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Request: Summer 2009

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Sorry if posting requests is against the rules, but I've noticed a few threads with them so if it is I didn't realise...


Does anyone know of a good mod that for roundabout the end of last summer/early autumn? The reason I ask is because I'm looking to write my own TNA diary, but I was looking for it to start around Bound For Glory 2009 or a little before then. I've looked on bobinc but I noticed that Mr Canada's real world mod gets updated, understandably.


I'm looking for something with a good level of depth - American promotions, Japanese promotions and Mexican promotions - and I'll be honest: I'm not skilled enough to do it on my own. If nobody knows of any then I'll go down another route but if there is one - or if any of the guys that do regular real world mods still have their data from that time period - it'd be very much appreciated.

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