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*** Mission Statement ***

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*** Mission Statement ***


To create what we once had in EWR, the freedom to play in any historical scenario of our choosing. To bring about a "Modding Nirvana" of sorts.


Alot of long time players will remember the days of EWR and the sheer ridiculous amount of historical and scenario mods available. Slowly over the years some of the best mod makers have left, disappeared or retired and in most cases for unfortunate reasons. The community here at the moment is as strong as it's ever been and now's the time to bring back some guys and add some new one's hopefully!


In this thread I will link every mod that is from here on in considered Freeware of sorts. I have spoken to each creator of these mods and they were all more then happy to help out in any way possible and share whatever they can from their own hard work. Big thanks has to go to them for setting the standard of unselfishness.





The list, which I will update as we go to all of the available mods are linked below. These links take you to the mods to the threads but TEW Central (<<<Clicky) is the best place for a reliable download of all of these. The threads are good to have a look at before downloading for any notes etc.





*How To Install A Mod Guide*



Mar 1987


Dec 1988


Sep 1989


Jul 1994


Sep 1995


Jan 1996


Dec 1997


Jan 1999


Sep 1999


Jun 2000 (BETA)


Jan 2001


May 2001


Apr 2002


Jun 2004 (BETA)


Jan 2006





WOTI (Combined Era's)


iDOM 2010 (NWA Scenario)


2002 History Rewritten (WCW Lives Alt Reality)



]Superfly Effect (1987 Alt Reality)





Let's fill the gaps and expand on what we have. All of these can be used as bases for future mods!





I will mention the story now if only to put just how grateful I am to these guys in context. A while back now (probably close to 18-24 months) I was approached by someone to create a mod for a website which would be exclusive and I would be paid for. The thought actually scared me, this was at a time when the people making mods for TEW could be counted on one hand and the vibe here on the boards was hostile to say the least. To cut a long story short I laughed the request off and let that member know that wasn't for me (for one I don't think I could ever not have my mods on Bobinc just out of tradition and loyalty if nothing else). I know a few other mod makers were made this offer and the one's I thanked above all made the choice to contribute to the boards for the players here and their love of the TEW games. Money and accolade isn't the reason they mod, it's for this game which we all love and support! It was a big turning point, I could only imagine the situation we'd have today if modders had've sold out and made their work "Exclusive" or whatever. So today when I look at the mods we've compiled I know it's in large part due to the mod makers here showing their class. End rant/


The modders who've volunteered their work for this project are...












(Whoever does the GDS mod, these guys need a bump in respect stat :p )





A Few Tips From Mod Makers Past & Present


* Know the C-Verse *

No mod should be a copy of C-Verse but it's a good idea to at least familiarise with it. Picking up little tid bits of how the game world runs in certain areas, how rookies develop etc. can be vital info for any RW mod.


* Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail *

At the very least it's good to have a plan of attack. Maybe it's a promotion full of workers to be done in a week (starting slowly is a good idea if it's your first time) or say a set amount of workers.


* Develop a Method *

The reason so many mods that are "Multi-Contributions" are inconsistent in parts is because the different people adding data often have very different methods. Consistency plays a big part in a mod and having a method you're comfortable with will help out alot, especially saving you time and having to tweak one stat in particular worker by worker. I mentioned in another thread, it's good to have a few constants. What I mean is before the editing starts it's a good idea to list the top rated workers for each stat (on a spreadsheet for ease of review if possible) and what rating they should be at. Keep that list handy and use it as a measurement of where everyone else is. These days I also note a worker I believe to be around a C or C+ for every stat as well so I also have a middle point.


* Avoid the Dreaded Modders Block *

Don't burn yourself out, this is one of the most important tips imo. It's very easy to start headstrong and start thrashing out workers etc. only to find yourself a week later sitting at the keyboard thinking "I just modded like crazy for a week and I'm not even 5% finished on this mod". If you're constantly thinking about finsihing and how much work there is left to do there's a good chance it won't go much further. Do what you can when you can and know your limits, realise when it's becoming more of a task and feels like work then playing around with an editor and making something fun a break is needed.


* Ask For Help! *

GDS is one of the best boards I've ever seen when it comes to people helping out and contributing whatever they can. Save whatever time you can on cosmetic material like pics, graphics, bios etc by asking nicely for input and help. I'm sure there will be plenty of people given the right project who will not only save a mod considerable amount of time but add some great depth.


Sometimes I am not sure the C-Verse fully captures that as the good workers are generally pretty good at everything. There is nothing wrong with giving a green high flyer awesome aerial and flashiness stats but horrendous psychology, basics and consistency to create a balance.


Also, test. Both as a player and as a watcher. If things happen that you don't think should happen, then go back and adjust ... not just worker stats but also promotion stats, industry levels etc. Making a mod is kind of achieving a balance between all these things.


