be in Pittsburg tomorrow?


Charles: Ok


Mitch: I will talk with you later then.


Charles hung up the phone went to his calendar which read December 27, 2009. Charles went to his closet and immediately packed a bag before booking himself a plane ticket to Pittsburg for the following day. Charles went to bed after sending off a couple of e-mails to friends about his new job. The next morning Charles got up and spent time gathering his things, including his notes on his in Danger and Violence Extreme before spending time to take one last look at his apartment and leaving for the airport. Once at the airport, Charles found his gate and grabbed a cup of coffee while waiting for his plane to board. Once on board the plane, pulled out some of his notes to read on the plane. When the plane finally landed Charles was greeted by Mitch.


Mitch: How have you been, and thanks for accepting my offer.


Charles: Good Mitch


Mitch: Listen, I know we have a lot of catching up to do, so why don’t you stay with me through the holidays until and we can bring you in officially at the start of the new year.


Charles was a little more at ease with the idea of being back in the wrestling

Business as the two left the airport of Mitch’s house. Once the two made it to the house, Mitch showed Charles around and left him to get unpacked. The following days, were uneventful as Charles toured the area and began looking for an apartment of his own. New Years Eve came and went with little fan fare as both Mitch and Charles were focusing more on P.S.W. then the actual day.


Mitch: Well Charles today is an important day for you, I am going to go to bed and then we can leave for the office later today.


Charles went off to bed

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Monday Week 1 January 2010


Both men wake up hours later and head for the office. Once at the office Mitch unlocks the door and shows Charles around the building.


Mitch: This will be your area


Charles: This is fine, Mitch.


Mitch: A lot of things have changed since the last time we worked together. For one here is the roster.


Mitch Naess hands Charles a copy of the roster as it is currently


Main Event

Alex Braun

Johnny Martin

Frankie Future

Grandmaster Phunk


Upper Midcard

Steven Parker

Tank Bradley

JD Morgan

Teddy Powell



The Punisher

Ash Campbell

Matthew Keith

Dead Bolt

Nelson Callum

The Wolverine


Lower Midcard

Thimbleby Langton

Primal Rage

Wooton Fitzpaine



Lazy Joe

Little Bill Lebowski


Mitch: We also have Nicole Kiss and Krissy Angelle acting as managers, Doc Messing is my color guy, R.M. Stones is the one referee, while Fabulous Frank is currently our road agent.


Charles: Alex Braun is still wrestling at his age.


Mitch: He can still be a good worker. Now currently we do not have a tv or pay per view deal in place. With you here now I am hoping that we can change that.


Charles: Ok Mitch, I’ll see what I can do.


Charles studies the roster before speaking


Charles: Hey Mitch, what ever happened to Phil?


Mitch: Phil now works for Canadian Golden Combat as their head booker.


Charles continues to look at the roster and notices Ash Campbell’s name


Charles: Ash Campbell, isn’t that John’s son?


Mitch: Yes Charles, knowing how good his father was for us, I had to sign him.


Charles: Where is John now?


Mitch: According to Ash, his father has no interest in wrestling right now.


Charles: Listen, Mitch I was thinking that with me coming in, we treat it as a big deal, a fresh new start.


Mitch sat back in his chair


Mitch: What are you thinking?


Charles: We should vacate all titles and hold tournaments to decide the new champions.


Mitch: While I see the reasoning behind this, I am going to disagree with you. I have no problems with having title matches on the first show but to have tournaments is a bit too much.


Mitch puts his head in his hands


Mitch: Before I forget, we have working agreements with Mid Atlantic Wrestling and FREEDOM Caribbean Wrestling.


Charles: Who are FREEDOM?


Mitch: It’s a new company that Puerto Rican Power and Shawn Gonzalez set up after D.A.V.E. closed. They are a couple of good guys but the company is almost a 180 of us. Now I know it’s late in the day, and I know we work together in the past but that does not mean it’s going to be a free ride. We need to double our books in the next twenty seven months or I may be looking for a new head booker.


Charles: No problem Mitch.


Mitch: Now head home and come back with a plan for the first show.


Charles: Ok Mitch.


Charles packs up his notes and heads back to the house.


Tuesday Week 1 January 2010


Charles gets to the office and puts his notes on the desk.


Mitch: So Charles have you come up with a plan yet?


Charles hands Mitch a copy of his ideas


Charles: I was thinking Johnny Martin getting the first shot at Frankie Future’s title. Give Future someone the fans know. As far as the National title held by Matthew Keith, we could put him up against Ash Campbell and have it play off as a battle of second generation wrestlers.


Mitch: They are currently a tag team


Charles: So we break them up.


Mitch: I see here you have Langton and Fitzpaine here against the tag champs.


Charles: Yes, the vets vs. the young guys idea here.


Mitch: Ok.


Charles: You know Mitch, I was looking at the roster, and we have a lot of “older” wrestlers on the roster.


Mitch: We have a lot of loyal members I think deserve spots on the roster.


Charles: I think we need to focus on younger stars. That was part of the problem with D.A.V.E.


Mitch: You may think that, but we still need wrestlers who can draw a crowd.


Charles: So where these do shows usually take place, Mitch?


Mitch: We stay in the Tri-State and New England areas mostly.


Charles: Any thoughts as to what we will do if we don’t get a deal going?


Mitch: I guess we can just run local shows but I believe we can get one going.


Charles: Well Mitch, you have a copy of the plans I want for the first show. I am going to head out and continue looking for my own place.


Mitch: Ok see you tomorrow then


Wednesday Week 1 January 2010


Charles gets to the office and finds an old face in Teddy Powell.


Charles: Hello Mr. Powell how are you?


Powell: I’ve been ok. What have you been up to?


Charles: After D.A.V.E. closed I left the business actually. I really did not pay that much attention to professional wrestling. Then last week Mitch here called me up out of the blue and said that he needed a head booker after Alex Braun stepped down, so I said sure…How is Sammy doing?


There is silence in the room for a few moments until Powell speaks.


Powell: We are not on speaking terms anymore.


Charles: Why?


Powell: He went and signed with T.C.W. and left me out to dry.


Charles: Really?


Mitch quietly nods his head yes


Charles: Sorry to hear that man. Glad to see that you have decided to stick around and help Mitch here though.


Powell: Mitch along with Phil gave me the opportunity to really shine.


Charles: Well as of right now, I don’t have you in a title picture but show me what you did in D.A.V.E. and I will find you a good feud.


Powell: Thanks


Mitch: Don’t worry Powell, I know exactly who you should face.


Charles: And who would that be, Mitch?


Mitch: Steven Parker


Powell: Cool. Well I am going to head out, it was great to see you again Mr. Zulas


Charles: I will be in touch.


Teddy Powell heads out the door


Mitch: So I take it still no word about a deal?


Charles: None yet, Mitch.


Mitch: I was thinking that if a deal does not get done lets have a back up plan for weekly shows on Saturdays starting this week.


Charles was caught off guard


Charles: This Saturday, ok Mitch. How long should I plan for?


Mitch: Lets go two hours


Charles: Ok then. I personally think it would be cool if we paid respect to Danger and Violence Extreme by using the old pay per view names as our own.


Mitch: I never thought of that, but sounds cool.


Charles pulls out a copy of Danger and Violence Extreme’s old pay per view names


Back In Black

Counter Culture

March Into Battle

Rock and Roll Over

Total Disruption

Hardcore Hell *formerly extreme doubleheader weekend day 1

Heatwave *formerly extreme doubleheader weekend day 2

Attitude Adjustment

The Alternate Showcase


Lords of the Ring

Christmas With the Devil


Charles: With a show now coming up this Saturday, I am going to head out and put the final touches on it.


Charles heads out for the evening

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Thursday Week 1 January 2010


Charles gets to the office, where Mitch is on his computer.


Mitch: Hello Charles. So how are you doing on show plans?


Charles puts his notes on his desk


Charles: Currently I have two matches planned for the show. I think we can get away with six matches for the show. Saying that though I think we may be stretching things with a two hour show.


Mitch: How Charles?


Charles: We really don’t have a big enough roster to give people rest.


Mitch: If you want to look go ahead but I get final say on contracts.


Charles: Ok. Mitch.


Mitch: Charles before we get too far along, Since you were last in the wrestling business a lot of smaller companies have started to use the internet for their shows. At this time we do not but that is always an option. Along with the advent of the internet, companies have started drug testing.


Charles: Good to know.


Mitch: So what matches are you planning for the show?


Charles: Wooton Fitzpaine versus The Punisher, as well as Frankie Future defending the title against Johnny Martin.


Mitch: Sounds good so far.


Charles starts packing up his notes


Charles: After the first show, I will look at the roster and start planning long term.


Mitch: Looking forward to it. Tomorrow I want to leave for the show so get some rest tonight.


Charles leaves the office


Friday Week 1 January 2010


Charles gets to the office and meets up with Mtich


Charles: So where is the first show at?


Mitch: The Ministry


As Charles is putting files in the car, a taxi pulls up and out, a young man


Mitch: Hello? My name is Mitch Naess and you are?


Slim: My name is Slim V, Mr. Zulas contacted me about coming to work for Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling.


Mitch turns towards Charles


Mitch: Charles one of your offers are here to see you.


Charles walks over to the group


Charles: Hello Slim V, Listen we were just about ready to leave for the Ministry. Why don’t you come along and we can discuss your contract there.


Charles motions the group to his car. Once the car is full, Charles heads to the building. Once the group is there Charles and Mitch grab their bags and head into the building and into a side office room. The group sits around the table as Charles begins the conversation.


Charles: So Slim you want to work for us, why?


Slim: I believe Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling fits my style nicely as I enjoy the more physically style of wrestling.


Charles: The notes I have on you say that you also work for Canadian Charisma Championship Combat.


Slim: I have been there since 2004 teaming with Hardcore Killah where I have won tag titles there.


Charles: I will be honest with you, while tag team wrestling is ok, if I had to choose I would disband tag team wrestling.


Slim: Ok


Mitch: So if we were to sign you would you sign for 150 dollars per show.


Slim: Can I get travel expenses paid for and 5 percent of merchandise?


Mitch: I don’t see why not.


Slim: Thank you


Mitch: Tomorrow I will have the contract ready for you to sign. If you would like to stay around we will be getting a hotel room for the night.


Slim: Thanks


Charles, Mitch and Slim V get up and leave the room to tour the building.


Charles: Now I have to make final plans, but if asked would you be willing to be in a match tomorrow?


Slim: Yes, sir.


Charles: Great.


The group finishes their walk through of the building as Mitch speaks up


Mitch: So should we get ready to go to the hotel?


Charles: I am ready


Slim: I could use a relaxing night.


The group gets into the car and head for the hotel. Once at the hotel Charles walks up to the front desk and gets two rooms, one for Slim V and one for himself and Mitch. Charles walks back to Mitch and Slim.


Charles: Slim your room is next to ours so have a good night and see you tomorrow.


Slim goes off to his room as Charles and Mitch go to the bar.


Mitch: So are you ready for tomorrow?


Charles: I think we will do great, my only real concern is that I still think the true hardcore promotion is a thing of the past. I hope this works.


Mitch: I would have hired you if I thought you could not get the job done.


After a few drinks Mitch and Charles go back to the room. Charles immediately falls asleep.


Saturday Week 1 January 2010


Charles gets up in the morning, and makes a pot of coffee before getting in the shower. Once out of the shower, Charles grabs a cup, grabs his notes and heads out of the room towards the front desk where Slim V and Mitch are waiting for him.


Mitch: Lets get over to the building before the rest of the roster shows up.


The group makes it over to the building and sit in one of the larger rooms.


Charles: So how much are we charging for the show?


Mitch: Eight dollars a ticket


Charles: Cheap, we could probably get away with ten and be fine.


As Charles is looking through notes, a young man walks up to him


?: Well look at you, back in the wrestling business


Charles looks up and notices Mike standing in front of him.


Charles: How have you been man?


Mike: Good, I received a call from Teddy Powell of all people saying that you were back in at Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling.


Charles: Mitch here called me up saying that Alex Braun had just stepped down and that he wanted me to come in. I thought what the hell and here I am.


Mitch: Listen Mike, I know this is sudden but would you like to come on board…You were good as the Danger and Violence Extreme report and…


Mike: The Master of the Message Board, Mystic.


Mitch: Right that guy…So will you help us. We do need a reporter and a new site.


Mike stands there and thinks for a moment


Mike: Why not, I’ll see where this goes.


The roster is walking into the room


Charles: Great, grab a seat out there and have fun


Mike walks to a front row seat behind the announce table as Mitch begin to speak to the roster.


Mitch: Hello everyone, today is the start of a new day here in Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling. As some of you may know Alex Braun has stepped down as head booker.


A few of the wrestlers look around


Mitch: In his place I have hired, Charles Zulas. Charles would you like to say a few words.


Charles: Thank you Mitch. Now some of you I know and some of you may remember me from the Danger and Violence Extreme days. I am in the process of looking at the roster and will be looking at possible changes next week. I hope to help you gain new life here in Pittsburgh Steel. On the board behind me is tonight’s line up. Every week I will post the lineup here and if you have questions feel free to ask me.


