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TNA: The Revolution

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Been lurking the TEW boards ever since I found the game a few years back. My current TNA game is doing really well, so I thought I'd join up and start a dynasty of it. I'm roughly 6 months into the game but I'll give a quick rundown of what's been happening. Any feedback will be appreciated.


-Dixie Carter said there would be a surprise at Slammiversery and was there ever. She came to the ring and announced her resignation with the company. Stating she had been offered a great sum of money to pass on the presidency. Before leaving the ring she introduced the new president of TNA Wrestling.......Shane McMahon. Much to the fan's approval, Shane McMahon soon announced that while he was determined to compete against his father, he wasn't going to make a blatant fool of himself like Hogan and Bischoff previously did. Soon the duo made their way to the ring to argue Shane's point, but he fired the first shot by publicly firing them on the spot.


-Since Shane's arrival the company has been on a steady uphill climb. Ratings have improved, buy rates have went up, the locker room morale was probably the highest it had ever been. More firings proceeded, in an attempt to "trim the fat" from the lockerroom. Such terminations included Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Team 3D, Jesse Neal, Orlando Jordan, Rob Terry, Rhino, Matt Morgan and surprisingly the knockout division. But in Shane's terms, the latter was to focus on building the company prestige back up and that the knockout division would make a comeback later on with the top women's talent in the world.


-The TNA Championships were vacated, to present a new era focused on work rate and performance. Kurt Angle won the World Championship, and would defend it for the next 3 months until AJ Styles defeated him at Hard Justice. Desmond Wolfe would become the TNA Global Champion as well as Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin (now named Legendary) would go on to win the TNA Tag Titles.


-Desmond Wolfe originally brought in Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin all with the goal of eliminated Kurt Angle. A guy, that they said took the spotlight and never allowed young talent to prosper. The former Team Angle, and Desmond Wolfe would form an alliance known as the Angle Wrecking Crew and engage in a war against Angle until, with the help of Beer Money, they finally put him out of action. With the "war" seemingly over....Wolfe, Haas, and Benjamin saw themselves on a losing pattern. With their relief of taking out the "big star" of TNA, they seem to had lost their focus in the ring. Resulting in all three men eventually losing their championships, and eventually Kurt Angle getting his much deserved revenge.


-Sting and Jeff Jarrett were engaged in a feud of their own. Ending when Sting, viciously smashed Jarrett's ankle to pieces, putting him out of action for several months. Meanwhile, Jeff Hardy, a proclaimed huge stinger fan, would set out to make things right. The two battled aimlessly for the next few months until finally things were to be settled in a cage match. Jeff Hardy barely managed to come out ontop, but by doing so he earned the respect of Sting. The handshake after the match was the babyface turn fans had been waiting to see from Sting. From there the two face painted warriors would make a formidable tag team until they agreed to split up to continue their seperate paths.


-The Tag Team division in TNA had really begun to flourish after Slammiversery. With the hiring of Haas and Benjamin, reuniting of LAX, and top caliber athletes like Sting and Hardy teaming up, the tag division prospered probably the most it had in years. Several top independent teams were given TNA contracts. The American Wolves, the Havana Pitbulls, the Kings Of Wrestling, the Briscoes, and even the reuniting of London and Kendrick. However not all was well for every team. The Motor City Machine Guns went through a tragic break up when Alex Shelley turned on his long time partner and friend Chris Sabin. Although stating it was for business purposes only and was nothing personal, Sabin was seeking to get his revenge. He did just that after defeating Alex Shelley in a loser leaves match, sending Shelley on his way, and putting himself into the #1 contender spot for the X division Championship.


-Speaking of the X Division, Samoa Joe had been dominating it since he won the X Title following it's vacancy. He declared the rebirth of the X Division by standing tall as the champion and bringing prestige back to the championship. Week in and week out he defended the championship. Putting 15 successful defences under his reign and continuing to reign as the King of the X Division.


-The biggest news in the company came when Ric Flair announced that he and Spike TV had come to terms on a television show based on his legendary status and appeal. All was done in the intention of drawing more viewers into TNA, however, Flair had plans of his own. Instead of making just another show, he was starting a war against Shane McMahon. He first made the shock statement that he had become half owner of the company after he conned Shane into believing that they would make great business partners and that Shane needed help running the company successfully. He then stated that several talents were unhappy backstage and were tired of McMahon's antics. He stated that everyone unhappy with their job would be granted opportunities that they may not have gotten under Shane's power, thus announcing that lawsuits would be filed if Shane decided to appear on Flair's show. Furthermore, AJ Styles proclaimed that he would never again be stepping into an Impact ring, and thus making Ric Flair's brand the only brand with a World Champion (ala Brock Lesnar's move to Smackdown). With the seeds of war planted, Shane must now keep the company from falling apart and crumbling in on itself.

