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Before I post my WWF 1989 Diary maybe some feedback see if you are interested.

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This is not going to be all fancy and what not like what my diary would look like, also my grammar and spelling might be off for a couple of reasons 1. Being im kind of tired 2. this is just kind of a quick sneak peek if you will...also any tips on what your first diary was like would be god sent.


OK So if I decide to start posting it wouild start directly after Survivor Series but i'll catch you up on what happened since september with this little person by person background starting with the Enhancement Talent/Openers


Enhancement Talent


Black Bart, Heel- A recent hire. I just wanted someone that knew the ropes and wasn't a diva, Bart was more then happy people hate his gimmick though lol. I use him as cannon fodder for not so great ring workers to make them look good, but he also has a make sift tag team with Eric Embry that put on a great show with The Rockers.


Scott Taylor, Face- At 16 I pan on honing him into something special right now he is just cutting his teeth by getting smacked around in both the locker room and ring.


Jimmy Del Ray- Another fresh hire, only one match so far but it was a C- so and it was against a tag specialist (Jim Brunzell) so he can be my friend.




The Openers aren't doing much lol


Bushwhacker Butch, Face- Dead to me.


Eric Embry, Heel- Awesome jobber, always puts on a solid match I like using him a lot, to bad he is so sloppy looking, or id probably push him.


Jim Powers, Face- I dont know what to do with him now that I chose to let him fly solo and let Paul Roma season himself somewhere else, for now he is just on the B-show getting slap around...doubt it'll ever change its just depends if I want him to be my permanent jobber or if I want to let him have a career, in the Indy's.


Nikolai Volkoff, Heel- When I broke him and Zukoff up I was planning on giving him a mini push but it didn't take, now he is just my other Embry, putting people over in C to C+ rated matches, i'll probably let him retire here.


Ranger Ross, Face- Pet project of mine, I always had a soft spot for the guy, right now im just introducing the fans to him, he won his first match, on Primetime (A-show), then lost his second in the Main Event of my B-show against Mr. Perfect in what was a solid showing for a B-show match...I dont plan on ever making him WORLD CHAMPION, but there could be A tag, or IC run in the distant future.


Tracy Smothers, Heel- Pretty much the heel version of Ranger Ross.


Lower Midcarders


Bob Backlund, Heel- Fresh hire, big plans in teh future right now he is just racking up wins over other Lower Midcarders, and Openers. MVP style gimmick.


Boris Zhukov, Face- LOL, he is a disco stud now, thats all I have to say about that.


Bushwhacker Luke, Face- Dead to me.


Koko B. Ware, Face- I love Koko but for the life of me I dont know what to do with him outside feeding him to people better than himself, maybe I can get him and Ranger Ross in a team together, nothing more successful then an all black tag team. Until then he puts on solid matches for cheap and doesn't complain, so nice.


Marty Janetty, Face- Weaker half of his team more or less.


Raymond Rougeau, Heel- See above.


The Brooklyn Brawler, Heel- Dont know how this happened. that said dont expect much from him, Brawler fans.


Tugboat, Face- I seriously only keep him around because of his Chemistry with Bad News Brown, he leaves with Bad News, unless I get a light bulb for him.





Akheem, Heel- Broke up with Bossman, now he is just floating around...we might see the OMG come back soon.


Bad News Brown, Heel- Great worker currently feuding with Jake Roberts...I dont see him doing much as far as titles, or even memorable moments go, but he will be in more then a few storylines.


Brutus Beefcake, Face- Feuding with Honky Tonk man...I hate him but he is very useful and doesn't do drugs or cause problems so Im gonna keep him on until some better workers develop.


Dino Bravo, Heel- pretty much just that guy that chills with Earthquake at this point, and I see it going that way for awhile because he puts on solid matches, and has good momentum...one more steroid positive though...I dont know.