The Punisher vs. Wooton Fitzpaine to open the show

Dead Bolt vs. Tank Bradley

The Champ issues an open challenge for tonight

The challenge is answered

Alex Braun vs. Slim V

Next Gen video package

JD Morgan vs. Little Bill Lebowski

Steven Parker promo

Lazy Joe vs. Steven Parker

Title match video

T-shirt time

PSW Championship Match

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<p><strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling</span></strong></p><p> Write up by Mystic</p><p> Week 1 January 2010 </p><p> </p><p> </p><blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="28142" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div>Hello wrestling fans a lot of changes have happened in the world of wrestling. I am your newest face and voice of P.S.W. My name is Mystic and I will be providing you with all of the P.S.W. reports and news you can handle. Come to the P.S.W. site to find news from around the wrestling world that other companies are too afraid to post. Ask questions of your favorite P.S.W. stars and give your feedback. Now with that out of the way, 2010 started out the year at the Ministry in front of a sold out crowd of 1,000 fans. <p> </p><p> The first match of 2010 featured one half of the tag team champions, The Wolverine taking on Wooton Fitzpaine. The match started off rocky as Fitzpaine seemed to be a step slower tonight. That only made the match worse as the fans quickly turned on Fitzpaine and the match in general. I heard a fan yelling that he could do better in the ring, which was a scary thought considering the fan that said it. (Trust me it would not have been pretty). Even though the Wolverine is a great member to have on any roster, his age was starting to show, which is sad for the star. In the end even though the crowd hated it Wooton Fitzpaine picked up the victory over The Wolverine with a nice running boot to the jaw. Even though a champion, was just defeated, if the fans have anything to say about it Fitzpaine will be staying far away from the ring.</p><p> </p><p> As Fitzpaine and The Wolverine cleared the ring, I was hoping for a better match between Dead Bolt and Tank Bradley then we just had in the opener, boy was I wrong. This was the first time I had watched a Dead Bolt match, and I had seen Tank Bradley before when he was back in Danger and Violence Extreme. I don’t know what happened or what Bradley has been doing since then but he is just as hated in P.S.W. as he was in D.A.V.E. Dead Bolt just toyed with Bradley the entire match, using his strength to throw Bradley around the ring, as the crowd continued to shower abuse at him. I don’t know but I think it’s time for Bradley to get a new name as he not a tank in the ring. In the end Dead Bolt picked up the win at the ten minute mark with the Yankee Slam. </p><p> </p><p> After the match things turned around a bit as the P.S.W. Champion Frankie Future came to the ring and ordered both men to get to the back. Once the ring was cleared, Future started talking about how 2010 was a new year and a new start for the company. He said that he was feeling so good that tonight he was offering an open challenge for his belt to anyone in the back. Frankie Future stood in the ring and as nobody came out he asked again for a challenger. This time Johnny Martin walked out from the back and accepted the match. Johnny told the champion that later tonight that belt was going to be his. Looks like we have a P.S.W. Championship match on the first show, cool.</p><p> </p><p> After the champ cleared the ring it was back to wrestling as Alex Braun took on Slim V. Even though Braun is older then Bradley, unlike his former tag partner Braun still has the ability to put on a match without embarrassing himself. That doesn’t mean he can put on a five star classic either. Slim V was able to get the early advantage and control the match, but Braun showed his experience in turning the match in his favor as Slim missed a clothesline allowing Braun to hit one of his own. Braun wore down Slim and was finally able to hit Braun Damage on Slim to pick up the victory. Considering that the fans did not want to see Braun or Slim hung out in Time Square, the match was a success.</p><p> </p><p> After the match a short video clip of Ash Campbell and Matthew Keith better known as Next Gen was shown. Once the clip ended JD Morgan faced off against Little Bill Lebowski. Now I always enjoyed Morgan’s work in Danger and Violence Extreme, so it was nice to see him in P.S.W. Little Bill Lebowski on the other hand, I had heard a bit about since the end of D.A.V.E. so I was interested to see how this match was going to play out. The match itself started out in typical fashion where the heel, in this case Morgan gets the early advantage as Lebowski tried to mount a comeback. It worked for a brief moment as Little Bill was able to out quick Morgan, but in the end a missed dropkick from the top was all the opening the experienced Morgan needed as he finished off Little Bill Lebowski with a Cross Atlantic Stretch. For what it was I thought the match was good and hopefully Lebowski can learn from this loss tonight. </p><p> </p><p> As the ring cleared Steven Parker and Nicole Kiss came out to the ring. Parker demanded a microphone and once on the stick proclaimed himself to be the best in wrestling and how dare he be subject to wrestle with the thugs and monkeys in the back who can only survive by resorting to using weapons. After his promo Parker stood in the ring an waited for his opponent, who turned out to be Lazy Joe. You may be wondering how Lazy Joe got his, name. Well don’t think too hard because he is truly one who fits his name. As Joe came to the ring Parker just stood their and laughed. Parker attacked Joe before the bell and just toyed with him the whole match. Their were numerous times Parker could have won the match, but he just wanted to have more “fun”. This really annoyed the audience who started to abuse Joe in the ring as they just wanted the match to end. Finally at the eight minute mark, (about six minutes too long) Parker it the Future Shock to put an end to the so called “match”.</p><p> </p><p> After the match ended a video recap of the challenge by the P.S.W. Champion Frankie Future was played, which was followed by an appearance Krissy Angelle who gave out free t-shirts. I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad sign by to this point Krissy received the best reaction from the mostly drunk crowd in attendance. </p><p> </p><p> Once Krissy finally left it was time for the main event of the evening. As Frankie Future put the P.S.W. Championship on the line against Johnny Martin. As the bell sounded both men started out slowly as neither wanted to be the one to make the first mistake. Future was able to get the early advantage as he blinded Martin with a thumb to the eye. For awhile it looked as if Future had complete control of the match, but the tide turned in Martin favor when he was able to turn a Future sleeper hold into a jaw breaker. Martin came back with shots of his own before dropping Future with a DDT. Martin crawled over to Future but was only able to get a count of two on the champ after that move. Martin looked to be on his way to becoming the new P.S.W. Champion as he lifted Future for the Twist on the Rocks but as Martin bounced Future off the ropes, the champ raked the eyes allowing the champ to fall on top of the challenger to get the three count.</p><p> </p><p> Nobody said the world of hardcore wrestling wasn’t exciting, but strange is more like it as after the match Fabulous Frank came to the ring and started to celebrate with the champ. What that’s about I have no idea. Overall it was a decent show, some hits with some big misses but for a company that looks to have it the reset button, we can only hope for better days ahead. So come join me at the next P.S.W. show and join the ride.</p></div></blockquote>
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Sunday Week 1 January 2010


Charles walks into the office, where Mitch is already on the phone talking


Mitch: Charles just walked in, let me put you on speaker


Mitch puts Mike on speaker


Mike: Hello Charles


Charles: Hi Mike


Mitch: I was just talking to Mike about the report and the new website idea.


Mike: For the site I am going to be reporting on all things professional wrestling, if fans want to know something we are going to be the only place they have to look.


Charles: Can’t wait to read the first posts


Mike: It should be up tomorrow


Mitch: That’s great


Mike: Well guys I am going to get off and work on the site


Mitch: Ok Mike, I’ll be in touch


Mitch ends the call


Mitch: So what’s on your mind today.


Charles: As I told the roster, before the show I am going to be looking at the roster. Based on the show last night I think some major changes need to be made.


Mitch: Such as?


Charles: If I was running this company, many of these older wrestlers would be gone.


Mitch: Many of these older wrestlers have help me out throughout the years.


Charles: What about Tank Bradley, you witnessed what the fans did to him out there. What about Alex Braun, he is 48 years old, if we don’t release him he will die in that ring.


Mitch was annoyed with the last comment


Mitch: Alex Braun has been a major asset to Danger and Violence Extreme and to Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling!


Charles takes a deep breath before speaking


Charles: I know Mitch but his time has past he can’t wrestle anymore


The phone rings in the office


Mitch clearly annoyed now


Mitch: We will discuss this later


Mitch immediately puts the phone on speaker


Mitch: You have reached Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling


?: Hello my name is Sayeed Ali, I was told to contact you by Slim V.


Mitch: Yes, we just hired him, so why should we hire you.


Ali: Much like V, I also work for 4C and I think my style of work would fit in well with your company based on what Slim has told me.


Mitch: We offered Slim a contract of 150 dollars per appearance think you could work for that.


Ali: No...Unlike Slim I am actually known by some people. He told me that you paid for his travel and gave him a 5 percent cut on his merchandise. I want that as well.


There is a brief pause in the air before Charles speaks


Charles: We will give you the 5 percent and travel expenses and a 700 dollar per appearance contract.


Mitch looks at Charles, but Charles nods his head yes.


Ali: I will take it


Charles: Great our next show is Saturday can you be there?


Ali: I’ll be there.


Charles: Great


Charles ends the call, as Mitch begins to speak.


Mitch: 700 per appearance plus travel are you nuts?


Charles: I know exactly what I want out of him


Mitch: According to the accountants we lost 8,000 dollars on that first show.


Charles: You have to spend money to make money, Mitch.


Mitch: We will discuss this later but I have to go.


Mitch gets up and leaves the office. Charles decides to stay and make a couple of personal calls about the apartments he looked at.


Charles: Yes. Do you still have the apartment for rent? Great, I’ll be over to sign the paperwork.


With that Charles leaves the office to sign the paperwork for his new apartment


Monday Week 2 January 2010


Charles gets to the office and checks his e-mail. In it Charles finds two new messages, one from Mike and the other from Johnny Martin. Charles opens the one from Mike and begins to read it.


TO: Mr. Zulas

RE: Website


Hello Charles

Mike here, if you would like to take a look the website we talked about is complete. Hope you like it.


At the bottom of the e-mail is the link to the site, Charles clicks the link and finds the site


Gauge boys set up global domination?

Last night Ultimate European Wrestling signed Greg Gauge, son of Sam Gauge (better known as Sam Keith) and brother to Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling’s Matthew Gauge. With Matthew out west and Greg in the east will anything stop the Gauge family from taking over the world?


Coastal Zone Combat Wrestling goes “Mainstream”Last night Coastal Zone Combat Wrestling announced that they have signed Mainstream Hernandez. Terms of the contract were not disclosed but industry insiders are expecting big things from Mainstream in the near future.


Mitch walks into the office


Charles: Hey Mitch, the new website is up.


Mitch: That’s good. So any thoughts on the next show?


Charles turns off his computer


Charles: I have a few. In looking back at the plans I had and the show, it felt as if the show was too long and it dragged on because of it.


Mitch: How so?


Charles: The Braun vs. V match, as well as the Morgan vs. Little Bill match were used just to kill time. I personally did not want to start the Next Gen story until this next show. This is partially the reason we lost so much that we did.


Mitch: So what do you want?


Charles: Two hour shows will burn out the roster as they are in the ring too much, the fans because everyone will be on the shows meaning little variety, and most importantly our bank account because the longer the shows, the more people we use and the more people we have to pay. I think we can get away with one hour shows and be ok.


Mitch sits in his chair and thinks for a bit


Mitch: I will cut the show to ninety minutes and see how it goes, but it’s on you if nothing improves.


Charles: Thank you


Mitch: So what do you have planned for the show, so far?


Charles: Well at the moment, all of the storylines surrounding the titles will continue with matches. With Fitzpatrick beating Punisher last week, I am giving Langston a match against Wolverine. With last week’s video to introduce them again, I want Next Gen in a tag and the fall out from the Martin vs. Future match will continue.


Mitch: If I may ask, what was Frank doing out there last week with Future.


Charles looks down and rubs his forhead before speaking


Charles: Your guess is as good as mine, I did not tell him to do that.


Mitch: Really?


Charles: Really.


Mitch: Ok, then.


Mitch looks at his watch


Mitch: Well, I am going to head out for the day, so I will see you tomorrow.


Charles: Ok, Mitch


Mitch gets up and leaves the office as Charles his putting away files. Once the office is straightened up Charles leaves for the day.

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Tuesday Week 2 January 2010


Charles gets to the office and immediately makes a call to Fabulous Frank


Frank: Hello?


Charles: Frank, this is Charles Zulas. How are you today?


Frank: Ok


Charles: Listen, I am calling you because I have decided to relieve you of your duties as a Road Agent.


Frank: Your firing me. Does Mitch know about this?


Charles: First of all Frank, I am not firing you. After seeing you out in the ring after Frankie Future’s match I had the idea of making you a manager.


Frank: …Ok?


Charles: I was thinking of the fact that you are a former road agent for us, you could be an “informer”. You still will get access to backstage items so it will fit nicely.


Frank: So who am I managing?


Charles: I was thinking you could manage the tag champs right now, Punisher and Wolverine.


Frank: I was hoping for someone bigger, but Ok


Charles: Great, I will set something up for the next show.


Frank: I will be there.


Charles: Listen, I know this may be hard for a couple of weeks but it is for the best.


Frank ends the call.


Charles sits back and gets another call. Charles puts the call on speaker.


Charles: P.S.W. Charles speaking


?: Hello Mr. Zulas, this is Johnny Martin. I am calling because I want to discuss last weeks show. More importantly my match with Frankie Future.


Charles: Ok what would you like to discuss about it?


Martin: I feel that as someone who has been with P.S.W. and Danger and Violence Extreme before that, I deserve to be placed in a better light for my matches.


Charles: What do you mean light?


Martin: I was thrown under the bus in that match.


Charles is slightly annoyed with that comment


Charles: Johnny, you have been around a wrestling ring for a while now. You of all people I would expect to know what a storyline is.


Martin: I do I would just like to be booked better; I am not getting any younger.


Charles: Then let me tell you that your storyline with Frankie Future is going to continue at the next show…Now I have to go so, goodbye.


Charles hangs up the phone, and leaves the office


Wednesday Week 2 January 2010


Charles made it into the office and turned on his computer. On the website Charles read the results of Total Championship Wrestling and Supreme Wrestling Federation.


SWF Supreme TV at the Dust Bowl

Kid Toma and John Greed went to a no contest

Valiant defeated Captain Atomic

Brandon James retained the North American title over Bart Biggz

Eric Eisen defeated Christian Faith

In the main event Steve Frehley defeated Remo


TCW Presents Total Wrestling at the Theatre of Dreams

Andrews, Taylor and Guide defeated Edd Stone, Thatcher and Oxford

Joel Bryant defeated Chance Forture

Scout defeated Texas Pete

Sammy Bach defeated Freddy Huggins

Troy Tornado defeated Rocky Golden

In the main event Wolf Hawkins defeated Joey Minnesota


Charles continues to check the site and find a short piece on Darryl Devine


The new face of United States Pro Wrestling

Industry insiders watching United States Pro Wrestling broke the news that Darryl Devine has impressed the company and rumors are now flying that the company will put the company on Darryl Devine’s shoulders.


C.H. Threepwood injury

Details are still coming in but word has it that C.H. Threepwood of North of the Border Pro Wrestling has been out of action as a result of Extreme Bed Head. When we figure out what “Extreme Bed Head” is we will let you know.


Mitch walks into the office


Mitch: So anything new Charles?


Charles: Any idea what Extreme Bed Head is?


Mitch: Extreme what?


Charles: Bed Head, C.H Threepwood has it.


Mitch: No, can’t say I have heard of it.


Charles: Mitch, I want to take tomorrow off, but I wanted to tell you first that I was looking at my notes and have made a couple changes to the roster as far as heel and face splits as well as gimmicks to go with them.


Charles hands Mitch his notes


Mitch: Are you sure about this?


Charles: Yes, Mitch


With that Charles packs up his notes and heads out the door.


Thursday Week 2 January 2010


Charles takes the day off to relax and not think about wrestling

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Friday Week 2 January 2010


Charles gets to the office and immediately goes to the P.S.W. site. Once there he notices a long list of results.


North of the Border Pro Wrestling from a sold out Waterloo University Arena

Robbie McNamara defeated Omar Brown

Kristiabel Plum defeated Melody

Harlem Hayes defeated Jason O’ Conner

Harrison Hash defeated Canadian Dragon

Sean Mcfly defeated R.K. Hayes

In the main event Johnny Bloodstone defeated Dark Angel


United States Pro Wrestling from a sold out Mcgaw Arena

Danny Rushmore defeated Des Davids

Raven Robinson defeated Belle Bryden to retain the Women’s title

The Hillbillys defeated Alicia and Bomb

Champion Force defeated the Titans

In the main event James Justice defeated Jumbo Jackson


SWF When Hell Freezes Over from Dustbowl Fields and getting a 3.64 buyrate

Paul Huntingdon defeated Kid Toma

Frederique Antonio Garcia defeated Akima Brave

Zimmy Bumfhole defeated Shady K

Brett Biggz defeated John Greed

Brandon James retains the North American title over Robbie Retro

Gregory Black defeated Everest

Runaway Train defeated Joe Sexy

Giedroyc and Valiant defeated McClean and Gilmore to retain the Tag titles

Steve Frehley defeated Marat Khoklov

Remo defeated Rich Money

In the Main Event Eric Eisen retained the World Heavyweight title defeating Jack Bruce


Charles: I remember the days Mitch when North of the Border would have the Stone Brothers defeating Dark Angel every week.


Mitch: They still do that on occasion


Charles leans back in his chair


Charles: Mitch, listen in looking at the roster there are some people we have that I don’t think should be here.


Mitch: Not this again, Charles.


Charles: Listen, you know my dislike for Tank Bradley, the fans dislike Lazy Joe, I personally think Braun is on his way out. That is why he stepped down from the booker spot. Don’t get me started on the tag team champions.


Mitch: How many times do I have to tell you Charles, these guys have helped me come along way in both Danger and Violence Extreme and Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling.


Charles: and what happened to D.A.V.E. again?


As Charles continues to talk Mitch gets a call on his cell phone


Mitch: Ok, I will be right there. Charles I have to go.


Mitch gets up and leaves the office. Once Mitch is out of the office, Charles makes a phone call.


Charles: Great, so you will be at the show tomorrow. We can discuss your contract then.


Charles hangs up and leaves the office


Saturday Week 2 January 2010


Charles gets to the office where Mitch is waiting for him.


Mitch: Lets get going, we need to get to the Ministry


Mitch and Charles drive off to the Ministry. Once there, Mitch and Charles talk about a few rules.