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Thursday - November Week 2, 2010


As Impact kicks off it shows a short video clip, highlighting the recent events involving Ric Flair and Shane McMahon. It shows Flair appealing to Shane, saying that he has more knowledge than anyone in the back, even Shane himself and to let him help run the company to ensure that the dollars start coming in. Continually Flair approaches Shane with the suggestion until finally under the pressure of his own stress, he gives in. Shifting it's focus, the video then shows Ric Flair announcing a second TNA television show. However, things go bad when he announces negativity surrounding Shane McMahon's business decisions. The neglect from the locker room. That several feel they aren't getting the opportunities they deserve. At the end, Ric Flair finally announces that the war is on, and the talent who want their chance to shine can join his cause. Soon the video fades out and into the name of the TNA episode......"War". After a short pyro display, Impact goes instantly into it's opening contest....


Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark) vs. Team Greatness (Ken Doane & Ken Cade)

The match had some good action that favored the Briscoes and their tag experience. A few cheap tactics were able to get Doane and Cade the momentum but only briefly before things would fall apart again. A few good double team spots from the Briscoes followed by the Jay Driller is what ended up getting them the victory for the night.


Winners - Briscoe Brothers


While the Briscoes are celebrating their victory, the titantron pops up showing Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards....the current TNA Tag Team Champions. Eddie looks into the camera and begins clapping.


Eddie: Congratulations, Jay and Mark. You just got yourselves one step closer to a title shot. But there's something that continually bugs me every time I watch you two in the ring. We are the TNA Tag Team champions. We are officially the best tag team in the world. But, what bugs me is the fact that people all over still consider the Briscoes as the greatest tag team around. Shouldn't that accolade go to the team with the gold around their waist Davey?


Davey: It should, but it doesn't. You see, we made a reputation of destroying the teams we stepped in the ring with. Maybe it's the ignorance of all the people in the crowd. Or maybe it's just the denial of the wrestling industry itself. But we know, that we have worked harder than any other team to get where we are right now. Briscoes, you both know that the 4 of us are very familiar with each other. We've had our battles in the past. But this is a new day, a new company. And the way I see it, we're not getting the respect we should as the champs. So what do we do? We go after the team that people watch. We go after the team with the respect. And that team is you.


Eddie: That's right, that's right.....As the tag team champs, we're not going to wait for you to climb the ladder and get your title shot. Just like Davey said, we go after the teams with the most respect. You can call it a favor, you can call it a brutal fate, but it goes something like this. We're the American Wolves, and you are the prey. And starting tonight, the hunt is on.


The two point their fingers at the camera in a "gun" fashion as the video feed slowly fades out.


After a quick commercial break, we see Shane McMahon sitting in his office. Soon Ken Anderson walks into view, getting an arousal of boos from the audience. Shane looks up and shakes his head.


Shane: Now what do you want?


Anderson smirks as he rests his palms on Shane's desk, bracing himself to lean over and make eye contact with Shane.


Anderson: Well....it's.....it's really nothing that important. I just came to hear you're proposal.


Shane: My proposal to what?


Anderson: Well it sounds to me, that the line has been drawn, don'tcha think? Either you're with Flair, or you're with McMahon. Now regarding my business history with the McMahon family business, well....it really doesn't look like much of a victory for you, at least in the case of myself.


Shane: Get on with the point, I haven't got all day...


Anderson: Well, if I can put it modestly. I'm only the greatest fricken superstar in this company. So what's it gonna be Shane? What are you gonna do to make me stay on Impact? I think a World title shot is long overdue, don't you?


Shane: Anderson, you want to know the reason why you haven't gotten a title shot? Because you haven't done a damn thing to impress me. You run your mouth, you talk a lot of smack, but when it comes down to it. You haven't impressed me in the ring, the place where it matters.


