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Canadian Golden Combat: The Golden Generation

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Maple Leaf Sport Official Statement

CGC: Title Bout Wrestling


It is our regret to announce the cancellation of long running wrestling television show CGC: Title Bout Wrestling, the decision was made after we received a number of complaints about the show's content. The show which airs at 19/20:00 runs on our network which likes to keep it's broadcasting as family friendly as possible. The Network had previously warned Canadian Golden Combat over the usage of mild profanity during live broadcasts. The network also tried numerous times to offer them the chance for the show to be pre-recorded and edited a proposal which they refused on all occasions.


The incident in question took place on their last show in which CGC worker Jack DeColt was doused in a liquid implied to be lighter fluid and another worker, his brother Alex DeColt, looked as if he was going to set him on fire, although the implied action was not carried through and whilst we realise this is just 'acting' we cannot tolerate the poor impression this set for the younger viewers.


Following many complaints we have had no choice but to cancel the showing of this programme with immediate effect.

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RE: TV Show Cancellation



CGC Statement

RE: TV Show Cancellation


Despite reports from The Maple Leaf Sports Network, Canadian Golden Combat would like to confirm that their claim that they 'had no choice but to cancel' CGC Title Bout is false, and infact it was CGC who decided to cut ties with the Network after the Network's constant attempts to change our broadcasting content and recording schedule. However it was ultimately a decision we made due to a change in product direction and we felt the family friendly atmosphere of 'Maple Leaf Sport' is not one in which our companies current direction would thrive under.


We will also be expecting a full retraction of the statement from Maple Leaf Sport. More will be revealed on our broadcasting future shortly. We thank fans for their loyalty during this difficult time.

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The Story so far




The date is 1st June 2011 and CGC have just cancelled or lost (depending on who you believe) and they are at a crossroads as to their future, they are at National level and here is a quick overview of 'The Story so far.'


The Story started on Tuesday Week 2 September when I took the head booker job from Phil Vibert, I quickly signed up Edd Stone and Eric Tyler and Mitch Naess and the mission began. The main story has been the Stones (Edd and Duane) vs Jack, Ricky and Alex DeColt, there was also a short lived Tyler vs Shooter Sean Deeley but that soon slowed as Eric took to the announce booth, and my favourite storyline involves Whippy the Clown who is battling with the Elemental managed Thrill Seeker who has donned the mask of Canadian Elemental and has used many of the Originals moves most frequently the Inferno Splash.


DeColts vs Stones

This started on my first show in which after a gruelling battle for Alex DeColt the lights went out and music hit, when the lights came back on Edd Stone was in the ring, face to face with Alex as the show came to a close, he aligned himself with the newly reformed Elite and Duane debuted in a similar fashion weeks as did Dark Angel after completing his tour of BHOTWG the debut of Dread and Eddie Chandler & Dan DaLay turning fact kept it fresh but as it began to grew stale Alex DeColt turned on Jack on the night of his record equalling title reign's 22nd defence and Edd Stone became champion, with a heavy slant towards heels, Bruce The Giant debuted as face and after a few battles within the 2 factions the incident happen during which Jack was doused in lighter fluid by Alex DeColt and Edd Stone, as they were set to burn him alive Duane stepped in the way and Edd pushed him, Edd then went to punch him and he blocked it and hit him before tipping Alex out of the ring and helping Jack up for the face turn last week.

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CGC Coverage


CGC on PayPerView


CGC can today announce that the showing of Title Bout is to resume after we agreed a preliminary short term deal with Canada 1-Choice and My Select USA to begin showing weekly Pay-Per-Views in addition to the monthly shows, whilst this is likely to be a short-term deal it will be the only way to see CGC action on a weekly basis. The show 'Title Bout Weekly' will begin on the second Wednesday of June and will continue to be shown on Wednesday's for the foreseeable future.


The move will also see a new edge to CGC due to the lack of 'interfering network' and we hope you will enjoy the new show.


We hope our fans will be as excited by this news as we are and hope our loyal fans will tune in to see Alex, Jack and Ricky DeColt as well as Edd Stone, Duane Stone, Bruce The Giant and Dread as well as many more of the world's finest wrestliers live and without interuption on Pay Per View.

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CGC Roster




Whose he playing: A monster, a scary monster who beats people up for fun

What's he doing: Part of the Stone/DeColt Storyline and has most recently been focusing on Bruce The Giant

My Opinion: Good worker, very over and easy to get over, time is catching up with him but 'there's still life in the old dog yet' as he shows with solid performance especially in angles.

