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"The Avatar." That's what they all call me. Like I'm some sort of puppet for the people working above, taking all of the credit for their good ideas. Fact is, Tommy, Sam, Joel, Archie, and Arnie would never let that happen.


They say the ideas that I did come up with only worked out because of the guys I had to work with. Fact is, I just know how to play my guy's strengths. Bryant turned Baine and Genghis face? I just had the common sense to point out to everyone that that wasn't working out now, and it never would.


Everyone that knows me, and I mean the people that really know me, know I've worked hard to get where I am. Cliff over in CZCW, Rip, Phil Vibert. Hell, even the godfather of wrestling, Rich Eisen wanted me on his booking team back in 08. But I was already here, working my way up through the ranks.


I'm good at what I do, and always have been. I'm not bragging about it, I'm just stating facts. Wherever I go, attendance rises, ratings climb, and the quality of the show shoots up. But when I started working here, I started working with some of the best minds in the business. Guys that took some bull **** promotion and declared war on the biggest show in the game, and they won a whole hell of a lot of battles. When I came to TCW, I joined something big, became a part of something. And now, after all these years of working from the ground up I've been promoted. I'm a general now. I guess you could say I'm the world's most high-profile paw, the grandmaster of all avatars.


I'm The Grand Avatar, and I'm the new head booker for TCW.


OOC: The first show'll be up soon. I'm off most of this week, so I'm gonna try to get a few shows booked and start writing.

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Guest codey



New Year, Old Fight


The show kicked off with The Syndicate standing in the ring. Cornell and Hawkins looked angrier than usual, which probably had a lot to do with both of them losing their matches at Psycho Circus Sunday on PPV.

“We’ve been hearing it all day long,” Cornell began. “Everyone backstage is saying that we’ve lost it. They keep saying that we can’t compete anymore, that we’re not a threat to anyone without Keith and the boys at our backs.”


“And guess what?” Hawkins continued. “We’re sick of it! Anyone that was paying attention to our matches could tell Golden and Johnson got lucky. Tommy and I are the best fighters in this whole company, and I dare anyone to come out here and prove us wrong.”


“You’re wasting your words, Wolf, ain’t no one gonna --” Fortunate Son hit the speakers cutting Cornell off, and Ricky Dale Johnson and Joey Minnesota started heading to the ring, microphones in hand.




“You know,” RDJ started, “I think we’ve proved you wrong before, but I’d be happy to do it again.”


The faces climbed into the ring, staring down The Syndicate.


“You know damn well that if you tried anything you’d just end up on the receiving end of some rough justice.”


“Is that so?” Minnesota questioned.

“Yeah, I think it is,” Tommy answered, before the Southpaw blasted Minnesota with a haymaker left. RDJ jumped into the brawl, taking down Wolf before laying down some nasty mounted punches on the youngster, while Tommy and Joey grappled for a better position. Pretty soon the locker room had emptied out, separating the two teams, who were mostly just scuffed up aside from Wolf, who had suffered a bloody nose at the hands of RDJ.



Bryan Vessey vs. American Buffalo



The past few weeks have seen Vessey dealing with some considerable problems by way of Eddie Peak and his Hellfire Club. Tonight, Vessey looked to deal with one of those problems as he took on American Buffalo, one of Peak’s chief lieutenants. The match itself was a hard-hitting affair, with Vessey using some brutal looking strikes to bring put the huge man on his back and Buffalo using his immense size to continually put Vessey back on the ground. In the end, Vessey was able to muscle Buffalo up and plant him with a Vessey driver for the win. Vessey wins, 81

The Hellfire Club



Post match activities saw Genghis Rahn charge the ring in defense of his friend. While a formidable man himself, Rahn’s attack served only as a distraction, as Eddie Peak snuck in from behind through the crowd to level Vessey with a steel chair shot. As Vessey struggled to get up, Peak brought the chair down on his back once more before placing it over Vessey’s head and dropping a barrage of stomps down on the steel.


A Legendary Encounter



“The Legend” Sam Keith is seen standing outside of a locker room. Loud music is heard from inside the room, and it’s obvious there’s a party going on. After a moment, Sam bangs out a few loud knocks on the door.


The music is almost deafening when the door opens and Rocky Golden emerges from within.



“Sammy Keith! What’s up man?”


“What’s up? Do you even know that we’re scheduled in a match later tonight?”


“Yeah, man, I know. I’m just not too worried about it. I mean, it’s just a tag match. No real incentive for us, right?” said, grinning the whole time.


“The incentive is to win a match, which is why I’ve been preparing for it since I got to the arena tonight. The fact that you’ve been hosting a party all night while I get ready to go to war is a little bit insulting, quite frankly.”


“Hey man, just chill out for a little while. Sunday when I beat Tommy I let everyone know that I’m for real. This here belt-” Rocky stopped and posed with the World Championship. “-This is here to stay. That’s cause for celebration, man! I deserve a little party. Besides, I don’t need to prepare for a match. This is God given baby!”

Rocky turned around and went back to his party, leaving Keith alone in the hallway, seething.



A #1 Contender Match




The second match of the night saw Aaron Andrews, Flying Jimmy Fox, and Robert Oxford fighting to be named the number one contender for Edd Stone’s All-Action title. Fox and Andrews kept the pace high in this match, with the veteran Oxford doing his best to slow everything down and tie up the youngsters, but in the end it proved too much, with Andrews pinning Oxford after stunning him with a hot shot. Andrews wins, 66



Bach Challenges Taylor




The following match featured rising star Sammy Bach challenging Joshua Taylor for his International title. The match was back and forth, with each man getting his fair share of offense in. Bach looked set to win, setting Taylor up for the Bach on Your Back, but Taylor was able to reverse it into a rollup for the surprise win. After the match, Back is irate, kicking the ring ropes and yelling at Karen Killer. Taylor retains, 60



A Renewed Alliance



Backstage, Rick Law is twirling his nightstick, watching the makeup girls and whistling when Wolf Hawkins approaches.


“Well lookee here, it's Wolf Hawkins. And what can I do for you?”


“You know why I’m here, Law. I need your help.”


“Do you now? And tell me, why should I help you?”


“Because you owe me. After the way you deserted The Syndicate last year…”


“Let’s be clear, I don't owe you anything, boy, and I didn’t abandon anyone. I was kicked out after Keith came back. Future endeavored and what-not.”


“You know that was all Tommy’s idea. I didn’t have anything to with that.”


“So I’m guessing Tommy doesn’t know you’re here right now.”


“He doesn’t disapprove, if that’s what you’re getting at.”


“No? Well now, I do believe I can help you in this predicament of your’s then. That said, I do have a condition.”


“Which is? You know we can make things happen.”


“I want Ino in our match tonight. Old boy’s been a thorn in my side for a long ol’ time.”


“You got it Rick. Just be there tonight,” Wolf said before turning and walking off.



Benson vs. Pete



The next match saw newcomer Benny Benson continue his winning streak due in no small part to Troy Tornado, who attempted to strike Benson when the refs back was turned only to misfire and nail Texas Pete with a hard clothesline, setting Benson up to finish the big man. Post match antics saw Benson slip away from the ring after Tornado came in after him. Benson wins, 60



Golden vs. Keith in Tag Team Action




Tornado remained in the ring while his partner for the evening, Sam Keith, made his way down. Once he was in the ring, Rocky Golden came dancing out from the back with his partner, Danny Fonzarelli. The match was a back-and-forth affair with all four men getting in decent offense, but finished soon after Sam Keith was able to zero in on Fonzarelli and lock in the Proton Lock for the tap out victory. Post-match, and Rocky Golden made his way to the back alone, still playing to the crowd. Keith was left alone, seething once more from Golden’s care free attitude. Keith and Tornado win, 76


The Syndicate and Law vs. Freedom Fighters and Ino



The main event of the evening was a wild brawl that saw the ref’s control break down more than once. The final seconds of the match saw Minnesota take the hot tag from Ino and clean house, only to get his with a brutal low-blow from Cornell followed by a Guilt Trip for the win. The Syndicate win, 84


Total: 81 (Not sure if this is good, bad, or simply decent. The biggest promotion I’ve ever ran is a cult MAW)



Next time on TCW Presents Total Wrestling:

The New Wave vs. Robert Oxford and Joel Bryant

Bryan Vessey vs. Genghis Rahn

The L.A. Connection vs The Canadian Animals

Rick Law vs. RDJ

Rocky Golden vs. Troy Tornado

Tommy Cornell vs. Joey Minnesota

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Next time on TCW Presents Total Wrestling:

The New Wave vs. Robert Oxford and Joel Bryant

Bryan Vessey vs. Genghis Rahn

The L.A. Connection vs The Canadian Animals

Rick Law vs. RDJ

Rocky Golden vs. Troy Tornado

Tommy Cornell vs. Joey Minnesota

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Guest codey

The Golden Challenge




This week’s show kicks off with Rocky Golden being interviewed by Jasmine Saunders backstage.


“Rocky,” she began, “Ever since your loss last week, a lot of people have been proclaiming Sam Keith as the unofficial number one contender for your title. Can I get your thoughts?”

“Look, darling, I lost a tag match. And, not trying to take anything away from my buddy Danny, but I didn’t even get pinned! Honestly, I’m a singles competitor, and so long as I keep this beautiful golden belt around my waist for the benefit of entertaining all of these paying fans, then I’m happy, and this party’s just gonna keep on rolling.”


At this point Keith walks up to interrupt.



“Look, Golden, you may think that you’re the best this company has to offer, but that’s far from the truth,” said, his voice barely rising over an angry whisper, and sounding a little bit like a snarl. “I can beat you any day, any which way I like, and I’m here to issue a formal challenge for that championship belt at Malice. I’m gonna show you how a real wrestler acts, and I guarantee that if you try and pull your usual crap with me I’m gonna snap your neck in half.”


At this point, Keith threw down the microphone and stormed off.


“Well, Rocky, do you accept Keith’s challenge?”


Rocky stood confused for a moment, before answering. “I guess so baby doll. Now, moving on, I’d like to take the rest of this opportunity to invite all the fans out there to my after party tonight! No cover charge, and youall know where it's at!” Rocky exclaimed, flashing a cheesy smile and a thumbs up.


A Tag Team Affair




The next match featured The Tag Team Specialists fighting The New Wave in a non-title affair. Both teams showed some great skill in this match up, but in the end, it was the superior teamwork from The New Wave that proved to be the edge, as the team finished off Robert Oxford with a Wave of Mutilation. The New Wave win, 66


The Machines are Back in the Picture




After the match, John Anderson and Brent Hill appeared on the stage, microphones in hand.


“That was a pretty good showing, wouldn’t you say, John?”


“Oh, I certainly agree, Brent. They definitely look like they’d be a pretty good for us at Malice.”


“And I agree with you, John. It looks like we might actually have a little bit of a challenge getting our tag titles back.”


The New Wave stood in the ring, slightly surprised by the appearance.


“Oh, that’s right, boys. We’ve talked to some people and made some deals, and at Malice in Wonderland, we’ve gotten you a match!”


“Unlucky as you are, though, it’s going to be against The Machines. So I’d keep on training if I were you, because you’re going up against the most talented team in the world today!”


Bryan Vessey vs. Genghis Rahn




Vessey came to ring sporting bandages around his ribs and stitches in his head. Much like last week’s Vessey/Buffalo match, this fight was another hard hitting brawl. Rahn started the match by tearing into Vessey, kicking and clawing at every chance. Vessey, for his part, fought back despite the vicious assault he received last week, and was able to scoop Rahn up for a Vessey Driver to score the in. Vessey wins, 68.


Another Sneak Attack




Following the match, American Buffalo charged the ring, hoping to level the battered star. However, he was met with a huge lariat that nearly knocked his head off and gave Vessey time to locate Eddie Peak, who again attempted to sneak to the ring through crowd. However, this Vessey was prepared, and was able to hold his position and keep Peak from entering the ring. Peak, knowing he had lost this battle, snarled his way away from the ring, leaving Vessey standing over his fallen comrades.



The LA Connection vs. The Canadian Animals




This match was scheduled after Aaron Andrews became the number contender for Edd Stone’s All Action title last week. The match was certainly a high flying affair, showing off the talents of our exciting Action division, and ended after Andrews hit the champ with flying cross body block to score the upset win. The LA Connection win, 55



The Law Says




Backstage, and we have Rick Law confronting “The Warrior” Koshiro Ino.


“Boy, I never had a problem with you. But ever since you been on this honor kick of yours, you been a damn thorn in my side, and I just can’t get rid of you. But I’m gonna tell you something now that you can’t seem to understand. The law ain’t got nothing to do with honor. Only thing that matters is right and wrong, and I been doing what’s right for me my whole life. So I want you to watch my match, because you’re gonna learn something that I’ve been trying to pound into your head for months now. You’re gonna learn what happens when you fight the Law.” Law sneered at Ino.


