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College League needs Coaches

Guest hawkeyehardcore

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Guest hawkeyehardcore

I have started a sim league that runs pro and college together. I am challenging the best coaches to start a dynasty. The league begins in 1984 with real players. Do you own recruiting and change the face of college history.

Right now the incoming recruits include:

Glen Rice, Tim Hardaway, Shawn Kemp, Cliff Robinson, Rod Strickland, Pooh Richardson, BJ Armstrong, Danny Ferry, Vlade Divac and many more.


Every year a new group of real players will be high school seniors and can be recruited. Players will leave college and go to the pro league. You can also use coaching cash to talk players into returning to college if they want to leave early. College players must play at least 2 years in college before they can go pro to help the coaches.


Check out the board:http://z7.invisionfree.com/ACBA_and_ABA/index.php?act=idx


College and Pro index's are up.

You will also be going up against real college coaches that I have created. Can you prevent Bob Knight from making IU the greatest team?


Hire young guys like Roy Williams and John Calipari to start. I will also be adding players that retire from the pro's to the college coaching pot. Hire guys like magic johnson or michael jordan and give them their first college job as your assistant when their pro career is done.


No experience? No problem! I'll help you through your first season.

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