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Making a Mod Off Of Saved Game Data (Is It Possible?)

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*If this is in the wrong section I apologize, but I am assuming this would be the right section, since it concerns a mod; even if I am making it only for myself, but bare with me cause this post will be slightly long winded.*


Long time player of the EWR/TEW Series and Lurker to the GDS Forums. I recently started playing TEW2010 again and I was looking through mods hoping to find a copy of TheFall or AfterTheFall mods made for 2010. Sadly I was kinda disappointed when not finding either. :( Finding an up to date Montreal Aftermath made me happy though!


Anyways, I really liked the concept of TheFall and AfterTheFall, those mods were my bread and butter when playing TEW. I had the bright idea of "recreating" TheFall for my own personal use. Now I originally, took the TEW2007 version, converted it to 2008 and then again converted it to 2010. Problem is, there have been enough significant changes to the game that when I did so the amount of International Workers/Stars/Superstars was stupidly high.


So I had another idea! Since TheFall is technically a Real World "Fantasy Mod" and my second favorite mod of all time is Montreal Aftermath, WHY NOT COMBINE BOTH OF THE TWO....well to an extent.


My idea was to Simulate 1997 Montreal Aftermath til October 2001 (the date TheFall begins). Which in it's own right makes the mod even more fun to me, cause there is a span of 5 years before "TheFall" begins that workers can get over or fail miserably.


Now Editing everything to simulate TheFall when I reach that date will be some work on my behalf, BUT what I was wondering is......


Is there a way to take the saved files from the 5 years I have simulated and turn that into a "fresh" mod? It would make editing worlds easier for me if there is. If not, it will just take me longer to do so. >.<

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Thanks for the answer. :) I don't mind manually editting everything myself, was just hoping I could find an easier way to do so.


What's nice is you can export all kinds of data to spreadsheet so you can have them both open. But otherwise you have to transfer the data from the save manually to a new database.

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