“The Law wins.”


At this, Law stormed off, leaving The Warrior standing stoically in the hallway.


Troy Tornado vs. Rocky Golden





Benny Benson was ringside for this one, providing color comment much to the dismay of Tornado. Golden certainly looked like a champion in this one, as he controlled Tornado for much of the match. However, his desire to play to the crowd caught up to him, as Tornado took advantage and mounted a strong comeback in the final minutes of the match. In the end, though, it was Rocky Golden who came away victorious, forcing Tornado to tap after trapping him in The Rack when the distraction of Benson became too much for the former rock star. Golden wins via submission, 75.




The Syndicate Tell Joey Minnesota He Needs to Pick it Up




“Joey Minnesota” Cornell said, taking a pause from his warm up. “You challenged me to a match tonight, which I accepted. “But I’m gonna be honest, boy, I only accepted because it’s so damn fun beatin’ the hell outta ya.”

“It’s time for you to face the facts, Joey,” Hawkins continued. “You never ended The Syndicate, RDJ did. You’ve been piggybacking him through this entire little war we’ve been having. You aren’t half the wrestler he is, and you’re not a tenth of the wrestler Tommy and me are.”

“And you never will be. So tonight, I’m gonna go out, and I’m gonna put you in your place. I’m gonna beat you into a bloody pulp and send you back to that hell hole that you call a state. Now get the hell out of my locker room, I’m warming up!”


Rick Law vs. RDJ




The second brawl of the evening, this fight began before the ring bell even rang to start the match. Law launched a sneak attack on RDJ as he made his way to the ring, and the two threw fists at ringside for a few minutes. Upon entering the ring and finally starting the match, Law took control of the match using his surprising agility to keep RDJ off balance. After numerous minutes on the losing end, RDJ began to launch a comeback, and the match began to switch momentum at a rapid pace, before RDJ issued out his own form of the law and dropped Law with the Southern Justice. RDJ wins, 81.



Tommy Cornell vs. Joey Minnesota




Tommy Cornell set out to back up his words in this match, opting to forego traditional wrestling moves and straight-up fight Minnesota in the early going of this one. For a while, Minnesota took quite the beating, but he came back with a dropkick to the shin of Cornell, followed up with a stiff-looking enzigiri. This allowed Minnesota some recovery time as the went through his ten count, with both fighters getting up at 5. From here Minnesota took control, countering a Cornell punch and sending him into the ropes to hit a belly to belly suplex on the rebound. From here Minnesota begin an assault on the leg of Cornell, delivering some vicious stomps to the knee and locking in a number of submissions to wear down the knee. Upon signaling for a figure four, Cornell pushed Minnesota off with his good leg, and after getting up, leveled Minnesota with a brutal left hand that bloodied his nose. Writhing in pain, Cornell dragged him up and nailed a Guilt Trip to pick up the win, leaving Minnesota bloody and unconscious as the show goes off the air. Cornell takes the win, 86.



Overall: 80


Next Time on TCW Presents Total Wrestling:

Edd Stone vs Chance Fortune

The Machines vs Danny Fonzarelli and and Clark Alexander

Bryan Vessey and Joshua Taylor vs American Buffalo, Genghis Rahn, and Sammy Bach

Koshihiro Ino vs Killswitch

Sam Keith and Troy Tornado vs Rocky Golden and Benny Benson

RDJ vs Tommy Cornell

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Guest codey

Pro Wrestling Review

Who is the “Grand Avatar?”

By Mark Smart




TCW rang in 2010 with quite the shakeup. Deciding to usher in the new year with new ideas, Tommy Cornell demoted Joel Bryant from his position of head booker, and bestowed the title upon a relative unknown. A lot of you may be wondering just who this “Grand Avatar” is, but that’s a hard question to answer. I can tell you who he is, where he‘s from, but exactly who he is a harder question to answer.


The Avatar is a man known as Cody Lane, a journeyman of the North American wrestling scene. Go back through the records, and you can find his name stamped on nearly every promotion in North America over the past ten years. A highly reclusive individual, Lane has never given an interview, turning down reporters at every chance. When I encountered him, Lane told me only that “The wrestlers are the stars,” and to go ask them questions. He was “only a writer.” Indeed, the only true information we can gather on the man is from those he has worked with, and even they seem to hold quite a bit back.


“Cody’s a bit eccentric, I guess I could say,” Cliff Anderson told this reporter. “He would show up the day before the show, meet with me to hash out the show, and leave. His ideas were great, but he just really didn’t want to be around the show. Don’t take that as him being ashamed of being a wrestling fan, he loves the business. He’s just not a people person. A great mind for the business, though.”


Lane worked for CZCW between 2004 and 2007, and can be credited with the incredible feud that saw Remmy Skye challenging Snap Dragon for the Coastal Zone Xtreme title, along with starting the Coastal Resort, a breeding ground for young, athletic fighters train their skills in hopes of getting a shot with the company.


Although he had a short stint with MAW before TCW purchased his services in 2008, he certainly left his mark on the promotion.


“Yeah, the kid definitely did a lot of good for us,” Rip Chord said of him. “The team was me, Jean, and him. Now me and Jean had a good thing going before I brought him in, but I really can’t lie to ya, most of our good ideas came from him. Patriot, Vessey, Valentine, all three of em’ stars, and all three his ideas. Hell, the last idea I came up with was bringing that damn Vegas kid in.” When asked if they were still using the ideas of Lane, Chord only said, “Of course.”


Reports are coming in that the relationship formed with Chord is still prevalent, as Lane has offered Chord a contract to become turn MAW into a training ground for TCW, fulfilling Chord’s original plans for the promotion. As of now, it’s reported that Lane has hired around 30 young wrestlers to train in MAW and FCW, as the Puerto Rican company has also agreed to train the young stars in the making.


As more information about this reclusive booker ascending to the top of a wrestling empire comes forward, I’ll be sure to keep you updated. But for now, I’m Mark Smart, everyone’s favorite inside reporter, and I’m Mark-ing out!

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Guest codey


Tuesday Week 3, 2010



Edd Stone vs. Chance Fortune




We start this episode of Total Wrestling with a singles match between the reigning All Action champion and Chance Fortune, the partner of Stone’s challenger, Aaron Andrews, at Malice in Wonderland. The match was a lightning-fast affair as we’ve come to expect from this division, with Stone picking up the win with after a Party’s Over left Fortune down and out. Stone goes somewhat over-the-top afterwards with his celebration, happy to pick up the win after last week’s tag match loss. Stone parties his way to a win, 70.



Golden is in the Building!




Backstage, and Rocky Golden is walking through to his locker room when Jasmine Saunders runs up to interview the champ.


“Rocky, you’ve been scheduled for a tag match with Benny Benson tonight. Your thoughts?”


“It’s just another match to me, baby. If me and Benny win it, that’d be cool, but if we don’, well, that’s cool too. I’m still walking out a champion!”


“And what are your thoughts on Sam Keith, one of your opponents tonight, and his allegations that you aren’t acting like a champion?”

“Look, Sammy’s just a little heated that I’m the champ. I worked hard to get this belt, and I think I deserve to party it up a little. By the way, baby, how are you feeling after last night? You were like a wild-woman at the club!”


Jasmine could only blush.

“Anyway, Sammy hasn’t beaten me, personally, yet, and I’m not too worried about him doing it in the future. I mean, he’s good, but I’m Golden.”


The Machines vs. Clark Alexander and Danny Fonzarelli




The #1 contenders to the tag team titles were in action next, and used their experience to shut down what little offense Alexander and Fonzarelli tried to put together, finishing them off after Anderson dropped Alexander with and Ammo Dump. The Machines systematically take their opponents apart, 63.



More Gloating from The Syndicate




We go backstage where The Syndicate are sitting in their locker room.

“Last week, the entire world saw what happens to people that think they can challenge the syndicate,” Cornell started. “You wanna fight us, and I promise you, we will shut you down.”


“That’s right. Tommy beat Minnesota so bad that kid didn’t even show up tonight. And now RDJ wants to get in the ring with him? Be careful old man, cause Tommy’s gonna aim to break more than your hip.”


“You’re damn right. After tonight, both you and your partner are gonna be laid up in a cold, empty hospital room while Wolf and I do what we do best: run this company.”


Bryan Vessey and Joshua Taylor vs. American Buffalo, Genghis Rahn, AND Sammy Bach!




Vessey and Taylor had to be crazy to take this handicap match, as evidenced by the beating they took at the hands of the three men across the ring from them. Most of the offense was dealt out by the Hellfire Club and Bach, but the ending came as Taylor took Buffalo and Bach out of the equation with a suicide dive, leaving Vessey able to drop Rahn with a last-ditch Vessey Driver to pick up the surprise win! Vessey and Taylor eke out a win, 66.



Peak and Bach exact some revenge




After the match, Eddie Peak stormed the ring to turn help turn this three on two match into an four on two assault. Following a brutal assault, Peak picks up a mic and snarls that he wants Vessey in a steel cage at Malice! Bach issues a challenge to Taylor as well, declaring that the International title will be his in two weeks time.



Ino vs. Killswitch




Killswitch, a freshly debuted fighter stalked his way to the ring as the stoic warrior watched from the ring. Killswitch looked strong in the early going, bringing Ino to his knees with some hard-looking kicks. This didn’t last long, however, as Ino countered a charging kick into a catch suplex, and controlled the match from that point on, hitting the Warrior’s Way for the win. Ino caves in Kill Switch‘s chest, 53.



Law Issues Challenge




Post-match, and Rick Law makes his way to ring, mic in hand.


“Ino, you’re a lucky guy, ya know? You’ve got what you want. At Malice in Wonderland, you and me, we’re gonna tangle, boy. I just got off the phone with some high-up folks, and got myself a match set up, because the long arm of the law has a lot of reach, and let me tell ya, it’s got a lotta swing, if’n you’re catching my drift.”


Ino stood impassively in the ring.


“Boy, I can’t wait to put some emotion on that face of yours. You’re gonna feel pain like you ain’t never felt before. Because when you fight the Law…”


“…the Law wins.”



Sam Keith and Troy Tornado vs. Rocky Golden and Benny Benson




This is the second time Keith and Tornado have teamed up to fight Golden, but it’s the first time Tornado’s been in the ring with Benson since his upset victory over the rock star. While Sam Keith was business as usual in the ring, the distraction Benson being within his reach had Tornado over-excited, and caused him to get locked up in Golden’s Rack for the submission loss. Golden submits Tornado, 80.



Tommy Cornell vs. RDJ




Cornell may have said he was going to hospitalize RDJ, but those didn’t ring true as this match was far closer than his against Joey Minnesota. RDJ, being far more experienced and a brawler himself, was able to take the fight to Tommy. The momentum was shifting constantly in this one, and the end came after RDJ leveled a charging Cornell with a lariat, giving the Freedom Fighters a much needed victory and momentum over The Syndicate. RDJ knocks Cornell’s head off, 80.



Total: 79




Next Time on Total Wrestling

Scout vs. Brent Hill

Aaron Andrews vs. Edd Stone’s choice

Bryan Vessey and Joshua Taylor vs. Eddie Peak and Sammy Bach

New Signing Gino Montero vs. Rick Law

Benny Benson vs. Sam Keith

Joey Minnesota vs. Wolf Hawkins

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Guest codey


Tuesday Week 4, January 2010



Brent Hill vs. Scout




Both stars came out with something to prove in this one. Hill was looking to gain some momentum heading into his teams title match on Sunday, while Scout aimed to prove that his team could stave off the challenge of The Machines. The match itself was a technical affair, with lots of transitions, limb work, and arm bars, and ended when Hill managed to lock Scout up in a Complete Package, netting his team some of that valuable momentum stuff everyone loves. Brent Hill ties up Scout, 77.


Edd Stone brings out a Brand New Ally




Aaron Andrews made his way to the ring, foregoing his usual playing to the crowd to stand in the center of the ring, awaiting his opponent. Edd Stone’s music hit and a chorus of boos rained down on the star as he came out, title and microphone in hand with Freddy Huggins in tow.


“Aaron Andrews. Last week, I pinned your tag team partner 1-2-3 in the middle of that ring. That’s a guy that you call your equal in every way, and I’d say that speaks volumes about what’s gonna happen Sunday night at Malice.”


Stone looked to Huggins, who clapped his hands and nodded his head in agreement.

“Now, I thought that since I’ve already had a tough warm up match myself, that I should be a good sport, and get you a match so you can prepare, too. So allow me to be the first one to introduce you to my good friend, Davis Wayne!”




