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WCW: Rise and Rise

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March 26, 2001


Panama City Beach, Florida

No one knew what would really happen that night. Everyone had their theories or their worries, but no one was really sure. The tension was like a fog; its presence noticeable around everyone. People didn’t know if this was their last pay check, their last match, their last day in their wrestling careers.


Two of the roster caught each others eye, one gave weak smile, the other just nodded back in a registered agreement that they were both terrified. One of the veterans made sure he’d gone round each member of the locker room and told them that they had a future ahead of them before giving them advice on how to improve their performance – advice which was both welcomed and reviled.


Jealously grew. Some would be fine. Some were on contracts with the successful company – the one that had the ability to get out while it could – those people would still be getting a check once a month for the next three years signed by Turner. They say the captain goes down with his ship but, where was he? Where was Turner? Not even a goodbye and a handshake. He’d got out while he could.


There had been rumours as too exactly how much the final transaction cost was. Some said $100 million others had said less than 1. All the rumours did was make the fog grow thicker, make the weaker grow weaker, make the strong grow confident and more hated. However, everyone agreed on one thing. That seeing their hardwork go down the drain was more frustrating than anything they could've first imagined.


Among the confident strode one man in particular. A man unfamiliar with the workers, a man unfamiliar with the way the company was and what its legacy stood for. The man turned around from the curtain to face the roster who were expectantly watching. He gave a single, solitary wink before striding out to the arena ramp.

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March 26, 2001


Panama City Beach, Florida


“No Chance” blares for the PA system in the arena and out walks, to the crowd’s astonishment and bereavement, Shane McMahon – son of Vince, son of the competition, son of the winner. Dressed in a grey turtle neck jumper, Shane climbs into the ring and is handed a microphone from the announcer standing outside of the squared circle. He takes a second to let it all sink in before beginning to speak.


“What’s up Vince. Surprise Dad.”


Confusion and elation strikes the fans.


“You’re in Cleveland, Ohio and I’m here in Panama Beach City, Florida – standing in a WCW ring and as usual, dad, your ego has gotten the best of you. Your ego has gotten the best of you, I mean dad… you wanted to finalize this deal, WCW, at Wrestlemania? You wanted…You have the audacity to ask Ted Turner him self to come down and finalize that deal? Well dad that’s just the opportunity that I was looking for. Because dad the deal is finalized with WCW and the name on the contract does say McMahon…”

Realisation sinks in…

“However, the contract reads Shane McMahon.”


There is a huge pop from the crowd.


“That’s right! I now own WCW! And dad, just like WCW did in the past, how it kicked your ass in the past and it will again. That’s exactly what’s gonna happen…”


A familiar music hits the PA system out walks the silver haired Eric Bischoff, he to has a microphone.


“Shane, Shane, Shane! I hate to interrupt this amazing moment for you but I have some news that I think you want to hear. You see, you too are like you’re father. I guess it is true what they say – like father, like son, right?”


Shane looks very confused.


“What I’m trying to say is, you too let your ego get the better of you. You see, I don’t what kind of thing you’ve got going on here but that “contract” we received back? Well…it wasn’t a contact at all but instead a letter of agreement, which as my lawyers will tell you are completely different things. In other words…you don’t own jack squat!”

Shane is furious he starts swearing loudly.


“Shane, I ask you to be polite or I will have security remove you from the building.”


The younger McMahon climbs out the ring and storms backstage.

“Well, you could’ve at least waited for the huge twist! I mean come on what’s an announcement with out a twist?! Well Vince I’m sure you too have ‘stormed off’ in your own way, by cutting the live feed on RAW. But you and I both know all the smart fans will be switching over right now to see what this handsome guy here has got to say.”


The fans are going absolutely crazy, it’s getting difficult to hear what’s being said over the incessant cheering.


”Vince…this day will be forever know as the the Panama Beach City Screwjob. The day that changed the wrestling business. You see it is true Timewarner are selling WCW and it is true that WCW is in some major financial difficulty. It’s also true that I put in an offer to take over WCW but once TNN said that it would no longer be showing Nitro or Thunder it seemed pretty redundant. However, in this business, it’s not what you know. It’s who you know. And let me tell you when I say the new owner of WCW knows a lot people and knows how push the buttons to get what he wants. So tonight is NOT the last Nitro! It is NOT the last WCW telecast here on TNN. We WILL be back same time next week. When you will all see the change and revolution that WCW will go through under the new regime of…and Vince you might know this guy…DONALD TRUMP!!!


The fans go wild as the WCW logo appears in the corner of the telecast and the picture turns to black.

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