Mitch: Now Charles, while I let you handle creative tasks there are a few things that I do regarding shows and one of those things are rules backstage before shows. Two of the big rules I have are no smoking and definitely no drugs backstage. One thing I do offer as a way to help the roster is catering is a part of our bill. Now other companies have other rules but those are the few I have.


Charles: Ok


Mitch walks into the building as Charles gets a few notes from the car. As Charles is getting things from the car, a man walks up to him.


Charles: Great you’re here.


?: What about the contract we discussed


Charles: We can get that later. Right now I have you planed for two shows, including today.


Charles hands the man a copy of the show format


Charles: Go in the back way. I don’t want him to know you’re here.


?: Ok, Charles and thanks.


The man and Charles go in separate directions to enter the building. Once in the building Mitch and the roster are waiting for him to give final instructions.


Charles: Hello everyone, looks like we have another sold out crowd. Thank you for a good show last week, all reports seem to be positive so far. Here is how tonight’s show will layout.


Next Gen vs. Slim V/Sayeed Ali

Next Gen problems?

Phunk video

Grandmaster Phunk vs. Lazy Joe

Martin wants another shot at Future

Thimbleby Langton vs. The Wolverine

Tag champs surprise the Good Ol Boys

Little Bill Lebowski vs. Teddy Powell

Callum promo

Nelson Callum vs. Primal Rage

Martin gets a match

Martin’s bad luck


Charles: Everyone have a good night and good luck

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Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling

Write up by Mystic

Week 2 January 2010


Hello wrestling fans, this is Mystic coming to you from The Ministry for another Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling. Last week Frankie Future was able to defeat Johnny Martin in defense of the Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling Championship. Would Martin be able respond?


Tonight’s show opened with the team of Ash Campbell and the Pittsburgh Steel National Champion Matthew Keith better known as “Next Gen taking on the team of Slim V and Sayeed Ali. The match itself was ok as Next Gen was working as a well oiled machine making easy work of their opponents until Campbell attempted to tag in Keith. That is when Keith dropped down from the apron refusing to tag in. As Campbell questioned Keith’s reasons, the champion climbed back on to the apron and hit his tag team partner with a right hand. In the attack Slim V was able to capitalize and hit Ash Campbell with a Murder One to pick up the upset victory. After the match as Slim V and Ali left the ring, Matthew Keith entered and proceeded to yell at his former tag team partner before attacking him in the ring and leaving to a small round of boos from the crowd.


After the attack by the National champion, we went to a video of Grandmaster Phunk. As the video played talking about the tag team partner of the P.S.W. champion Frankie Future a few cheers were heard in the arena. After the video Grandmaster faced off against Lazy Joe. From the start of the match, the fans were all over Lazy Joe, showing their disproval. Sadly for Joe, fans really have never been in support of him as a wrestler. The lack of support behind him is maybe one of the reasons Grandmaster Phunk was able to treat Joe as a punching bag tonight. Phunk showed why he was one of the best in Pittsburgh Steel as he connected with the Phunkensteiner to pick up the win tonight.


After the match we went to a taped video piece where Johnny Martin was in the office of Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling announcer and owner Mitch Naess. In the package Johnny Martin was asking for another shot at Frankie Future’s title. Mr. Naess told Martin that the only why to get another title shot at Frankie Future’s title was to pickup the victory tonight. Naess refused to mention who Martin’s opponent would be and told Martin that he would find out at the show.


After the video, it was time for Thimbleby Langton to go one on one with The Wolverine. Last week we saw as Langton’s tag team partner Wooton Fitzpaine defeated the other half of the P.S.W. tag team champions The Punisher. Could Wolverine turn back the challenge of Langton or would the Good Ol Boys make it two for two over the tag team champions? The match started off slow as Wolverine took the early advantage showing Langton what wrestling was all about. Wolverine looked to be in control until Langton was able to nail Wolverine with a surprise clothesline to take control of the match. Even though he had control of the match this is when it started to fail apart as Langton began to look sloppy in the ring. As the crowd began to become restless Langton was able to hit Wolverine with a Gutwrench Flapjack to pick up the win. After the match, The Punisher came down to the ring and beat down Langton. Tonight, Fitzpaine could not help his tag team partner as the tag team champions took him out when he tried to help.


Next up it was Little Bill Lebowski as he took on Teddy Powell. The match started off quickly with some nice back and forth moves getting some reaction from the crowd. As the match continued Powell used his experience to gain control of the match. Little Bill attempted a comeback but was cut short as Powell hit the Motion Censor for the quick victory.


After the match, we went backstage where Nelson Callum, talked about himself and how he is a the best wrestler in Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling. Callum mentioned that he is going to be a champion for years to come.


As the promo ended, Callum came out to the ring for his match against Primal Rage. The match started off slow as Callum slapped Rage at the start of the match. The match sadly did not pick up any steam as Rage’s age was on display as he was off his game tonight. Even though Callum has a good future ahead of him, having to lead Primal Rage through the match caused the match to fall flat. Callum finally ended the match after catching Rage in the honey trap to pick up the victory.


Next it was finally time for the main event, who would Johnny Martin face tonight. Martin came to the ring and waited for his opponent for the night. Martin was in for a shock as his opponent ended up being…his former tag team partner…Rick Sanders. Martin stood in the ring in dumbfounded as Sanders came to the ring. As the bell sounded the two locked up in the center of the ring. It was Sanders who took the early advantage, surprising his former partner. The former Ace Express team mates traded ground tactics, for awhile until Sanders trapped Martin in the figure four to the surprise of his partner and the fans. Martin was able to get to the ropes and brake the hold. Once the hold was off Martin turned up the heat and was able to get the match in his favor focusing more on high impact moves to tire out Sanders. In the end Martin was able to get the win with a Twist on the Rocks. After the match both men shook hands to the approval of the crowd, but the night did not end there as Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling champion Frankie Future made an appearance and blindsided Sanders before turning his attention to Martin, attacking him to end the night.

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Sunday Week 2 January 2010


Charles gets into the office where Mitch and Rick Sanders are sitting and talking.


Mitch: Hey Charles, you didn’t tell me that Mr. Sanders here was going to be Martin’s opponent.


Charles: I thought Sanders would be someone Martin could have a good match with and they would have enough of a history behind them that fans could grab on to it.


Sanders: I thought the match went well. So what do you have planned for me?


Charles: First lets talk about your contract. In coming up with this idea, I want it to help Martin along in preparing for Back In Black. Beyond that I don’t know what role if any you will play.


Sanders: So a lets see how things work out approach?


Charles: I do have you in a match this week as you will tag with Johnny Martin to face Frankie Future and Grandmaster Phunk.


Sanders: Thanks.


Mitch: So getting back to the contract.


Charles: Right, would you be willing to sign for three months at six hundred dollars? Then if we have a better idea we can sign a longer deal.


Sanders: Considering that I also work for New York City Wrestling, I don’t want to give them the impression that I am looking for a way out of their company by signing a short term deal. Also I only have a small window to make anything of wrestling so I need to make more money.


Charles: Ok would a standard nine month contract offer at eight hundred a month be good?


Sanders: As long as I get travel expenses included


Mitch: Charles, we have to stop giving out travel expenses but since you say this is a short term plan ok.


Charles: Great. If everything is to your liking please sign here Rick and we will see you at the next show.


Charles slides over the contract for Mr. Sanders to sign. Once Sanders signs the contract he gets up and leaves the office. Charles then turns on his computer and goes to the P.S.W. website.


North of the Border Pro Wrestling “Big City Brawl” was held at Quebec Stade Uniprix in front of a sold out crowd of 10,000 and getting a buyrate of 0.37

Erik Strong defeated Julian Watson

Melody defeated Sally Anne Christianson

Maverick, Love and Westbrook defeated Brown, Bloodstone and Dragon

The Natural defeated Dark Angel

Harlem Hayes defeated Jason O’ Conner

Jeremy Stone defeated Derrick Frost

Kristabel Plum defeated Lauren Easter to retain the Women’s title

R.K. Hayes defeated Dan Stone Jr.

In the main event Steve Decolt retained the Canadian title defeating Sean Mcfly


Charles: Mitch we had a long day yesterday so I am going to head out.


Mitch: Ok, Charles.


Charles leaves the office.


Monday Week 3 January 2010


Charles stays home for the day to catch up on things around the house


Tuesday Week 3 January 2010


Charles gets to the office where Mitch is talking with an older gentleman


Mitch: Oh Charles, you remember Mr. Mayfair. He was the head of the wrestling board that oversees the wrestling industry.


Charles: It’s been a long time. How are you, sir.


Mayfair: I am doing ok Mr. Zulas. After Danger and Violence Extreme closed I stepped down from my position as head of the board. Mr. Young took over my spot and I stepped away completely six months later.


Charles: Sorry to hear that.


Mayfair: I wanted to do that, so I am not sorry.


Mitch: So Charles what are your plans for the next show?


Charles: Well, as we make our way to Back In Black, I was thinking that for the tag team title story, we need to have the champs get back to their winning ways. I was thinking of Deadly Alliance versus Slim V and Sayeed Ali for this week. For the Campbell versus Keith match I was thinking that Keith will accept a challenge from Campbell and then Keith will show Campbell how it’s done. Finally because of the attack on Martin by Future after Martin’s match will Sanders, I was thinking that we bring back the Ace Express to take on New York, New York.


Mitch: Sounds like a good show.


Charles checks his notes and looks at his watch


Charles: Mitch, I am going to head home for the night as I have some things I need to take care of and I want to watch T.C.W. and S.W.F. tonight.


Mitch: Ok, Charles see you tomorrow.


Charles head out the door and heads home for the night.


Wednesday Week 3 January 2010


Charles made it into the office and immediately went to the P.S.W. website


All Canada Pro Wrestling held Out of Control at New Brunswick Hall

Kirk Drury defeated Taylor Kidd

Sky King defeated Tropher Smith

The Inner City Express defeated The Montreal Mafia to retain the tag team titles

Van Pelt defeated da Silva and Dagger

El Diablo defeated Jamie Atherton to retain the Junior Heavyweight title


Mitch: So Charles how were the S.W.F. and T.C.W. shows last night.


Charles: I think Total Championship Wrestling had the better show as New Wave retained the tag titles over Texas Buffalo. While Joshua Taylor took out Joel Bryant to keep the International title. T.C.W. put on a great main event as Tommy Cornell defeated Bryan Vessey.


Mitch: Good to see that New Wave are doing great.


As Mitch is talking, he is interrupted by the office phone. Mitch immediately puts the call on speaker.


Mitch: You have reached Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling, Mitch speaking.


?: Hello my name is Kevin Andrews. I am calling because I am the newest member of the Wrestling Board.


Mitch: That’s still around?


Kevin: Yes, sir we are still around. Anyway I have been given the task of overseeing Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling.


Charles: By oversee, what do you mean exactly?


Kevin: Just as we have in the past, I will be grading your shows and helping the rest of the board keep order and progress to the wrestling world.


Charles: Ok?


Kevin: I just wanted to call and say that I was able to get a copy of your latest event. I took the liberty of grading the show. You can find a copy of the results in your e-mail.


Charles: Thank you, Mr. Andrews


Kevin: Also I will be at the next show to grade it in person.


Mitch: Thank you, Mr. Andrews.


Mr. Andrews ends the call


Charles: We tape the events?


Mitch: You never noticed that. I have a camera guy in one of the upper sections to get a birds eye view of the show.


Charles: I just think that’s a little odd.


Mitch: Well we do it so, when we do get a tv show or a pay per view contract we have a nice stock of matches to put on DVD for fans to get a feel of us before they buy a show.


As the two continue to talk, Charles gets a call on his cell phone


Charles: Hello?...Right…I will be right there.


Charles hangs up his phone


Charles: Mitch, I have a meeting I have to go to so I am going to head out.


Mitch: Meeting?


Charles: Nothing big, just a small meeting.


Mitch: Should I join you?


Charles: No, we are fine


Charles grabs his jacket and heads out the door as Mitch stands their confused. Charles gets in his car and heads to the local bar a few blocks away. Once there in notices Bulldozer Brandon Smith sitting at the bar.


Charles: Mr. Smith


Smith: Hello Mr. Zulas


Charles: I am glad you decided to join up with us.


Smith: Mid Atlantic Wrestling is doing ok, but I need something more.


Charles: I read that you are a former M.A.W. champion.


Smith: Current champion actually, as the American Patriot


Charles: Cool…Listen here is the reason I am bringing you in. As you know Mitch Naess is the owner of Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling. As owner, he has some far fetched dream that the hardcore style that took down Danger and Violence Extreme still has the ability to work. Not only that, he is still focusing on older stars from the D.A.V.E. era.


Smith: And you don’t like that?


Charles: Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling will fail just like Danger and Violence Extreme did if he continues down this path.


Smith: So you are wanting to bring me in to balance out the roster?


Charles: I want to bring you in to show him that the style of wrestling he wants is dead.


Smith pauses and thinks for a bit


Smith: I will take it, Mr. Naess has no idea your meeting me.


Charles: None


Smith: Sounds interesting


Charles: How does 800 per appearance plus travel expenses so you can be compinstated for going between here and M.A.W. sound?


Smith: Thank you


Charles: Sign here


Charles slides the contract across the table. As Brandon Smith is signing the contract, Charles gets another call.


Charles: Hello?....Great….All of you, even better. Come to the office tomorrow and I will sign you then.


Charles hangs up the phone


Charles: That was more of my offers and they are on board as well. Why don’t you stay at my place tonight and tomorrow I can bring you by the office where the others are looking at signing with us.


Smith: Fine with me


Charles and Smith leave the bar and head to Charles’s apartment.

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Thursday Week 3 January 2010


Charles and Brandon Smith walk into the office where Mitch is looking up the grades from Mr. Andrews for the last show.


Mitch: Hey Charles, Kevin gave us a D- for the show.


Mitch looks up from his computer to see Charles and Brandon Smith standing there.


Mitch: Hello?


Charles: Mitch, this is “Bulldozer” Brandon Smith. He currently works as the American Patriot for Mid Atlantic Wrestling.


Mitch: Yes, I know who he is.


Charles: Well, Mitch as of last night he works for us as well.


Mitch: Wait. What do you mean as of last night?


Charles: After I left here I met Smith at the bar and I signed him to a contract.


Mitch looks annoyed


Mitch: I did not authorize you to sign anyone to a contract.


As Mitch finishes up a knock is hear at the door.


Mitch: Come in.


Charles opens the door and in steps Davis Wayne Newton, Greg Gauge and Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr.


Mitch: What is this, Charles!


Charles: Listen Mitch, I have been trying to tell you that your workers are too old. Since you won’t let me fire them I have to go and sign younger and better wrestlers myself.


Mitch: It’s my company. I get final say on whom we sign.


Charles laughs at that comment


Charles: Mitch, Mitch, Mitch. These wrestlers are signing with Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling and as a member of the P.S.W. staff and as head booker of the company, I have the ability to sign who ever I want to a P.S.W. contract.


Mitch sits back in his chair with his arms folded knowing that the “Wrestling Board” made that ruling years ago and there is little he can do about it. Charles smiles and pulls out contracts.


Charles: So Davis Wayne Newton, lets start with you.


Newton sits down across from Charles


Charles: In looking at your file, you have been working for 4C since 2007, but my main reason for hiring you is because of your training by Rip Chord, that means you have a good head on your shoulders. Plus with youth on your side you can become one of the major players for years to come.


Newton: Thank you sir.


Charles: I would like to sign you for a nine month contract at $250 dollars per appearance.


Newton: In working with 4C, I would be required to travel more then usual so will you help me in paying for it?


Charles looks at his notes


Charles: I don’t see why not. Let me take care of it.