Wayne exploded out of the back, sprinting to the ring and immediately getting in the face of Andrews…


Davis Wayne vs. Aaron Andrews




…who immediately dropped Wayne with a stiff right hand. Double A went on to control Wayne for the rest of this short match, ending it (mercifully) with a Battery Pack to get the win. After the match, Andrews stared down Stone and made a belt motion, declaring that it was his title Stone was wearing. Double A makes short work of the new guy, 68.



A Star Arrives




We go to the garage area where screaming fans are surrounding a limo that just pulled up. Security guards press them back as the door opens, and Rocky Golden stumbles out holding a bottle of liquor while the fans go crazy while Jasmine Saunders approaches the champ for an interview.


“Rocky, you’re not scheduled for a match tonight, is there a reason you’re here?”

“Jasmine, baby, I’m here in support of my buddy Benny Benson. Dude’s got a big match with Sammy Keith tonight. And of course, I’m here for all these fans out here!”


The crowd went crazy.

“Rocky, I’ve gotta ask you, are you aware of the no alcohol policy TCW has in place?”

“Jazzy girl, I’m the champ, I get to do whatever I want. Isn’t that right everyone?”


The crowd continued to scream.

“I gotta go, baby girl. Benny needs a talkin’ to. And remember, everyone’s invited to my after party!”



Bryan Vessey and Joshua Taylor vs. Sammy Bach and Eddie Peak




A lot of hate in this match, as these four individuals have had some serious problems in the past few weeks. The tough brawling styles of Vessey and Peak contrasted with the slick styles of Taylor and Bach, and that’s what eventually brought the end of the match, as Peak overpowered Taylor and dropped him with a Peak of Perfection for the win. After the match, Peak and Bach got into the face of Vessey, prompting the veteran to go after him. Peak was quick on his feet and shut Vessey down, leveling the star with a Peak of Perfection, leaving both faces down and out. Peak and Bach take the win heading into Malice, 81.


Gino Montero vs. Rick Law




Montero, a new signing from south of the border, was unlucky enough to draw a match with an angry Law. Montero looked good in the early going, using his speed to keep Law off balance, but Law was eventually going to get his hands on him, and once he did, he put him away with the Long Arm of the Law. Post match, Law grabs the mic.

“Ino, this boy here fought the Law, and the Law won. Be ready at Malice, boy, cause I’m sending you home on a stretcher.” Law takes the “W” heading into Malice, 54.


A Syndicate-Freedom Fighters Confrontation



Backstage, and the Syndicate approaches Joey Minnesota.

“Well, well, well, look at who showed up tonight, Wolf.”


“Is that Joey Minnesota, Tommy? I thought he was still in the hospital.”


Minnesota stood to answer.


“You’d be surprised at how quick someone can heal up.”


“Oh, I’m not surprised. Just thinking that next time I should hit just a bit harder.”

“Don’t worry, Tommy. I’m gonna take care of that tonight. Joey here isn’t even gonna make it to our match at Malice after what I do to him tonight.”


“You can talk big all you want, but you have to back it up for it to mean anything. Now get the hell out of my locker room.”


Wolf sneered at Minnesota.


“I’ll see you in the ring. Don’t forget your band-aids, little boy.”



Benny Benson vs. Sam Keith




The usually fun-loving Benson took a serious approach to this match, as he clearly respected the legend’s skills. Sam Keith, for his part, showed respect to Benson, shaking hands with the undefeated star prior to the match. The two put on a technical clinic, showing off slick transitions and painful-looking submissions.



Midway through the match, Rocky Golden made his way to the ring. Benson was clearly distracted by his friend’s presence, as he repeatedly yelled at him to go backstage. Keith eventually took advantage of this, tripping up Benson and locking in the Proton Lock for the win. After the match, Golden tried to tell Benson that it was all good, but Benson would have none of it, opting to exit with his friend’s nemesis, Keith, leaving a troubled champ alone in the ring. Keith breaks Benson’s streak, 70.


Joey Minnesota vs. Wolf Hawkins




Minnesota clearly made a quick recovery, as he made sure Hawkins wasn’t able to do to him what Cornell did two weeks ago. The two put on a wonderful match, with the pace staying at a breakneck speed throughout most of the match. The end eventually came after Hawkins nailed Minnesota with the Full Moon Rising to get the win, leaving himself just as battered as his opponent. Hawkins pulls off the win, 83.


Total: 79

Malice in Wonderland Card

The New Wave vs The Machines for the Tag Team Championship

Koshihiro Ino vs Rick Law

Aaron Andrews vs Edd Stone for the All Action Championship

Joshua Taylor vs Sammy Bach for the International Championship

Bryan Vessey vs Eddie Peak in a steel cage match

The Freedom Fighters vs The Syndicate

Rocky Golden vs Sam Keith for the World Championship

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Guest codey


Sunday Week 4, January 2010

Jason Azaria - Kyle Rhodes


Pre-show Battle Royale




The fans in attendance kicked off the show with a battle royale, won by fan-favorite Danny Fonzarelli. The match was a fun if not standard affair, and is expected to be released as a special feature on the DVD in March.


The New Wave vs. The Machines for the Tag Team Championship





The two best tag teams in TCW tore into each other from the start in this one, showing that tag team wrestling can be more than just the heels dominating a face until he gets the hot tag. In the end, it was The New Wave who won following a Wave of Mutilation on Brent Hill.

“What a great way to kick off the show!”


“I agree Rhodey, but don’t expect this to be the end for these two teams. That match was way too close for The Machines to give up.”

The New Wave retain, 74.


Koshihiro Ino vs. Rick Law




Next up, Law and Ino locked horns in a classic grudge match. In a match that looked more like a bar room brawl, Ino’s honorable style proved to not be match for Law’s win-at-all-costs tactics, as Law finished Ino with a kick to the groin behind the ref’s back, followed up by a brutal looking Long Arm of the Law.


“I think Law’s just proved that he can step up and beat top-competition here in TCW.”


“Yeah, but at what costs? The fans of TCW don’t react all too kindly to cheating like that.”


After the match, Law went completely over the top with his celebration after coming out on top of his rival. Blue and grey streamers showered the ring as Law went to every turnbuckle, nearly bursting into tears as he played to the crowd.


Law steals the win, 79.


Aaron Andrews vs. Edd Stone for the All Action Championship





Stone and Double A, two of TCW’s can’t-miss prospects, did battle next. Double A holds a tag victory over Stone, and is coming off of the decimation of Davis Wayne at last week’s Total Wrestling taping. This match was entertaining from start to finish, with two of the fastest star’s TCW has to off flying off the handle for the better part of 12 minutes. The end came when Andrews lifted Stone up to hit the Battery Pack, but Stone slipped out back and was able to drop AA with a Party’s Over.

Stone retains, 66.


Bach Guarantees a Win Tonight




Backstage, and we’re talking to the rock god himself, Sammy Bach.

“Taylor, you have one victory over me, and yet, you somehow think that you’re better than me, even though the past two weeks have seen me standing over you, holding your title.”


“Tonight, I’m going to snatch away that title of yours and end all of your delusions of grandeur. Because once Bach’s on your back, you won’t have any more.”



Joshua Taylor vs. Sammy Bach for the International Championship





This was mostly a technical affair, with Bach throwing in some high risk moves in his attempt to dethrone the champ. At one point, Bach looked to have Taylor put away with an arm bar, but the champ was able to roll his way out of the move and continue fighting. Taylor eventually finished Bach off after trapping him in the Butterfly Lock, forcing Bach to verbally submit.

“I’m surprised Taylor didn’t break Bach’s arms there, Rhodey.”


“Bach’s way too smart to let that happen, Jason. He’ll get back in the title hunt soon enough”

Taylor retains via arm-breakage, 70.



Bryan Vessey vs. Eddie Peak in the steel cage




This bout certainly made it’s case as the most brutal affair of the evening. Both Peak and Vessey were bleeding within the opening minutes of the match, taking out all of the aggression that their months-long feud has built on each other. Around the 20 minute mark, Vessey began to ascend the cage wall in an attempt to end the match, but Peak was quick to follow him up. After a brief struggle at the top, Peak was able to nail Vessey with a Peak of Perfection off of the cage wall to take the pinfall victory.

“Someone needs to get in there and check on Vessey.”


“I can’t see him getting up for a while after taking a move like that.”

“Peak certainly ended this match with an exclamation point.”


Peak is bruised and bloody, but wins regardless, 85.



Good-ol’ Pre-match Smack Talk




The Syndicate approached The Freedom Fighters backstage.

“Looks like we’re up next, boys,” Cornell began. “Are you ready for this?”


RDJ stood up and went face-to-face with the Brit.


“You’re damn right we are, Cornell.”


Hawkins inserted himself between the two men.

“Save it for the ring, old man. Besides, I’m not so sure you are. Your friend Joey doesn’t look like he’s in the best of shape there.”


Indeed, Joey Minnesota looked like a battered mess sitting on the bench. Still, he willed himself up and got in the face of Hawkins.


“I’m in good enough shape to beat you, Hawkins.”

“Save it for the ring, Joey. We’re going to put them in their place, just wait.”


“Oh, we will, old man. We’ll be waiting for you right in the center of the ring.”


At that, The Syndicate turned and left, leaving The Freedom Fighters to continue to get ready.



The Freedom Fighters vs. The Syndicate




In what was quite possibly the best match of the evening, RDJ and Minnesota took the fight to the self-proclaimed greatest wrestlers in TCW. Joey Minnesota in particular was displaying a fire previously unseen in him, ignoring his injuries and taking down Cornell and Hawkins on multiple occasions. The adrenaline rush he was feeling apparently wasn’t enough, however, as Hawkins was able to hit him with a Ful Moon Rising followed by a Rough Justice from Cornell to end the match.

“Minnesota just doesn’t seem to have what it takes to finish off these guys.”


“I think it’s time for RDJ to look for a new approach.”


Minnesota falls to The Syndicate once again, 91.


The Party Will Roll On




Rocky Golden is seen exiting his locker room, a party clearly still raging inside.

“I’ve got a match baby, I’ve gotta go!”


He shut the door and turned to the camera.


“Sammy Keith. You’re a legend in this business, and I like you, I really do. But I’m not gonna let you rain on my parade tonight. I’m not going to be just another milestone in your storied career, and I’m not gonna let you in this roller coaster ride I’m on. After tonight the party rolls on, and I keep this belt. After all, I am Golden, and it compliments me so well.”


Rocky Golden vs. Sam Keith for the World Heavyweight Championship





Sam Keith came out with the focus one would expect in a match of this importance, but the same couldn’t be said for Rocky Golden, who, in what has become the norm for him, seemed more interested in playing to his fans at ringside. The Golden One had clearly been partying all night and had not prepared for the challenge Keith presented to him. Keith, clearly offended by the champ’s lack of focus, was quick to slap the taste right out of his mouth as he brought the fight right to the champ. Golden spent the first few minutes trying to weather the storm as Keith beat him from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, but was able to get back into the match after countering a suplex attempt into a neckbreaker. From this point, the momentum of the match shifted back and forth for the next 25 minutes, until Golden was able to lock Keith up in the Rack. After holding him in the submission for several minutes, it became clear that the legend wasn’t going to tap, and Golden simply dropped the challenger from his shoulders to the floor. Keith landed directly on his neck, and collapsed in a heap, allowing Golden to cover him for the win.

“That was easily the most dangerous, unsafe move I’ve seen in years.”

“I’m not even sure you can call that a move. It’s like Rocky just gave up and dropped Keith.”

“I just hope Keith’s alright.”


After the match, Golden began celebrating, but was clearly confused at the relative silence of the fans, who seemed to be more concerned for Keith than they were happy for their champ to retain his title. When the medical staff was able to wake Keith up and he stood up of his own free will, the legend received a standing ovation, and the champ watched as his opponent left, leaving him alone in the ring for the second show I na row.


Golden nearly kills Keith to retain, 81.



Total: 82

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Guest codey

Pro Wrestling Review

TCW: Past, Present, and Future

By Mark Smart


Over the years, Total Championship Wrestling has evolved from a billionaire’s plaything to a legitimate wrestling promotion, the first real competitor to the wrestling empire known as the Supreme Wrestling Federation. In order to do this, TCW had to do something unthinkable: they had to entertain wrestling fans with wrestling.


Now, hold on a minute, I know what you’re thinking. “Doesn‘t being a wrestling fan imply that wrestling entertains you?” Well, yes, that’s true. But what TCW did was craft a product that was so different from what was dominating the fan’s televisions every week that everyone took notice. They eschewed the over-the-top characters, the nonsensical storylines, the T&A, all in favor of a product that put the focus on competitive, skill-based matches and simple characters. To get far in TCW says that you are among the world’s greatest at your craft, a wrestler of the highest degree and pedigree possible. That’s not to say a particularly entertaining gimmick won’t help, simply that it takes a bit more than that.