Anderson: Oh....oh....I haven't impressed you? I haven't impressed you?! Well in case you haven't realized it, I'm the talk of the town. You can't turn on Impact without seeing several...and I do mean several people wearing my merchandise. But I guess that's not good enough for you is it? Yeah, lets give everyone except Ken Anderson, the greatest fricken superstar in this company, a title shot. Kaz, the guy with no personality whatsoever, gets a title shot. Sting, the guy who needs to retire cause he's so past his prime he's completely spoiled, gets a title shot. Kurt Angle, like the guy freakin' needs it, gets a title shot. I'm the money maker here Shane. And if you don't understand that, well then maybe...maybe....Ric Flair will....


Shane: Fine, how about this. Tonight, you take on Kurt Angle. If you beat him, you'll get you're title shot. But I don't want to hear another word about it. Understood?


Anderson: Kurt Angle? Really? You couldn't have given me a challenge? You know what, nevermind that. You watch the monitors. Because tonight the man with his hand getting raised will be none other than......


Suddenly a phone starts ringing. Anderson reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cell phone.


Anderson: Hold on, I've gotta take this.


He places the phone next to his ear and walks out of Shane's office, leaving Shane more stressed than he already was.


Jay Lethal vs. Lance Storm

Jay Lethal went out as the new Global champion. However he was up against a ring veteran. The two had a good back and forth match. With Jay Lethal showing some good technical work to keep up with Storm. Jay Lethal was on his way to victory, however after a few reversals, he was caught in the Maple Leaf and forced to tap.


Winner - Lance Storm


After the match, Jay Lethal tries to collect himself when out from the back comes Desmond Wolfe. He tackles Lethal to the mat and starts pummeling him with rights and lefts. Soon, Kurt Angle runs out, making Wolfe scurry from the ring, and saving Lethal from potential injury. Angle and Wolfe exchange glares as Wolfe begins screaming "He's got my belt, he's got my belt". Referees come down to push Wolfe to the back, while Angle checks on Lethal's condition.


Backstage, Samoa Joe is sitting in his dimmed locker room. A maniacal feel comes with it. The X Division championship is draped over his right shoulder, his towel on the left.


Joe: AJ Styles, likes to claim himself worthy of being World Champion, but I know he's just a puppet. He does and says whatever Ric Flair asks of him. He says he is the one that represents TNA....but what is it that he represents? Cheating, lying, deception......I used to respect AJ, but that was before he tainted his legacy by aligning himself with Ric Flair, as he tries to mold himself into the modern day Nature Boy. You can continue to run and hide, but you will eventually face the realization that you will have to step into the ring with one pissed off Samoan and defend your covetted championship against someone who deserves it. As far as tonight goes, Juventud Guerrera gets his opportunity at the X Title. I have defended this title with honor, with respect, for the past 6 months. And here I face another guy to jump aboard the Flair bandwagon. Juvi says he knows what Flair can do for his career. But I feel he's underestimating what I can do for his career. A broken arm, a broken leg, a broken neck...Or maybe even all of the above. Tonight, another contender crosses my path. And tonight, another contender faces defeat. Muscle Buster victory.....number 16.


Juventud Guerrera vs. Samoa Joe - X Division Championship

The crowd is heavily on the side of Samoa Joe as he takes control of the momentum in the opening of the bout. Juventud fights his way back but lets his arrogance get the better of him, leading him to get a few swift kicks in the face while Joe fights back. He continues to control the match until AJ Styles comes out, distracting Joe. Juvi goes for a quick cover but fails to beat Joe. The situation only sees to make the big Samoan even angrier. After an all out assault on Juvi, Joe delivers the Muscle Buster and indeed puts title defense #16 under his belt.


Winner - Samoa Joe


AJ now has a microphone, as Joe tosses Juvi out of the ring to focus his entire attention on AJ.


AJ: You think you of all people deserve a title shot? Well you're an idiot! Only the people I decide get title shots, and you're not one of 'em. Only the best of the best get to step in the ring with AJ Styles. AJ Styles IS TNA, and that's why I'm the champ. So go ahead and keep defending your X Division title, because the REAL champ is AJ Styles, and AJ Styles is leaving the building.


AJ drops the mic and starts heading backstage, while Joe quickly climbs out of the ring, hoping to beat him down backstage.


After a commercial, James Storm is seen getting beat down by Robert Roode. And if the beating itself wasn't enough, Roode takes it to a whole 'nother level by busting a beer bottle over the skull of his former partner.


