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CZCW- New Ownership

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"Are you serious?" Those were the words Cliff Anderson, owner of Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling levelled at me. Not moments ago I had offered to buy him out of my own wrestling promotion, one of the smaller in the United States.


"I'm perfectly serious." I said with a friendly smile "CZCW is one of the better up and comers out there, and in the United States are sure to have more potential to spread than in Japan or elesewhere, so it’s a sound investment for me and for you considering the increasing losses you've had in recent times-"


"The economy is to blame-"


"-in part. But your handling of CZCW did not impress your investors who make up the board of your company and the majority of its stock holders, who agreed to sell theirs to me. I am simply making the effort to reach out to you for the betterment of this company."


"I know things haven't been going well. But to just go behind my back and replace me…"


"Mr. Anderson, I understand this is a bit shocking to you, but I have nothing but great plans and funds to spare for CZCW. Plans that I hope you will become a part of."


"I wouldn't expect you to understand, but this promotion is my baby in a way. And I'm no dead-beat dad. I'll stay on. "


I sighed in relief. It would have been hell to handle the roster without him. "Thank you."


"Don't thank me yet. We still need to have a talk with the rest of my- your inner circle of advisors."



CZCW's Inner Circle consisted of Cliff Anderson (owner and announcer), Pee-Wee Germaine (sole referee), and Farrah Hesketh (Color Commentator). Not a bad bunch, all in all.


Cliff decided to get things started "All right Nick, its been a week since you've taken over active management. What you got for us to start out with?"


With an audible gulp, I began my presentation "All right, I think the first thing we should do is change to a regular schedule, with 12 monthly PPVs and a weekly show on Thursdays. I've had a few ideas for the name, but I figured we could stick with CZCW: Thursday Night Combat for now."


"All right, that won't please some of the boys, but it would help get the word out. Anything else, boss?"


"I was thinking of setting up a stronger tag team division. With the additional money I'm bringing in, we can afford a few more tag-teams to break up the ones we do have that would do better in singles. Working agreements with everyone, and approaching a few specific people to be hired on."


"Who?" asked Farrah curiously


"Not sure yet, but I'm thinking people with some weight behind their name, since most of the roster isn't known anywhere. Couple of feuds to push them while fighting some names would help them go over."


"Anything else?"


"Yes, I've decided that CZCW is going to go after a different demographic among the fans…"




Nick's Daily Diary:


21CW agreed to the non-aggression pact, as did TCW and USPW. DAVE and SWF refused; the asses. TCW and USPW agreeing should save my bacon for the most part from any talent raids. Still worried about DAVE and SWF, though.


MAW and NYCW accepted working agreement, while AAA refused. Bitches. If I ever start a women's division, I'll be sure to exclusively raid from them.

BHOTWG had their Lords of the Ring PPV yesterday. 15,000 in attendance with a B rating given by the Wrestling Observer. Hopefully CZCW will reach those heights one day…


UCR had Free Fall yesterday. 5,000 in attendance, with a C+ rating from the Wrestling Observer. But considering they're the only competition in Europe, is that really an accomplishment?


MOSC had Bring the Pain yesterday. Over Seventeen hundred in attendance with a C- from the Wrestling Observer. This is the top-dog in Britain? Maybe I should have started over there…


Nariaki Hitomi, Silver Shark, Yo****ora Shigemetsu were released by BHOTWG, while UCR released Miss Information, Alpha Female, Speedy Marie, Jeri Behr, Anna Ki and Cannonball Logan. ROF released Phoebe Plumridge, USPW did the same to Sheik Mustafa, CGC did it to Ted Ross and Ellie May Walton and Phersephone were released from AAA and MAW respectively. Guess it's Spring Cleaning for wrestling promotions worldwide…



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Nick's Daily Diary:


SWF held Supreme TV in the Great Lakes today. 10,000 attending and with only five matches, they got a B from the Wrestling Observer.


TCW was in the Tri-state area today. 10,000 attending and with 6 matches got a B from the Wrestling Observer.


