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*JULY 1ST RELEASE* MCD: Real World Data

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Mr. Canada Real World Data July 2010 for TEW10




Soon up at http://www.bobinc.net (give him the hits!)




NEW PACK: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=M1Q0N008

All up at http://www.bobinc.net (give him the hits again!)



So here's a new version of the MCD data. Set to start in July, it is up-to-date as of the June 29th NXT.


Big additions this time are WFX in Canada and Lucha Libre USA in the states. Ground work is now in for a possible Mexican expansion.


Also note, please check the resource threads I've linked at the bottom of this page. Mod Makers, Graphic Makers, & those who just want to enjoy all need each other, check out peoples works, say thank you, and give credit where its due.


Added Lucha Libre USA
Added Wrestling Fan Experience (may not keep in)

[b]-Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling-[/b]
Released Juventud Guerrera

[b]-Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling USA-[/b]
Signed Bryan Danielson
Signed Jason Harding
Signed Lince Dorado
Released Jack Evans
Released Paul London
Released Teddy Hart
Released Tommy Dreamer

[b]-Evolve Wrestling-[/b]
Signed Bryan Danielson
Signed Jason Harding

[b]-Full Impact Pro-[/b]
Signed Craig Classic
Signed Egotistico Fantastico

[b]-Florida Championship Wrestling-[/b]
Signed Fady The Arabian Bull
Signed G-Rilla (as Portis Clay)
Signed James Gibson (as Jamie Noble)
Released Alex Riley (to WWE)
Released Darren Young (to WWE)
Released David Otunga (to WWE)
Released Dos Caras (to WWE)
Released Eli Cottonwood (to WWE)
Released Heath Slater (to WWE)
Released Husky Harris (to WWE)
Released Justin Gabriel (to WWE)
Released Kaval (to WWE)
Released Lucky Cannon (to WWE)
Released Michael Tarver (to WWE)
Released Mike Altieri
Released Mike McGuillicutty (to WWE)
Released Percy Watson (to WWE)
Released Rachael Lynn
Released Skip Sheffield (to WWE)
Renamed Dos Equis to Epico
Renamed Naomi Knight to Naomi Night
Renamed Tiger Raj Singh to Jinder Mahal

[b]-Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors-[/b]
Signed Alex Abrahantes
Signed Charly Manson (as Charly Malice)
Signed Gary Michael Cappetta
Signed John Walters (as RJ Brewer)
Signed Lizmark Jr.
Signed Magno
Signed Mark Jindrak (as Marco Corleone)
Signed Mentallo
Signed Neutronico
Signed Oriental
Signed Pierroth Jr.
Signed Rellik
Signed Super Nova
Signed Tinieblas Jr.
Signed Trenesha Biggers (as Tigressa Caliente)

[b]-National Wrestling Alliance-[/b]
Signed Bryan Danielson
Signed Charlie Haas

[b]-New Japan Pro-Wrestling-[/b]
Signed AKIRA
Signed El Samurai
Released Naomichi Marufuji

[b]-Pro Wrestling Guerilla-[/b]
Signed Bryan Danielson

[b]-Pro-Wrestling NOAH-[/b]
Signed Alex Payne

[b]-Pro-Wrestling Respect-[/b]
Signed Austin Aries

[b]-Pro-Wrestling Zero1-[/b]
Signed Chris Raaber
Signed Shawn Daivari
Signed Yutaka Yoshie
Released Hartley Jackson
Released Takuya Suguwara
Released Yoshiaki Fujiwara
Released Yusaku Obata

[b]-Ring of Honor-[/b]
Signed Tyson Dux

[b]-Total Nonstop Action-[/b]
Signed Tommy Dreamer
Signed Willie Urbina
Released Ed Ferrara
Released ODB
Released Roxxi
Released Scott Hall
Renamed Kiyoshi to Suicide

[b]-World Wrestling Entertainment-[/b]
Signed Carlos Cabrera
Signed Chris McNeil (as Percy Watson)
Signed David Otunga
Signed Dos Caras Jr. (as Alberto Del Rio)
Signed Fred Sampson (as Darren Young)
Signed Heath Miller (as Heath Slater)
Signed Hugo Savinovich
Signed Joe Hennig (as Michael McGuillicutty)
Signed Jon Emminger (as Lucky Cannon)
Signed Kevin Kelly (as Alex Riley)
Signed Kipp Christianson (as Eli Cottonwood)
Signed Low-Ki (as Kaval)
Signed Paul Lloyd Jr. (as Justin Gabriel)
Signed Ryan Reeves (as Skip Sheffield)
Signed Tyrone Evans (as Michael Tarver)
Signed Windham Rotunda (as Husky Harris)
Released Daniel Bryan
Released Jamie Noble (to FCW)
Released Savannah
Released Virgil
Renamed Jay Uso to Jey Uso

