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GLW: A return back home

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[upon landing back in O'Hare, I knew I had to get moving quickly... then, I hear my phone ringing.]




"Hey Adam, I dont know if you have been waiting for me, but the traffic has been backed up for about 3 miles, and I dont think I'll be there for another... 30 minutes. At least."


I let out a sigh... probably loud enough that Donny could hear my annoyance through the phone.


"Alright. Give me a call when you get here, I'll be ready."


Well, that puts a damper on my rush to get going. Maybe I can find a bar... no, that's just what I need. Waste more money. Almost all of the money I made when I started booking in Australia was wasted on booze... not just booze. I had lost my job, then stupidly thought that I could get a job with RAW, or DIW. After all the badmouthing I had done of them they didn't want anything to do with me...


So now I'm back home. Almost penniless. I'm not really qualified or interested in anything outside of wrestling. I'm not talented enough in the ring to get a job. If I tried to apply for a booking job, showing up with a resume focused around losing my money and job in Australia is really not going to get me anywhere. I really need to talk to Donny, get things straight in my mind.


[Phone rings...]

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