Roode: What don't you get Storm? Huh?! We are done! My tag team days are over. Robert Roode is destined to be the next huge break out star. It's not my fault you were too stupid to realize that you were holding me back. I am going to achieve great things and I don't need your help to do it!


Finally after Roode gets done with his trash talking, referees and EMTs get there to break it up and tend to the severely beaten James Storm.


Desmond Wolfe vs. Austin Aries

The match featured great action throughout it's entirety. The match went back and forth throughout, with neither man being able to gain significant momentum over the other. The ending came when Kurt Angle rushed to the ring through the crowd and attacked Desmond Wolfe while the referee was knocked out. Aries then headed to the top and hit the 450 for the victory.


Winner - Austin Aries


Wolfe is fuming after the match, again he and Angle have their eyes locked on each other, Angle only managing to irritate Wolfe even more by grinning as he backs his way up the ramp.


Another commercial break, followed by Sting being in the ring holding a microphone. He paces around the ring almost impatiently waiting to say what it is he's wanting to say.


Sting: Booker, for the last few months, you've had your problems with me and I've had my problems with you. And quite frankly, I'm getting tired of it. I beat you at Bound For Glory. Which is where this should have ended, but yet last week you blatantly assault me backstage for absolutely no reason. I'm tired of your little games, I'm tired of your little obsession to beat me. So right here tonight, we finish this. After tonight, whether you win or lose. We are done.


Booker T vs. Sting

Again another back and forth match. These two know each over very well so there were a lot of counters to be expected. Booker T seemed to have the victory on several occasions but Sting pulled through and got out of it. He got back into the fight, taking it right back to Booker. More back and forth action happened until Booker out of nowhere hit Sting with the Book End and got the victory.


Winner - Booker T


Post match, Booker continues the assault, stomping away at Sting before sliding outside and getting a chair. A few skull crushing shots to Sting bust him open, before Booker unfolds the chair and picks up Sting, bending him over and placing his neck across the back rest. Booker bounces off the ropes and in one sick motion, delivers a scissor kick to the back of Sting's head, smashing his throat against the chair and instantly making him gasp for air. Officials finally manage to break up the fight as Booker leaves the ring and they pull out a stretcher for the Stinger.


Backstage Jeremy Borash is getting a quick interview with Ken Anderson before his match against Kurt Angle.


Borash: Now Ken, you've been granted this match against Kurt Angle where if you win you will finally get the title shot you've been looking for. But what if you don't defeat Angle?


Anderson: What if I don't defeat Angle? You can't really be that stupid can you? Yeah we all know that Kurt Angle is great. Blah blah fricken blah. But you know what, all of those morons in the audience...and especially all the morons in management have overlooked my skills since I've arrived here. I came to TNA because Hulk Hogan invited me personally. But suddenly Shane takes over and I have yet to see one......title......match. That is completely unfair to the greatest fricken wrestler in the world.


Borash: What do you have to say about Shane's comments earlier? Saying you were all talk.


Anderson: I'm not going to address what Shane said. He's a McMahon, therefore he's an idiot. Tonight, all I'm focused on is beating that bald Olympian's face right into the mat and getting what I've deserved for a long.....long.....time. At the next pay per view, do you know what the headline will read? AJ Styles defends the TNA World championship against Miiiissssttttaaaaaahhhhh......What do you know....there's my music. Well Borash, I've got a match to win.


Anderson takes off towards the ring as Borash sends it back out to the ring.


Ken Anderson vs. Kurt Angle

The crowd was roaring at the beginning of this one. Massive boos echoed for Anderson while massive cheers were directed at Angle. Anderson takes advantage at the beginning of the match, really putting a beat down on Angle. Angle, however, fires back and begins taking control with the crowd on his side. He gets several opportunities to lock Anderson in the ankle lock, but Anderson manages to grasp the ropes each time. Kurt Angle continues to control the match but Anderson slowly comes back. Angle however drops him with a quick Angle slam but Anderson gets his foot on the ropes. Angle continues controlling until Anderson hits a cheap low blow behind the referee's back and rolls up Angle for the pin.


Winner - Ken Anderson


Anderson celebrates his victory after the match by announcing himself the victor and announcing himself as the next TNA World Champion. He poses on the turnbuckle, signaling that he can't wait to have the belt around his waist as the show fades to it's end.

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TNA Today




JB: How's my hair look?


Stylist: It looks fine JB. Don't touch it because I'm not fixing it again. Stop stressing out. It's just another webisode of TNA Today.