When TCW was formed, wrestler’s such as Dread, Rip Chord, and then-midcarder-now-main-event-owner Tommy Cornell came out and put on fantastic matches that simply didn’t fail to entertain. When Sam Strong, widely known as the greatest entertainer in the world but somewhat lesser of an in-ring competitor, he surprised the world by toning down his over-the-top personality and amping up his workrate to an incredible degree. Whereas a dominating SWF stable might feature a few talented wrestlers and some sub-par heaps, when TCW formed The Syndicate in 2007, they took the best wrestler’s they possibly could and had them dominate the roster, as you would expect.


Now that we’ve talked a little bit about what TCW is, what that brand name implies, let’s discuss the goings on in the company right now. As the company’s newest inside man, I’d say I’m most qualified to report on it’s goings on.


Last night’s Malice in Wonderland PPV had some very entertaining matches and some nice surprises as well. The tag match was a great way to kick off the show, and the feud isn’t over between the four. With a relatively shallow tag team division, the booking team wants to keep their most popular and talented teams in the spotlight to keep the fans interested. We then had Edd Stone beat out Aaron Andrews. That Stone retained and looked strong against one of the bosses student’s shows that the team has a lot of faith in the star and expects big things from him in the future.


Rick Law went over Koshihiro Ino in questionable fashion, and Eddie Peak went over Bryan Vessey in a brutal steel cage match(more on that later). With such big wins, Peak and Law should be in line for future title shots, but expect Ino to have some input as to who should get a shot as well. The Syndicate went over the Freedom Fighters in a closely contested match. Though it’s clear that this long-running feud isn’t over, you’ve got to question how much longer Joey Minnesota’s going to last through it, as he took his fourth straight loss last night. The main event saw a clearly troubled Rocky Golden go over Sam Keith in a hotly contested bout, with Golden picking up the win with a dangerous-looking move that seemed more an accident than anything. Keith is on rest, but expect him to demand, and probably be granted, a rematch for the title.


Now let’s talk about the future of the company. First, I’d like to talk about Bryan Vessey, and what his situation means for the company. Vessey was found to have a number of steroids in his system following a random drug test. Beginning today, Vessey’s serving a 28 day suspension that will see him watching on as Eddie Peak climbs the ladder to the top. The original plan was to have Vessey go over Peak, but the company’s strict steroid policy caused a swift change in direction. TCW sent out a newsletter that they will not tolerate steroid usage, but that they will do their best to give the wrestler’s a chance to get clean, as evidenced by Vessey only getting served a suspension instead of walking papers.


With the new television season beginning next month, management has contacted GNN Total Sports, the Total Wrestling carrier, if they would be interested in showing a resurrected Saturday Night Showcase. The show’s expect to begin airing next month, and the current plan is to have the All Action title be the focus of the show, with the younger, less experienced worker’s gaining valuable experience in their hunt for the title.


Speaking of new, young workers, Mid Atlantic Wrestling, FREEDOM Championship Wrestling, and newly opened California Pro Wrestling have all been made into developmental territories for TCW. 51 workers are now plying their trade in these minor league companies in the hopes of becoming proficient enough for The Avatar to give them a shot at the big times. Notable stars in development include surprisingly strong John “Ant-Man” Heizenger, Ash Campbell, Brandon Smith, Cameron Vessey, Bret Starr, James Hernandez, Raphael Fletcher, Swoop McCarthy, and, most notably, I’d say, Mark Smart!


As far as some of the new stars that are skipping development entirely, there’s the already seen Davis Wayne and Gino Montero, but also two highly skilled young kids with a ton of pedigree, Matthew and Greg Gauge, otherwise known as the offspring of TCW’s own Sam Keith. Expect the two debut in some capacity in the near future.


This has been Mark Smart, your TCW insider, and I’m Mark-ing out over the potential changes this new booker has initiated!



TCW Presents Total Wrestling

Gino Montero vs. Edd Stone

Clark Alexander and Danny Fonzarelli vs The Machines

Benny Benson vs. Troy Tornado

Koshihiro Ino vs Wolf Hawkins

RDJ vs Tommy Cornell

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Guest codey

OOC: Ya know, the hardest thing about writing these is not booking too far ahead of myself. I like where this game is going a lot, and now I’m a month’s worth of shows ahead.



Tuesday Week 1, February 2010


The Golden One




Rocky Golden kicked off the show, sauntering to the ring, his freshly defended title belt securely around his waste. The crowd, as usual, was showering him with cheers.


“No one thought I could do it. Everyone said Keith was too damn good for me to beat, but I did it. I beat a legend, and I did it decisively.”


“For now, the party rolls on. I’m gonna have my belt around my waist, a beautiful woman on my arm, and a cold beer in my hand for the next month, at least, and all of you are invited to come celebrate with me!”


Sam Keith’s music hit, and the legend stormed down the aisle.




“What the hell was that, Golden? You can’t beat me, so you just give up and get lucky? You came this close to ending my career on some fluke Sunday.”

“Whoa, there, Sammy. You need to calm down. You lost Sunday, and I know people like you tend to get sore when they -”


Keith slapped the champ.

“Look here, Golden. You need to start acting like a champion. Champions don’t show up to events drunk off their ass. They care if they lose matches. And they sure as hell don’t give up on one.”


“I’ve made my case to the bard of directors, and they agree. At The War, I’m going to be the one to teach you this lesson.”


As Keith turned and walked away, Golden was left in the ring to contemplate what had just been said, rubbing his reddened cheek.




Gino Montero vs. Edd Stone




As Montero stood in the ring, Stone made his entrance, strumming a guitar (badly) and singing (even worse) an insulting song about the Mexican star. Instead of flustering Montero, however, it just ended lighting a fire under him and he took the fight right to champion. Montero had Stone on the ropes for a good part of the match, but Stone was able to get the come-from-behind win with a Party’s Over. As Stone walked away from the ring, Montero stared him down, coming out of this match looking particularly strong.


Stone serenades his way to a win, 52.



The Angry Rock Star




Backstage, an irate Troy Tornado is pacing back and forth.


“Can you believe it? I, Troy Tornado, wasn’t on Malice in Wonderland Sunday. Me! I’m one of the brightest stars this company has, a rock god, a supernova. And now I’m not just coming on the mid card on Total Wrestling? Seriously? Who’s running this company?”

“Benny Benson, tonight I get you alone for the first time since that fluke victory you got over me, and when I drop you for the 1-2-3, I’m gonna prove to this company that I belong in the main event.”



Clark Alexander and Danny Fonzarelli vs. The Machines




The next match was a rematch from a few weeks, with The Machines looking to get a strong win after their loss Sunday night and Alexander and Fonzarelli, who were introduced as Party Down, seeking to get into the title hunt. In the end, though, this match ended up very similarly to the last meeting between the teams, with John Anderson dropping Alexander with and Ammo Dump for the win.

Anderson unloads on Alexander for the “W,” 63.



You Can be Beaten




Tommy Cornell was backstage warming up when RDJ walked up to talk to the Brit.


“Well, look who it is. Ricky Dale Johnson, ‘Southern Justice!’”


Cornell laughed.


“Shut it Cornell. I came here to tell you that you aren’t unbeatable. You may have won last night, but two weeks ago I beat you fair and square.”


“That you did, that you did. But this is a numbers now. It’s two to one, us against you. How’s that make you feel.”


“Makes me feel like I’ve been cornered, and that’s when people are the most dangerous. I’ll see you out there.”


As RDJ walked off, Cornell laughed and called after him. “Where’s that Minnesota kid again, Ricky?”



Benny Benson vs. Troy Tornado




This grudge match stems from Benson’s surprise victory over Tornado on his TCW debut two months ago, and boy did these two go at it. The match was full of the high flying that these two have become known for, and both regularly took to the air in an attempt to down their opponent. After a quick exchange, Tornado looked to have the match won, but Benson surprised him with a Shockwave for the win. If Tornado said that winning this match meant he belonged in the main event, then some case has to be made for Benson.


Benson proves himself, 69.



Who is the Next Contender?




Rick Law sat in a directors chair backstage, a smug look on his face.


“Well, everyone, I think Sunday night I proved to the world that I should be fighting for the World title. Why I’m not now, I don’t know, but I’m fine with that. Let Sam Keith finish his turn out, and then I’ll come in. Regardless of when I get my shot, I’m gonna win, because that’s what happens when you fight the Law.”


The camera panned over to reveal Eddie Peak standing off to the side.


“You really think you deserve a shot, punk?”

“Who are you calling punk?”


“The guy that had to cheat to win his match.”

“Keyword is 'win.'”


“And the keyword from my match Sunday was decimation. I fought one of the toughest men around, and I broke him. I took everything he had and I blew it all up, right in his face. I don’t care about title belts, but I do care about being the toughest man on the mountain, which is why I get Golden next.”


“Is that so?”


“Yeah, it is.”


Law got in the psychopath’s face before a number of staff broke the two up.



Koshihiro Ino vs. Wolf Hawkins




Ino, coming off of the loss to Law on Sunday, appeared to have a fire lit underneath him, as he took Hawkins to his limit in this match. The hard-hitting Japanese superstar threw everything he could at Hawkins, who tried to hold on with any tactics he could. With a final momentum switch towards the end, Hawkins appeared to have Ino put away with a Full Moon Rising, but Ino ducked and dropped Hawkins with a Kobra Bite. With this big victory over Hawkins, has RDJ finally found his answer in Ino?


Ino surprises everyone with a win, 84.



RDJ vs. Tommy Cornell




In what has become a common occurrence over the past few years, RDJ and Cornell did battle in the main event. The two beat each other senseless for the better part of 30 minutes, with RDJ looking to avenge the damage done to Joey Minnesota and Cornell looking to prove that the Syndicate is unbeatable. After a back-and-forth match, Cornell tripped RDJ up on the top rope, and hit the Rough Justice for the pinfall victory.


Cornell may not be unbeatable, but he certainly won tonight, 84.


Total: 84



Next Time on Total Wrestling

Benny Benson vs Rick Law

Aaron Andrews, Chance Fortune, and Gino Montero vs Edd Stone, Freddy Huggins, and Davis Wayne

Scout vs Brent Hill

Danny Fonzarelli vs Sammy Bach

RDJ and Koshihiro Ino vs The Syndicate

Joey Minnesota vs Sam Keith

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Guest codey

Any thoughts on the diary so far? If possible, I'd like some thoughts on the format, and how it reads to you.


As far as the storylines go, I'm sure you're all going to enjoy what's coming. I sure as hell do :D

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I like it, but IMO it's moving just a tad too fast. Instead of a show every day, maybe every 2-3 days to free yourself and not burn out eventually. Also it allows for people to get in match picks




that being said here are my picks


Benny Benson vs Rick Law

Aaron Andrews, Chance Fortune, and Gino Montero vs Edd Stone, Freddy Huggins, and Davis Wayne

Scout vs Brent Hill

Danny Fonzarelli vs Sammy Bach

RDJ and Koshihiro Ino vs The Syndicate

Joey Minnesota vs Sam Keith

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Guest codey


Tuesday Week 2, February 2010


Benny Benson vs. Rick Law



In defeating Troy Tornado last week, Benny Benson established himself as a legitimate title contender, putting him in the ranks of Rick Law and Eddie Peak. To push himself further up the ladder, he issued a challenge to Rick Law, which the lawman readily accepted. The match was a mostly even affair, and Rick Law came out with the victory, putting Benson away with a Long Arm of the Law.

Law wins it, but Benson still looks strong. 66.



The Other Contender




After the match, the hulking menace known as Eddie Peak came out with, surprisingly, a microphone in hand.


“If you two think that match means anything, then think again.”


The crowd booed here, having clearly enjoyed the match.


“Next week, I’ll fight the both of you, and I’ll prove who the toughest son of a ***** in this company really is.”



Aaron Andrews, Chance Fortune, and Gino Montero vs. Edd Stone, Freddy Huggins, and Davis Wayne




While the faces waited in the ring and the heels made their entrance, Wayne, in what one has to hope doesn’t become a habit, charged the ring to draw first blood on his opponents. Unsurprisingly, his assault was averted when Andrews hit him with a devastating Battery Pack upon entering the ring. The champ and his partner Huggins could only shake their heads in disappointment as their protégé had essentially turned this into a handicap match. Stone was able to show why he was the champ, however, as he held the hungry challengers at bay. He and Huggins weren’t able to last long, however, as newcomer Gino Montero pinned Huggins after a cross body block.


Andrews, Fortune, and Montero win this one, 68.



Scout vs. Brent Hill




After proving that The Machines still belonged in the title hunt last week, Brent Hill challenged Scout to a singles match, hoping to damage the champion before a potential rematch at War. In what was a mostly technical but very entertaining match, Scout was able to beat the veteran star with a rollup, keeping his teams momentum high.


Scout keeps the New Wave rolling on, 89.



And the Party Keeps Going, and Going, and Going…




“Why are you here, Golden?”


