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I'm in need of serious Dynasty ideas

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I don't know, call it ADD, but I'm really in need of idea for a new Dynasty. I know, I know. I was doing the UFC: The Beginning - A Retelling Dynasty, but my file corrupted and now I'm without data.


I'm still itching to type a new Dynasty for the summer, but I'm not sure what I should do.


That's where you, the Greydog community, can help me.


I need new ideas, I know for sure I want it to be real world data.


One idea that's been constantly floating through my head is a What-If? Dynasty. What if WAMMA actually managed to gain footing in MMA? I had it set to where all MMA promotions are under the WAMMA umbrella. To best describe what I had in mind, think of NWA. Each promotion had their set of titles with the WAMMA belts having the most importance. So for instance, you'd have Brock Lesnar defeat Shane Carwin for the UFC Heavyweight title, and now he's lobbying for an encounter with the WAMMA Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko.


I thought it would be cool because there would be all these different challenges. BJ Penn would travel to Japan to face Shinya Aoki for the WAMMA Lightweight. Scott Coker and Dana White could butt heads over if Fedor Emelianenko would defend his WAMMA Championship against UFC's Brock Lesnar or Strikeforce's Alistair Overeem.


There could be yearly grand prix type tournaments to determine that year's number one divisional fighter.


I'm really liking the idea, but I don't know how ambitious it is.


I'd love to hear input and other Dynasty ideas from all of you, though.

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I did something like that called GLORY Fighting League. There were two conferences that consisted of Sherdog users and GFaqs MMA users. Here's the Sherdog topic:




It would be cool if you brought it over to this board. I don't tend to post a lot in the WMMA diaries (because I post way too much in the TEW diaries forum) that being said I do follow the diaries over there and this seems like it would be a cool concept.

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