Newton: Thank you


Charles slides the contract over


Charles: Sign here if you are ready.


Newton signs the contract


Charles: Mr. Newton, if you will stick around I will discuss your character after I sign Gauge and Dragon


Newton nods yes and grabs a cup of coffee


Charles: Mr. Gauge, thank you for agreeing to come in. As you know we have signed your brother Matthew. He has been a great member of our roster as the current National champion. With your brother here and who your father is I strongly believe that you will be able to bring your skills over to P.S.W.


Gauge: I only hope to be as good as my brother.


Charles: I will offer you a standard nine month contract for $600 per appearance. Also because I know you work and live part time overseas we will pay for your travel expenses.


Gauge: Thank you, Mr. Zulas


Charles: Will you please wait with Newton while I talk with Dragon about his contact.


Gauge: Ok


Gauge pulls out his cell phone and calls his bother while Charles talks with Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr. Dragon sits down in front of Charles.


Charles: Thank you for coming in today Dragon


Dragon: Thank you


Charles: In looking for talent to come to Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling, I noticed that your look. Here at P.S.W. we have many wrestlers who look the same and wrestle the same style, bringing you in will help expand the different styles of wrestling in the company.


Dragon: Thank you


Charles: I would like to offer you the standard contract, just as I offered Gauge; nine months with travel expenses included.


Dragon: Thank you


Charles: Please sign here


Dragon signs the contract as Mitch just looks on disappointed


Charles: Thank you all for signing with Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling. Now in wanting to sign all of you to P.S.W. I have plans in place. Brandon and Dragon I want you to enter as faces while Gauge and Newton I want you to be heels.


Charles looks over at Mitch who is just sitting there with his hands folded on his desk and then back at the four men sitting in front on him now.


Charles: As I told Brandon last night. We have a strong roster of older veterans and I want to bring in a solid group on younger stars to balance out the roster and bring in a different style of wrestling that wrestling fans want today. Our shows are Saturdays while we have our “events” the last Sunday every month. Unless you guys have questions I have nothing else for you now and will see you at the next show, at the Ministry this Saturday.


The four men shake their heads no and get up to shake hands with Charles and Mitch before leaving. Once the newest signing are out of the office, Mitch starts to speak.


Mitch: Now Charles, we seriously need to stop signing wrestlers that…


Charles cell phone starts to ring, as Charles goes to answer it.


Charles: Hold on Mitch…Really…Great, I will see you tomorrow.


Charles hangs up the phone, as Mitch glares at Charles


Mitch: Please tell me you did not offer anymore deals.


Charles: To get this company to the next level, we need more wrestlers.


Charles walks out the door, leaving Mitch standing in the office.


Friday Week 3 January 2010


Charles gets to the office where Cameron Vessey is waiting


Mitch: Mr. Vessey is waiting for you


Charles: Yes, Mr. Vessey how are you today?


Cameron: Doing good, I heard you signed Brandon Smith.


Charles: We did


Cameron: He told me that you have a good plan going here.


Charles: Well I want to bring in a lot of the younger stars to help balance out the rash of older wrestlers we have here.


Cameron: So where would I fit in?


Charles: Over the last couple of days I have signed some younger workers to the roster and I would like you to join them as sort of a group against the older wrestlers in Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling.


Cameron: That story is a bit old, but always good.


Charles: I have the end planned out already. Would you be willing to sign a nine month contract at $600 plus travel?


Cameron: Sure.


Charles: That was easy, sign here.


Charles slides over the contract for Cameron Vessey to sign.


Charles: I will see you at the Ministry this Saturday then.


Cameron: I will be there.


Cameron and Charles shake hands before Cameron leaves the office


Mitch: What end game, Charles?


Charles: Listen, tomorrow is a big day and I have things to do so I am going to go home.


Charles walks out of the office and goes home.


Saturday Week 3 January 2010


Charles gets to the office where Mitch is waiting for him by his car.


Mitch: Charles, I don’t know what your planning on doing, but this is still my company.


Charles rolls his eyes at the comment


Charles: Will you relax, you need to get with the times. If you don’t like what I am doing then fire me.


Charles goes to get into the car


Charles: Shall we get going?


Mitch and Charles make it to the Ministry without saying a word. As they get there the roster is waiting for them.


Charles: Ok guys, this week has been a busy one for Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling. We need you all at the top of your game to make this company a success. Here is the rundown of the show.


Cameron Vessey vs. Tank Bradley

Bradley’s bad day

T-shirt time

Deadly Alliance vs. Sayeed Ali & Slim V

Deadly Alliance get some bad news

Dragon vs. Little Bill Lebowski

Video replay of the Matthew Keith beatdown on Ash Campbell

Campbell challenges Keith for Back In Black

Keith accepts challenge

Alex Braun vs. Matthew Keith

Ace Express vs. New York New York

Problems in New York?


Charles: Everyone have a good night and good luck

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Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling

Write Up by Mystic

Week 3 January 2010


Hello P.S.W. fans, Mystic here and I am coming to you from The Ministry! The place is sold out again as we look to have a great show with New York New York taking on the long awaited return of Ace Express!


Tonight’s first match was the Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling debut of Cameron Vessey. Being a Vessey I was very interested in seeing what he would do against Tank Bradley. Vessey came out to a decent reaction tonight I think because of who he was, while Tank came out second to another shower of boos as the crowd still has not giving the former Danger and Violence Extreme member any respect. As the bell sounded both men met in the center of the ring. Tank extended his hand but was met with a slap by the “Second Generation Superstar”. Vessey immediately kicked Tank in the gut before knocking him into the ropes with a strong forearm to the face. Vessey then sent Bradley into the ropes before dropping him with a clothesline. As Tank attempted to get to his feet Vessey came charging in with a hard knee to the side of Tank’s head causing Bradley to stagger before being dropped with a quick Vessey Driver for the 1, 2, 3! As Vessey was getting his hand raised P.S.W. newcomer Davis Wayne Newton stormed to the ring and had a stare down with Vessey only to smile as both Newton and Vessey attacked Tank leaving him down in the center of the ring.


As the backstage staff came to the ring to check on Tank Bradley and to help him to the back, it was T-shirt time again as Krissy Angelle came out and threw them to the crowd. (How many times can they do this?)


After Angelle left it was time to get back to wrestling as the Tag Team Champions the Deadly Alliance came out to the ring with Fabulous Frank of all people to take on the team of Sayeed Ali and Slim V. With the Deadly Alliance recently losing to the Good Ol Boys in separate singles matches I was hoping the tag champs could get back to what made them champs in the first place. The match started off slow as Wolverine faced off with Slim V. V looked to get the early advantage with a rake of the eyes as he backed Wolverine into the ropes before shooting him off. Wolverine ducked the clothesline attempt and bounced back connecting on his own sending V to the mat. Wolverine picked up V off the mat and almost killed him as he went for a piledriver. I don’t know what happened if Wolverine slipped or V failed to get protection but Slim’s head jammed into the mat, the referee looked on in disbelief as Wolverine tagged in The Punisher who just threw V into his corner as Ali quickly tagged himself in to get his partner some rest. Ali entered the ring and was met with a right hand from The Punisher. The Punisher picked up Ali and slammed him hard to the mat with a nice bodyslam before tagging the Wolverine back in. As Ali made it to his feet he was greeted with The Maul as Wolverine just sent him into next week. Wolverine placed one foot on Ali’s chest as the ref counted three. After the count the referee immediately went to check on Slim V who had not moved from the ring apron. While the tag team champions were getting their titles from the ring announcer the Good Ol Boys came out to the ring. It was there Thimbley Langton informed the champs that they would be getting a tag team title shot at Back In Black.


Next it was time for Little Bill Lebowski vs. another P.S.W. newcomer in Dragon Del Arco Iris Jr. (I hope they shorten his name so I don’t have to type it in every time he has a match). As Little Bill came to the ring first, followed by Dragon you could hear a pin drop in the place. As the match started I could still hear pins dropping while the two tied up in the center of the ring. Little Bill got the match started with a knife edge chop, which I thought was funny considering it’s Little Bill. Dragon just shrugged it off and kicked at Bill’s leg before sending him into the ropes and connecting with a flying forearm. As Bill quickly got to his feet, Dragon connected on a good dropkick sending Bill to the mat and rolling to the floor. While on the outside of the ring a fan to my left started yelling at him about how much it sucked in the ring. Dragon waited in the ring as Bill regained his thoughts before climbing back in. Dragon was ready and waiting as he applied an arm wringer to Bills right arm before kicking at the elbow causing Bill to grab at the arm in pain. Dragon took the opportunity to send Bill into the corner. It was at this time I could hear more then a pin drop, sadly for the two in the ring a chant of boring started to ring out from the crowd. As Bill was in the corner Dragon rushed in and nailed him with a dropkick to the face. Dragon in control of the match then lifted Bill on the turnbuckle before climbing up himself. Dragon attempted to play to the crowd but they just continued to hurl boos at the two men in the ring. Dragon shrugged his shoulders then leaped over Little Bill before grapping him and hitting him with a sunset flip out of the corner picking up the 1,2,3.


I don’t know about the rest of the night but so far this show has sucked. Sorry Mitch and Charles but it has. I think I noticed people leaving their seats to get drinks and take restroom breaks during this match.


After the match we went to a video recap of Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling National Champion Matthew Keith’s attack on his partner Ash Campbell after their lost to Slim V and Sayeed Ali. As the video was ending Ash Campbell came to the ring and waited for the video to end. Once it was over he challenged his former partner to a National Championship title match at Back in Black. After a few moments Matthew Keith came to the ring and laughed at his former partner saying that it would be on honor to beat him to a pulp. Keith then told Campbell to watch and see how a real winner does business as Keith had a match against Alex Braun. Campbell left the ring and joined Mitch and Doc at ringside as Alex Braun made his way to the ring for this non-title match.


Tonight you could tell who the crowd was behind in this one, as Braun was able to get a few cheers from the audience tonight. The two tied up in the center of the ring as the bell sounded. Keith got a few boos from the audience as he raked the eyes of Braun before scooping him up for a bodyslam. Keith put the boots to Braun as the crowd booed the new version of the National Champion. Keith let up with the stomps to taunt the crowd, this though proved to be a mistake as when he turned around Braun was back to his feet and slapped the champion to the delight of the crowd. Braun then hit Keith with a series of three right jabs and a headbutt (odd combination), before hitting Keith with his own bodyslam. Braun pulled Keith to his feet and whipped him into the turnbuckle before ramming into him with a running shoulder to the gut causing the champ to slump in the corner. Braun then backed up and came charging in with a hard boot to the face getting cheers from the crowd. Braun pulled Keith out of the corner, but Keith was able to stop the “Ice Man” as he put a thumb in Braun’s right eye. When that happened Ash Campbell immediately rose from his place at the table and started yelling at the champ. The champ noticed this and started yelling back at Campbell turning his back to Braun. Campbell then climbed up on the ring apron as the two continued yelling the referee got in between the two and sent Campbell to the back as Braun pulled brass knuckles out of his tights. Keith turned back around with the referee still focusing on Campbell Braun swung his right hand and blasted Keith with the brass as Campbell watched on from the walkway. The referee turned back around just in time to count the 1, 2, 3 and give Alex Braun the victory.


Now it was time for the main event of the evening as the team of New York, New York took on the reformed team of Johnny Martin and Rick Sanders better known as The Ace Express. Martin and Sanders would be out for revenge after last weeks attack by the P.S.W. Champion Frankie Future. Martin and Sanders came out to a respectful response from the crowd. Next it was time for New York, New York to make their way to the ring. As New York New York were coming to the ring, Grandmaster Phunk was talking to Frankie Future, about what I don’t know. Johnny Martin and Grandmaster Phunk started the match out for their respective teams tonight with Martin getting the early advantage with quick hammerlock on the left arm out of the tie up. Phunk was able to push Martin back into the ropes and delivered a quick right elbow to the face of Martin to break the hold. Phunk then sent Martin into the ropes but missed the clothesline as Martin came back with a running high knee to the face. Martin then locked in a rear chin lock to ground Phunk After some struggle, Phunk made it back to his feet and shoot in a couple of elbows to the gut of Martin to break the hold. Phunk then ran to the ropes to build momentum but was stopped cold with a twisting spinebuster. Martin immediately went for the pin but Phunk was able to kick out at the count of two to the displeasure of the crowd in attendance. Martin then pulled Phunk to his feet and attempted to hit him with a neckbreaker but Phunk was able to slide out of it digging at the eyes of Martin before falling back towards his corner to make the tag to the P.S.W. champion. The two who met earlier this month over the title stood face to face in the ring as Future slapped Martin who returned the slap with a quick succession of rights to the head to the cheers of the crowd. As Martin continued to punch away at the champ, Grandmaster Phunk reentered the ring thus causing Rick Sanders to enter the fray as all four went at it. In the fray the referee was knocked to the mat by an elbow from Martin (Classic). Some how in the mess Future went to the outside of the ring and grabbed a steel chair as he came back in with the chair he swung it at Martin who was battling with Phunk, but Martin moved out of the way at the last second and connected with his tag team partner. Seeing this, Sanders charged at Future and they both tumbled out of the ring as the referee was coming too. Martin fell on top of Phunk and the ref counted 1, 2, 3, Giving the Ace Express their first victory in years. As Martin and Sanders left the ring Phunk was just coming around from the chair shot. Once he noticed Future the two began to argue in the center of the ring, having none of Future’s excuses Phunk left the ring leaving the P.S.W. Champion.


Overall the show started off rough and the matches left a lot to be desired. Match of the night I think had to go to Braun versus Keith as that I think was the best match in terms of story and flow. (The tag team main event was, good but a mess) it should be interesting to see what the fallout of the main event is though. Being only the third show of the “New P.S.W” I will give them some rope, I just hope they don’t hang themselves with it.

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Sunday Week 3 January 2010


Charles makes it into the office the next day where Mitch is already working on his computer.


Mitch: Charles, I received the grades from Kevin last night.


Charles: Great, what did he think of the show?


Mitch: Looks like the show started off badly. He gave the Bradley versus Vessey opener an E-, the post match attack of Bradley by Vessey and Newton an F+, He thought giving out T-shirts deserved a C, I don’t know why though. Alliance versus V and Ali an E-, the Good Ol Boys segment an E+, Dragon versus Lebowski tanked with an F, showing the recap of Campbell’s beatdown was an F+, the challenge and acceptance by Campbell and Keith received an E+. Match of the night went to Braun versus Keith with a D. Finally the main event of Ace Express vs. New York, New York received an E+ while the argument received a D+. Overall with received a E+ for the show.


After Mitch is done reading the results he taps his desk while looking at Charles. After a few moments he speaks again.


Mitch: What was the attack on Bradley about?


Charles: I used it as a way to introduce Newton and help Vessey get more heat after his match.


Mitch gathers some notes on his desk


Mitch: So we have one more show before Back In Black. We currently have the Good Ol Boys challenging Deadly Alliance for the tag titles and Ash Campbell taking on Matthew Keith for the National title.


Charles: I was thinking that because of the chaos in the main event tag and the fact that Martin pinned Phunk that Martin should get a rematch for Frankie Future’s P.S.W. championship and lets make it a ladder match.


Mitch sits back in his chair


Mitch: I like it


Charles: We can have you make the announcement.


Mitch: Fine


Charles: Now Mitch when Teddy Powell came in to see us, you said that you thought that he and Parker should face each other.


Mitch: That’s correct


Charles: I am planning on having Nicole Kiss set Powell up leading to a Parker attack for the next show, allowing us to make the match for Back in Black.


Mitch: So that’s four matches, and I notice that Braun is not in one. I was thinking that because of the attack by Vessey and Newton on Bradley. This week Braun can chat with Tank and we reform the New Jersey Devils for one night against Vessey and Newton so they can get their revenge.