Sam Keith was standing outside of a locker room talking to the World Champion, Rocky Golden, and the sounds of a large party could be heard coming from within.


“What do mean, why I am here? I’m the champ, baby! I’m representing my people!”


“Representing your people? That’s what you think this is? All you’re doing is sitting backstage getting drunk with a bunch of people no one even knows. You don’t even have a match tonight, so why don’t you take all this crap elsewhere. This isn’t the place for it.”


“You’re a little hostile, you know that, man? Besides, I may not have a match tonight, but you do, and I gotta check that out.”


“You’re right, I do have a match tonight. In fact, I’m in the main event, a place they don’t let you touch all that often. You want to know why? It’s because they can’t trust you. No one around here ever knows what Rocky Golden’s going to show up. Is it going to be the one that beat Tommy Cornell all those times, or is it going to be the Rocky Golden that couldn’t beat Sam Keith so he tried to kill him?”


“Lately, I’d say that’s an easy question. The Rocky Golden you’re going to get every night is the Rocky Golden who cares more about the crap that comes with a belt than actually having it. The Rocky Golden that doesn’t care if he loses, so long as he keeps the belt, that shows up to the arena late and drunk every night. That’s the Rocky Golden you’re going to get. And that man calls himself a champion.”



Danny Fonzarelli vs. Sammy Bach




Sammy Bach is coming off of a tough loss at Malice to Joshua Taylor, and he as looking to make up for it tonight, when he made quick work of Fonzarelli, making him tap out to a Bach on Your Back. After the match, Bach celebrated on the turnbuckles, making a belt motion around his waist. Clearly, he wants another title match.


Bach looks real good against Fonzarelli, 55



Minnesota Re-emerges




“Well, look who it is,” Tommy Cornell said as he and Wolf Hawkins approached Joey Minnesota backstage.


“Get the hell away from me.”


“Easy, Joey, we don’t want any part of you. Not anymore, at least.”


“That’s right, Joey. You’ve been a bloody thorn in our sides for a long time, but it looks like you’ve been replaced. It’s a shame, I really did enjoy bashing your face in every week.”


Joey looked at the two, puzzled.


“What do you mean, replaced?”


“You mean you haven’t heard? RDJ’s found himself a new partner to help try and rid TCW of us. He found you to be a bit ineffective, as it were.”


“You’re full of ****. I just wasn’t around and he needed a partner. Besides, I already had a match tonight.”

“Oh, you did, huh. Well, good luck with that tonight.”


As the two Syndicate members walked off, Tommy called back over his shoulder, troubling Joey Minnesota.

“By the way, him and Ino’ve already challenged us to a match at War. Hope to see you there!”



Koshihiro Ino and RDJ vs. The Syndicate




These two teams immediately went at it, putting on one of the more entertaining matches in recent history. They split wins last week, and were both looking to take the lead with this match. The end came after Ino dropped Hawkins and ascended the ropes, leaping off and nailing to the superstar with the Warrior’s Way to take the win.


Ino continues to prove his worth, 94.


Joey Minnesota vs. Sam Keith




Both stars had something to prove in this match, and both performed like it. In a very satisfying main event, Sam Keith proved to everyone why he still belongs on top after finishing a very game Joey Minnesota with a Proton Lock.


Keith puts Minnesota down, 91.



Total: 90



Next Time on Total Wrestling

A newly re-signed team vs. The Machines

Gino Montero vs. Freddy Huggins

The son of a legend vs. Sammy Bach

Rocky Golden vs. Wolf Hawkins

Koshihiro Ino vs. Tommy Cornell

Benny Benson vs. Eddie Peak vs. Rick to decide the number one contender after Keith




OOC: The best show yet! I could have gotten a better rating had I switched the main and semi around, but I felt Keith needed the main event a bit more. Either way, two of my best matches made what started as a sub-par show into my best yet. Up next for the diary? A Pro Wrestling Review that I’m writing up. Unfortunately (mainly for me) it includes a tiny bit of bad news, but that should be fixed in a few months.

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Guest codey

Pro Wrestling Review

The Future is Now

By Mark Smart


I’ve always hated that phrase. “The future is now.” No, the present is now. The future is coming, and for TCW, the future looks good.


Head booker Cody Lane’s biggest contribution since taking over the job has not yet taken form, but it’s one that has the wrestling world filled with anticipation. After convincing Rip Chord and Shawn Gonzalez to turn their promotions into development leagues for TCW, Lane set to work putting together the most highly qualified training he could to train the myriad of talent he’s contracted. On any given in MAW, FCW, or TCW’s own California Pro Wrestling, operated by veteran Fumihiro Ota, one can find Rafael Ruiz instructing students in the fine art of dissecting a limb, JD Morgan with a classroom of students watching match film, and Steve Flash going over the finer points of match structure.


One student, Mohammed Barret, a recent graduate of the TCW School of Pro Wrestling, has stated that the school has more worth to the students than the simple teaching of the art.


“I’ve gotta thank Mr. Lane,” Barret said. “Without the schools here, I wouldn’t have a job. I may be good, but when I graduated, I was no where near ready for the big show - none of us were. And some of might not ever be, but hey, at least we’re getting the chance now.”


That’s not to say that inexperienced rookies make up the populace of the developmental territories here, though. Veteran workers such as Brandon Smith, Jimmy Foxx, James Hernandez, and Dynamite Narahashi also call the league home. For talents like these, it’s only a matter of time until they make their way to the big show. One needs only to look towards talents such as Davis Wayne, Gino Montero, Killswitch, and the soon-to-debut sons of Sam Keith and The Fly Boys to see that Mr. Lane, or The Grand Avatar as he’s come to be known, is keen to see new blood take hold of a roster that has seen relatively few changes in the past few years.


In my last article, I reported that Lane sent out feelers to a number of networks in an attempt at restoring Saturday Night Showcase as the new home for the young and inexperienced on the roster to earn their place, but it seems the newcomers are going to have to bide their time a while longer. With the wrestling industry and economy in the slump that it’s in, all major networks rejected the idea of putting a new wrestling show in their winter lineups, and the smaller networks wanted a show much like Total Wrestling, focusing on the stars of the company. So it seems the young bucks of the wrestling world are going to have to be content working the dark matches and development shows for now.


Right now, though, I’ve got to get back to training. Master Ota gets a bit stiff when we’re late for lessons, so I’m Mark Smart, and I’m Marking out!

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Guest codey


Tuesday Week 3, February 2010


The Machines vs… The Fly Boys!




The Machines were waiting for their opponents when an oddly familiar guitar riff played over the speakers, and Donnie James and Jimmy Prudence, The Fly Boys, burst out from the back. The crowd welcomed the form cruiserweight tag team champs with a chorus of cheers, while Anderson and Hill stared them down. The Boys took an early lead, utilizing their vast speed advantage to keep The Machines off balance. The Machines fought back, however, and turned the match into a competitive affair by utilizing their signature brand of technical wrestling. A hot tag by Jimmy to Donnie saw the Boy take control once again, but Hill was able to catch him a Fisherman’s Suplex for the win. Despite the loss, The Fly Boys came out of this one looking strong in the fan’s eyes, and with a ton of momentum at their backs.


The Machines take this one, 71.



A Star’s Legacy




Backstage, and an oddly familiar looking wrestler is warming up for his debut later tonight. He’s wearing plain black boots and tights, looks nervous as he prepares for one of the biggest moments of his life.

“Are you ready, Matt?”




Sam Keith entered the locker room, and the boy tensed up somewhat.

“Yeah, Dad, I’m ready,” the boy replied.


Keith sat down on the bench next to him, and looked up at his son. He sighed and put his arm around his son.


“Look, Matt, tonight’s a big night for you. I don’t need to tell you that, because you already know. You’ve got the chance to impress some people, and show the entire world what you can do. I know you can do that, but I’m not sure you know that.”

“I know Dad. I just gotta go out and work like I always do. I just wish Greg was here with me…”

“Greg’s gonna be here soon enough. But tonight isn’t about him, it’s not about me, and it’s not about anyone else. Tonight’s about you. You’re not a boy anymore. I know you think this, but you didn’t get here because of me. I didn’t put in any good word for you. You got here because of how you’ve worked these past few years. You’re a warrior now, son, and when you’re in the ring tonight, I want you to forget everything except that. You let your instincts take over, and you’ll impress everyone. You sure as hell already impressed me.”


Matthew seemed a lot more at ease after listening to father, relaxing his shoulders and smiling.

“Thanks, Dad. I mean it. I’m gonna make you proud tonight.”


Sam smiled at his son. “I’m already proud of you. Just know, that if this works out tonight, which I know it will, that you can’t stop working. Son, you can’t get to the top and just ride the wave. Never stop working, and you’ll be a legend in this business. I know it.”



Gino Montero vs. Freddy Huggins




Prior to the match, it was announced that Gino Montero would be challenging All Action champion Edd Stone at The War to Settle the Score. Tonight, however, he would test his strength against Stone’s ally, Freddy Huggins. Montero, a relative newcomer to TCW, proved that he deserved a title match here, as he dismantled Huggins, capping the match off with his version of the Michinoku Driver, the Destiny Explosion.


Montero makes winning look easy, 65



Matthew Keith vs. Sammy Bach




MK did indeed make his father proud in this match, as he showed off impressive technique and power against the former All Action champ. MK had Bach in trouble at multiple points in the match, but Bach was savvy enough to keep himself out of harm’s way when it mattered the most. Bach was able to steal the win when Keith went for a corner splash that he narrowly avoided, reversing it into a roll up for the 1-2-3. After the match, Keith looked disappointed before he realized the crowd was cheering for him. Despite losing the match, it was clear the star in making had impressed.


Bach squeaks by with a win, 79.


A Syndicate Plot




“Well if it isn’t my favorite budding young star,” Tommy Cornell said as he approached Joey Minnesota.


Minnesota looked up from the catering table to meet the Brit’s grin.


“Why are you always bothering me? I’m not even fighting you anymore. I’ve been replaced.”


“But Joey, that’s why I’m here! I think it’s a damn shame that Ino’s taken your place in the resistance, or union, or whatever the hell you guys called yourselves.”

“The Freedom Fighters…”


“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say. Like I was saying, it’s a shame. Sure did halt your rise to prominence. As good as you are, and you don’t even have a match on the pay-per-view coming up, and they probably aren‘t going to put you on any more, either.”


“What are you saying?”


“Well, I happen to know a few people on the board of directors, and that’s just what they said. They only like grudge matches on the big show, you know. No money in some guy fighting another for no reason, after all. You know what I would do if I were you?”


Joey was listening intently at this point. “What’s that?”


Cornell put his arm around Minnesota and began walking off with him. “Well…”



Rocky Golden vs. Wolf Hawkins




Hawkins had a big chance to gain some momentum here, and he looked to capitalize on it. It seemed the champ, however, was willing to just let him take it, as Golden looked incredibly sluggish and blew all his chances to win so that he could play to the crowd. After one particular instance, Hawkins ruined the premature celebration of Golden with a Full Moon Rising to secure himself the surprise win. After recovering, Golden looked on in dismay as Wolf celebrated, realizing his slip up a tad bit too late.


Hawkins surprises everyone and wins, 76.



A Challenge is Accepted




Joshua Taylor is standing backstage, looking as serious as ever.


“Sammy Bach, I’ve beaten you twice now, but you just won’t stop trying to come after me. But I’m a fighting champion, so at War, it’s gonna be you and me, one more time. Beware, though: this is your last chance. If you don’t beat me in two weeks, you won’t get another chance. I can find better competition if I need to.”



Koshihiro Ino vs. Tommy Cornell




Cornell looked to do better against the quick-rising Ino than The Syndicate has done in recent weeks, but the Japanese star, stoic as ever, did his best to keep Rough Justice from getting a win. The bout was extremely competitive, but in the end it was Cornell who was able to get back on track by scoring a win over Ino.

Cornell issues out some Rough Justice, 86.



Benny Benson vs. Rick Law vs. Eddie Peak




The main event of the evening featured the three men vying for the #1 contender spot after Sam Keith, and would determine said challenger. Benson, the smaller of the three, was able to stay out of harm’s way during the opening stages while the heavyweights duked it out. It wasn’t long before he really got into the mix, though, landing a missile dropkick that took both men out and put him in control. The rest of the match followed this formula, with Benson picking his shots on the bigger men while they used their power to try and fight through. The end, though, came as a disappointment, as the referee lost control and the three men found themselves counted out as they brawled on the outside of the ring.


The match ends as a disappointing draw, 82.