Momentum: 83 (B)

Overness (Canada): 91-92 (A)



Ricky DeColt

Whose he playing: A plucky, patriotic underdog

What's he doing: Caught up in a feud with Alex, he seems more concern in 'getting his brother back' than Jack's philosophy of 'getting back at his brother' but is also standing up and helping Jack against him

My Opinion: Awesome when put with the right opponent good character and hard working.

Momentum: 90 (A)

Overness (Canada): 90-91 (A)



Alex DeColt

Whose he playing: *******! Authoritarian, Arrogant and power crazy leader

What's he doing: Figure head of the main feud after turning on his brother Jack he has began to make his life a living hell

My Opinion: Awesome on the stick and constantly brings great promos seems to be enjoying being hated and can pull off a decent match with most.

Momentum: 97 (A*)

Overness (Canada): 99-100 (A*)



Jack DeColt

Whose he playing: Hard worker who will flip into a loose cannon when provoked and will not be controlled

What's he doing: Main rivalry. Fighting the power and taking anyone out

My Opinion: Great interaction with Alex and can put on good match when with the right people, extremely charismatic

Momentum: 95 (A*)

Overness (Canada): 94 (A)



Eddie Chandler

Whose he playing: Cool calm with a dash of fabulous-ness.

What's he doing: Nothing much, following the crowd

My Opinion: Puts on good matches but I should not have turned him face really stalled and lacking direction as Jack DeColt's tag alongs.

Momentum: 69

Overness (Canada): 76-79 (B-/B)



Dan DaLay

Whose he playing: Realistic Street fighter

What's he doing: See Eddie C

My Opinion: See Eddie C

Momentum: 71 (C+)

Overness (Canada): 79-81 (B)



Ed Monton

Whose he playing: Off screen road agent

What's he doing: Road agenting

My Opinion: Great Road Agent

Momentum: Doesn't matter

Overness (Canada): Does not matter



Ryan Powell

Whose he playing: No Gimmick Needed

What's he doing: Wrestling not in a storyline his matches tell the story

My Opinion: Solid worker, the future of the company.

Momentum: 76 (B-)

Overness (Canada): 74 (B-)



Canadian Elemental (Portrayed by Lee 'Thrill Seeker' Rivera)

Whose he playing: The Canadian version of Elemental

What's he doing: Long term ring based feud with Whippy The Clown which he's lost every time main CGC Canadian contender as well as Tag champ

My Opinion: Exciting worker who is helped by his gimmick and the mentoring slant by Elemental helps the feud with Whippy is my favourite

Momentum: 70 (C+)

Overness (Canada): 72-77 (B-)



Shane Nelson

Whose he playing: Fun Babyface

What's he doing: Stalled in the midcard and is feuding with other midcarders looking for a break

My Opinion: Good worker, good performance skills but doesn't stick out to me

Momentum: 73 (B-)

Overness (Canada): 56 (C-)



Bobby Thomas

Whose he playing: Arrogant outside of the ring, machine between the ropes

What's he doing: Feuds with Art Reed and other midcarders looking for a break out feud

My Opinion: Solid worker, excellent performance skills, good matches are regular from him

Momentum: 65 ©

Overness (Canada): 58 (C-)



Christian Price:

Whose he playing: Underdog

What's he doing: Literally nothing, only here in case of emergency

My Opinion: Don't know, he doesn't wrestle

Momentum: 31 (E)

Overness (Canada): 26 (E)



Trent Shaffer

Whose he playing: Self-Centred Face?

What's he doing: Nothing after vacating titles tailed off into obscurity and just wrestles now

My Opinion: Good worker but doesn't stand out, will be a future star

Momentum: 68 (C+)

Overness (Canada): 62 ( C )



Francis Long

Whose he playing: Ref

What's he doing: Reffing

My Opinion: good Ref

Momentum: N/A

Overness (Canada): N/A



Duane Stone

Whose he playing: Show Stealer

What's he doing: Just turned face in the companies hottest storyline

My Opinion: The don. The best there is, was and ever will be great match since the product tweek, the greatest in ring talent we have

Momentum: 99 (A*)

Overness (Canada): 99(A*)



Edd Stone

Whose he playing: Too good for CGC, arrogant cheating and the Second biggest ******* in the company