Greg The Hammer, Heel- Still feuding with Garvin, and was on teh chopping block until the match they were in at the SS (A 4 vs. 4 elimination match) popped everyones momentum up, I like him, but again like Koko no idea what to do with him.


Haku, Heel- Feuding over the IC Title with Jim Duggan right now...I dont know if he'll obtain it but they are burning the house down as of now, so I see it all coming to a head at the Royal Rumble, granted anything can happen from now (November) to then (January). I always have loved Haku in all his forms, so im sure I have plenty of stuff for him lined up whether he wins the IC Title or not...he has great chemistry with The Warrior, so thats always an option.


Jacques Rougeau, Heel- More talented and likeable than his brother I see a future in him, but I dont see me cutting the chord too soon unless I get into an emergency, and need someone to push.


Jim Brunzell, Face- If you read earlier I said he was a tag team specialist which he is, but not with B. Brain Blair right now. I have him working in a team called America's Finest with Brad Armstrong, basically grooming Armstrong, but they are really really lighting some matches up so given Brads tofu personality they might be together for awhile, Brunzell is in his early 40's at this point though so I dont know how long he can keep up with Brad before he becomes an anchor, and I have to let Brad try his hand at a solo career, even when that inevitable time comes im sure he'll (Brunzell) make good fodder for up and comers.


Jim The Anvil, Heel- Vince told be to make Bret the new face of WWF with in the next 2 years, step one is going to be old jim getting slapped around by Bret for awhile, he is already at the ass end of this one sided feud, but afterwards I dont know, maybe they reconcile...more likely though you'll see Jim in AWA or NWA..possibly back to Canada or Japan for awhile, because if he isn't in the Hart Foundation I have no ideas for him.


Mr. Perfect, Heel- He isn't feuding with anyone now, but he is steadily getting bigger and bigger wins, and I know i'll have something good for him in the future.


Ronnie Garvin, Face- Old but not done yet, I think I might have something lined up for him after this Valentine business gets squared away...worse case scenario he'll be a great road agent.


Shawn Micheals, Face- He is a Rocker/Guy that main events WWF B-shows against bigger names so he can get all the experience he can, the big question is do i want to make him the next big thing or do I want to see how the WWF would have played out sans The Heart Break Kid, thats future Edisraws problem though, for now he is just constantly stealing the show...or at least match from his partner.


Hercules, Face- HIS MOMENTUM WONT GO UP LOL I TRY AND TRY BUT HE IS LIKE DEAD SET ON BEING A D+....That being said he opens cards pretty good, but if he doesn't stop juicing he is gone.


The Red Rooster, Heel- I'm trying to help him be something because I like Terry Taylor...apparently the gay gimmick wasn't the way to go lol He thought The Red Rooster name was bad.


The Undertaker, Heel- after firing The Warlord I needed a replacement for The Powers of Pain, I didn't want to get him this early in the game but I had too, I wasn't going to have a 24 year old Brain Lee teaming with The Barbarian...He is doing good though, they are feuding with Demolition right now for the Titles, also the idea of Mr. Fuji trying to handle the Dead Man back in 1989 tickles my funny bone.


Tito Santana, Face- Awesome worker, im guessing im just gonna keep going with this Martel feud until I can think of something better....he also has great matches with Randy Savage, and Million Dollar Man.


Virgil, Heel- He just hangs around sometimes i have him jump in a match but mostly he is just in angles where Millionaire Ted, is jumping people, or helping Teddy win matches...I dont know how he got Midcard status for that.


Upper Midcarders


Arn Anderson, Heel- He just got off a monster feud with Hogan, pretty much my first 2 months he was the Hogan feud guy nothing more nothing less, He started off as Tag Champs with Tully, they drop the belts to Demolition first shot, he turns on Tully, Hogan makes the save and boom instant "wish it really happened" feud, it all cumulated in a steel cage match at UK Rampage, but even after that him and Andre beat up on Hogan and Tully for awhile, now he is back just feuding with Tully but i'll have more on that when I get to the SS Recap. Also I like to work the up and comers I.E. Shawn Micheals and Brad Armstrong against him, he is great for that. Work 3-4 matches with Arn and your basics shoot up pretty quick.