Charles sits back


Charles: That’s actually a good plan, Mitch.


Charles finishes writing notes


Charles: Ok, Mitch that’s five matches, if we need more we can just fill them in at the show.


As Charles is packing putting away his notes the sound of the office phone gets his attention. Charles puts the phone on speaker.


Charles: Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling, Charles speaking.


Keith: Hello, it’s Matthew Keith sir, I did not have time to tell you at the show, but I just wanted to say thank you for hiring my brother.


Charles: No problem, Matt I have plans for the both of you.


Keith: Cool, well thank you again and I will see you at the show.


Charles hangs up the phone and stands up


Charles: Well, Mitch I am going to take off for the day, tomorrow we can discuss the show for Saturday.


Mitch: Sounds good, Charles


Charles leaves the office for the day


Monday Week 4 January 2010


Charles gets to the office and immediately checks the P.S.W. website


Mayhem Midden and RIPW part ways

Mayhem Midden found himself unemployed last night as RIPW ended his contract. Insiders have indicated that this way purely business, a result of an attempt to reduce their bloated roster, and that the door may be open for him to return at a later date.


Charles: Hey Mitch, what’s RIPW?


Mitch: Rhode Island Pro Wrestling, is the minor league of sorts to Supreme Wrestling Federation. After you left the business more former wrestlers and other people started opening up smaller companies that would develop ties to certain promotions. It’s the new hot thing to do in becoming the owner of your own company nowadays. Many of these companies have people who have zero clue as to what they are doing.


Charles: So I wanted to layout this Saturday’s card if that is good with you. Going match by match that we have planned for Back In Black.


Mitch: Fine by me.


Charles: As discussed yesterday, reforming the New Jersey Devils for a night against Cameron Vessey & Davis Wayne Newton. We can have Cameron & Newton taunt Tank, Tank comes out and Vessey & Newton challenge him. They keep saying he is without a partner and then Alex Braun comes out to be Bradley’s partner.


Mitch: Sounds like a good idea, the fans should pop for Braun.


Charles: As I mentioned yesterday, for the Parker versus Powell match. Nicole Kiss will set up Powell backstage allowing Parker to attack him, we can announce this match after the show on the site.


Mitch: What to do about the tag title match? It’s been announced, it seems like its ready for Back In Black.


Charles: This one I am having a hard time with, I just don’t like the match in general as neither singles match went well. We just have a real lack of quality tag teams. I think for the sake of the show, I will let them have the week off to get ready for the title match.


Mitch: Speaking of tag teams, what are you doing with Campbell versus Keith? From an in ring perspective I think this could be a good match.


Charles: With Campbell causing Keith last week, the challenger has momentum going in even without being in a match. I feel as if something should go in the show, but everything was rushed to fill time. The Braun versus Keith match was suppose to happen this week.


Mitch: What about having Campbell in a match and having Keith try to interfere only for it to backfire?


Charles sits back


Charles: If there is time it might work.


Mitch: And then of course we have the P.S.W. title match between Frankie Future and Johnny Martin. Now yesterday we decided that I should just make the announcement of it being a ladder match. Seems kind of flat to me, so what if we put Rick Sanders and Grandmaster Phunk in the main event with Martin in Sanders corner and Future in Grandmaster’s corner?


Charles: We would need something to happen to keep the focus on Martin and Future.


Mitch: I’m sure you can come up with something Charles.


Charles: I always do


Mitch laughs at the comment


Mitch: So Charles, what are you going to do for the actual matches for the show?


Charles: We have Sanders versus Phunk possible, and a match for Campbell. The rest I think I will just throw together at random but I will think about that more tomorrow.


Charles gets up and heads out the door for the day

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Tuesday Week 4 January 2010


Charles gets to the office and lays out his notes on his desk. As Charles reads his notes Mitch walks in the door.


Mitch: Anything new Charles?


Charles: 4C held Cage Rage last night with Slim V, Davis Wayne Newton and Sayeed Ali all having matches.


Mitch: How’d they do?


Charles: Slim V lost to Antonio Del Veccio in a hardcore title match. Newton tagged with Jesse Gilbert to defeat Too Sweet and Ali tagged with Jacob Jett to defeat Duberry Excess and Frankie Dee in the main event.


Mitch: Any injuries?


Charles: No, everyone seems to have made it out ok.


Mitch: So yesterday you said you wanted to finish planning the matches for Saturday’s show.


Charles: Right, we currently have Sanders vs. Phunk, along with that Campbell will be in the ring. To keep everyone happy I am going to take the members of the roster that are not on Back In Black and use them for Saturday.


Mitch: Sounds fair


Charles: That leaves us with Brandon Smith, Dead Bolt, Dragon, Greg Gauge, JD Morgan, Lazy Joe, Little Bill Lebowski, Nelson Callum, Primal Rage, Sayeed Ali, and Slim V.


Mitch: Ok…Ali and V could face Dead Rage, while JD Morgan faces Campbell?


Charles: I like the Morgan versus Campbell match and the Ali and V versus Dead Rage tag could work. The only issue then would be the fact that outside of Callum the rest of the roster is filled with nobodies that fans dislike.


Mitch: What about Smith and Greg Gauge?


Charles: I want to leave Gauge for Back in Black, Smith I guess I could put him in against Lazy Joe, while Callum takes on Lebowski.


Mitch: I think we should leave it there for the show.


Charles: Agreed. I think this week will be a good show so I am going to send these notes to Mike to see if he can write up a preview for the shows.


Charles sends the notes to Mike as he continues speaking


Charles: Well with that done I am going to head out for the night.


Wednesday Week 4 January 2010


Charles calls the office where Mitch picks up


Charles: Hey Mitch, Charles here. I don’t think I am going to come in today as I want to work on some things around the house.


Mitch: No problem Charles. See you tomorrow then.


Charles hangs up the phone and dials Greg Gauge


Charles: Hello Mr. Gauge it’s Charles Zulas.


Gauge: Hello sir.


Charles: I just wanted to call and tell you to make sure and be at Back in Black this weekend, your first show will be then.


Gauge: Ok sir.


Charles: Again it’s great to have you here in Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling and I expect great things from you.


Charles ends the call and hangs up the phone. Meanwhile at the P.S.W. office Mitch is busy making calls of his own.


Mitch: Mr. Martin this is Mitch.


Martin: Hello Mitch, what do I owe this call to?


Mitch: Listen Johnny, you are one of my best guys and you have been around helping me with P.S.W. and Danger and Violence Extreme before that.


Martin: Thank you.


Mitch: I am calling because I am concerned about Charles.


Martin: How so?


Mitch: You may have seen the new faces in the company.


Martin: I have


Mitch: I have yet to sign one of these wrestlers. All of new members of the roster were all Charles’s idea.


Martin: I think they are good signings


Mitch: Just watch your back ok.


Martin: Ok, Mitch?


Mitch ends the call


Thursday Week 4 January 2010


Charles gets to the office and immediately checks the website. Once on the Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling site, Charles finds a preview for the next show from Mystic.


Week 4 January 2010 Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling Preview

Chaos erupted as New York New York and Ace Express brawled to a wild finish last week which Johnny Martin pick up the victory over Grandmaster Phunk. After the match Phunk had words with his tag team partner P.S.W. Champion Frankie Future, leaving him standing in the ring as the show ended. Will the two be able to co exist as Grandmaster Phunk takes on Rick Sanders in the main event? This and more as we are only three days away from Back In Black!


Schedule matches for the show


In the main event

Grandmaster Phunk vs. Rick Sanders


Three days before his match with Matthew Keith

Ash Campbell vs. JD Morgan


Nelson Callum and Brandon Smith in action


*card subject to change


Charles: Mitch, so are you ready for the next few days?


Mitch: I hope everything works.


Charles: We will be fine Mitch


Mitch: Remember Charles that networks will start scheduling for new shows next week and that pay per view companies are always willing to talk about a show.


Charles: I’ll keep that in mind, Mitch.


Charles looks at his watch and then his desk


Charles: Their really isn’t a lot left to do now that the show and the plans for Back In Black are in motion, so I am going to call it a day.


Mitch: Ok Charles


Charles gets up and leaves as Mitch shakes his head in disbelief.

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Friday Week 4 January 2010


Charles gets to the office as Mitch is standing by his car


Charles: Mitch what’s up?


Mitch: Charles, with Back in Black this weekend I want to leave for the show today so we have time to talk to the roster and fix any problems that come up.


Charles: Ok?


Charles walks into the office and grabs a file from his desk. Once finished in the office Charles walks to Mitch’s car and gets in as the two leave for the weekend of shows. As Charles and Mitch get to the building they take time walk the grounds making sure everything is set up for the weekend. As they walk Mitch is on his phone, after a few moments Mitch hangs up.


Mitch: That was the hotel, Charles they have everything set.


Charles: Everything set?


Mitch: Starting next month I am going to bring in a new set of rules backstage and one of them will be the fact that they will need to be at the shows the night before.


Charles: You sure about that one, most of our roster works for other companies.


Mitch: I know many of the roster will not like the changes but they have to be made.


Charles and Mitch finish walking the building and head back to the car, before making their way to the hotel. Once at the hotel Mitch and Charles head to the front desk and get the keys.


Mitch: With this being a weekend of shows, I have talked with the hotel here into letting us use it for the roster.


Charles: Sweet.


Charles and Mitch walk to their room.


Charles: I’m going to get some sleep


Mitch: Ok


Saturday Week 4 January 2010


Charles and Mitch wake up the next morning and head to the Ministry. Once they arrive they find wrestlers arriving and sitting around the locker room. Charles goes to the front of the room as the roster waits for word of the show.


Charles: Hello, good to see everyone here. Now this weekend is going to be a busy and important for Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling. Tonight we have our weekly show and then tomorrow we have the first “event” of the year, “Back In Black”. Because of the weekend of shows we have spoken with the local hotel in the area and they have offered us a deal on rooms for the weekend. On the board behind me is the layout of tonight’s show. We will be discussing “Back In Black” tomorrow. Everyone have a good night and good luck.


The roster breaks up some look at the layout of the show to see where they are.


Free T-Shirts

Nelson Callum vs. Little Bill Lebowski

Nicole Kiss causes problems

Dead Rage vs. Slim V & Sayeed Ali

Cameron Vessey & Davis Wayne Newton challenge Tank Bradley to a match

Bulldozer Brandon Smith vs. Lazy Joe

Ash Campbell vs. Matthew Keith match preview

Ash Campbell vs. JD Morgan

Mitch Naess announces P.S.W. title match for Back In Black

Johnny Martin and Rick Sanders talk pre-match

Frankie Future and Grandmaster Phunk talk pre-match

Grandmaster Phunk vs. Rick Sanders

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Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling

Write Up by Mystic

Week 4 January 2010


Hello Pittsburgh Steel fans this is Mystic coming to you from another sell out at the Ministry. Last week we witnessed the chaos as Ace Express pulled off the upset of New York, New York. This chaos resulted in the champion standing alone in the ring as his tag team partner Grandmaster Phunk stormed out. What will happen this week as Grandmaster Phunk with Frankie Future in his corner takes on Rick Sanders with Johnny Martin in his corner? As the show started Krissy Angelle came out to fire T-Shirts into the crowd as she does every week.


Once the t-shirts were gone Angelle waited by the ring as her man Nelson Callum came to the ring getting very little if any reaction from the crowd. As he waited in the ring with Krissy, Little Bill Lebowski getting zero reaction from the crowd. Both men stood in the ring and tied up once the bell sounded as Callum gained the early advantage with a quick knee lift to the gut before sending Lebowski into the ropes connecting with a clothesline dropping him to the mat. Callum brought Lebowski to his feet only to body slam Little Bill back to the canvas before posing for the packed house as Krissy looked on and smiled at her man. Callum dragged Lebowski to his feet and set up for a Russian leg sweep but Lebowski was able to elbow Nelson in the face to brake the hold. Little Bill ran to the ropes to build momentum but was caught with a quick powerslam from Callum for a two count as Lebowski kicked out at the last second. Callum yelled at the referee and turned his attention back to Lebowski raining down a series of right hands to the face before locking in a dragon sleeper. Lebowski fought the sleeper as the crowd looked on but it was too much as Little Bill tapped at the 7:54 mark.


As Callum left Lebowski in the ring we went backstage where Nicole Kiss was talking with Teddy Powell. As the two were talking Nicole planted a kiss on Powell. Once the kiss was broken she push Powell away and started screaming. It was at that point, Steven “The Future” Parker came into the screen and attacked Teddy Powell from behind as Nicole laughed at him before the screen cut away.


After that fiasco it was Dead Rage taking on the team of Slim V and Sayeed Ali. For these two to be a consistent tag team they sure don’t have a tag name yet. First to come out to the ring were the former tag team champions Dead Rage to a small respectful reaction from the crowd…well it was boos but still respectful. As Dead Rage waited in the ring Slim V and Sayeed Ali who came to the ring, getting no reaction from the crowd. Sayeed Ali’s name sounds familiar but I can’t place it right now…Back to the ring action. The two teams did not even wait for the referee to call for the bell as V and Ali attacked Primal Rage and Dead Bolt as soon as they came to the ring. V and Ali threw Dead Rage out to the floor and used the ringside area to their advantage. V and Ali grabbed Rage and were able to suplex him on the arena floor to the boos of the crowd. As V and Ali got to their feet they were met with a double clothesline from Dead Bolt who posed a little for the fans before stomping the chests of V and Ali. At this point Rage had made it back to his feet as Dead Bolt had thrown V into the ring post causing the referee to drop to the floor to read him the riot act. As the ref was on the floor Rage tossed Ali back into the ring and blinded him with black mist as Ali attempted to get to his feet. Blinded Ali walked right into a boot to the gut followed up by a Rage double arm DDT as the ref slid back into the ring to make the three count.


Once the ring cleared Cameron Vessey and Davis Wayne Newton came down to the ring. Vessey called for a microphone as Newton stood smiling in the ring. Once the crowd had finished their insults of the two. Vessey began talking about Tank Bradley and how weak and gullible the man is. They mention how he has failed to do anything in Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling and how they thought the trash needed to be taken out. With that they issued a challenge for Bradley to face the two of them in a tag team match for Back In Black. This brought out Bradley who stood at the entrance as the Vessey continued to mock and insult Bradley about being useless in P.S.W. Vessey reissued the challenge and noted that Bradley was without a partner. At that point Bradley said that he had a partner and would like nothing more then to teach the two of them a lesson. Bradley then stepped to the side as Alex Braun came out to a descent reaction of cheers from the crowd as Vessey and Newton stood in shock in the ring.


Next it was time for the P.S.W. debut of the “Bulldozer” Brandon Smith. As he took on Lazy Joe. For being his debut Smith came out to a small set of cheers from the crowd in attendance. Surprisingly Joe also received a cheer or two from the crowd when he came down as well. For Joe that may have been the best part of the night because once the bell sounded it was all Smith. Smith kicked Joe in the gut to before picking him up for a nice vertical suplex. Joe made it back to his feet but was knocked down again by a Smith clothesline. Smith then went to the corner and dropped into a three point stance and waited for Joe to get up. Once Joe made it to his feet Smith charged across the ring and ran over Joe getting a couple of cheers from the crowd. Getting the 1,2,3 for the easy win.


After the match a small video played hyping the recent split of Next Gen and the resulting battle over the National title that will take place at Back In Black between the current champion, Matthew Keith and his challenger Ash Campbell. I can’t wait to see this one.