Total: 82


Next Time on Total Wrestling

Jimmy Prudence vs Scout vs John Anderson

Gino Montero and Harry Allen vs The Canadian Animals

Matthew Keith and Joshua Taylor vs Sammy Bach and American Buffalo

Benny Benson vs Eddie Peak

Rocky Golden and Aaron Andrews vs Sam Keith and Troy Tornado

RDJ vs Wolf Hawkins

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Guest codey


Tuesday Week 4, February 2010


Scout vs. Jimmy Prudence vs. John Anderson




Earlier today, it was announced that the tag team championship would be on the line at The War to Settle the Score as The Fly Boys and The Machines challenge The New Wave, and this week the how kicked off with a triple threat featuring a member of each team doing battle. In a highly competitive match, Jimmy Prudence pinned Scout for the win after tossing John Anderson from the ring. Prudence and Donnie James, his partner, celebrated, setting the tone for the triple threat on Sunday.


Jimmy Prudence wins, 81.


RDJ Confronts Cornell




“I want you to back off, Cornell.”


RDJ had backed Tommy Cornell up into a wall.


“Back off? You’re the one that’s always getting in my face!”

“Not me, Tommy. Joey. Leave that boy alone.”


Cornell pushed RDJ back. “I haven’t said anything to him that he didn’t already think. Maybe if you hadn’t wasted his talents you’d realize that. I may have beaten him bloody from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, but I do realize that he’s talented.”


“Just leave him alone, Tommy. He’s not involved in this anymore. Besides, he’s…sensitive. He takes things personally. I know we don’t agree on much of anything, but I want you to promise me that you’ll leave the boy out of all this mess from now on.”


Cornell mulled over the request for a moment. “…Fine. I’ll leave the boy bloody alone. Now if you’ll excuse me, I was getting my catering.”


“I appreciate this, Tommy,” RDJ said before turning and walking away.


Cornell smirked. “…I know exactly how personally he takes things., Ricky. Exactly.”


Gino Montero and Harry Allen vs. The Canadian Animals




Edd Stone came bounding down the aisle, singing his theme song terribly off pitch, as Freddy Huggins, sporting a pink boa, followed closely behind. Gino Montero came out next, introducing his partner and trainer as a former All Action champion himself, Harry Allen. Stone looked disgusted at Montero’s choice, as if a former champion was below him. It wasn’t long before Montero and Allen proved that notion to be wrong, however, as they lit up the Animals with a fiery offense. Stone was able to mount a bit of offense, but it didn’t matter as Allen soon hit Huggins with a Bull Buck to get the win.


Montero and Allen speed through to a victory, 53 (:()



Joshua Taylor and Matthew Keith vs. Sammy Bach and American Buffalo




Keith looked surprisingly good in his debut last week, impressing International champ Joshua Taylor, as Taylor asked him to tag with against Bach and Buffalo this week. The youngster spent the first half of the match overwhelmed by an unwavering offense from the powerful Buffalo and Bach, who’s just plain good. It wasn’t until he got the hot tag to Taylor that the match really took off, with Taylor laying out Buffalo and slapping a Butterfly Lock on Bach to get the win.


Taylor and MK win via tappage, 69.



Making Sammy Boy Proud




Sam Keith and Rocky Golden were arguing backstage.


“Sammy, dude, your son lost last week, and Taylor won for him this week. How’s that making you proud?”


“Because my son works hard, which is more than a son of a ***** like you could ever understand.”


“How can you say I don’t understand hard work, Sammy? I’m the world champion, baby? Doesn’t get harder workin’ than that!”


“You used to work hard. Mostly, you just got lucky. Now, I can’t even say that, because you’ve gotten stupid. You think you’re untouchable now that you’ve got that belt. But I think Wolf Hawkins proved last week that that’s far from the truth. My son may not be the best right now, but he’ll never give up in a fight, and I seem to remember you doing just that last month.”


“Whoa, man, that’s a little harsh, don’t you think? Yeah, I lost last week, and I may have lost a few other times, too, but I never give up. I’m the hardest worker in this company, right now, and I think this gold belt proves that. And since you don’t believe me, I’m going to prove it to you on Sunday.”


“I dare you to try,” Keith said, getting in the champs face before security broke them up.



Benny Benson vs. Eddie Peak




Prior to the match starting, it was announced that a rematch for last week’s triple threat would take place at War. When the action started, Benson tried to use his speed to slip through the grasp of the massive Peak, picking his shots. It was clear that he knew that if he got caught the match was over. He did surprisingly good in the early going, bringing the monster down on a couple of occasions. It wasn’t long before Peak was able to latch onto the lightweight, dropping him with a powerful slam. From this point on Peak stalked the smaller man, beating him down with some devastating shots.


Peak eventually won the match, but not as everyone expected. In his sadistic need to brutalize Benson, he allowed Rick Law time to slip into the ring and hit a huge Squad Car Slam to give Peak the DQ win. Standing over both of his opponents for Sunday, Law grabbed a microphone.




“See this, everyone? This is gonna be the same scene you’re gonna see on Sunday, when TCW recognizes me as the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight championship! I’m going to beat these two cons, and then I’m going to go on and beat Rocky Golden or Sam Keith or whoever the hell’s the champ! Everyone one of you out there is gonna learn what happens when you fight the Law…the Law wins.”


Peak wins by DQ(?), 79.



Rocky Golden and Aaron Andrews vs. Sam Keith and Troy Tornado



Keith and Tornado have been tagging together the past few weeks, and the experience edge in this match showed. Not only have they both been around a lot longer than the two faces, but they had much better communication as well, which got under the skin of Golden, who looked like he just shut down mid-match. Andrews, for his part, did his best to fight off the onslaught, but the match had turned into what was essentially a handicap match, and Troy Tornado was able to level him with a star maker. After the match, Keith could be seen mouthing “Told you so,” to Golden, who looked lost in the ring.


Keith and Tornado win it, 79.



RDJ vs. Wolf Hawkins




RDJ and Hawkins took center stage in the main event, putting on a very entertaining match. RDJ focused all his ability into his brawling, his clear strength. Hawkins, who can wrestle a few styles, instead chose to use a technical approach to battle the Southerner. Hawkins looked like he was going to get the win after locking RDJ in an STF, but the Southerner was able to reach the ropes. Upon dragging himself up, he surprised Hawkins with a Southern Justice Lariat to steal the win and nearly knock Hawkin’s head off his body.


RDJ wins via decapitation, 81


Total: 82

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Guest codey

Post show thoughts:


-I'm finally realizing how important overness is. This is my first time running a 'big time' show, and I've never really had to deal with huge differences in overness. But even after giving him some wins to try and build his overness, Montero's still autopushes to opener and his matches suffer from it.


-There's a good reason I don't have Greg along with Matthew yet. Don't worry, I did hire him, but the two unfortunately have horrible chemistry as a team. So I've got Matthew out there right now while I prepare to bring in Greg for a future angle.


-The opener this week was much better than I ever could have expected. I know they're all talented enough, but I didn't think they had the overness to carry a match that far.


-I'm still unsure of how I managed to get an 82 overall with an 81 and 79 for the main and semi main events, respectively. I did have two angles rate at 87 and 92(The RDJ/Cornell and Keith/Golden segments) but with a promotion more focused on workrate and PST on, I figured those wouldn't have much effect.


-As far as my angles go, yes, I am a bit cheap. For angles with guys like Keith and Golden, I slip Cornell into them and rate him on entertainment as well as Golden and Keith's overness. This helps boost their entertainment skills, and I just pass it off as Cornell being seen walking away. He may not be the champion right now, but I'll be damned if I don't use him more than anyone else on my roster!


-I've got up to the second show in March booked now, and I'm going to drop my match ratio to 80%(it's what I'm used to with MAW) and my Realism down to low as I've heard it eases the booking a bit. Thoughts on this?



TCW The War to Settle the Score

The Fly Boys vs The New Wave © vs The Machines for the Tag Team Championship

Gino Montero vs Edd Stone © for the All Action Championship

Joshua Taylor © vs Sammy Bach for the International Championship

Benny Benson vs Rick Law vs Eddie Peak in a rematch for the #1 contendership

RDJ and Koshihiro Ino vs The Syndicate

Rocky Golden © vs Sam Keith for the World Heavyweight Championship

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Guest codey


Sunday Week 4, February 2010



The New Wave © vs. The Fly Boys vs. The Machines






The show opened up with a very strong match between some of the most talented teams in wrestling today. Both The Machines and the freshly re-debuted Fly Boys were looking to capture tag gold, and Scout and Guide did their best to fend them off. As one can imagine when three teams battle in one ring, the match quickly broke down as the ref struggled to control the combatants, which opened up the possibility for some great spots, such as Guide lifting the much smaller Donnie James in a press slam and throwing him over the ropes, causing him to hit a beautiful senton on the other wrestlers at ringside. When the defending champs were able to get Jimmy Prudence alone in the ring the end came quick enough, as they struck with a Wave of Mutilation to secure the win.


The New Wave win, 75.



Gino Montero vs. Edd Stone © w/ Freddy Huggins





Montero’s been rising up the ranks nicely in the past few weeks, rebounding from his debut loss against Rick Law to earn an All Action title shot in his second month with TCW. The match featured the fast paced action we’ve all come to expect from the division, with a dash of heel tactics by Edd Stone and his good friend Freddy Huggins for flavor. Montero did his best to win the match, but Stone proved why he has the belt by finishing Gino with a Party’s Over to keep the gold. After the match, Huggins tried to lead the crowd in an off pitch rendition of Stone’s music, but the crowd simply rained down boos on the champ his partner.

Stone puts down the up-and-comer to retain, 66.


Josh Taylor © vs. Sammy Bach





Sammy Bach made his entrance first, microphone in hand.

“Taylor, you’ve made a mistake accepting my challenge tonight. Making this my last shot just means I’m going to try that much harder. Tonight, you’re going to feel the rock, and I’m gonna go on a roll, and when everything’s said and done, and you find yourself staring up into the bright lights, it’s my music you’re gonna hear playing, and it’s gonna be me holding the beautiful belt of yours.”


Taylor didn’t take very kindly to the harsh words of Bach, and he started the match on the tear. The two men showed why they just might be the future of the company as they put on a barn burner of a match, hitting each other with some very stiff strikes and putting on some very entertaining mat wrestling sequences. As Taylor began to gain the upper hand, Bach became frustrated and popped the champ with a quick low while he was obscured from the ref’s vision, and went on the attack. After taking a beating, Taylor was able to mount a comeback, but as he signaled for his trademark Butterfly Lock, Bach tripped him with a drop toe hold and slipped over to lock Taylor in the Bach On Your Back. The hold proved to be too much for the champ, who tapped after a few moments in the choke.


Bach wins the gold, 79



RDJ With Some Hype




RDJ was sitting in a chair backstage, his silent partner Koshihiro Ino standing stoically him.


“For a few years, I’ve been fighting one fight. One long, ongoing war with a few select people.” RDJ paused. “I’m losing this war. Look at the win/loss column, and you’ll see that I’ve been put down in more battles than I’ve won. But don’t you ever count me out. I may not be getting any younger, and I’m tired, and I’m beat to hell, but I’ll be damned if let anyone beat me when it’s all said and done. I’ve got a new partner now, one that stands for the same things I do. Respect, honor, a little bit of fairness. All the things that Tommy Cornell and Wolf Hawkins throw to the wayside. With Ino at my side, there’s no one that can stop us from reinstating these values into TCW. Cornell, Hawkins, ya’ll best be ready for a brawl tonight.”



Benny Benson vs. Eddie Peak vs. Rick Law




With Law and Benson already in the ring, Peak made his entrance holding, surprisingly, a microphone.

“Getting a title shot after this match is just a bonus. My reward, my pleasure, is the pain…” Peak grinned. “The pain that I cause to everyone that tries to get in my face. I’m addicted to it, and I love my addiction…”


Benson and Law began the match by teaming up against the mad man , but it wasn’t long before Peak was able to get a shot in and level Benson. As the match turned into a brawl between Peak and Law, the two made their way to ringside, and Benson made his comeback by landing a beautiful m=plancha on the two big men. When the match looked to end like their last with a countout, Benson returned to the ring. Instead of staying put and winning by countout, however, Benson took a risk and went for another plancha…but was caught by Peak and Law, and slammed into the ring apron. The match continued on much like this, with Benson using his speed to pick his attacks and add some spice to the match, while Law and Peak brawled around the ring. When Benson went for an enzigiri on Peak, Peak duck and countered the move into a Peak of Perfection, putting Benson down for the count. But it wasn’t Peak who got the pin, as Law took a chance by tossing Peak from the ring and covering Benson himself. As Law’s blue and grey streamers rained down on the celebrating officer, Peak snarled back up the ramp.


Law is named #1 contender, 83.



Rocky Golden Speaks




Rocky Golden was sitting in his locker room, staring down at his title belt. There were no girls, no music, no booze here. Just Golden and his belt.