Big Bossman, Face- MINI feuding with Akeem, im just waiting for something better for him really he'll probably drop down to midcard soon but i'm a diehard Bossman fan (RIP) so when his time and it will it'll be sweet.


Brad Armstrong, Face- Brads growing up quick, he is the high point of a lot of undercards....but that sponge personality is going to have to change unless he wants to be stuck in Tag Team land until he either retires or I let him go do what he needs to do elsewhere. Pretty much the story of every Armstong aside from Brain, great workers vanilla personality. Im really hopes he picks up and takes charge with America's Finest and as you can see as far as popularity goes he is the lead.


Bret Hart, Face- Looks like he'll be in the main event soon whether I like it or not, so watch out for him.


Earthquake, Heel- He teams with Bravo on and off, but for the last month or so he has been killing the singles division and his momentum is proof of that, I see him in a Warrior or Hogan...possibly even a Dusty Rhodes feud real soon.


Jim Duggan, Face, IC Champ- Honky Tonk beat The Warrior because of outside interference (and because I was about to suspend him for steroids use) so I figure throw him in a feud with Duggan to get the juices of his second reign going...turns out people LOVE JIM DUGGAN, so with in three weeks of his second reign Honky dropped the belt to Hacksaw and he has been on fire ever since, now he is feuding with Haku and its going well. After his reign I dont know what he'll do but the fans have spoken and they want him around.


Honky Tonk Man, Heel- He flirted with main event status after beating The Warrior but now he is just feuding over his hair with Beefcake, cute little storyline. I dont know where im going with it, but he was in the Main Event at SS (Granted it was a 4 vs. 4 elimination match, and he was the first one out). That point aside, his SS main event will probably be the high point of his career...at least his post IC Title reign Career.


Jake The Snake- He is feuding with Bad News now, im just waiting for the right time to turn him really. If he stays clean im sure he has a long future in WWF...if not he has a long future in the Indys...will TEW Mirror real life thats the question.


Superfly, Heel- I didn't know what to do with him so I had him attack Dusty Rhodes after he hit him with a door...weak start a feud I know, but it blows the roof off of buildings country wide. Depending on whether Haku wins the Duggan feud or not I see him going after the IC belt after this.


The Barbarian, Heel- Right now he is The Undertakers guiding light...I dont know if thats who he should be taking charisma lessons from, but im sure it'll work out. Right now The Powers of Doom (I know awesome re name) have their eyes set on some Tag Team gold.


Tully Blanchard, Face- Arn turned on him and he has been the substance to Hogans lack of pure wrestling skill ever since, there have been so many Tully and Hogan vs, Arn and (insert Heenan Family members name here) matches lately its not even funny..he also holds several pinfalls over Andre The Giant in singles matches...he flirts on and off with teh main event status. Now he is at the throat of old friend Arn and after that only time will tell.



Main Eventers


Andre The Giant, Heel- He is a bodyguard as of now, he wrestles Hogan on and off and has some squash matches in between, also had a small feud with Tully I didn't care for, I might turn...all I know is that I just signed him for a 2 year 50 k a month contract to realize I have no idea what to do with him.



Ax and Smash, Faces, Tag Team Champs- Im doing them together they are a great team having a nice title run, and im sure after its done they'll stick around awhile before maybe we see the repo man pop up...I dont know about a Bill Edie solo career though...maybe a road agent career though.


Dusty Rhodes, Face- He is killing it with his Sunka feud before that he was just on and offing it with the Macho Man.


Hulk Hogan, Face, World Champion- Hulk has a temper, he delivers the good but he hates losing in any fashion hell he hates drawing, double count outs, anything that isn't Leg Drop pin he isn't happy about, but im rekindling his Macho Man feud and barring an injury plan on taking it to Wrestlemania.


