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TNA:Here We Go

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After Actor Keanu Reeves wanted to do something creative he took up professional wrestling. He then became the head booker of TNA wrestling during 2010 alot of things had happened. WWE went to local size after most of The Mcmahons died except Triple H,Shane and Shane's wife. Shane now owns the WWE while Hunter wrestles and books. WWE has a small roster now and is really not doing well they also fired most of their talent. Keanu signed up alot of talent so basically TNA's roster is highly inflated. The roster is so huge you will have to bare a long list to know who it contains. ROH has signed Kane,John Morrison also Gregory Helms after the WWE released them. ROH is currently the top 2nd promotion in the USA. Keanu Reeves has promised TNA's future to be a great one. Shawn Micheals and Taker Crossed The Line and alot more have had. TNA: Here We Go explains how one actor can change a company from regular to inflated wrestling machine in a few months. After a few cards Keanu Reeves is ready for his next plan and that's to be promotion,match and card of the year.




Main Event



Adam Sexxton(Formerly Edge)

AJ Styles-TNA World Champ

Big Evil(Formerly Undertaker)

Bill Goldberg

Bret Hart

Billy Kidman

Brother Ray

Carlos Colon Jr.(Carlito)

Charlie Haas

Chris Jericho

Christian Cage

CM Punk


D'angelo Dinero

David Otunga

Dr. Stevie

James Storm

Jeff Hardy

Kenny King

Kevin Nash

Kurt Angle

Matt Hardy

Mick Foley

Nick Mondo

Palmer Canon

Paul"The Great"Wight(Big Show)

Rob Van Dam

Robert Roode

Samoa Joe

Scott Steiner

Shawn Micheals


Shelton Benjamin



Due to an inflated roster I won't go any further not lazy but Keanu Reeves has stated a lot of possible firings or reshuffling. The other roster slots will be added over time he stated.

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