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NCAA History

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I have started a new dynasty with some of the games greatest coaches that will be added in the years that they got their first college coaching job, whether as a head coach or assistant. Here is the list of coaches and the order they will be entered into the game:

Dynasty will start in 1922

Ed Diddle

Henry Iba

Adolph Rupp

John Wooden

Dean Smith

Norm Stewart

Eddie Sutton

Denny Crum

Lefty Dreisell

Jerry Tarkanian

Bobby Knight

Lou Henson

Jim Boeheim

Don Meyer

Jim Calhoun

John Chaney

Gary Williams

Lute Olson

Rick Pitino

Coach K

Gene Keady

Bo Ryan

Bob Huggins

Roy Williams

Rick Barnes

Tubby Smith

Bruce Weber

Bruce Pearl

Ben Howland

John Calipari

Mike Anderson

Tom Izzo

Bill Self

Jay Wright

Billy Donovan

Mark Few

Tom Crean

Thad Matta

Jamie Dixon

John Beilein

Sean Miller

Matt Painter

Travis Ford

Jeff Capel

Brad Stevens

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With this dynasty I will enter each coach in to their first Division 1 coaching position. I will not edit them at all after that. I want to see how the game re-writes history. I have started with Ed Diddle being named the Head Coach at Western Kentucky in 1922. For those of you who do not who Ed Diddle is, well when he retired in the 60's he was College Basketball's winningest coach.


So Let History Begin!

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At the beginning of time (in 1922) there was Ed Diddle.......


Fast forward now to the spring of 1930.....


Coach Diddle's Record= 111-137 (No NCAA Tourney Appearances)


In the spring of 1930 Coach Diddle has been joined by 2 young coaches....


Adolph Rupp- University of Kentucky Head Coach

Henry Iba- Oklahoma State University Head Coach


Stay tuned to see history happening.....I will be giving updates in 5 year intervals...Next update, 1935....

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Spring 1935


Ed Diddle- After the 1931 season Coach Diddle left WKU for Butler. His record is now 196-207. No NCAA Tourney Appearances.


Adolph Rupp- Coach Rupp struggled under the pressure at Kentucky and was fired after the 1934 season. St. John's felt Rupp could take them to the top of the Big East and hired him before the 1934-35 season. His record is now 69-91. No NCAA Tourney Appearances.


Henry Iba- Coach Iba did well in Stillwater and moved on to West Virginia after the 1934 season. He feels he can build a powerhouse in Morgantown. His record is 87-80 and he also has no NCAA Tourney Appearances.


So far history is killing the legacy of these coaches. Hopefully, they can turn it around!


Next up.....1940

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Spring 1940


Ed Diddle-After the 1935-36 season Coach Diddle moved on from Butler. Coach is now leading the Connecticut Huskies. In just his 2nd season at UConn, he guided them to the Final 4. His overall record is now 303-270.


Adolph Rupp- After the 36-37 season, Coach Rupp was fired at St. John's. He moved to Florida as an assistant, and is now at Stanford as an assistant. His record is 92-130. He is excited about his future and he knows he can coach.


Henry Iba- After a good run at West Virginia, Iba left for Northwestern after the 37-38 season. He has had a good run so far at NU. His record is 174-160.


These coaches have already moved quite a bit. As we get through WWII we will see where these great coaches end up next.


Up next.....1945

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yep...watchers diary, but when we get to present day I plan on taking control of a team....but for now its.........




Ed Diddle- Still at UConn. Now 407-342. The board is getting a little impatient, despite playing in the post season nearly ever year, just not the NCAA Tourney.


Adolph Rupp- Coach Rupp is now the Head Coach at South Florida. After his stint as an assistant at Stanford he became the head coach at Oregon, only to be fired after 4 years. In the 44-45 season he lead the Bulls to a 2nd place NIT finish in his first season and is now 186-206.


Henry Iba- With back to back 1st round NCAA tourney losses, the board at Northwestern is becoming impatient. He has had moderate success at NU, but they want more. He is 271-232. We will see how this plays out.


Up next....1950

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So I could sleep I skipped the 1950 update and simmed to 1955.


John Wooden was added in 1946 as the head coach of Indiana State.


So it is now Spring of 1955....


Ed Diddle- Coach left UConn after the 47-48 season for Big East rival Georgetown. He led them to the NCAA Title Game in his 2nd season, where they lost. After a run of a few CBI's and NIT's, Coach Diddle left on his own terms for yet another Big East rival, Pitt. He is now 602-485.


Adolph Rupp- Coach Rupp turned his career around when he became the head coach at South Florida. He was able to get them in a post season tournament all 5 years he was in Tampa. Then after the 48-49 season he left for San Diego State. In his FIRST YEAR they were NATIONAL CHAMPIONS! The next season they lost in the Finals, and did again this past season (54-55). Coach's record is now 421-315.


Henry Iba- Coach Iba left Northwestern for Louisville after the 44-45 season and has a great run of success. He has been to 3 Final Fours, including back to back titles in 1954 and 1955, beating Adolph Rupp's squad in '55. His record is 560-312.

John Wooden- In his first and only season at Indiana State, Wooden guided the Sycamores to the NIT. He left for Tennessee after that season. He made 3 NCAA Tourneys in 5 seasons at UT, before leaving for Virginia. In his 3 seasons at UVA he has been to 2 NCAA's and 1 NIT. His record is 174-121.


Adolph Rupp and Henry Iba have both won NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS!Now I would like to introduce Dean Smith as the new assistant at Air Force!



So to this point, here is the history of the NCAA:


The all time wins leader is Florida State with 962 wins. They have been conference champs 20 times in 33 seasons.


Florida State also has the most NCAA appearances with 33. AMAZING.


