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The Dead Son:Vince McMahon's Secret Didn't Die

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The Dead Son




The product of Vincent Kennedy McMahon due to affair with Anna Granger was Charles Kennedy McMahon but Mr. McMahon wanted her to have an abortion. Taunting her with legal backlash Anna Granger said let her have her baby boy. It was October 31st 1986 and she gave birth to her baby boy Charles Kennedy McMahon and that night she paid off for his death. A man came into the hospital stole her baby and then tossed him over a bridge into the cold autumn Connecticut river . Vincent Kennedy McMahon was guilty of the news that his son was dead and wasn’t happy but then devoted his life to making WWF a house hold name.


Who knew that the death of his son would make him invent a household company that was atop of the professional wrestling world no one. But something weird happened Charles Kennedy McMahon wasn’t dead he was discovered in the Connecticut river somewhere inn Massachusetts by David Reed. David Reed was a successful stock broker and he brought him home to Boston. Him and his wife Mary adopted him but kept his name as it is. You see he had his name on his person while he was wrapped in his baby blanket. Pretty soon Charles grew up as he grew up he adopted the Goth style of dress and was a social outcast people said he had an uncanny look like Marilyn Manson. Pretty soon Charles took up backyard wrestling at the age of 17 finishing up later on as he went on to graduate from East Boston High. Charles was top of his class and then went on to earn a bachelors degree in business at Boston College.


Pretty soon he got some mentoring on in the wrestling profession from Al Snow, Raven & CM Punk’s trainer Ace Steel. At the age of 21 Charles started wrestling in small promotions to avoid the big spotlight and exposure he went on to be a hit in Puerto Rico. Late 2010 he beat Carly Colon Jr. in an iron man match claiming his WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship then dropped it in December citing mental issues. The title went upon the waist of a young Puerto Rican wrestler named Ryan Chavez in a tournament that Charles attended in a straight jacket. Charles then returned to the United States and got a job in the WWE Headquarters as a writer. He faked his name and was labeled Charles Reed on all company files. In March 2011 he thought of a Plan and that was to ruin Wrestlemania 27 and reveal himself to his father. This is his life, this is his plan this is the Dead Son.


Real Name:


Charles Kennedy McMahon


Ring Names:


Psycho Charles, Charles McMahon , The Illegitimate Plague and Chainsaw Charles Duggan.


Date Of Birth:


October 31st 1986




Hartford, Connecticut










Trained By:


Al Snow, Raven & Ace Steel




Vincent Kennedy McMahon & Anna Granger


Adopted Parents:


David & Mary Reed


Pro Debut:


September 2007




WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion (1x)


WWC World Junior Heavyweight Champion (4x)


CZW Tag Team Champion (2x) with Drake Younger


WWC World Tag Team Champion (3x) with Ricky Banderas,Cuervo & Shawn Spears


NWE Heavyweight Champion (3x)


AWA African Heavyweight Champion (1x)


PWA Cruiserweight Champion (3x)


PWA Tag Team Champion (2x) with Ace Steel


DDT Extreme Division Champion (4x)


DDT KO-D Open weight Champion (2x)


HWA Tag Team Champion (2x) with Jon Moxley


HWA Heavyweight Champion (1x)


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New Text Messages


To: Charles Reed


From: Vincent Kennedy McMahon


Subject: Business


Date: March 16th ,2011


Well Wrestlemania 27 is coming up and I wanted you to know that I’m proud of your writing ability as well as your critique in our booking. You have been a god send and with Daniel Bryan winning the Royal Rumble we have seen people tuning in more in and more. I’m proud of your creative genius hell it makes me money and I love money. Charles you have a gift and I want you to have a front row ticket to Wrestlemania 27. Also I want you to know that I have considered your idea of having Undertaker lose at Mania but it’s been declined. You see Taker can’t lose he’s going to go 20-0 then retire as it’s not good to end on an odd note. You understand that evening the odds is what the WWE is all about. And my son in law Hunter wanted you to know that he’s not losing the Undisputed Championship match against Bryan & Kane. I mean we liked that Hunter held the WWE championship and Kane had some success with the World title. But we see Hunter having a run with the Undisputed belt until colliding with a rising star. I mean Bryan’s good but he’s not ready for that kind of spotlight and neither is my pocket.



+No Chance In Hell+


To: Charles Reed


From: Rachel Donaldson (Mschif)


Subject: Date?