Once the video ended the challenger to the title came out to the ring for a match against JD Morgan. Campbell and Morgan came out to respectable responses from the crowd before the bell. Once the bell sounded Campbell and Morgan locked up with Morgan gaining the upper hand with a quick bodyslam. Ash cautiously made it back to his feet and locked up again with Morgan who bodyslamed Ash for a second time. This time Ash made it back to his feet and slapped Morgan getting a small cheer from the crowd as Morgan looked disgusted at the reaction of Ash. Morgan attempted a right hand but Campbell ducked the punch and answered with a series of rights before whipping Morgan into the ropes and connecting with a flying forearm to the delight of the crowd. Campbell posed for the crowed as Morgan rolled out to the floor to regroup. Campbell waited in the ring for Morgan to get back in the ring and once back in the two locked up with Campbell connecting with a snap suplex. Morgan slowly made it back to his feet and charged at Campbell pushing Ash and the referee into the corner who just happened to be standing behind Campbell as Morgan charged. With the two men trading punches in the corner and the referee down, the P.S.W. National champion, Matthew Keith made his way down to ringside. Keith just calmly climbed on the apron and pulled out brass knuckles. At the last moment Ash pulled Morgan in the way of Matthew’s loaded fist as Keith connected with the back on Morgan’s head causing JD to crash to the mat. Ash seeing Keith on the apron clocked the champ with a right hand knocking Keith off the apron and to the floor. With Keith out on the arena floor and JD knocked out from Keith’s misplaced punch Ash Campbell went to the top rope and connected with a shooting star press. Moments later the referee finally came around to count the 1, 2, 3 and give Campbell the momentum heading into Back In Black.


Once that was over and the ring was cleared Mitch Naess announced from the table that tomorrow night at Back In Black it would be Johnny Martin getting another shot at Frankie Future and the P.S.W. Title in a ladder match. Once the announcement was made we went to a quick shot of Frankie Future with Grandmaster talking and to another shot of Johnny Martin with Rick Sanders talking. It was time for the main event! Rick Sanders with Johnny Martin came out to the ring first tonight to a decent set of cheers from the crowd. Martin talking with Sanders as Sanders climbed into the ring. Next Phunk and Future came to the ring, Future was posing and taunting the crowd as Grandmaster just looked on at the ring and continued walking. Grandmaster climbed into the ring as Future and Martin locked eyes before Future walked to the other side of the ring. Phunk and Sanders circled each other as the bell sounded before locking up. Phunk gained the early advantage with a headbutt and a knee lift to the gut. Phunk whipped Sanders into the ropes and connected with a nice clothesline to drop Sanders to the mat. Phunk dropped an elbow to the chest of Sanders before bringing him to his feet and slamming Sanders back down with a hard bodyslam. Sanders attempted to use the ropes to pull himself up but as he did Phunk charged across and connected with a hard clothesline knocking Sanders over the ropes and to the floor. Martin quickly went over to Sanders to try and get him focused on the match at hand while Phunk attempted to get the champs attention but the champ was busy taunting the fans to notice. Once Sanders was ready he climbed back into the ring as the two tied up again. Phunk maintained control as he kicked Sanders in the gut and nailed him with a nice backbreaker as the crowd began to boo. I think the crowd as getting annoyed with the one sided match so far. Phunk pulled Sanders to his feet and whipped Sanders into the corner before charging in and smashing Sanders into the corner. Sanders collapsed on the mat and just seemed out of it as Phunk went for the cover. In shock Sanders kicked out just before three! Phunk pulled Sanders to his feet and whipped him into the ropes, this time Sanders ducked the Phunk clothesline and bounced off the ropes hitting a clothesline of his own. Sanders seemed fired up as he brought Phunk to his feet and dropped Grandmaster with a nice suplex before following it up with a double underhook suplex, Sanders immediately went for a quick pin and only got a count of 2 as Martin cheered on from outside. Sanders then pulled Phunk to his feet and connected with a sick piledriver going for another pin, this time coming closer but still only a count of two. Sanders pulled Phunk to his feet again, but Phunk was able to get a quick thumb to the eye and a quick roll up scoring the 1, 2, 3 as Future immediately started cheering and taunting Martin who looked on from across the ring.


Overall the show was ok I think. Just like last week the show started off with some less then desirable wrestling but picked up in the end. From a build up perspective I believe it has done a nice job in building the matches for tomorrow and I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s Back In Black show.

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Sunday Week 4 January 2010


Charles and Mitch woke up the next morning at the hotel and headed for the Ministry for Back in Black. Once in the building Charles found a table and logged on to the P.S.W. website to see a Preview for Back In Black posted.


Back In Black 2010 Preview

Posted by Mystic


Hello Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling fans. The start of 2010 has been a wild one as we come to the first event of the year, Back In Black. For all you fans out there lets take a moment to relive the twists and turns that got us to this point.


Cameron Vessey & Davis Wayne Newton vs. The New Jersey Devils


Cameron Vessey was in the ring against Tank Bradley for his debut match in Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling. On that night Vessey had his way with the aging star, defeating a man who many believe has lost his way. Following the match Vessey continued to attack Bradley, this lead to the debut of Davis Wayne Newton who came down to the ring only to help Vessey in the attack. The following week Vessey and Newton verbal assaulted Bradley claiming that the trash needed to be taken out in the form of Bradley. With that the two challenged Bradley to a tag match for tonight, thinking that Bradley was without a partner. To their surprise as well as the fans in the arena, Alex Braun, Bradley’s former tag team partner in the New Jersey Devils stepped out and accepted the challenge. I think this will be an ok match with Vessey and Newton trying to use their youth, but the Devils will be able to use their experience to their advantage and pick up the win to the delight of the crowd.


Prediction: The New Jersey Devils


Steven Parker vs. Teddy Powell


This match was booked for Back In Black after Saturday’s show. This match comes about as a result of the backstage attack of Teddy Powell by Steven Parker after Parker found Powell taking to his manager Nicole Kiss last night. From an in ring perspective this match has the chance to be the match of the night. Both men know how to deal with high pressure situations and both can work a crowd. That being said “The Future” has one thing Teddy Powell does not, Nicole Kiss. It will be Kiss who makes the difference in tonight’s match leading Parker to bigger and better things.


Prediction: Steven Parker


P.S.W. Tag Team Title Match

Good Ol Boys vs. © Deadly Alliance


As 2010 rolled in the depth of the tag team division was lacking, leaving the champions The Punisher and The Wolverine with no real threat to their titles. That all changed when Thimbleby Langton and Wooton Fitzpaine picked up separate singles wins over the champs. As a result Mitch Naess ordered that the Good Ol Boys would get their title shot. Will the Deadly Alliance be able to regroup after suffering two losses to their challengers or will the Good Ol Boys find a way to keep the momentum rolling on their way to a tag team title reign? I think the Deadly Alliance meet their match as we crown new tag champs tonight.


Prediction: New champions, Good Ol Boys


P.S.W. National Title Match

Ash Campbell vs. © Matthew Keith


Part of the lack of depth to the tag team division in 2010 was a result of this match. Campbell and Keith then known as Next Gen were taking on the team of Slim V and Sayeed Ali when out of nowhere the P.S.W. National champion, blindsided his own tag team partner. In the following weeks Campbell has cost Keith a non title loss to Alex Braun while managing to get under the skin of the champion and avoid Keith who mistaken blasted JD Morgan instead of his challenger for the title. Will Campbell be able to outsmart the champion tonight? You heard it here first, new National title holder tonight.


Prediction: New champion, Ash Campbell


P.S.W. Title Ladder Match

Johnny Martin vs. © Frankie Future


This is a return bout of sorts, 2010 started out with Frankie Future being able to turn back the challenge of one of Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling’s most respected and feared wrestlers, none other then Johnny Martin. In the weeks to follow, Martin has reformed his tag team with Rick Sanders and has been on a roll as of late. Meanwhile Frankie Future has seemed to let the title get to his head as his tag team partner Grandmaster Phunk as been displeased to say the least. Arguments between the two over a tag loss to Martin and Sanders have led to the two not talking with each other for weeks. Will this dissention be a distraction for the champion or is this all one big show to trick the challenger into a false sense of security? One thing is for sure this will be a good match that will lead Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling into the future.


Prediction: Winner and still champion, Frankie Future


Charles powers down his computer and notices the room of wrestlers. Charles goes to the front of the room to deliver his pre show message.


Charles: Hello again, we had a good show last night, but tonight is an ever bigger night, It’s Back In Black 2010! Tonight we know you will all do nothing but the best and remember that this night will be a spring board into what Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling does from here on out. Good night and good luck.


Charles posts a revised layout of the show on the board


Free clothes

Ash Campbell pre-match promo

Matthew Keith pre-match promo

P.S.W. National Title match

Cameron Vessey & Davis Wayne Newton vs. The New Jersey Devils

Steven Parker pre match promo

Steven Parker vs. Teddy Powell

Deadly Alliance pre-match promo

Good Ol Boys pre-match promo

P.S.W. Tag Team title match

Johnny Martin pre-match promo

Frankie Future pre-match promo

P.S.W. championship Ladder match

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Back In Black 2010

Write Up by Mystic

Week 4 January 2010


Hello Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling fans! Mystic here and tonight we have a treat for you. The bitter fighting between friends, former friends and enemies over the past month comes to an end tonight! What will happen when former tag team partners Ash Campbell and Matthew Keith go at it over the National Title? What will happen when former tag team partners tag up for one last time? Who will be able to climb the ladder of success in the Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling title match? Tonight P.S.W. was back at The Ministry in front of another sold out crowd and getting there free t-shirts as Krissy Angelle was doing her usual opener to get the crowd fired up.


Tonight the show opened as we went to the back to get words from both the challenger and the champion to the P.S.W. National title match. First was the challenger Ash Campbell who claimed that they were on their way to being the best team every in Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling but Matthew Keith went and threw that all away to look out for himself. He said tonight he was going to take the one thing Keith wanted more then the success of Next Gen and that was Keith’s National title! After Campbell spoke, the champion laughed his former partner off as a loser, wanting to put others before himself. Keith then told the crowd and his opponent that this was pro wrestling and that if you don’t look out for number one, the world will pass you by. Keith said he was going to prove that tonight by leaving his former partner in the dust.


Once the promos were over it was time for action, as Ash Campbell came out to a small round of cheers from the crowd. The challenger stood in the ring as Matthew Keith came out to the ring with the National title held in his right hand. A few boos could be heard from the crowd as expected tonight. Once Keith entered the ring, Campbell charged at his former tag team partner, not even waiting for the bell. Campbell throws rights and lefts to the face and body of Keith causing him to duck and cover in the corner. Campbell continues to throw wildly until the champ slips a thumb to the eye and quickly leaving the ring. Campbell yells at Keith to get back into the ring, but Keith waits outside. Campbell having none of this slides out of the ring and chases Keith around the ring as the champ slides back in just long enough to deliver a axe handle blow to the back of Campbell as he attempts to get back in the ring. Keith drops an elbow to the back of the challenger before taunting the crowd. Keith pulls Campbell to his feet and kicks him in the gut, Keith backs up and then comes forward driving his right knee into Campbell’s face causing his head to snap back, Keith quickly grabs a his head and drops down a DDT in quick fashion drawing a boos from the crowd. Keith stomps on Campbell’s knees repeatedly before taking his right leg and bending it to a single leg boston crab. Campbell looked caught as he was in the center of the ring. Campbell fought and clawed his way, finally making it to the ropes getting cheers from the crowd. Keith releases the hold and climbs out of the ring as Campbell pulls himself up by the ropes. Keith is angry and walks over to the time keeper and yanks the chair out from under him. As Campbell is resting on the ropes Keith rams the edge of the steel chair into Campbell’s stomach from the outside of the ring and just out of the view of the referee. Campbell falls to the mat as Keith slides the chair into the ring. The champ smiles as he makes the cover, but that smile turns to shock as Campbell gets his right shoulder up just before the three count. The champ yells at the ref and kicks the ropes before picking up the steel chair, waiting for Campbell to make it to his feet, surprisingly the referee is not doing anything about it. Campbell makes it to his feet as Keith swings the chair, Campbell ducks the chair and kicks the champ in the gut causing Keith to drop the chair. Campbell grabs Keith and DDTs him right on the steel chair! Campbell goes to the top rope as the crowd begins to cheer and hits the shooting start press for the 1,2,3! We have a NEW Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling National champion!


After that fun opener it was time for the reunion of the New Jersey Devils as they faced Cameron Vessey and Davis Wayne Newton. Vessey and Newton came to the ring first to a round of boos. After a brief pause to let the tension build Tank Bradley and Alex Braun, The New Jersey Devils came out to a nice pop from the crowd. Probably out of respect more then anything but nice none the less. Tank Bradley and Cameron Vessey start the match as the two lock up. Vessey gets the upper hand with a quick knee lift to the gut. Vessey sends Bradley into the ropes, but misses a clothesline attempt as Bradley hits one of his own to a small cheer from the crowd.

Bradley pulls Vessey to his feet and scoops him up for a quick bodyslam before following it up with an elbow drop. Bradley waits for Vessey to get to his feet before whipping him into a neutral corner. Bradley gathers a head of steam and smashes Vessey in the corner with a hard clothesline before tossing him to the outside as the fans cheer. Bradley follows outside which may have been a mistake as Newton drops down with a double axe handle to the back on an unsuspecting Bradley. Newton and Vessey work on Bradley on the outside whipping him into the guardrail and the ringpost as Newton posses for the fans to a round of boos. Vessey rolls Bradley back into the ring and tags in Newton who continues to stomp away on a now bleeding Bradley. Newton pulls Bradley to his feet and sends him into the ropes, Bradley ducks the clothesline attempt and bounces off the other side. Bradley and Newton with clothesline at the same time and both are down! Newton and Bradley are trying to make it to their feet…Newton crawls to Vessey and gets the tag. Vessey walks over and grabs Bradley as he reaches for the tag but can’t make it. Bradley turns and blasts Vessey with a right hand…leaps and makes the tag as the crowd cheers! Braun storms in nailing Vessey with a right and now Newton gets hit with another right….Braun back to Vessey with a third right hand. Braun whips Vessey into the ropes….Spinebuster by Braun…Braun with the cover but Newton has the attention of the referee! Braun gets off Vessey and goes to the ref as Vessey looks to be pulling something out of his tights. Braun walks back over to Vessey to pull him to his feet. Vessey with a right to the head as Braun falls to the mat with a thud. Vessey falls on Braun as the ref counts 1, 2, 3!


It was great to see the team of Braun and Bradley back together tonight, but it was just not to be. After the tag match we went backstage where Steven Parker with Nicole Kiss hyped his upcoming match with Teddy Powell informing him that Parker was the future of this company and that Powell was just somebody past his prime. (considering that Powell is only 30, ouch.)


Teddy Powell came to the ring first getting a small set of cheers from the Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling lifers. As Powell waited in the ring Steven Parker along with Nicole Kiss came to the ring, Parker getting the boos while Kiss played to the crowd a bit. Once the bell sounded Powell and Parker tied up in the center of the ring with Powell getting an early advantage with an arm wringer to the right arm. Parker yelled at Powell who responded with a kick to Parker’s face knocking him to the mat. Parker immediately got up to his feet and got right in Powell’s face as he continued to yell at him. Powell slapped Parker to the delight of the fans as Parker went and bounced against the ropes to charge at Powell…only to be caught out with arm drag. Parker slapped the mat as Powell kept the right arm locked. After a bit of stalling Parker was able to work his way up to his feet and push Powell against the ropes. Parker drove a thumb to Powell’s left eye to brake free from Powell. Parker with a kick to Powell’s gut before hitting him with a snap suplex dropping “Constant Motion” in the center of the ring. Powell attempts to slowly get to his feet but is met with repeated kicks to the chest getting knocked to the mat again. Parker picks Powell off the mat and delivers a perfect backbreaker in the center of the ring. Parker goes for the pin but only gets a two count as Powell gets his shoulder up at the last second. Parker immediately grabs Powell by the hair and puts him in a headlock. Parker attempts a bulldog but Powell pushes him off, Parker turns around and walks right into a Motion Censor! From the outside Nicole Kiss starts screaming and climbs on to the ring apron drawing the attention of Teddy Powell. Powell walks over to Kiss who immediately plants a kiss on him! Powell pulls away and gets slapped by Kiss. Powell turns around and gets planted with a Future Shock out of nowhere! Parker goes for the pin as the ref counts 1, 2, 3!