JB: Yeah I know it, but with the state that the company is in I can't help but be nervous. It sounds like WCW all over again. And if TNA goes down who knows where I'll be.


Stylist: You're getting too paranoid.


JB: Well that's easy for you to say, you're just a stylist. When the wrestling world is down, my career goes with it. You'll always have hollywood celebrities to style up when you get done with this job.


Stylist: Well, there's always the WWE.


JB: Eh, I'd rather not even think about it. Too many politics for my liking.


Cameraman: Alright, Jeremy. We're on in 5.


Well this was it. To the casual viewer it was just another episode of TNA Today. But JB had some definitive news this week. Thinking about it made his heart want to pound right out of his chest. A feeling he hadn't had since TNA's debut show. Yes, they've all tried to state it for years, but it was finally go-time for this company. They would either make it or break it within the coming year. Since the arrival of Shane McMahon, the numbers have improved steadily. Something that not even the Hulkster and his star power could manage. Maybe those McMahon's just have a gift.


Cameraman: And we're on in 5.....4.....3.....2.....


JB: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another edition of TNA Today. I'm your host, JB...Jeremy Borash. And as you know, it seems as if the company is crumbling apart. Ric Flair and Shane McMahon have been fighting over their creative differences and it's gotten so far as to warrant another show. I want you all to listen closely when I say that next week on Impact, Shane McMahon has a huge announcement that will shake TNA up completely. He's informed me not to give away any details, but hear me when I say it's something that I never thought would happen.


JB: Next month marks the debut of the new TNA TV show. Ran by Ric Flair himself and obviously enough it has been titled TNA: Flair. I had a chance to sit down with Ric recently to ask him some questions about his upcoming brand.


*Interview footage*

JB: Ric, tell me about this upcoming show. I know you have stated that it is a way for TNA to expand it's business. But with all the recent controversy it seems as if you're just taking a stab at Shane McMahon.


Ric: You know what JB, it's a little bit of both. I came to TNA to help this company out because there needs to be more players out there. Everyone's said it for years since WCW went down, you gotta have competition to make the industry thrive. Another show would help add to TNA's expansion and growth as a company. But at the same time yeah it is a jab to Shane. I went to him, I offered myself as a partner to help out because after being in this business for the past 40 years I like to think I know how things work. And after getting together with Shane and realizing that we had too many creative differences to really co-exist as a solid unit, I made the decision to go my own route. You can call me selfish, but in the end I don't care. It's about business, and when you compare the experience between Shane and myself I think I have the advantage in the long run.


JB: Yes, but you make it sound like you're ready to go to war against Shane McMahon, as if this is your way of trying to push him out of the company.


Ric: Yes and no. He's done quite a bit for this company in the short time that he's been here, but again I know I'm selfish. I could never really work with somebody on that level so I made the decision to make my own brand where I have full control, where I have full say in what goes on. So maybe I did start somewhat of a civil war in the company. But you know what, it's going to make our talent rise to the occasion and realize that this thing is getting ready to explode. People are gonna be working harder to get on the best brand. People are going to be wrestling better to get on the best brand. And either way you look at it it's only going to make the company suceed as a whole.


JB: So it's safe to assume that you think the company would be better off without Shane?


Ric: I don't know much about his business resume, but I do think that I could run this company better than he can.


JB: What can we expect to see come out of your brand of TNA wrestling?


Ric: I'm here to help people get their break. I think I know where the talent is, and that's what I've been doing for the past 30 years. I've been helping make guys in this industry. Look at Sting, look at Ricky Steamboat, look at Barry Windham. All guys that I helped build up and get them to use to their full potential. And take a look now. A guy like Ken Anderson, hasn't gotten a single world title shot since Shane McMahon has been sheriff, and just this past week he defeats Kurt Angle for a glorified title shot. Now that's what I call a guy who's been overlooked, and that is what I'm here to fix. I'm gonna find the best talent in the world, put them in the ring with our top contenders and make a name out of them. Compared to Shane's plans of trying to bring back an "attitude" era. I think I've got the better goals here.

*End Interview*


JB: There you have it folks, short but straight to the point. We will have to wait and see exactly what's in store as TNA: Flair debuts in the coming weeks. As far as this upcoming Impact is concerned, we have a lot of great matches in store. Desmond Wolfe, Austin Aries, Roderick Strong, and Christopher Daniels compete in a fatal four way to determine the number one contender for the Global Championship. Jay Lethal defends the Global Championship against the man who defeated him last week Lance Storm. Paul London and Brian Kendrick take on the team of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. Plus, Samoa Joe defends the X Division championship again, this time in a 3 way match against Jack Evans and Tajiri. All that and more on next week's edition of Impact that you do not want to miss.