Date: March 18th, 2011


Your under Vince’s favorite list that’s cute well hope you are enjoying your time in the WWE. I was going to ask you if it’s okay for me to stop by and see you this Saturday I mean Vince has already cleared you of writing duties until after Wrestlemania 27. You basically gave him the whole blue print on what’s going to happen up to Wrestle mania 27. But you are a little let down you are free with nothing to do but I was thinking. Maybe I’m a psycho path to the wrestling fans but to you I’m more. And I want to show you how much I appreciate you by asking out on a date. I mean I’m not trying to be all heart felt and mushy but I’m into you. The night you kissed me under the stars in Central Park was the best day of my life. You are my savior Charles and you have been an inspiration to me even with the whole McMahon’s son gimmick you did. So I hope our night on the town is indeed great and how about we do this in New York City. And I know it’s a little expensive but for us babe I’d got us a table at the Peking Duck House.


~His Soul’s Tormentor~


To Do List


  • Date With Mschif
  • Attend Brunch with John Cena regarding his future.
  • Visit Adopted Mom’s grave with Adopted Father
  • Attend & Ruin Wrestlemania 27

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The Date




The crazy yet subtle tone of the night air pierced my face it was time to have dinner with the love of my life Rachel Donaldson. I picked out my most atrocious attire and walked out of my apartment with my head on straight. I was trying to flatter her not scare her so I kind of laid off the make up for tonight. I looked like my old man for a second even though the only people that knew the truth were me and my adopted parents. I went into the Peking Duck House with a smile and saw her standing near the table. I bowed like a gentleman and pulled out her chair to sit and she did. I sat down as well felling my rear end meet the cushion like it was fate. I stared at her briefly and then opened up the menu with a slight grin.


Charles Reed: “I hear the Peking Duck dinner can fill us up but it’s $32.50 per person and serves a minimum of four.”


Rachel grinned and nodded to get it even though it was just the two of us and I whispered why not and waved a waiter over.


Waiter: “Yes good sir and the lovely lady what would you be having this evening?”


I looked into her eyes and they were sparkling with utter love crisp and pure like the morning grass. Comparing her eyes to grass were funny since she had a fixation toward the color green like I had loved purple. I was being lost in my thoughts again how far off was I in my mind.


Charles Reed: “We’ll have the Peking Duck Dinner special if you don’t mind .”


The waiter nodded to my request it was the fanciest experience I had since my tour of Japan. The other day I was lost looking on Wikipedia at my accomplishment list and though it seems like I had short title reigns so what. I’m not a bad wrestler as a matter of fact it was my choice on most occasions to give up the titles. As I felt it was just an object until I achieve something greater that’s why I was called Psycho. They called m Psycho Charlie because I refused to keep the belt long citing mental issues as the problem.


Waiter: “ And to drink what’ll it be?”


The waiter took me out of my lukewarm trance and then I looked at the menu blankly and decided to order something to drink.


Charles Reed: “How about two glasses of your finest red wine?”


The waiter smiled and walked away and I sighed deeply to myself man was I lost in life at this moment.



Rachel Donaldson:” I was thinking about what you said me joining you in the WWE. I mean we can have our own little adventures. And we could be alone on the road together and stay up late. That grumpy old Vincent McMahon doesn’t have to know I made his little writer stay up for a third round.”


My face turns red when she mentioned the third round let’s see I couldn’t last 40 minutes with Pamela Anderson let alone three rounds. I was joking while I can be a glutton for long love making I tend to not. I mean making love for hours is good but I had things to do . I was going to ruin my Dad’s grand creation Wrestlemania and have a last laugh due to the fact I almost died. You see the frigid Connecticut river almost killed me problem was I landed on a bed of sticks. The sticks were shaped life a raft I suffered scrapes and lacerations but I was checked on by a hospital. You didn’t think my adoptive parents would let their future son be in pain did you. So with that treatment I healed but still apart of me was missing and that was my soul. The food was coming and I had a dinner to enjoy so I stopped thinking and focused on Rachel.


Charles Reed: “ Wow that was great I can’t eat another bite let’s wrap this up shall we.”


Rachel nodded and I paid the high priced meal with a hundred dollar bill also left a hundred for the nice waiter. Out in the New York City streets we walked around talking about our future. Who knew if we’d be together that long but it was worth it and then we drove to Connecticut. There was a bright smile on my girl’s face as she had on that silk green dress with her hair tied up looking sensual. My old fashioned James Bond looking suit was average at best as I tried to save my money for rainy day as best as possible. I looked into her eyes as we stood on the steps of my Flat.


Rachel Donaldson: “ So do you want me to come up or do you want me to go?”


I looked at Rachel in the eyes longing for her touch but thought about it for a second. Well my schedule was free until Next week when I had a brunch with John Cena and a visit to my adopted mother’s grave. So I mouthed a yes and grabbed Rachel by the hand and led her upstairs in to my Flat. That night I forgot about what I was planning to focus on my lover. Well let’s just say it was all worth it and like someone once told me the road to redemption is paved with love and brutality.



To Do List


  • Date With Mschif
  • Attend Brunch with John Cena regarding his future.
  • Visit Adopted Mom’s grave with Adopted Father
  • Attend & Ruin Wrestlemania 27

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