Nicole Kiss and Steven Parker walk to the back as we go to the tag team champions, The Deadly Alliance. Wolverine has the microphone as he claims that the Good Ol Boys just got lucky in getting their title shot. The champs told their challengers and the fans that they were going to win because they were the best team in tag team wrestling history. (ok…then). After the tag champs spoke we went to the challengers, the Good Ol Boys who claimed that the Deadly Alliance may have been the best team, and they had respect for them but that respect ended the night they were attacked. They told the crowd that they were walking away with the titles tonight.


First to come out for the tag title match were the challengers, Thimbleby Langton and Wooton Fitzpaine. They came out to little reaction from the crowd. Next the Deadly Alliance came to the ring with the title belts around their waists. The Wolverine and Thimbley Langton started the match as the bell sounded. Wolverine immediately opened the match with a knife edge chop and dropped Langton with a nasty clothesline. Wolverine then pulled Langton up to his feet and whipped him into the corner, Langton slammed into the corner and slowly bounced out of the corner and right into a shoulder tackle from Wolverine. Wolverine tagged in the Punisher who pulled Langton up to his feet as Wolverine drilled Wooton with a strong double axe handle off the apron as the Punisher lifted Langton and planted him into the mat with a piledriver. Punisher covered Langton for the 1, 2, 3!


Wolverine and Punisher threw the Good Ol Boys out of the ring and posed on the turnbuckles as the fans booed. When out of nowhere the Greg Gauge and Matthew Keith came out of the crowd and attacked the tag team champions finally dragging them out of the ring and slamming them both into the ring posts before leaving back threw the crowd.


As the crowd booed the turn of events we went backstage where Johnny Martin was standing with Rick Sanders as he delivered a decent promo on the fact that even though he lost their first match, he still believes that he should be the face of Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling. He ended the promo saying that Frankie does not care about the future of P.S.W. but only himself. After the promo we went to a shot of the P.S.W. champion Frankie Future and Grandmaster Phunk. The champ had a microphone and cut a promo on how Martin was right, that he did get his chance and he lost, but no matter, he would still be victorious tonight and continue to rule Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling. He ended the promo by telling Phunk to walk with him as Future left out of camera range and towards the ring, Phunk following shortly after. As the promos were happening the crew came out to make sure the ladder was in good condition, then they set in up in the entrance. First to come out for this Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling ladder match was the challenger, Johnny Martin accompanied by Rick Sanders. As Martin waited in the ring the champ, Frankie Future and Grandmaster Phunk came to the ring to a round of boos. Future was playing to the crowd as Phunk walked a few steps behind him. Future climbed into the ring and let the referee hang the belt high in the air. As the bell sounded Future immediately sprinted out of the ring and towards the ladder, wanting to get the match over quickly. About halfway down the entrance way Future tripped and fell allowing Martin to grab him by the hair and bring him back into the ring. Martin throws Future back into the ring who immediately gets up and sprints out the other side of the ring only to run headlong into Rick Sanders. Future stops and turns back towards the ring, walking into a right hand from Martin as the crowd cheers. Martin whips the champ into the steel guard rail only to stumble back and get dropped with a clothesline on the outside as Phunk just looks on. Martin picks Future off the ground and throws him back into the ring. Martin climbs back into the ring as the crowd cheers hitting Future with a double underhook suplex. Martin grabs the legs of Future and drops three elbows to the right knee of Future as Future continues to beg off the challenger. Martin holds Future’s right leg as the and goes for a figure four but Future uses his free leg to kick Martin away sending him threw the ropes and crashing to the arena floor towards the entrance and the ladder. Future slowly gets up and makes his way towards Martin climbing down to the arena floor. Future with a couple of kicks to Martin’s head before making his way to the ladder. Martin slowly gets to his feet as Future grabs the ladder and drags it back to ringside. As Future drops the ladder a ringside he turns around and gets kicked in the gut by Martin for his trouble, Martin picks up Future but the champ rakes the eyes, causing Martin to let go of Future. Future scoops Martin up and slams the challenger on the ladder! Future brings Martin to his feet and drives his head into the ring post! Future takes time to pose for fans as Martin struggles to his feet, Future looks annoyed that Martin is making it to his feet and quickly hits a DDT on the floor! Future grabs the ladder and slides it into the ring as the crowd boos knowing that the champ is going to retain. Future is about half way up the ladder as Martin struggles to his feet on the outside now busted open. Martin slowly slides in the ring and as Future makes it to the top, Martin tips the ladder over causing Future to crash off the ladder and to the arena floor to the delight of the crowd. Rick Sanders cheers on Martin as Grandmaster Phunk is now pacing at ringside. Martin grabs the ladder and puts it back into position. Martin begins to climb the ladder as Future is out outside the ring. Martin is climbing and makes it to the top with the ability to grab the belt but instead looks down at Future on the outside of the ring before…climbing down off the ladder! Martin goes to the outside and brings Future to his feet throwing the champ back into the ring. Martin follows and knocks the ladder down in the center of the ring. Martin then brings Future to his feet and sets him up for the Twist on the Rocks…onto the ladder! Landing on the ladder must have brought Future back to his senses as he screams out in pain as the crowd cheers and begs for Martin to get to the belt. Martin pauses and smiles to the fans with blood streaming down his face before setting the ladder back up. Martin begins the climb back up the ladder and somehow Future is getting to his feet. Future notices Martin about three fourths of the way up the ladder and franticly climbs up the other side. Both men meet at the top and start trading punches as Sanders is yelling at Martin to keep it up as both are fighting…Phunk has grabbed a steel chair and has climbed into the ring. Hitting the champ in the back! Frankie Future falls off the ladder at the feet of Grandmaster Phunk as Johnny Martin makes that last ditch attempt to finally grab the title and become the new Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling champion!


What a night folks two new champions in Ash Campbell and Johnny Martin. P.S.W. seems have turned it up a bit with their best show of 2010. I can’t wait to see what happens this Saturday as we now have a NEW Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling champion in…Johnny Martin!

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Monday Week 1 February 2010


Charles makes it into the office after sleeping in later then usual. Mitch is sitting at his desk looking over reports.


Charles: Hey Mitch great weekend!


Mitch mumbles something under his breath before speaking loud enough for Charles to hear.


Mitch: It was ok.


Charles: Just ok.


Mitch: Yeah not terrible, not groundbreaking just ok.


Charles slowly sits down at his desk and waits for Mitch to speak again


Mitch: Listen Charles, I know you have not been back in the business and you are trying to shake the rust off but going over these reports I have concerns.


Charles: Ok, Mitch


Mitch: First of all looking at these reports we lost $24,000 in the first month with most of the loss due to spending $83,000 on contracts.


Charles: Well uh…we could raise ticket prices.


Mitch: Or fire some of the new hires you brought in without my permission.


Charles is taken back by that comment


Charles: Sir with all due respect it’s the older veterans you like to hang on to that are costing this company. Martin and Morgan make $1,200 per show, Phunk and Braun make $1,000. Hell even you make out with $1,100.


Now it’s Mitch’s turn to be annoyed


Mitch: What about you in your signings, promising travel. Smith costs us $1,100, Sanders $1,200, Ali $1,000 and on top of that he gets 5% of sales.


Charles: It’s this newer signings that’s going to bring us new fans.


Mitch: What are you talking about new fans for, you can’t even hold on to our current fan base.


Charles: I have yet to hear any complaints.


Mitch: That’s because to the fans out there you don’t matter. I am the face of this company, not you.


Charles: Mitch, I think the stress of the weekend and the bills have gotten to both of us. Why don’t I take the day off while you continue to do what ever it is your doing.


Mitch: Your right, I think it’s best that you leave.


With that Charles grabs his jacket and heads out the door.

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Tuesday Week 1 February 2010


After a rough night, Charles gets to the office. Mitch is looking over papers.


Charles: Mitch?


Mitch looks up


Mitch: Yes Charles?


Charles: I know we had a rough day yesterday but I was thinking of some ways to help build up the cash flow for the company.


Mitch: What did you have in mind?


Charles: Well for starters, the idea of raising ticket prices. Listen at every show we end up turning people away. I think that if we raise ticket prices we can still get a full house.


Mitch: We currently charge $11 per ticket, how high do you want to go?


Charles: We could try $15 and see how that works.


Mitch: That’s only $20,000 a month, we would still need to come up with at least $5,000 more and that if we still get sell outs at $15 per ticket.


Charles: Well, remember that networks are looking for shows now, and what about pay per view?


Mitch: They won’t sign us I already tried that. I’ll tell you what stick with the increase in ticket prices for now and we can discuss further options later.


Charles: So what do you think of Johnny Martin’s win at Back In Black?


Mitch: I thought it was well deserved.


Charles: Well this week, I am going to have Frankie Future enact his rematch clause but for this match I want it done it a steel cage.


Mitch: Steel cage?


Charles: With the recent actions of Grandmaster Phunk, costing Future the title I want to have a way to keep those two apart.


Mitch: Ok. I noticed the way you brought in Greg Gauge with Keith, my guess is that they are the true Next Gen.


Charles: Have you been reading my notes?


Mitch: No, Charles.


Charles: Anyway, here is what I was thinking for the first show leading to Counter Culture. We open with the new champ in the ring, Future will enact the rematch clause leading to the steel cage. We have the tag champs in the ring angry at Next Gen over the post match attack at Back In Black, most likely Next Gen will respond. I want to have a number one contenders match for Ash Campbell’s National title, winner gets a shot at Campbell at Counter Culture.


Mitch: Sounds good Charles, but who would you put in that contenders match?


Charles: I will figure that out later.


Charles puts his notes away


Charles: Well Mitch I am going to head home for the night, and again Mitch sorry about yesterday.


Mitch: You have ideas and I have ideas that sometimes don’t match up, no problem.


Charles walks out the door


Wednesday Week 1 February 2010


Charles makes it to the office and pulls out his notes.


Mitch: Charles, looking over some notes I just wanted to remind you that Lebowski’s contract is coming up.


Charles looks up


Charles: Thanks for reminding me


Mitch: So what did you do last night?


Charles: Not much, just watched S.W.F. and T.C.W.


Mitch: How’d they do?


Charles: Ok, though I think S.W.F. had the better show. My only complaint is that they are continuing that insane push for Eric.


Mitch: I remember the days, when he was a dummy for the rest of the roster.


Charles turns on his computer and types a note to Mike. After typing the note Charles turns off his computer.


Mitch: Anything else we need?


Charles: Well I just sent Mike a copy of this week’s plans and asked him for a preview. Well I think I’m going to take tomorrow off and head home.


Mitch: Ok Charles


Charles grabs his files and walks out the door


Thursday Week 1 February 2010


Charles stays home for the day and works on things around the house. Before Charles turns in for the night, Charles checks the Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling site and notices the preview from Mike.


Preview for Week 1 February 2010 Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling

At Back In Black not one but two new champions were crowned. Johnny Martin was able to overcome a brutal ladder match versus Frankie Future to become the P.S.W. Champion thanks to outside interference from Grandmaster Phunk attacking Future as he made a final attempt for the title. The National title changed hands as Ash Campbell defeated Matthew Keith in a good back and forth match. Even with the loss that was not the last we saw of Keith that night as Matthew and his twin brother, the debuting Greg Gauge attacked the Pittsburgh Steel tag team champions Deadly Alliance after their win over The Good Ol Boys. What will the fallout be as we move to Counter Culture!


Scheduled for the show

The former P.S.W. Champ makes an announcement.


A New number one contender to the National title is named as Davis Wayne Netwon faces JD Morgan


Cameron Vessey versus Rick Sanders


All this and much more


*card subject to change

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Friday Week 1 February 2010


Charles gets to the office and notices Mitch packing his notes up


Charles: I take it you want to leave for the show?


Mitch: I think it would just be easier if we left for The Ministry the day before.


Charles: Ok?


Charles turns and heads back out of the office with Mitch following. The two get into Mitch’s car and leave for the show. On the way there the two remained quite as Charles looked over his plans for the lead up to Counter Culture. Once at the hotel the two checked in and went to sleep.


Saturday Week 1 February 2010


Mitch and Charles both woke up the next morning and headed over to the Ministry. As the two were entering the building Mitch began to speak.


Mitch: You know Charles, looking over the roster we have a few members we really don’t need.


Charles: Such as?


Mitch: Well since you took over the road agent duties from Fabulous Frank, I don’t think we need him anymore.


Charles: How much would he save us?


Mitch: $800


Charles: I’ll tell him tomorrow.


Mitch: Any thoughts on Lebowski? We do use him a lot.


Charles: I think we should float him an offer and see what he feels like doing. If we can not reach an agreement we let his current contract run out.


The roster is sitting around and waiting for their orders as Charles heads to the front of the room.


Charles: Hello all, I would first like to say how much I enjoyed Back In Black so good work. Tonight we begin the road to Counter Culture, so everyone have a good night and good luck out there.


Charles posts the layout on the board as the roster breaks up to get ready for the show.


Frankie Future’s announcement

Bulldozer Brandon Smith vs. Little Bill Lebowski

Deadly Alliance is not pleased

Lazy Joe vs. Nelson Callum

Cameron Vessey and Davis Wayne Newton gloat

Cameron Vessey vs. Rick Sanders

Davis Wayne Newton vs. JD Morgan

- #1 contenders match to National title

- Ash Campbell on Commentary

Video of Martin vs. Future from Back In Black

Frankie Future vs. Johnny Martin

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Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling

Write up by Mystic

Week 1 February 2010


Hello wrestling fans, Mystic here. If you missed Back In Black we have two new champions as Ash Campbell was able to defeat his former tag team partner Matthew Keith for the National Title while Johnny Martin was able to climb to the top of Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling and become the P.S.W. champion! Speaking of the Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling champion, the former champion Frankie Future came out to the ring as the show started. Once there he said that he was robbed of the Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling title by Grandmaster Phunk, but he would deal with him later. (Well he didn’t say that but Standards & Practices won’t let me write it). Future then went on to announce to the crowd that tonight he was cashing in his rematch clause, but tonight would not be just a normal match tonight would take place in the…STEEL CAGE! I can’t wait for that one.


After Future left the ring, it was time for the first match of the night as Bulldozer Brandon Smith came to the ring to take on Little Bill Lebowski. This should not have even been called a match as once the bell sounded Smith dropped Lebowski with a succession of three running clotheslines before sending Lebowski into the ropes and slamming him with a nice powerslam to get the 1, 2, 3. I wish I could write more but that is all that happened.


After the short “match” the tag team champions came to the ring. Wolverine had the microphone where he mentioned how much they enjoyed entertaining the fans, (cheap pop). They also mentioned how much they respected the Good Ol Boys, but tonight they wanted to talk about Matthew Keith and Greg Gauge and how much they spit in the face of Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling when they attacked the tag team champions. They ended their speech by saying that they are the greatest team in P.S.W. history and a couple of young punks are not going to stop them. It wasn’t a bad use of time but I have never been a fan of the champs.