“The last few weeks, Sam Keith’s been telling me that I don’t deserve this title. He’s been telling me that I don’t work hard enough, that I give everyone that’s ever held this belt and anyone that’s ever going to go for it a bad name…”


“Maybe he’s right. Maybe I don’t deserve any of this. But guess what? I have it. I am the World Champion, which is more than almost everyone else in this business can say. I’ll be damned if I let anyone take this belt from me, because even if he says I’m lazy now, I worked my ass off to get where I am today, and I’ve only got room to improve. So Sammy, I hope to God you’re ready for me tonight.”



RDJ and Koshihiro Ino vs. The Syndicate



RDJ and Ino lived up to their promise of making this match a brawl, and what an entertaining brawl it was. Each man brought to the table a different style: RDJ with his southern wrasslin’, Ino with his stiff strikes, Cornell with his trademark “Rough Justice” style, and Hawkins with his modified off-the-wall version of that. For the better part of 25 minutes, the four men tore into each other with zeal, their blood only seeming to drive them on further. Unfortunately, the ending of this fantastic match didn’t end up being a clean one, as a masked man made his way to the ring, slipped in behind the ref’s back, and clubbed RDJ with some sort of blackjack. Tommy Cornell took the opportunity to pin his rival, and he and Hawkins made a quick exit as Ino tried to go after them for revenge. As the two men back up the ramp with the masked man, they laughed as Cornell reached over and unmasked the mystery assailant, revealing him to be Joey Minnesota!

Joey Minnesota returns to hand The Syndicate the win, 92



Rocky Golden © vs. Sam Keith





Golden looked better than he had in months in this championship bout, fending off the attacks of Keith with a tenacity not seen in the champ in quite some time. It seems that the constant berating from Keith had finally set a fire beneath him, as unlike their last math, Golden spent most of his time on the offensive. That’s not to say Keith looked bad, however, as the challenger, when he did get his attacks in, knew how to hurt Golden to the maximum extent possible. The two put on a war that lasted around 30 minutes. After Golden was able to lift Keith and lock him The Rack, the match looked to be all but over. Keith, however, still had a trick up his sleeve, as he wrapped his arms around Golden’s head and began shifting his weight around, causing the champ to fall flat on his face, letting Keith secure the Proton Lock on the big man. Golden held out for as long as possible, but he was soon tapping out from the pressure placed on his neck and back.


As Keith’s music blared and he celebrated his latest title win, Golden looked on, speechless. Keith saw him, and went over to extend a handshake. Golden was hesitant at first, but accepted nonetheless, and Keith pulled him into a hug. A few tears began to form in Golden’s eyes, and he could be seen mouthing “I tried” over and over again. As Keith raised the hand of Rocky Golden, the show came to a close.


Sam Keith defeats Rocky Golden to claim the gold, 84.



Total: 85

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Guest codey

Pro Wrestling Review

Notes From the Unknown

By Mark Smart

Mr. Lane’s a mysterious figure in the wrestling. As prominent a figure he is one of the world’s largest promotions, not much is known about the man known as The Grand Avatar. For most bookers, the plans they make are made public at some point, by themselves or some leak within the organization. It’s a common practice in the wrestling industry. Mr. Lane, however, has never had any such leak occur in any company he’s booked for. His insistence for secrecy between his booking team members has helped to ensure that his shows are always the most talked about, the most anticipated pieces of sports entertainment available to the viewing public.


You can imagine how excited I was when my new boss, Mr. Lane himself, passed me his notes on the roster as it stands, complete with his thoughts on every single wrestler employed by TCW, including those under development. In these notes, Mr. Lane details his thoughts on where he believes each wrestler stands within the company, what he believes they can achieve, and what he hopes they can achieve.


The notes that follow are not edited in any fashion, and appear as they did on my desk last week.


Aaron Andrews-I like Andrews a lot. He’s young, talented, and a true product of TCW. Add that to the fact that Bryan Vessey’s recently taken him under his wing, and I’ve got a kid with a lot of upside on my hands. I’m being careful with him though, because of all of this. I’ve seen too many kids get pushes way too soon, and they turn into problems because of it.

American Buffalo-Buffalo’s not young, and not particularly great, either, but he’s big and scary enough to keep around. He’s a good man to play second fiddle to Eddie Peak, unlike the other man we’ve got in the Hellfire Club.

Benny Benson-I’m not sure what to do with Benson, exactly. Sure, he’s talented, but the guy just doesn’t look like the main event threat that he was treated as when I took over. I’ll find a place for him, though. Probably in the All Action or International title hunt.

Bryan Vessey-Bryan, Bryan, Bryan. Talented as all hell, and a great guy to have on any roster. Problem is, he’s a roid monkey. He’s been popped twice in the two months since I’ve taken over, and didn’t take very kindly to the suspension I dished out to him last month. Regardless, I’m going to keep him around for now, because, let’s face it, the man’s talented.

Chance Fortune-Fortune’s talented, yes, and a perfect fixture in the All Action division, but I have trouble taking him seriously. Yes, it is the haircut.

Charlie Thatcher-Thatcher’s probably not going to last long here. I’ve dropped his role as Edd Stone’s bodyguard, and he’s appeared solely on house shows and dark matches. I just don’t think he’s talented enough to make it here.

Davis Wayne-Wayne’s one of the first guys I signed when I got put in charge. He’s a really talented, charismatic, and young guy, and like Andrews, I’m keeping him on the lower end of the card until he pays his dues somewhat.

Edd Stone-Stone’s one to watch for the future. He comes from probably the most talented wrestling family in the world, and I’m lucky to get him at a young enough age that I can develop him into the star I think he can be.

Eddie Peak-Peak’s a monster, and a talented one at that. An incredible brawler, and I think I can turn him into a star.

Freddy Huggins-I like Freddy, and when he came to me with the idea of becoming a more flamboyant character, I agreed. Expect “Fabulous” Freddy and his pink boa to appear fairly often.

Genghis Rahn-A veteran of TCW, but an untalented one with almost no momentum. I don’t like him, and don’t see why anyone else should. Don’t expect him to last much longer.

Giant Tana-Tana’s a nice enough guy, sure, but he doesn’t fit in very well with the product I want to deliver. He’s more of an SWF guy, if you know what I mean.

Gino Montero-Son of Luis, who I met when I was in Mexico years ago. Luis tipped me off to him, and I was amazed by what I saw. The kid’s only 20, and I can already tell he’s gonna be a star.

Greg Gauge-The Keith kid that’s not on tv yet, but he’s just as talented. Oh yeah, there’s a reason I’m having him go by Gauge instead of Keith besides it sounding better.

Harry Allen-Allen’s good kid with a great look. That said, without Ford Gumble around to tag with, he’s just another cruiserweight. A talented one, but not one that stands out much.

Joey Minnesota-Yeah, I just turned one of my top faces heel. I just can’t take him seriously as a face, and I think everyone’s going to see the improvement that the turn was.

Joshua Taylor-Taylor recently lost his title, but don’t expect him to be going anywhere. He’s a young, talented guy that fits in very well with the TCW product.

Koshihiro Ino-I like Ino a lot. He’s got a unique look, and works well with top stars, Tommy Cornell especially.

Matthew Keith-Keith’s recently debuted, and he’s another future star. I’m going to let him work with his father, because I think he’ll be more receptive to criticism from him than anyone else

Rick Law-Rick’s gonna be a star, mark my words.

RDJ-Ricky’s an old star, and pretty talented, but I think his biggest selling point are his promos. He can make you get interested in a match better than almost everyone on the roster.

Rocky Golden-Yeah, I recently took the belt off of one of the biggest stars on the roster. Sure he’s popular, but I don’t think he’s talented enough to hold the belt just yet.

Sam Keith-So I put the title on an aging star, so what? He’s still one of the best wrestler’s in the world. Sam Strong held the same belt when he was 56 years old.

Sammy Bach-Bach, much like Rick Law, is going to be a star. The sky’s the limit for this high flyer.

Texas Pete-Pete’s young, got a great look, and can wrestle a decent enough match. I haven’t made much use of him yet, but expect him to appear a bit more in the coming weeks.

Tommy Cornell-Cornell’s one of the best in the world. Next.

Troy Tornado-I like Troy, I really do. He’s got a decent look and a good gimmick, and I actually felt bad jobbing him to Benson a few weeks back.

Wolf Hawkins-Hawkins was trained by Tommy, and you can tell by his ring work. Even better, he’s Tommy’s partner, so he learns from the best week in and week out.


Party Down-The team of Clark Alexander and Danny Fonzarelli. I didn’t really know what to do with these two, so I stuck them in a team together. Don’t expect to see them become more than an entry-level team, though.

The Fly Boys-I worked with these two in CZCW, and they left quite the impression on me. Both are highly talented cruiserweights with great looks.

The Machines-Probably the most technically sound team on the roster, and the top heel team as well, for good reason.

The New Wave-The tag champs, and with good reason. I expect one or both of them to be future singles stars, but they’ve been a team they’re entire career, so who knows?

The Tag Team Specialists-I take back what I said earlier, these two are probably the most technically sound team on the roster. That said, they’re still just an entry-level team, mostly due to their ages.


Notable developees:


Johnny Heizenger-Otherwise known as Ant-Man. He’s small, but exceptionally powerful with a great look.

Ash Campbell-Yes, the son of Nemesis. Tough shadow to live in, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Brandon Smith-Expect to see him in a few months if I can land us a B-show. Damn wrestling industry…

Cameron Vessey-The nephew of Bryan and son of Larry, Cameron could very well end up better than both.

Doug Peak-Yes, I signed the lesser Peak. I figure that once Rahn’s gone he’ll be a perfect replacement in the Hellfire Club.

Heath Murdock-I love Heath. While he’s still very raw, I think he can become a TCW legend if he lives up to his potential.

Hugh de Aske-The talented Belgian probably won’t be playing up the pirate gimmick as much as much as he would in, say, SWF, but he’ll still be joining title hunts in his never ending quest for booty.

Jared Johnson-Freshly debuted and ultra talented. Would you expect anything less form a student of Johnny Bloodstone?

James Hernandez-The oddball indy star that‘s known just as much for his quirks as he is his amazing ring work. This kids great all around: looks, charisma, and skill.

Mighty Mo-The most recent graduate from TCW‘s dojo, he‘s still very green, but he has a lot of upside.

Swoop McCarthy-The Australian may be known more for his mic work, but he’s certainly no slouch in the ring, and his stay in development should only see him improve.

Velocidad-Another one Luis Montero turned me on to, Velocidad‘s one of the hottest young luchadores in the world today.


Those word’s come straight from the pen of probably the fourth-most powerful man in the wrestling world today, and they give insight into his booking plans for the first time in his years-long career. With that said, I’m a bit saddened that I didn’t make his list of notable trainees. I’m going to have to train hard in hopes of making the next list, so until next time, I’m Mark Smart, and I’m Mark-ing out!




TCW Presents Total Wrestling

Benny Benson vs Eddie Peak

The New Wave vs Texas Pete and American Buffalo

Aaron Andrews and Joshua Taylor vs Sammy Bach and Troy Tornado

Gino Montero vs Chance Fortune vs Davis Wayne vs Freddy Huggins vs Edd Stone for the All Action Championship

Rocky Golden vs Rick Law

RDJ and Koshihiro Ino vs Joey Minnesota and Tommy Cornell

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Guest codey


Tuesday Week 1, March 2010


Benny Benson vs. Eddie Peak




In a grudge match between the two losers of last night’s #1 contender match, Benson and Peak opened up the show with a barnstormer of a match. Benson, knowing that his time would be short once Peak got a hold of him, kept himself at a distance throughout the match, but he wasn’t able to keep it up for long, as Peak eventually flattened him with a spine buster and took control of the match. Peak looked to have the match won when a returning Bryan Vessey emerged from the back, providing enough of a distraction for Benson to rollup Peak and score the upset win.


The post-match saw Peak seething in the ring as Vessey taunted him from the ramp. Vessey, who hasn’t been seen in a month, clearly has unfinished business with the man that put him out of action.


Benson wins with a little help, 82



The New Wave vs. American Buffalo and Texas Pete




Buffalo and Pete looked very dangerous in this match, demonstrating some very nice and, for them, creative power moves to try and put the champs down. In the end, however, Guide and Scout demonstrated why they’re still the champs after Sunday’s triple threat match and put Buffalo down with a Wave of Mutilation.


The New Wave continue to win, 72



A Change of Heart




Rocky Golden is standing outside the Keith locker room with a somber look on his face, contemplating whether or not he should knock on the door. Eventually he does, and Sam and Matt Keith come out to meet the former champ.


“Rocky,” Sam started. “What do you want?


Golden looked down, embarrassed. “I just came by to tell you that you were right, Sam. I wasn’t acting like a champion should, and you showed me how that affected my wrestling.” Rocky laughed. “You were right all that time, and I just brushed you off.”