[b]-Wrestling Fan Experience-[/b]
Signed AJ Sanchez
Signed APOC
Signed Arik Cannon
Signed Bob Holly
Signed Bushwacker Luke
Signed Charlie Haas
Signed Chris Murray
Signed Christopher Daniels
Signed Danny Duggan
Signed Gregory Helms (as The Hurricane)
Signed Jessie Godderz
Signed Jon Cutler
Signed Jonny Fairplay
Signed Kevin Chevy
Signed Kip James (as KIP)
Signed Larry Zbyszko
Signed Michael Elgin
Signed Mike Davidson
Signed Nick Dinsmore (as U-Gene Dinsmore)
Signed Tenille Tayla
Signed Seven Thorn (as Thorn)
Signed Vampire Warrior (as Gangrel)
Signed Veronika Vice
Signed Wavell Starr

Added AJ Sanchez
Added Alex Abrahantes
Added APOC
Added Bushwacker Luke
Added Carlos Cabrera
Added El Samurai
Added Fady The Arabian Bull
Added Gary Michael Cappetta
Added G-Rilla
Added Hayato Jr. Fujita
Added Hugo Savinovich
Added Jason Harding
Added Jessie Godderz
Added John Walters
Added Jonny Fairplay
Added Josh Prohibition
Added Kevin Chevy
Added Kris Chambers
Added Lizmark Jr.
Added Magno
Added Mentallo
Added Mike Davidson
Added Neutronico
Added Oriental
Added Pierroth Jr.
Added Tiger Ali Singh
Added Tinieblas Jr.
Added Warhed
Added Wavell Starr
Added Willie Urbina
Renamed Chris McNiel to Nick McNeil
Renamed Chris the Bambikiller to Chris Raaber
Renamed Papadon to Dimitrios Papadon
Deleted Trent Acid (RIP)

[b]---Media Groups---[/b]
Added BBC
*Any group with just 1 network was deleted*

[b]---TV Networks---[/b]
Added America one
Added BBC One
Added BBC Three
Added BBC Two
Added ITV1
Added MTV2
Added MTV Tr3s

[b]---TV Shows---[/b]
Added Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors
Added WFX Overload


I could really use help with Mexico. If there's a Lucha Expert who wants to do stats and such for AAA &/or CMLL that would be terrific.



--bobinc TEW Website: http://www.bobinc.net

--CW Pic Pack: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?p=969854#post969854

--b0shley graphics: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=72873

--Toggs Graphics: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=73702

--fatallylost Cuts Resource 2.0: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=72942

--Sonfaro's Storyline Megapack: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=79157

--Tyler Gadzinski Cuts: http://www.greydogsoftware.com/forum/showthread.php?t=143043



*NOTE*: The pic packs are meant to be installed in order. So start with 1 and move to 2, then 3, ext. Always say yes to replacing pics, the system I worked out makes sure you have a copy of every picture at all times anyways while at the same time the newest picture should always be the one being used by the game by default.

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Didnt see these logos... so, I made them for ya.





Can you put these on CW background instead?


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another brilliant update mate. Apart from the start date near perfect.


I remember reading on Ashley Massaro's Twitter page before it was deleted she was trying to get back into the buisness. Not sure how its gone, but maybe include her in the next data?!? Maybe on Hiatus??


Oh and a few PPV things again.


Setana sports has definatly gone bust over here now.



We currently don't really get TNA's ppvs, they are on Bravo about 2 or 3 weeks after they happen i believe. WWE is carried by BskyB


And the dates of the TNA PPVs are wrong, all set to week 4 of the month. But I realised that they dont actually really have a set in stone schedule, so can understand why that is.


And the picture pack is missing Over the limit logo which I cant find anywhere, anyone help?

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are they! Didn't know that! thaks for that info! Are they owed by Sky or come as part of the ESPN package??


Was free to air, but now they have some sort of deal with Sky i've got channel with basic Virgin media package. Might need sports package with Sky.

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