The most NCAA wins goes to Kansas State with 84.


Kansas State and Florida State are tied with 10 Final 4's.


Missouri, however, has the most NCAA Titles with 4.


There have been 22 different Champions.


As for coaches, currently Ed Diddle is 15th on the wins list with 602. Iba is 27 with 560.


**One sidenote, I failed to mention, I randomized the prestiges when I started.**

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Spring 1960.....

(I will now be doing 10 year intervals, the coaches list is about to get long)...



Ed Diddle- Coach Diddle retired after the 1960 season, here is a capsule of his career:

Head Coach Western Kentucky 1922-1932

Head Coach Butler 1932-1936

Head Coach UConn 1936-1948

Head Coach Georgetown 1948-1954

Head Coach Pittsburgh 1954-1957

Head Coach Arkansas 1957-1960


Overall Record:698-559 (Currently 8th on the All-Time Wins List)


Coached in 1 National Title Game (1950)

Coached in 2 Final 4's

1950 National Coach of the Year




Adolph Rupp- Coach Rupp will be entering his first season as the head coach at Florida State for the '60-'61 season. His run at San Diego State was very impressive, 5 Final 4's, 3 National Title Games, and 1 NATIONAL TITLE! His record now stands at 542-374.


Henry Iba- Coach Iba has set the standard. He has won 4 NATIONAL TITLES at Louisville, in a 5 year span! His 707-344 record is good for 7th All-Time. Only one coach ahead of him is still active.


John Wooden- After a stint at Virginia that produced a Sweet 16 and 2 consecutive Elite 8's, Coach Wooden just finished his first season at SEC power Auburn. His record is 305-169. He is about to peak!


Dean Smith- Coach Smith is a young coach who started as an assistant at Air Force and is now the Head Coach at Utah Valley. His teams have struggled in his 3 seasons and he has a 34-58 record.


Norm Stewart-Coach Stewart is the 25 year old Head Coach at Southern Illinois. He started out as an assistant at Missouri and then moved to Colorado. In his first season at Southern Illinois his team went 15-16.


Eddie Sutton- Coach Sutton has spent his first 2 seasons in coaching at his alma mater, Oklahoma State. He hopes to be leading a team after the '60-'61 season.


Denny Crum- Coach Crum started at UCLA but has now moved to Seton Hall as an assistant. Being a West Coast guy, he felt he needed to head East to get more recruiting ties.


New to the NCAA is the Head Coach of Davidson of the Southern Conference, Lefty Dreisell. He will enter his first season in 1960-1961.


See you in the '70s.....

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Vietnam, Hippies, and Hoops....


Spring 1970....


Adolph Rupp- Coach Rupp retired after the 1964 season. Here is a capsule of his career:


Head Coach Kentucky 1930-1934

Head Coach St. John's 1934-1937

Assistant Coach Florida 1937-1939

Assistant Coach Stanford 1939-1940

Head Coach Oregon 1940-1944

Head Coach South Florida 1944-1949

Head Coach San Diego State 1949-1960

Head Coach Florida State 1960-1964


Overall Record: 629-428 (Currently 20th on All-Time Wins List)


Won 1 NCAA Title

Coached in 3 NCAA Title Games

Coached in 5 Final 4's



Henry Iba- Coach Iba retired after the 1963 season. Here is a capsule of his career:


Head Coach Oklahoma State 1930-1934

Head Coach West Virginia 1934-1938

Head Coach Northwestern 1938-1945

Head Coach Louisville 1945-1962


Overall Record: 792-366 (Currently 5th on All-Time Wins List)


Won 4 National Titles

Coached in 5 NCAA Title Games

Coached in 6 Final 4's



John Wooden- Coach Wooden retired after the 1966 season. Here is a capsule of his career:


Head Coach Indiana State 1946-1947

Head Coach Tennessee 1947-1952

Head Coach Virginia 1952-1959

Head Coach Auburn 1959-1966


Overall Record: 480-218


Won 1 NCAA Title

Coached in 2 Final Fours



Dean Smith- Coach Smith is now the Head Coach at Nebraska. His record is 232-193. He is turning Nebraska into a Big 12 Power. At 38 years old, I think he will be around for many years to come.


Norm Stewart-Coach Stewart is the Head Coach at Colorado State. He just finished his 8th season at CSU. He has made CSU relevant in the tough Mountain West. He spent 4 seasons at Georgia State before moving West, and has done a great job at CSU. His record is 198-161.


Eddie Sutton- Coach Sutton just finished his 2nd season as the Head Coach at Hawaii. His first job was at Alabama State. He has been to the post season 5 straight seasons. His record is 113-81.


Denny Crum- Coach Crum is the Head Coach at Stony Brook. He just finished his 2nd season. His record is 24-36. The longtime assistant believes he will get it done at Stony Brook.


Lefty Dreisell- Lefty is the Head Coach at Centenary. After a few stops on the carousel, he will begin his stint at Centenary for the '70-'71 season. His record is 140-117 after stops at Davidson, Stetson, and Arizona.


Jerry Tarkanian- Tark is the Head Coach at SIU Edwardsville. The Shark has had 1 stint as a Head Coach, at Bryant University. His record is 35-54. After heading back West as an assistant, he has landed and is ready to start over.


Bobby Knight- Coach Knight just finished his 3rd season as the Head Coach of Seattle U. His record is 51-38, impressive for an Independent.


Lou Henson- Lou is currently an assistant at Ole Miss. He had 1 season as the head coach at New Mexico State and was fired after a 14-17 season. He will be back.


Jim Boeheim- Boeheim just finished his first season as an assistant at his alma mater, Syracuse. Give him a year or two and he will be a Head Coach.


Don Meyer will be added for the 1970-1971 season.

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