“Look, Rocky, if you want a rematch…”


“No, that’s not why I’m here. I’m not ready. Not yet. But I do want you to know that I’m trying to change. A little less partying, a little more training, ya know? And it starts tonight, when I take on Rick Law. I’m gonna make you proud, Sam.”


“I sure as hell hope you do, Rocky.”



Aaron Andrews and Joshua Taylor vs. Sammy Bach and Troy Tornado




As the rock stars watched Andrews and Taylor make their way to ring, Bach feigned polishing his newly-won title belt, making Taylor’s blood boil as he entered the ring. Taylor immediately went after Bach, who wisely escaped the ring before he could be harmed. The story of the match consisted of Andrews, who has become a sort of tag team partner for hire in recent weeks, trying his best to calm down Taylor, who seemed more interested in harming Bach than trying to win the match. This mindset eventually cost them the match, as Taylor failed to save Andrews from a Tornado Star Maker as he was too distracted with Bach.


Bach and Tornado get a surprisingly easy win, 76



An All Action 5-Way





The All Action division has come to be known for it’s fast paced, innovative, and highly entertaining matches, and this match didn’t disappoint. Bodies flew from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, and near falls came from every spot in the ring, causing even the ref to lose track of what was going on. Edd Stone retained his belt, pinning his young protégé Davis Wayne, tossing Gino Montero from the ring after he dropped the blue chipper with a Mexican Sunset.


Edd Stone retains once again, 63



And Your New #1 Contender…




Rick Law made his way to the ring for his match, a huge smirk spread across his face.


“Now I hate to be the one to say it, but I told ya’ll so. That ugly SOB Peak and the pipsqueak Benson didn’t listen, but they sure as hell found out. When you fight the Law, the Law wins. Now that I’ve done taught ‘em that lesson, I get to turn my attention to what matter: the World Heavyweight Championship.”


“To be honest with ya’ll, compared to Sunday night, this is gonna be easy for me. I get to beat up on some old man, and tonight I’ve got a warm-up against the sorry sack that fell short against him.”


Rick paused to take in the boos the crowd were raining down on him. “Boo all you want, but come Just Another Day, the arm of the Law is going to have the longest reach the wrestling world has ever seen.”


Rocky Golden vs. Rick Law




Golden came out fired up, and he showed throughout the match that he was intent on living up to his promise of partying less and focusing on his wrestling a lot more. He had Law reeling at multiple points, but the ex-cop proved to much for the reinvigorated ex-champ, as he nailed him with the Squad Car Slam to secure the win and keep his momentum rolling.

Law takes this one, 76


The Dejected




Joey Minnesota sat alone in a dark room backstage, hands resting loosely in his lap.

“You brought this on yourself, Ricky,” he spoke in a hushed tone. “Everything I’m going to do to you is your fault. I’m going to relish every punch thrown, revel in every drop of blood spilt, and it’s all because of you.”

“You were my mentor and my friend. But that was never good enough. I was never good enough. When you let go, rejected me, that’s when I came alive. My blood started flowing when I stopped and let all the hate run through. Every last angry, pained, hateful thought I’ve ever had, I’m focusing it on you.”


Minnesota stood to make his way to the ring for his match before letting a smile spread across his face. “Thank you, Ricky. Thank you.”



RDJ and Koshihiro Ino vs. Tommy Cornell and Joey Minnesota





One of the better matches we’ve seen on Total Wrestling also turned out to be one of the most brutal. Minnesota and his former mentor RDJ tore into each other from start to finish, with both displaying a fire not usually seen in either man. In a rather unusual turn, Tommy Cornell took the back seat in this one, letting Minnesota dictate the pace of the match, and what a fantastic pace it was. Non-stop action is the best description for this match, as all four men went at it hard for 25 minutes. The match came to a satisfying end when Minnesota put Ino down with an Empire Spiral as Cornell held RDJ down on the outside.


Joey Minnesota wins this one for his team, 94



Total: 85


Next Time on Total Wrestling

Benny Benson and Bryan Vessey vs. Eddie Peak and American Buffalo

Gino Montero, Harry Allen, and Chance Fortune vs. Edd Stone, Freddy Huggins, and Davis Wayne

Joshua Taylor vs. Troy Tornado

Matt Keith and Rocky Golden vs. Rick Law and ???

Guide vs. Tommy Cornell

Koshihiro Ino vs. Joey Minnesota

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Guest codey

Post show thoughts:


-I'm an idiot. For two months now I've been typing Koshiro Ino's name as Koshihiro Ino, thinking that was right. Oh well, I'm planning on switching it up to just Ino soon, anyway.


-Yes, Sam Keith is face now. I've practically booked him as a face for two months anyway, but I've only just now made it official. I just prefer the veteran with a major title to be a face. I'm going to try and see about turning him into a mentor of sorts with some of the younger stars, including, you guessed it, Rocky Golden.


-Speaking of Golden, I as expecting his match with Law to be better than that. Law's got pretty great skills, and Golden's improved a bit by working with Sam for the past two months, so I was didn't see the 76 coming.


-I'm really unsure of what to do with Aaron Andrews, as I don't want to put him in the running for the All Action title just yet, and as talented as he is, he's not quite good enough to start making his way up the card just yet. He would have benefited greatly had I been able to get a B show.


-The All Action division would have seen a boost with a B show as well. They're all really talented guys, but they're not over enough for me to want to book them on Total Wrestling. Still, I don't want the division to be forgotten, so I continue to book it.


-It's not that I didn't like Joey Minnesota before, but it was just hard for to book an all-around ***hole like him as a face. I still don't particularly like him, but as a heel he's a lot easier to work with. Plus, I'm a complete sucker for the whole heel that feels he's been wronged gimmick.



Does anyone have any constructive criticism for me? I'd like to gauge my readers here, see if there's any things they'd like to see done in the future. :D

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Guest codey


Tuesday Week 2, March 2010


Bryan Vessey and Benny Benson vs. The Hellfire Club




The show opened with a surprisingly short match which saw Benson get brutalized as he found himself out of place with the big brawlers. Vessey was able to mount somewhat of an offense for his team, but Buffalo put an end to the match as he ran Benson down with a Stampede.


The Hellfire Club wasn’t done after the match, either, as they went straight for Vessey. Vessey did his best to fight back, but the big men quickly overwhelmed him, forcing him to the ropes, where Buffalo and Peak tied him up. As Peak rained down shots on him, Buffalo grabbed a chair at ringside. As he re-entered the ring, he lined up a shot at Vessey, but quickly turned it around and began to lay a brutal beat down on the already near-unconscious Benson as Vessey was forced to look on. Peak took the now-bloody chair and held it in Vessey’s face, screaming “This is what you get!” before throwing it down and making his exit as the medical staff rushed to the ring.


The Hellfire Club brutalize Benson on their way to the win, 68.



Gino Montero, Harry Allen, and Chance Fortune vs. Edd Stone, Freddy Huggins, and Davis Wayne




The faces took the early advantage in this match as they jumped on Wayne early, who had rushed to the ring ahead of his partners, ready to fight. While Wayne was receiving his beat down, Stone and Huggins were at ringside, calmly removing their shades and pink feather boa, respectively. It almost looked too late for the champs team when he finally got involved, but he quickly turned the match around, hitting a low blow on Allen to gain control. From here, the match went much like last week’s All Action title match up, as bodies flew all over. In the end, it was the champ who had his hand raised, as he ended Fortune’s night with a Party’s Over.


Stone, Huggins, and Wayne win it, 53



Law Gains a Powerful Ally




“There’s been a lot of talk around here about how people don’t think I can be a champion,” Rick Law began, standing in the interview room. “I just want to set one thing straight: I don’t give a crap about anyone else’s opinion, because I know that when it comes down to it, it’s the long arm of the Law that’s gonna be holding that pretty little title belt up in the air.”


“But I will say admit that I respect Sam Keith, and I ain’t gonna take him lightly like that con Rocky Golden did. And now that Keith’s got a little bit of backup in Golden and his boy, I figured I’d try to even up the playing field a bit, ya know, and get some backup of my own.”




The camera zoomed out, and the hulking frame of Texas Pete came into view. Even under the cowboy hat he wore (ridiculously) low on his, a scowl could be seen on the big Texan’s face. Law put his arm around Pete’s shoulder and smirked.

“Me and ol’ Pete here, well, we’re gonna make this game a little more fair, starting tonight. Ya’ll best watch your backs, cause believe me when I say this, we will hit you from behind.” Law flashed a smile to the camera as the interview came to a close.


Joshua Taylor vs. Troy Tornado




Taylor, who issued an ultimatum of win the title or get the hell out to Sammy Bach last month, found himself fighting to prove that he deserved a rematch, but Tornado wasn’t making it easy for him. Taylor and the rocker put on a show, with each man pushing the other to try harder. The end came after Tornado delivered a kick to Taylor’s groin and ran the ropes to hit the Star Maker and steal the win.


Troy was breathing hard as he took a mic from ringside.


“That’s right folks, I just made Taylor into a star!”


He paused to take a breath as the crowd booed.


“Now Sammy, I know you’re watching right now, and I have something to say to you. We may be friends, but I want a shot at your belt! I just put down your biggest challenger, and you know how I get when the gold gets in my eyes!"


Tornado steals the victory from Taylor and makes his challenge, 74



Rocky Golden and Matthew Keith vs. Rick Law and Texas Pete




The team of Law and Pete was indeed formidable as they layed a beating down on the rookie Keith. When Keith eventually got the hot tag, Golden hit the ring like a man on fire, dropping both of his opponents and taking immediate control of the match. His fire was abruptly put out, however, as Law swung for the fences and knocked him out cold with the Long Arm of the Law.

Pete and Law win, 62.


The Old Guard




Sam Keith watched as Law and Pete celebrated from a monitor backstage as RDJ approached him.


“Your boy looks good, Sam.”


“Yeah, but not good enough. Appreciate it, though.”

“You give him some time, Sam. He’ll do good for himself.”


Sam turned to RDJ for the first time.


“Is there something you wanna talk to me about, Ricky?”

“Just came by to shake your hand, Sam,” RDJ said as he extended his hand.


Sam looked a little unsure before accepting.

“I want you to know that me and a lot of the boys are pulling for ya. You being champ sets a good precedence for the young kids around here, ya know. Makes the company look good, and makes all of us old boys look good, too.”


“You aren't even an old man yet, Ricky.”

“If you say so. But hey, I just wanted you to know that if you ever need anyone on your side, I’m open to help, and I’m sure a bunch of the boys in the back are too. Keep that in mind.”


Sam looked at RDJ, puzzled. He sighed. “Ricky, I know we’ve had our share of problems since I got to TCW, but I appreciate hearing this from you. I really do.”


Old Time’s Sake




Tommy Cornell and The Machines stood backstage, sharing stories from their time in The Syndicate.

“…and then Brent and me cracked him over the head with the ring bell!” John Anderson finished before the group burst out laughing.


Cornell held his side before shaking his hand, asking them to be quiet for a minute. “It’s good to catch up with you boys. It’s been a while since we ran this place together, ya know?”


The Machines shook their heads in agreement.


“I’ll tell you what. I got myself a match with Guide next, and I think I’m gonna give that boy a beating, just for you boys.”


The Machines clapped Cornell on the shoulders and thanked him before Cornell called for them to cease once more.


“You boys had best be watching this match, because before the end of the night, that boy’s going to be bloody well knocked out.”


Guide vs. Tommy Cornell




Guide made it his mission in this match to make Cornell’s promise of blood an empty one, as the talented brawler did his best to fend off Rough Justice. The two put on a spirited brawl and took the match to the outside, where it was Cornell who found a bit of crimson seeping into his eyes after Guide slammed him headfirst into the ring steps. The wound only served to enrage the Brit, however, as he launched an offensive that ended with a Guilt Trip, leveling Guide and giving The Machines an indirect win.

Tommy Cornell raged like a bull to win, 80.



Koshiro Ino vs. Joey Minnesota




Ino found himself facing down a renewed Minnesota, who was looking to punish the warrior for replacing him as a Freedom Fighter. Ino, for his part, proved that he was a worthy successor as he took everything Minnesota threw at him and dished it right back out. The newly-found desire of Minnesota ended up overwhelming him, however, as the young star spiked Ino with an Empire Spiral to get the victory. After the match, Minnesota spat on Ino, sending a message to RDJ that his time was coming.


Minnesota shoots through to win, 82.


Overall: 77(? Maybe it‘s due to the low-scoring opener)



Next Time on Total Wrestling

Aaron Andrews vs. Sammy Bach

Clark Alexander vs. Eddie Peak

Scout vs. Wolf Hawkins

The Fly Boys vs. The Machines

RDJ vs. Rick Law

Rocky Golden and Sam Keith vs. Tommy Cornell and Joey Minnesota

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