Confirmed Matches:

Desmond Wolfe vs. Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong vs. Christopher Daniels


Global Championship

Lance Storm vs. Jay Lethal©


London & Kendrick vs. Haas & Benjamin


X Division Championship

Jack Evans vs. Tajiri vs. Samoa Joe©

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Thursday - November Week 3, 2010


Another week, another Impact. However, this week a huge announcement was prepared to be revealed. Fans had become used to Hogan and Dixie's false promises, but this was different. This was 6 months later, and Shane McMahon was in charge. According to the latest edition of TNA Today, Shane McMahon has promised an announcement that would shake the foundation of TNA as we know it. What that announcement was, no one was certain. But being a McMahon, you knew he had to deliver. After the introduction video plays through, a small burst of pyro starts off the show and gets the crowd roaring with excitement.


The show starts with the Nature Boy's music starting to play throughout the arena. Soon, Ric Flair himself along with his posse would make their way towards the ring, receiving unanimous boos from the audience. When they get into the ring, Ric Flair takes hold of the mic first.


Ric: All of you people need to shut up when I'm getting ready to talk. I'm Ric Flair. I'm the greatest wrestler of all time. And now, I'm going to be the greatest promoter of all time. In two weeks, TNA: Flair kicks off and starts a new era, not only in this company, but in the entire wrestling world. But the word that I keep hearing from the back is that Shane McMahon has some big announcement. Well it doesn't matter what this announcement is. It's not going to stop my brand from taking off, and it certainly isn't going to stop the three greatest wrestlers today from continuing their path to greatness. Wooooo.


Not particularly happy with all that was said, the crowd boos again, aggrivating Ric Flair.


Ric: Shut up when I'm talking! In the ring right now are the three greatest wrestlers going today. The TNA World Champion, AJ Styles. The best damn champion in the history of this company. Over here, we've got the brightest two stars who are staring directly in the sun. Kaz, a guy with so much athletic ability that he doesn't know what to do with it all. Robert Roode, the modern day enforcer. This man can cripple you in a heart beat, and he'll do it with a smile....hahaha. Together, we will make my show, my brand, the trademark show to watch in all of professional wrestling. And together we will be the most dominant force going today. Shut up fat boy, you know it's the truth. So Shane, why don't you come out here and make your announcement, because it's not going to make a damn bit of difference concerning our success.


They wait a few moments, Flair's patience growing thin as he stares towards the entrance. Eventually, Shane shows up. However, on the tron instead of coming to ringside.


Shane: Ric, you of all people will be more than shocked at the announcement I have planned for tonight. But it's not time right now. You, just like everyone else can wait until later tonight. Besides, shouldn't you be peptalking AJ for his match tonight against RVD? How pathetic would your group look if AJ Styles lost here tonight? Quite a bit I have to assume. But as of right now, you all need to get out of my ring so the action can get started.


Flair's face is about as red as it can get. He rips off his jacket and throws it down on the mat as Kaz, AJ, and Roode work their charms into calming him down. They soon find themselves heading backstage as the show heads into it's opening bout following a commercial.


Desmond Wolfe vs. Austin Aries vs. Roderick Strong vs. Christopher Daniels

In a match that contested four of top wrestlers in the industry today, it was a great showcase of skill and athleticism. All four got several good spots and patented moves in but ultimately it was Christopher Daniels taking the victory after hitting Austin Aries with the Last Rites and getting the pin.


Winner - Christopher Daniels


Backstage we see Shane sitting in his office, looking over some paperwork when Ken Anderson.......Anderson walks into the room. We saw what happened with these two last week. Will this be a similar altercation? Shane looks up after hearing the closing footsteps, only to shake his head.


Shane: I don't want to hear any sh*t from you. You won your match, you have a title shot. What more do you want?


Anderson: Hey, no need to get all tense boss man. I'm just as curious as everyone else. A major announcement you say? Shaking the foundation of this very company. How can I not be intrigued? But let's get real. We all know it's about my title match. The biggest star in TNA against Naitch Junior at the next big event is going to give this company it's biggest buy rate of all time. You have some stipulation planned don't you? A little last man standing perhaps? I Quit? How about first blood. Just please, let it be something that allows me to beat the hell out of him before I rip the championship from his grasp.


