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The Resurrection of WCW 2010

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Breaking News


News has just broke that Vince McMahon Owner of the World Wrestling Entertainment is selling the rights to all WCW Trademarks. This come on the heels of losing the multi million dollar law suite’s one from the window of Owen Hart and another from the dad of the late Chris Beniot. The reason is almost certain to be money, but that is still unknown. A unknown buyer has bought the trademarks and plans on starting WCW back up we will keep you up to date with this shocking story as we get it.


Update on WCW Story


As noted earlier on this site WCW has been sold to a owner not yet named. We have gotten word that this story is in fact true and that the owner will release a written statement with more details tomorrow afternoon. There is some speculation on who has bought the trade mark and the most talked about name has been Eric Bischoff and Dixie Carter. While neither is conformed or denied we can say it’s highly unlikely that Dixie has any thing to do with this because of her shooting down ideas to change the name of the company. Eric Bischoff is a name that could be highly possible, and if so you can bet that TNA and WCW will have a working agreement. We will have the statement as it is released tomorrow. [/

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Press Release May 1st 2010

WCW Owner: Eric Bischoff


As of April 28th 2010 I Eric Bischoff have bought the trademarks of World Championship Wrestling, this mean that I will no longer have any power with TNA and that WCW will be on your TV in no time. I bought the trademarks after Vince lost the trademarks because he did not use them in the time he needed to keep them therefore I jumped on the opportunity to buy these trademarks but not from Vince. Trust me, there is no hostility between me and Dixie and there is no friendship between me and Vince. WCW and WWE will be at war again and that will be put into effect when I bring back Monday Nitro.


Now onto what I plan on doing with WCW, I have indeed learned my lessons from the first run of World Championship Wrestling and I promise all of the fans a great product with stars of the past and present and there will be no Russo : ). With all jokes aside WCW has struck a deal with FOX to bring back Monday Nitro and will plan on winning the Monday Night Wars this time. That’s right Monday Night Wars are back and this time EB will be the winner. As noted earlier I have dropped all other projects which includes TNA and Half Pint Brawlers. WCW will be bigger and better than ever this time around and we will make an instant impact, we have workers from WWE and TNA asking for their releases to be apart of this new era of WCW, I will send another press statement in two weeks with the starting roster and the card for the first WCW Nitro of this new era.


The Owner of WCW and Future Owner of Wrestling


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Main Roster


Main Event Faces


Rey Mysterio


Main Event Heels

Booker T

Brock Lesnar

Chris Jericho


Upper Mid Card Faces

AJ Styles

Kofi Kingston


Upper Mid Card Heels

Carlito Colon

Road Warrior Knox

Kevin Nash


Mid Card Faces

Jerry Lynn

Samoa Joe



Mid Card Heels


Bryan Danielson

Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Road Warrior Heidenreich


Lower Mid Card Faces

Austin Aries

Chris Daniels


Lower Mid card heels

Mark Jindrake

Chuck Palumbo


Undercard Faces



Undercard heels

Crazy Kevin Matthews

Kevin Steen


Matt Michaels ( AKA Matt Bentley)


Tag Teams

The New Road Warriors ( Road Warrior Knox and Road Warrior Heidenreich) Managed by Road Warrior Animal


The Main Event ( Mark Jindrake and Chuck Palumbo)

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WCW Preview


In the first Nitro of the new Era we will have the first round of the WCW Heavyweight Championship tournament. As Chris Jericho will face Rey Mysterio and Sting will face the monster who is returning to wrestling Brock Lesnar. We will also have The New Road Warriors will go head to head with the Main Event for the WCW Tag Team Championship. We will also have appearances from Eric Bischoff, Kevin Nash, and more.


Confirmed Matches for Nitro

Chris Jericho V. Rey Mysterio

Sting V. Brock Lesnar

The New Road Warriors V. The Main Event


Feel free to make picks

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Monday Nitro

June Monday week 1 2010


We open the show as Eric Bischoff is standing in the ring with a mic.


Bischoff: Welcome to the new WCW, let me start off by saying I truly love each and everyone of you, and this is for all of you fans that are tired of the company up north and who don’t like what TNA is about. WCW is back and WCW is better and tonight we kick off the first round to the WCW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament. And that will get started in just a minute as Sting will go up against the man who is making his return to the wrestling buessniess The UFC Heavy weight Champion Brock Lesanr.