OLLIE held OLLIE Juego Mortal in West Central Mexico with 4,355 in attendance. 7 matches and a C+ from the Wrestling Observer.


AAA had AAA Deadlier than the Male in the Northwest, with 1,668 attending with a C- from the Wrestling Observer for 8 matches.


Ring of Fire had Hell or High Water in the Midlands with 300 in attendance. They got a C from the Wrestling Observer for just five matches.


Sent out feelers to Emma Chase, Joey Minnesota, Fumihiro Ota, Mark Smart, Mikey James, and Billy Russel. Can't wait to see who responds positively.

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CZCW presents...

“CZCW: Thursday Night Combat”

Thursday of Week 1, January 2005

Held at the Simmons Center in the South West Territory

300 in attendance





Not the best of starts. The match brought down the crowd's mood down, even though it was a half decent match with the announcing and the color commentating. Guess their lack of chemistry it showed in their performances. Still, Donnie J got the pin on Valiant with a Death on Miami Beach. Valiant did improve in his Rumble and Performance skills, though, so that's good. .


WINNER: Donnie J.





This was a horrible match, even with some chemistry between the two. Prince Adam needs to work on his stamina a bit, and Remmy was off his game tonight, so I'm hoping that was the reason. Cliff and Farrah did their best to sell the match between the two rookies, but to no avail, it brought the crowd's mood down and I think it was only the Skye Driver from Remmy that let us keep the people in the seats.


WINNER: Remmy Skye in 7:46





3) DONNIE J. versus E.M.M MOE


Donnie J. just did his second match of the night, doesn't even seem tired! Donnie pinned E.M.M Moe with a Death on Miami Beach, and with commentating and announcing helping the match, it was a good match. E.M.M Moe even improved a bit in technical skills.


WINNER: Donnie J. in 10:26



4) Primal Rage versus Snap Dragon

Insane Machine was working for WLW tonight, so I figured I'd give his partner a match with the current top dog of CZCW. It was a decent match from both that was bolstered by good announcing and commentating, and ended with Snap Dragon's Dragon Breath. Primal Rage even improved a bit in performance skills.


WINNER: Snap Dragon in 10:39




5) THE GILBERT BROTHERS vs. FRANKIE PEREZ AND JEREMIAH MOOSE for the Coastal Zone Tag Team Championships


I had planned for Insane and Primal to face the Gilbert Brothers, but since Insane was away, I had to make do with this.

Jeremiah and Frankie didn't suffer any from being a suddenly put together team, and they held their own against the Canadian champs. They traded blows for 7 or so minutes before Jesse pinned Jeremiah with a Slapshot.

This was a good match. Jeremiah improved in Rumble and Performance skills while Frankie improved in Performance skills. I may have to keep them together as a tag team.


WINNER: The Gilbert Brothers in 7:56



6) FLYING JIMMIE FOX vs. FOX MASK in a House of Fun Match

This was another decent match from the wrestlers, going back and forth for a good 8 minutes before Fox shut down Jimmie with a Fox Hunter. Jimmie improved in Performance skills.


WINNER: Fox Mask in 8:05



7) 16) PLAGUE © vs. Jimmy P. for the Coastal Zone Aerial Championship

Yet another decent match from the wrestlers for the secondary single championship. The two went back and forth for nearly ten minutes before Jimmy P. did Plague in with a Surf's Up, crowning a new champion.

WINNER: Jimmy P. in 9:55




We got a D. A ****ing D? Except for the second dark match, it was all C- and one C. But I probably should have put in a few more interviews and angles to make it more smooth.




Quick results from “Thursday Night Combat"


Donnie J. defeated Valiant – C-

Remmy Skye defeated Prince Adam- D

Donnie J. defeated E.M.M Moe – C

Snap Dragon defeated Primal Rage – C-

The Gilbert Brothers © defeated Frankie Perez and Jeremiah Moose to retain the CZCW Tag Team Championships – C-

Fox Mask defeated Flying Jimmie Fox – C-

Jimmy P. defeated Plague © to gain the CZCW Aerial Championship – C-



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