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Ricky Steamboat in the hospital!


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Richard Blood aka Ricky Steamboat, 57, suffered a brain aneurysm last night in Tampa and is currently being hospitalized. We don't know any more details other than it has been confirmed by those in WWE and it is not working an angle from Monday. Steamboat was banged up from Monday's angle.


He is currently listed as being in intensive care under 24-hour observation, and it has been reported that an angiogram has revealed bleeding in the brain.


One of the undeniably greatest wrestlers of all time.


He has my wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

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I already posted about this in the WWE thread. And that looks like an outdated report. His condition has apparently improved.


I didn't know about the WWE thread, figured one of the major stars of the last 30 years having a brain aneurysm would kind of transcend a wrestling company thread.


As for his condition, where I learned about this someone who know's Ricky's family was saying he was told it was more serious than was being reported at the time. Since then his status has improved and he's now listed as stable.

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