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2002 mod with TNA's starting roster

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I would want to play a game with TNA when they start in may 2002.



I looked in the forum and at Bobinc and the closest mod seems to be 2002 made by Genadi which is available here: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=75315



Does anyone know if one exists? If somebody adjusted this one and set it with TNA's starting roster I would really like getting it.



I have links to rosters and infos and could do it myself, but it would really save me some time and be cool if one is available.

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It really wouldn't be all that difficult to just make Genadi's mod the way you want it yourself.


Just make TNA an active promotion at the start of the game. Sign everybody you need. Should be good to go.


Off the top of my head I know Jeff Jarrett and Jerry Lynn are under touring (exclusive) deals with WWA. You may have to change their WWA contracts to get them to work. Possibly others, but guys like AJ Styles aren't under touring deals with them so you should be okay there.


Hope I was able to help. :)


If you're looking for their Day 1 roster, off hand I am remembering:


Jeff Jarrett (durka), AJ Styles (double durka), Ken Shamrock, Scott Hall, Jerry Lynn, Rick Steiner (was on the first show), Low Ki, Malice (The Wall in WCW), I believe Ron Killings, Brian Christopher, Konnan (I think), Buff Bagwell (I think), Lash LeRoux, The Flying Elvises (Jimmy Yang, Sonny Siaki and Jorge Estrada), James Storm and Chris Harris, The Harris Brothers (Ron and Don), among others.


Ah what the hell, found TNA's week 1 and 2 results for you. Enjoy.



Also your staff would consist of Mike Tenay, Don West, Ed Ferrara, Jerry Jarrett (may make him owner if you so choose), Jeremy Borash, Bob Ryder. Maybe a few more? Oh, referees too.


Man that was kind of fun trying to remember all that stuff.

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