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TCW: A Change Is Coming!

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Hi guys!


I’ve finally buckled under the pressure from friends, fans and the odd relatives and set up this blog to give you the dedicated followers of wresting an insight into how the word of wrestling works.


Why now? Why after all this time in the business? Why after all this time in retirement are you sharing your secrets and insider knowledge?


Well… I think I’ve come across the biggest piece of news in a long while and I’m sure it’s gonna shake the foundations of wrestling and shape the industry for the next decade.


My insider sources tell me that Tommy Cornell is at his wits ends! After pulling out all the stops, spending years building momentum, months preparing storylines and days upon days of top notch back to back wrestling TCW did everything in it’s power to take on SWF and in one effortless swoop SWF slaps down the efforts of the TCW Machine as if to remind it that it will continue to be the number two Wrestling Company in North America.


One source, very close to TCW’s Tommy Cornell told me “Everyone knows that Tommy and his team have been running a textbook wrestling company for the past two years, no-one back stage can fault him, even his skeptics!” another says “I think Tommy just has to face up to the fact – Eisten is untouchable!”


After weeks of surrounding himself with his inner circle of allies and being almost inaccessible to most Cornell held an all staff meeting prior to the Excessive Force Pay Per View.


A number of my sources are reporting that coming out of the meeting Cornell is more determined than ever to not only become the number one Wrestling Company in the world, but to also destroy SWF, “It was scary” one source said, whilst another said “He’s like a f*ckin’ man possessed!”.


If you’ve been around a while like I have, you’ll know that Tommy is very driven and very focused, but what else he is reported to have said will no doubt surprise many of the guys in the TCW locker room.


It looks like Cornell has faced facts – Sports Entertainment rather than wrestling will be the driving force behind the mainstream wrestling industry for the next decade at least. “He’s gonna fight fire with fire” one source says, whilst another says “this is the biggest mistake of his life, how can we claim to be different from them [sWF] when all we are doing is following in their footsteps”.


But from what I’ve heard I’m behind Tommy Cornell’s change in heart. He’s going for an edgier, more realistic sports entertainment – one that strikes a better balance between brutality, athleticism and showmanship – that’s what made wrestling cool in the first place!


It was just as brutal as boxing, but with more drama, it was as entertaining as TV but with breathtaking athleticism, it was as thrilling as sport, but with more grit – this is what Cornell is trying to achieve as he knows SWF never will whilst they have a man dressed as a lobsters fighting main event stars.


Most of the locker room is behind Tommy Cornell’s new vision for TCW, but the most controversial aspect of the new direction for TCW is his secret weapon – one boundary that Einsten has never dared cross, and one that Cornell feels could set his show’s apart from SWF. He’s going to break Kayfab!


I remember when my good friend Frederick White first introduced me to a young Tommy Cornell. He said to me “There is something special about this guy. Y’know talented people hit targets everyone can see, Genius’ hit targets no-one else can see – if anyone is gonna hit a target no-one can see – it’s this guy”. For me this sums up the feelings backstage at TCW – no-one can see where he is going, but there are guys that trust him to hit the target no-one else can see… other’s just think this is the beginning of his downfall.


Looking forward to posting for you all soon,


The Warlord

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