Shane: You are one arrogant a**hole you know that?


Anderson: Aw, you can read me like a book. But seriously, what is it?


Shane: It has nothing to do with you.


Anderson: Nothing to do with me? How is that possible? I'm the talk of the wrestling world....period.


Shane: Either way, you'll find out at the same time that everyone else does. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of work to do.


Shane turns his attention back to his paper work as Anderson simply grins, in that mischievous fashion. He speaks again, raising Shane's interest to look up at him.


Anderson: So you're gonna be a steel trap until the time is right for you huh? You know Shane, there's something I can almost admire in you. You push people right to the edge and practically dangle them off the cliff before you decide to save them. Big announcement huh? I guess we'll see.


And with that, Anderson leaves the office as the cameras cut away to the next match.


London & Kendrick vs. Legendary (Haas & Benjamin)

The two teams were fairly equal as far as matching went. They both had their advantages and weaknesses but neither were ones to back down. Londrick used their quickness and aerial attacks to gain the momentum, while Legendary focused on a solid ground and pound technical strategy. In the end, the quickness of London & Kendrick was able to get them the victory.


Winners - London & Kendrick


Soon after the match, Londrick are ambushed by the current TNA Tag Team Champions, the American Wolves. They whip London into the ropes, delivering a double team alarm clock. Edwards then locks Brian Kendrick into the Achilles Lock while Davey stomps on his head and taunts him, adding insult to injury. After good damage has been done to both teammates, the Wolves ascend the turnbuckles with their championships in the air, receiving major boos from the crowd, all the while embracing it.


Backstage, Mike Tenay is getting an interview with James Storm. Storm looks very frustrated and after last week, who can blame him? Last week, Robert Roode heinously attacked Storm, leading to the immediate break up of Beer Money Incorporated, as well as the end of a friendship.


Tenay: Storm, after what happened last week. I'm surprised you didn't rush the ring earlier to try to get your hands on Roode.


Storm: While I may be one pissed off sumbitch, I ain't no dummy. Trying to take on 4 guys at once is a suicide. But what Roode did last week is unforgiveable.


Tenay: We know for the past few weeks you two have had a few loses come your way, you've been on seperate agendas, but did you ever think it would come to this?


Storm: To tell you the truth, I'm not surprised. We were both doing great, we were the most dominant team in TNA. And then Flair comes into the picture. He makes big promises for us, but yet hasn't delivered as far as I can tell. And through the grapevine I heard that Flair was telling Roode that he would be far better off on his own, that I'm the one holding the team down. Well Roode and Flair, you two are a couple of idiots, the only thing you managed to do last week was sign your life away. Because once I get my hands on you, there will be nowhere to run. And to sweeten the deal even more, I brought some of my own back up. You want to be on your own, well thats fine. But you'll soon realize that I was the strength of Beer Money, and not even Flair can save you from a red ass beatdown.


Booker T vs. Ken Shamrock

Ken Shamrock momentarily put in a good showing, but Booker T made quick work of him. Once Booker got the advantage he ended the match quickly, hitting Shamrock with the Book End and putting him down for the 3 count.


Winner - Booker T


After the match, the footage from last week is shown of Booker T viciously attacking Sting after their match up. Recalling the footage, Booker T grabbed a steel chair from ringside and proceeding to bash it over Sting's skull multiple times. Only before unfolding it and doing considerable damage to Sting's throat by placing Sting over the backrest of the chair and delivering a scissor kick, crushing his throat onto the chair. TNA officials are not entirely sure the extent of the injury that Sting received but they will have updates soon.


The show comes back from a commercial to Shane McMahon's music playing over the arena. He steps out through the curtain and gets a good pop from the crowd. He quickly gets into the ring and grabs a microphone.


Shane: I'm not out here to waste too much of your time. So I'm going to make this short and sweet. First I want Ric Flair to come out here to hear this first hand.


He lowers the mic and waits, soon Flair's music starts playing and he comes out with his posse. They make their way to the ring, trying to intimidate Shane but not having much effect. Flair grabs a mic of his own, looking confident about whatever it is Shane has to say.


