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Kian Owens Weird Stats & Popularity Drop

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Hello Everyone!


Using the June patch.


Weird thing happened in my game today I wonder if anyone has any ideas.


I have started pushing Kian Owens. I reached a point when he had A overness all over US and his entertaining skills were B- Mic, A Charisma and C+ Acting.


Then the great moment in his career came. He would compete against another pop A wrestler and a pop B- wrestler for the Main Event Level Belt (of A*) in a triple threat match.


The match ended Kian won and noticed the following:

Kian Popularity dropped to B- (77%) accross USA instantly!

Entertaining skills dropped to C+,B+ and C respectively.

Checked with assistant and Kian isn't in a Time Decline Mode.


Data corruption out of the question because nothing else in the game is different!

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