Next it was time for Lazy Joe vs. Nelson Callum. Joe came to the ring first tonight, and I fell sorry for him. The fans were just yelling at him to leave P.S.W. one fan even threw a cup of beer at Joe. (It was kind of funny watching security taking away the fan). Anyway Joe waited quietly in the ring as the fans continued to boo. Next Callum came to the ring with Krissy Angelle who I think received more of a response then Callum did. Once the bell sounded Callum and Joe locked up with Callum sending Joe into the ropes and sending him into the lights with a back drop to start the match. As Joe made it to his feet Callum locked in a side headlock before putting a thumb in Joe’s eye. The referee gave Joe the riot act as Callum acted as if he did nothing wrong. Callum then pulled Joe up so he was bent over as Nelson backed up before running forward with a nice knee lift to the face as the crowd continued to shout abuse at Joe for his lack of wrestling, poor guy. Angelle was chatting with the fans as Callum continued to dominate Joe with a sick looking piledriver before laughing and locking Lazy Joe in a camel clutch for the victory. As I looked around the arena tonight, fans were starting to get restless because up until this point, the increase in ticket prices did not increase the quality of wrestling in the ring.


As Nelson Callum and Krissy Angelle went to the back we went backstage where Cameron Vessey and Davis Wayne Newton were standing backstage laughing and talking about how much the New Jersey Devils sucked and how easy it was to defeat them at Back In Black this past weekend. Vessey told Newton that he was going to make Rick Sanders wish he had stayed away from P.S.W., to which Newton responded that he was going to become the number one contender tonight to the National title. Newton and Vessey laughed a bit only to have Vessey stop laughing as if a light bulb went off in his head. As Newton stopped laughing Vessey walked away for his match with Rick Sanders.


Cameron Vessey came out to the ring first getting a very small round of boos from the audience in attendance. As Vessey waited in the ring, Rick Sanders made his way out to the ring. Once the bell sounded the two locked up in the center of the ring with Vessey getting the early advantage pushing Sanders into the corner. Vessey went with a short right fist but Sanders quickly moved out of the way slipping behind his opponent and surprising Vessey with a back suplex. Sanders pulled Vessey to his feet and acted as if he was going to punch him in the mouth only to playfully slap Vessey in the face. (Very odd). Vessey immediately punched Sanders in the mouth for the disrespect before sending him into the ropes. Vessey ran towards Sanders to clothesline him but Sanders was able to catch himself on the ropes and slip out to the floor, getting a mixed reaction from the crowd. Sliding to the floor did Sanders little good as Vessey nailed him with a baseball slide sending Sanders back first into the guardrail. Vessey continued with a strong flurry of punches before kicking Sanders in the gut and sending him into the ring post! Sanders left shoulder smacked the steel as he fell in pain, while Vessey laughed at him and taunted the crowd. Vessey pulled Sanders to his feet and threw one half of Ace Express back into the ring. Sanders was holding his shoulder as Vessey pulled him to his feet. Wincing in pain Sanders was unable to stop Vessey from kicking him in the gut and dropping him with a nice DDT for the 1, 2, 3!


The match was ok, but it seemed more about building up Vessey then it was about having a competitive match. The next match on the card was the number one contenders match between Newton and Morgan for the National title newly won by Ash Campbell. First out to the ring was Davis Wayne Newton who taunted the fans on his way to the ring. (he may have wanted to draw heat but the crowd did not fall for it). As he waited in the ring, JD Morgan came down. Once the bell sounded the two locked up in the center with Morgan controlling Newton with a quick side headlock. Newton was able to push Morgan off him and to the ropes only to have Morgan hit him with a shoulder block. Morgan quickly followed up with an elbow drop before locking in a rear chinlock. After some time stalling, Newton was able to make it to his feet reversing the chinlock before dropping Morgan with a back suplex. Newton attempted to taunt the fans but they were having none of it, as Newton brought Morgan to his feet. Newton then whipped Morgan in the ropes, Morgan ducked the clothesline attempt and tried one of his own but Morgan was too high on the move and ended up hitting Newton across the nose with his arm. Newton immediately fell to the mat as the crowd could sense that something went wrong. Morgan immediately went for the cover and got the three count as the crowd started booing the weak finish. (really it was bad.)


After the match the ring crew set up the steel cage as a video package of Johnny Martin vs. Frankie Future played showing the recent issues between the two as well as Martin’s win in last week’s ladder match. Once the cage was set it was time for the main event of the evening. First out tonight was the former Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling champion, Frankie Future who looked serious tonight as the crowd booed the former champ. Once in the cage the boos turned to cheers as the current Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling champion, Johnny Martin made his way to the ring with the belt around his waist. Martin climbed in the ring and handed the belt to the referee as the ring announcer mentioned that the title could be won by pinfall, submission or escape. The bell sounded as both men circled each other to begin the match. The two locked up in the center of the ring as Future was able to push Martin back against the ropes where the two rolled around the ring trying to see who would get the upper hand. The jockeying for position finally stopped as Martin pinned Future in the corner and lit up his chest with a couple of knife edge chops before pulling him out of the corner and nailing a nice body slam in the center, Future quickly got to his feet only to be scooped up for another body slam followed by a standing dropkick as Future attempted to get to his feet a third time. The crowd cheered as Future made it to his feet and looked to get out of the ring only to realize a cage blocked his escape. Future slowly turned around to face the champ, who quickly kicked him in the gut and dropped the former champion with a DDT. The crowd was really into the match as Martin made the cover getting a two count as Future was able to get the right shoulder up. Martin pulled Future to his feet but Future took control as he thumbed Martin in the eye before grabbing his hair and ramming Martin face first into the cage! Future then grabbed Martin and kicked him in the gut before nailing a nice pumphandle slam. Future taunted the crowd as he looked at the cage and stomped away at the chest of Martin. Future dragged the champion to his feet and looked as if he was going to send Martin into the ropes only to connect with a nasty short arm clothesline. Future again looked at a downed Martin and then to the cage as he decided to try and climb to win the match. It was a bad idea as Future only made it a quarter of the way before Martin made it to his feet and climbed onto the top rope alongside Future grabbing his head and ramming it face first into the cage. Future slipped down off the ropes which caused Martin to slip and crotch himself on the top rope. Both men were down as the crowd cheer on in approval. Martin slowly crawled over to Future and turned him over to make the cover as the ref dropped down only to get a two count, as a bleeding Future got his right shoulder up at the last second! Martin slowly made it to his feet and pulled Future to his knees, only to allow Future to hit a low blow, as Future got to his feet and lifted Martin to his shoulder before dropping him with a Death Valley Driver. Future just crawled over and drapped an arm over Martin, but was only able to get a two count of his own as Martin lifted his shoulder at the last second. Future slapped the mat as he pulled Martin to his feet, but Martin outsmarted the challenger and locked in a quick small package to pick up the victory!


Future stormed out of the cage as the crowd cheered the title defense, Martin climbed on the ropes to pose for the fans when out of nowhere, Steven Parker, Cameron Vessey and Davis Wayne Newton entered the cage. As Martin had no clue the three were in the ring as his back was turned to them, Martin climbed down off the turnbuckle as Parker, Vessey and Newton attacked the champion in the cage. Parker hit the Future Shock on Martin as Vessey locked the cage door as from my vantage point I could see Mitch Naess’s face go white from shock and then turn red from anger at the beating the P.S.W. champion was taking in the ring. Martin was lifeless as Vessey and Newton picked up Martin and slammed him into the cage busting him open allowing Parker to continue the beat down on the Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling champion. With the champion unconscious the three men unlocked the door and walked out together but not before looking directly at the owner of P.S.W. who stared at the three men and then at the champion motionless in the ring as the show ended.

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<p><strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Sunday Week 1 February 2010</span></strong></p><p> </p><p> Charles and Mitch get back to the office neither speaking to each other. Charles entered the office first followed by Mitch who slammed the door shut.</p><p> </p><p> <strong>Mitch:</strong> <span style="color:#FF0000;">What in the hell was that about!</span></p><p> </p><p> Charles sat down at his desk and looked at Mitch before speaking calmly</p><p> </p><p> <strong>Charles:</strong> <span style="color:#0000FF;">It was a way to get Johnny Martin a new challenger for Counter Culture!</span></p><p> </p><p> <strong>Mitch: </strong><span style="color:#FF0000;">New challenger? You had Steven Parker, Cameron Vessey, and Davis Wayne Newton attack him after he had a twenty minute cage match!</span></p><p> </p><p> As Mitch is fuming the office phone rings. Mitch puts the call on speaker.</p><p> </p><p> <strong>Mitch:</strong> <span style="color:#FF0000;">What!</span></p><p> </p><p> <strong>Mike:</strong> <span style="color:#008000;">Hi guys…Is everything ok there?</span></p><p> </p><p> <strong>Mitch</strong>: <span style="color:#FF0000;">Charles went behind my back and had Martin attacked at the show!</span></p><p> </p><p> <strong>Charles:</strong> <span style="color:#0000FF;">Wait, hold on. How did I go behind your back. It’s my responsibility to write the show. If anything you would have to go behind my back!</span></p><p> </p><p> <strong>Mike:</strong> <span style="color:#008000;">I guess this would be a bad time to mention it….</span></p><p> </p><p> <strong>Mitch:</strong> <span style="color:#FF0000;">What now Mike!</span></p><p> </p><p> <strong>Mike:</strong> <span style="color:#008000;">The local paper is saying that you’re greedy and a rip off. That your ticket prices are driving away fans.</span></p><p> </p><p> <strong>Mitch:</strong> <span style="color:#FF0000;">That’s another thing you screwed up Charles. It was your idea to raise ticket prices.</span></p><p> </p><p> <strong>Charles:</strong> <span style="color:#0000FF;">We still got a sold out show!</span></p><p> </p><p> <strong>Mike:</strong> <span style="color:#008000;">Well guys it sounds like your needing time to talk so I am going to hang up now</span> </p><p> </p><p> <strong>Mitch:</strong> <span style="color:#FF0000;">I don’t care!</span></p><p> </p><p> Mike clicks off without saying anything</p><p> </p><p> <strong>Mitch:</strong> <span style="color:#FF0000;">Charles just go home and I will see you Friday</span></p><p> </p><p> Charles picks up his jacket and storms out the door</p><p> </p><p> <strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Monday Week 2 February 2010</span></strong></p><p> </p><p> Charles is sitting at home when he opens up the Pittsburgh Steel Website. On the front page Mike posted news.</p><p> </p><p> </p><blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="28142" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div><strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Johnny Martin injured? </span></strong><p> Written by Mysitc</p><p> </p><p> Fans who were at the Ministry this past weekend witnessed the brutal attack of our Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling champion, Johnny Martin by Steven Parker, Cameron Vessey and Davis Wayne Netwon. So far the only word I know is that Martin was taken to the local hospital for observation after the show Saturday and was not released. I will keep the P.S.W. website updated as I get more information.</p></div></blockquote><p> </p><p> </p><blockquote data-ipsquote="" class="ipsQuote" data-ipsquote-contentapp="forums" data-ipsquote-contenttype="forums" data-ipsquote-contentid="28142" data-ipsquote-contentclass="forums_Topic"><div><span style="text-decoration:underline;"><strong>Problems in Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling </strong></span><p> Written by Mystic</p><p> </p><p> Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling fans. To those of you who watched the last Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling show witnessed the brutal attack of our P.S.W. Champion Johnny Martin, by Steven Parker, Cameron Vessey and Davis Wayne Newton. Announcers Mitch Naess and Doc Messing could only sit and watch in horror as the arena fell silent. In trying to get comments from the Mr. Naess, the owner of Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling, this reporter learned that the reactions of the announce team may have not been an act. Rumors of backstage fighting and arguments between Mitch Naess and Head Booker Charles Zulas over the recent turn of events have begun to circulate through the Pittsburgh Steel Wrestling world. More information as it becomes available and be sure to come down to the Ministry every Saturday night to see the best wrestling action on the planet.</p></div></blockquote>
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<p><strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Tuesday Week 2 February 2010</span></strong></p><p> </p><p>

Charles wakes up and calls Steven Parker </p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Charles:</strong> <span style="color:#0000FF;">Hello Mr. Parker it’s Charles Zulas.</span></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Parker:</strong> <span style="color:#008000;">Hello Mr. Zulas, what can I do for you today?</span></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Charles:</strong> <span style="color:#0000FF;">I don’t know if you have seen the column that Mystic posted on the website.</span></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Parker: </strong><span style="color:#008000;">I have Mr. Zulas</span></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Charles:</strong> <span style="color:#0000FF;">I just wanted to call you and tell you that the so called rumors are true, Mitch had no clue of the attack against Johnny Martin.</span></p><p> </p><p>

There is a brief pause on the phone before Steven speaks again</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Parker:</strong> <span style="color:#008000;">So why are you telling me this?</span></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Charles:</strong> <span style="color:#0000FF;">I am going to be sending you some paperwork. I want you to look it over and get back to me with your answer.</span></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Parker:</strong> <span style="color:#008000;">Ok?</span></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Charles:</strong> <span style="color:#0000FF;">Well, that is all I wanted to tell you. I will see you Saturday.</span></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Parker:</strong> <span style="color:#008000;">Ok then?</span></p><p> </p><p>

Charles ends the call</p><p> </p><p>

<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Wednesday Week 2 February 2010</span></strong></p><p> </p><p>

Charles woke up the next day and decided to check on the S.W.F. and T.C.W. sites. S.W.F. looked to have put on another good show with the World Champion Eric Eisen and Remo defeating Steve Frehley and Jack Bruce in the main event; while Joey Minnesota defeated Wolf Hawkins on what appeared to be a stacked card. After going through other various sites Charles decided to get to work crafting the next card. After looking over his notes and his plans for Counter Culture Charles came up with this plan.</p><p> </p><p>

Video of Young Guns attack on Johnny Martin</p><p>

Steven Parker with Young Guns challenges Martin for Counter Culture</p><p>

Rick Sanders vs. Steven Parker</p><p>

New Generation will taunt Deadly Alliance and Challenge to singles match next week</p><p>

Good Ol Boys vs. New Generation</p><p>

Grandmaster Phunk speaks about Frankie Future </p><p>

Alex Braun vs. Primal Rage</p><p>

Grandmaster Phunk vs. Teddy Powell</p><p> </p><p>

<strong><span style="text-decoration:underline;">Thursday Week 2 February 2010</span></strong></p><p> </p><p>

Charles decides to call up a few friends and go to the Mixed Martial Arts show in the area. Meanwhile Mitch Naess is at the hospital with Johnny Martin</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Naess:</strong> <span style="color:#FF0000;">So how are you feeling?</span></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Martin</strong>: <span style="color:#008000;">I’ve been better</span>. </p><p> </p><p>

Martin takes a deep slow breath </p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Martin:</strong> <span style="color:#008000;">The doctors have told me that I have some broken ribs. How did the angle look to the fans?</span></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Naess:</strong> <span style="color:#FF0000;">I was certainly in shock. Charles told me later that the attack was a way to get you a new challenger for Counter Culture.</span></p><p> </p><p>

Martin laughs a bit then holds his ribs in pain</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Martin:</strong> <span style="color:#008000;">As Parker was beating me up, that thought crossed my mind.</span></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Mitch:</strong> <span style="color:#FF0000;">Wait…so you had no idea this was going to happen?</span></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Martin:</strong> <span style="color:#008000;">I heard that Parker was going to form his group but, no I did not know about the attack.</span></p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Mitch:</strong> <span style="color:#FF0000;">I see</span></p><p> </p><p>

Mitch stands up from his chair, and pulls out an envelope from his bag and places it on the bedside table. </p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Mitch: </strong><span style="color:#FF0000;">Well Johnny get some rest and keep us informed.</span></p><p> </p><p>

Mitch slaps Johnny on the back causing Johnny to whence in pain</p><p> </p><p>

<strong>Mitch:</strong> <span style="color:#FF0000;">Sorry</span>.</p>

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