Shane: Ric, I partnered up with you in this company because you appealed to me as the right guy for the job. After I bought this company from Dixie Carter, the stress, the politics started building up and I knew I couldn't run the company alone. But it seems that you've had other plans, isn't that right? Instead of focusing all of your attention towards the success of this company, it seems your goal has become to take me out of the picture and gain full control. We both have seperate ideas for the way this company should be run, it was a no brainer that we would have creative issues. So if you want to go and start your own brand, that's fine but we're going to make this completely fair and even to both parties. Next week on Impact.....we're having a draft.


And there it is, a draft in TNA. Most thought it would never happen, most probably don't want it to happen, but with the expansion of the company there's no other choice at this point in time. The fans are giving a mixed reaction, some cheering some booing. Ric Flair has already ripped his jacket off and thrown it on the mat, completely out of his mind at the announcement.


Ric: You listen here! You're not splitting up my talent! I have tons of guys in the back that want on my show!


Shane: Well then you'll have to get lucky enough to choose them. How about this Flair, since I'm such a generous guy, I'll let you have the first pick. You've got until next week, so think wisely.


The two get into a small face to face staredown before Shane exits the ring and heads back up the ramp, leaving Flair and his goons in the ring as the show heads to a break.


X Division Championship

Jack Evans vs. Tajiri vs. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe was his dominant self as usual. Taking the fight directly to both of the contenders. Tajiri used his experience to nearly put the big man a way, if it weren't for the third man, Jack Evans, being there we may have seen a new X Division champ. Evans showed exactly why he is a prime candidate for X Division contendership. Showing a ton of athletic ability and high flying moves that got the crowd chanting "This is awesome". In the end it was Joe hitting the Muscle Buster on Tajiri, as he dropped him right on top of Jack Evans and covered them both to retain his title.


Winner - Samoa Joe


Backstage Jeremy Borash is standing by with Rob Van Dam.


JB: RVD, we just heard the big news. TNA is having a draft. I never thought I'd see the day where this company is getting split in half but it is happening right now as we speak. What are your thoughts on it?


RVD: You know, it really doesn't bother me. Shane McMahon has his ideas and Ric Flair has his. Either way RVD doesn't care what show he's on. Because whether it's on Impact, or Flair's new show, all the fans can rest assured that the brand RVD is on will be the whole f'n show.


JB: And tonight, you take on the current TNA World Champion AJ Styles, you two have quite some history and winning tonight could bump you up into being in contendership for the title.


RVD: You're exactly right, me and AJ have had our problems since the day I arrived. It's as simple as the fact that he doesn't want to share the spotlight. But hey, it's not my fault I'm that good. People come to see Mr. Thursday Night put on the best performance and AJ has had a problem with it this whole time. So tonight after I beat AJ, it will be no question that I will be the first draft pick next week.


Global Championship

Lance Storm vs. Jay Lethal

Last week Jay Lethal lost to Lance Storm in a big momentum killing matchup against the ring veteran. This week he defends his Global Championship against him, hoping to get the victory this time around. Lethal put in a hell of a good effort, going all out and giving it all he had but the experience of Lance Storm was yet again too much for him to handle as he lost via pinfall after a series of suplexes.


Winner - Lance Storm


Backstage the camera is focused on Kurt Angle, walking the halls before he storms into Shane's office, practically frightening the guy and not giving him a chance to speak.


Angle: So you're having a draft. That's fine. I don't care which show I'm on. But I will tell you this Shane. You better make sure me and Desmond get on the same show, because I am going to break his damn ankle next time I step in the ring with him! Do you understand?!


Shane: Well I can't promise anything......


Angle: No! You will make it happen! He is a deadman! Nobody messes with Kurt Angle and gets away with it! Nobody....


After the quick burst of words, Angle turns and heads back out of the office, Shane can feel his headache growing worse as tempers have been flaring all night.


AJ Styles vs. Rob Van Dam

These two have an already storied history in the past 6 months of TNA. Both have been fighting to show that they are the whole f'n show's of the company but overall they are evenly matched. AJ Styles came off hesitant at first, allowing RVD to get the advantage by charging ahead. The momentum shifted several times but RVD was able to keep control for a majority of the match. Counter after counter, these two had each other well scouted. In the end it was AJ getting the victory with the help of Robert Roode attacking RVD while the referee was knocked down.


Winner - AJ Styles


Post match, AJ, Kaz, Roode, and Flair are all celebrating in the ring, this may very well be the last time this group remains a solid unit. Stay tuned next week as TNA presents their very first draft leading into the brand extension.

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