Macho Man, Heel- Just coming off kicking Dusty around he wants his championship back and the has partnered with Million Dollar Man to get it....this is gonna be good.


Million Dollar Man, Heel- What an instigator...I cant find a good feid for him to have solo so he is just always trying to help whoever is trying to beat Hogan, and possibly purchase A title or two along the way.


Rick Martel, Heel- MAJOR HEAT, as shown by the fact he is feuding with Tito (A midcarder) and is still a Main Eventer himself....I see a much stronger career for him in this universe, the fans HATE HIM, and not in the X-Pac way, in the butts in seat kinda way.


Rick Rude, Heel- Heenan has created a heat monster with this guy, the fans react to anything thing he is in....He got a B match out of Disco Stud Boris for gods sake...right now he is feuding with are next main eventer...


Roddy Piper, Face- They love this man, if Hogan keeps being so bitchy you might be looking at the new face of the company he does it all, he talks he wrestles, he just plain entertains, he is what I look for in this game....and might be the chosen one of Hogan doesn't stop being an ass.





The Ultimate Warrior, Face- Failed drug test after failed drug test, nothing works...fines, suspensions, fatherly advice, he is just a jerk, so he is pretty much Hogans, Andre until he either calms down or I just give into his appeal and start turning my head.



Thats the roster now Survivor Series '89


This went so perfectly.


America's Finest defeats The Rougeau's in an AWESOME opening match remember when PPV's just started with good matches? Not silly mini storylines, well thats what happened here, about 10 minutes in They hit the Freedom Fighter (Dropkick Doomsday Device) and pick up the win...B- rating




Hogan gets jumped in back by Virgil, Ted, and Macho Man....A rated segment.




The Powers Of Doom, Dino Bravo, and Earthquake defeated Demolition and The Rockers, The only person eliminated on the winning team was The Undertaker...I chalk that up to a Survivor Series '90 type of incident after he eliminated he just couldn't stop attacking and got counted out....C+




Heenan hypes Rick Rude and how he will beat Roddy Piper in their 4 vs. 4 match.... B rated segment.




Piper, Tito, Bossman, and Hercules defeat Rude, Martel, The Red Rooster, and Akeem....somehow Bossman is the sole Survivor (I didn't book this match because it was win/win) in my mind it went like this.


X Hercules eliminates The Rooster

X Akeem eliminates Hercules

X Rude and Piper double Count Out

X Santana eliminates Martel

X Akeem eliminates Santana

X Bossman eliminates Akeem


Rating: C+




Hogan and Dibiase brawl back stage....A Rating




Duggan, Roberts, Hart, and Garvin defeated Haku, Bad News, The Anvil and The Hammer....Roberts and Duggan survive. B rating...probably the match id want to see most in real life.




Arn Anderson hypes his upcoming DOG COLLAR match with Tully Blanchard....B rating




Haku attacks Duggan back stage....B rating




Arn Anderson beats Tully Blanchard in a Dog Collar Match in 16 minutes....B rating (AND BLANCHARD APOLOGIZES FOR IT! LOL) the match went perfectly, was it Magnum vs. Tully steel cage I Quit match good....no but it was good nonetheless.




Lord Alfred Hayes interviews Dusty Rhodes, Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior....Imagine that Promo, lol.....B+ rating.




Hogan, Warrior, Dusty, and Beefcake defeated Macho Man, Million Dollar Man, Sunka, and The Honky Tonk Man.....pretty sweet main event Hogan is the sole survivor last eliminating the Macho Man (and that really happened even in the sim) B rated. The show closes to Hogan flexing and what not.



All and all 30000 people showed up at The Fleet Center (sell out) and I got a 2.88 buy rate.







So feedback, ideas, questions are all welcome. thanks for reading.

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