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Question for C-Verse Fans

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So I am (slowly) working on my own mod and I want to make it very balanced and make it work within the limitations of the TEW AI. I am looking for comparisons of some real world workers to C-Verse counterparts. Now they obviously dont have to be perfect counterparts but I am looking for some base-line comparisons to work off of. Here is the list of workers I need comparisons for. Now the list may grow over time and I will indicate when a worker has a comparison. Thanks in advance guys!


Hulk Hogan

John Cena

Samoa Joe

Jeff Jarrett



AJ Styles


Christopher Daniels


Mick Foley

Austin Aries

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Some of them are hard as i don't think they are ment to be "this person is odviously that person.....other then the force ofcourse ;)"


I wouls say somoa joe is any of the somoan guys....maybe somoan machine.


i would say mick foley is larry wood........hardcore brawlers who is actuly very inteligent.


eric eisen is mcmahan


cena might MIGHT be jack bruce.....but i don't know.


again that is just my opinions.....

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I'm looking at stats mostly. It does not have to be "this person is meant to be that person", but someone who's stats you would think would reflect the RW counterpart. Thanks guys.


If it's just stats, I'd say Sam Strong os a good comparison for Hogan. The two are obviously connected in CV story terms, but they also play very similar roles for their company (TNA/USPW).

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Just from some quick looking around:


Hulk Hogan - Sam Strong is the best fit.

John Cena - Ricky Dale Johnson, maybe? If not, Rocky Golden?

Samoa Joe - Samoan Machine works.

Jeff Jarrett - Eric Eisen is a long shot.

RVD - He's a Jeff Hardy analog, but Remmy Skye with improved rumble can work.

HHH - Rich Money? Are his stats too high?

AJ Styles - Acid, perhaps?

Batista - Puerto Rican Power

Christopher Daniels - Burning EXILE sort of.

Abyss - Many options, hard to judge.

Mick Foley - Larry Wood

Austin Aries - Rough one

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