When I made the 1996 mod for TEW 08 I had a problem with WCW. No matter what they would drop to cult within a few months every freaking game. I couldn't really jack up the stats for workers any higher without having to completely reassess my philosophy for worker stats throughout the whole game. I also couldn't give them more popularity without throwing things into turmoil so eventually I had to increase the importance levels of the US regions just a bit to prevent one or two less important regions influencing the entire industry. It seemed to work pretty well as I could then sim a couple years into the game without anything stupid happening.


personal opinion + the quick add feature are fairly useful. Considering you can add the game (as whatever its psydunem is in the quick add) and then tinker to ones licking.


Also using the C-Verse for a base is good (Realize that 90's should be rare! I hate mods, especially mods set in 2000 or something where AJ Styles is a 90 Flyer. That means he will only get better into perfection. He should really by a 40 or 50 and improve to a 90, if at all).


However becoming TOO grounded in the c-verse can be a bad thing. Might as well just play the c-verse if you're just doing a re-name clone.


I think if you're going to make a mod, make YOUR mod. Resist the temptation to copy what other people do because if you do that, you'll wind up with their shortcomings on top of your own. Also, don't overextend yourself. If the scope of your knowledge of wrestling doesn't go past WWE & TNA, don't try to fake like you know puro (as an example). Just release a WWE & TNA mod and call it even. There can be few things quite as frustrating as downloading a so-called "real world mod" and have only two (or three) promotions work right or have it missing key players from parts of the world not North America. Bring your vision to the fore, don't try to filter someone else's vision through your eyes.


I've got some general project management tips:



1) Set a schedule. Try and get the habit of devoting X hours a day at a set period of time on it. Then, when things start slowing down, you'll be in the habit already of just doing it, putting one foot in front of the other.


2) Break it up into manageable chunks. It's real easy to get bogged down and think "holy crap, too much work". Instead, sit down and say "I'm going to do all the A's today/this week/this month, or "I'm going to attach pictures to the titles."


Breaking it up into smaller goals let's you get the satisfaction of completion without having to wait months and months for the whole thing to get done.



3) Go into it knowing the time frame involved. Mods take several weeks to several months (or longer) to go from scratch to publish, and even once published there's still periodic maintenance to be done.




* Use The Resources Available *

There are some fantastic sites now available with info that's invaluable. Other then the obvious candidates like Wiki (Often questionable, especially with a large part of the IWC as rabid and trolly as they are) and Youtube, some great sites for research are...


Region Maps (dse you rock)




Helpful Informtation Siteshttp://www.obsessedwithwrestling.com/index.php




http://www.solie.org/newsletter/svwn252.html (Just change the number in the link for a different report, great for researching old storylines)











My personal fave and a site I stumbled upon recently. It's all in German but it's easy enough to decipher the vitals and the archives are just amazing.



I wish us well on our mission :)

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Thanks guys updated main post with links, Hive I didn't add OWW because obsessedwithwrestling.com is essentialy the same site with exact same info.


Work has started on a Jan 1987 mod.


Aight, no problem. :)

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Aight, no problem. :)


Something happened with the two guys who were running the origianl site I heard. One guy split and made pretty much a duplicate site, the only reason I tend to use Obsessed more is because for some reason (may be my connection) it browses and loads much quicker.

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I love this thread. It would be great to have a mod for every big turning point in wrestling. Not sure of dates...


WCW Events

nWo formation (Starts the Nitro after Bash at the Beach)

Bret Hart joins WCW (Starts the night of Harts debut)

Bret Hart concussion (Starts the Nitro after his concussion)

New Blood Storyline (Starts the Nitro of their debut)

Jeff Jarrett's joining WCW (Starts the Nitro of his debut)

WCW Introduces Hardcore Title (Starts at the month of the titles debut)

What if... Rey Jr. didn't lose his mask (Starts the Nitro after his mask was on the line)



WWF/WWE Events

Radicals leave WCW and join WWF (Starts the RAW of their debut)

DX formation (Starts when NAO joined)

Jeff Jarrett doesn't leave (Starts the RAW he would have debuted in WCW)

What if... Droz didn't break his neck? D'Lo still have a career?

What if... Eddie Guerrero didn't die?

What if... Owen Hart didn't die?


These are just a few ideas. A brief description with the mods may be helpful. Such as a status of the industry. Major storylines, and where they were "supposed" to be going with them.

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I want to do a 1981 mod but I will need a team to help I want to back it as balenced and playable as possiable so if anyone would like to be on the team PM me and I will tell what I have in mind and what I will need help with.
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Thanks for the compliments! I'll have to do the rest sometime soon.


No thank you! Can't tell you how many times I've used it as a reference, it's a great post :)


Someone did Australia and listed Europe, you should edit that into the first post if you can.


Edit - You already did a new Australia/NZ region, awesome!

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