The Crowd goes nuts a Brock comes out with the UFC Championship he then grabs a mic.


Lesnar: Well, it feels good being back in wrestling but I hate coming to this hell whole for you pricks. You’ll do not deserve to see me in action.


The Crowd turns on Brock.


Lesnar: And for most of you thinking I was done with wrestling, I’m back and Eric do you know were a trash can is?


Bischoff: There’s one right there why?


Lesnar: You’ll see


Brock gets out of the ring goes and gets the trash can and brings it in the ring.


Lesnar: This is what I think of the UFC and most of all that prick Dana White.


Brock throws the UFC Title in the trash can and then turns to Bischoff.


Lesnar: And this is what I think of you.


He hits Bischoff with a monster clothesline

Rating: 86


TS: What a way to kick off this Monday Nitro, I’m Tony Schiavone here with Dusty Rhodes and we are excited about the return of WCW.


DR: That’s right baby, Dusty’s back were the big boys play.


TS: Lets go down to the ring were we have our opening bout


Match 1: Brock Lesnar V. Sting

In a match that had excellent in-ring action and great heat from the audience, Brock Lesnar defeated Sting in 10:41 by pinfall with a F-5.

Rating: 79




Booker T: I’m not coming out here and waste a lot of time I’ll cut to the point, Nash we have some unfinished business from the MEM come out here man.


The real N.W.O Wolfpac music hits as Nash comes down to the ring


Nash: What’s the problem man?


Booker T: You know what the problem is man, you know why I called you out here when we started the Main Event Mafia we had one reason right respect. I don’t think we got that man. Tonight tha Mafia returns whatcha thnk?


Nash: Sorry man, not right now I got my eyes on another prize man. After that then maybe were still good and if you need anything I got your back man just not The Mafia way right now.


Booker T: Alright then.


Booker signals to the back and Samoa Joe runs out and attacks Nash and puts rear naked choke on Nash in the ring as Nash passes out.



TS: Well it looks like Booker has found someone to join his “Mafia” with him.


DR: I wouldn’t trust him booka he’s a man you can’t trust he’s a beast.


TS: Well, I’m getting word that Bischoff has booked Samoa Joe V. Kevin Nash for later tonight, but after the break we will have a tag team championship match.




Match 2: The New Road Warriors V. The Main Event

In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, The New Road Warriors defeated The Main Event in 10:50 when Road Warrior Knox defeated Mark Jindrak by pinfall with a Reverse STO. The New Road Warriors win the WCW World Tag Team titles.

Rating: 57


TS: And the New Road Warriors are the WCW Tag Team Champions, could this beggin the legacy of the New Road Warriors?


DR: I don’t know baby but they gots the man in their corner made it come true with the original Warriors.


TS: Next up is the semi main event as Nash and Samoa and its happening because of this.


A clip is shown of the segment that aired earlier and how the match was made.



Match 3: Kevin Nash V. Samoa Joe

In a bout that featured great action and average heat, Samoa Joe defeated Kevin Nash in 9:43 by pinfall with a Muscle Buster. Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe have pretty good chemistry, and it lifted the match. Kevin Nash is improving in Rumble skills. Samoa Joe is improving in Performance skills.

Rating: 74




TS: The second match of tonights tournament is up next and we have two of the original WCW face off to see who faces Brock Lesnar in a World Title Match at Bash at The Beach.


DR: That’s right, and its right now baby.


Jericho makes his way to the but before Rey comes out he grabs a mic.


Jericho: Cut the music, yes I’m here in WCW again and this time it’s not all fun and games like it was my first time around. See when I was here the first time you parasites were stuck on your Hogan’s, Goldberg’s, and N.W.O’s but now it’s Jericho time it’s time for me to put my self among the WCW Elite and I will win the WCW World Heavyweight title at Bash at The Beach.

Rating: 84


Main Event: Chris Jericho V. Rey Mysterio

In a match that had excellent in-ring action and great heat from the audience, Chris Jericho defeated Rey Mysterio in 14:41 by pinfall with a Lionsault. The announcing quality wasn't up to the same standard as the match. This match lifted the crowd. Chris Jericho is improving in Flying skills. Rey Mysterio is improving in Rumble skills.

Rating: 80


Final Rating: 74


TV Rating: 1.04

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