What's he doing: Biggest storyline and holding the strap

My Opinion: Great matches and not the backstage ass people (e.g Dan Stone) talk about invaluable talent

Momentum: 95 (A)

Overness (Canada): 98 (A*)



Dark Angel

Whose he playing: Mysterious heel

What's he doing: Support in the major story, going after Bruce

My Opinion: Truly great performance and reliable whilst getting old he still put on awesome matches

Momentum: 76 (B-)

Overness (Canada): 86 (B+)



Dallas McWade

Whose he playing: Mountain Man

What's he doing: Was supporting Edd Stone but severely dropped off into verging tag team jobber

My Opinion: Poor in ring, lost pop. Could this be the end of McWade? No because they're still scary

Momentum: 60 ©

Overness (Canada): 47 (D)



Dean McWade

Whose he playing: See Dallas

What's he doing: See Dallas

My Opinion: See Dallas

Momentum: 54 (C-)

Overness (Canada): 43 (D)



Joey Poison

Whose he playing: Thrill Seeker

What's he doing: Just redebuted so finding his feet

My Opinion: Good solid all-round glad to see him back

Momentum: 72 (B-)

Overness (Canada): 56 (C-)



Farrah Hesketh

Whose She playing: Inactive Colour

What's She doing: Colour

My Opinion: Good staff member

Momentum: Doesn't matter

Overness (Canada): ^



Teddy Powell

Whose he playing: Undebuted

What's he doing: Undebuted

My Opinion: Owns our dev. territory so I signed him he not bad

Momentum: -

Overness (Canada): 7 (F)



Chris Caulfield

Whose he playing: Hardcore Extremist

What's he doing: Having on workers and trying to bring hardcore to CGC with manager Nemesis

My Opinion: Hard worker, knows how to work a match I like him and his character

Momentum: 56 (C-)

Overness (Canada): 44 (D)



Eric Tyler

Whose he playing: Colour commentator

What's he doing: Commentating

My Opinion: Good commentator who can also get in with the storylines

Momentum: Doesn't Matter

Overness (Canada): Doesn't matter




Whose he playing: Extremist

What's he doing: Managing Caulfield

My Opinion: Helps Chris a lot and is a great manager

Momentum: N/A

Overness (Canada): 49 (D+)



Pablo Rodriguez

Whose he playing: Clever scientific wrestling style

What's he doing: Putting on good matches

My Opinion: surprised we got him and his flying is helping the Canadian title scene re-define itself

Momentum: 68 (C+)

Overness (Canada): 45 (D)



Mitch Naess

Whose he playing: Announcer

What's he doing: Announcing

My Opinion: Great Announcer

Momentum: -

Overness (Canada): -



Sean Deeley

Whose he playing: Machine like bad ass

What's he doing: dominating the lower carders

My Opinion: Great worker who intrigues me big plans for his future

Momentum: 60 ©

Overness (Canada): 56 (C-)




Whose he playing: CanEl's mentor

What's he doing: Managing CanEl

My Opinion: Great road agent manager


Overness (Canada): -



Bruce The Giant

Whose he playing: Giant

What's he doing: Main feud, sub- feuding with Dread and Dark Angel

My Opinion: Brilliant in angle, gets over easily not mega awful in the ring

Momentum: 92 (A)

Overness (Canada): 100(A*)



Steve Frehley

Whose he playing: Enforcer

What's he doing: Will be enforcing for Alex DeColt

My Opinion: Good camera skills alright in ring

Momentum: 79 (B)

Overness (Canada): 79 (B)



American Elemental

Whose he playing: Heel Patriot

What's he doing: Feuding for the CGC Canadian strap

My Opinion: Good worker although novelty of AmEl vs CanEl w/ OrigEl is wearing thin

Momentum: 59 (C-)

Overness (Canada): 44 (D)



Buddy Garner

Whose he playing: MMA Bad Ass

What's he doing: KO people

My Opinion: Hard to book for

Momentum: 80 (B)

Overness (Canada): 65 ( C )



Whippy The Clown

Whose he playing: Cool Clown

What's he doing: Canadian Champion and undefeatable risk taker

My Opinion: Favourite worker, good matches solid champ

Momentum: 90 (A)

Overness (Canada): 82 (B)



Nathan Black

Whose he playing: Jobber

What's he doing: Jobbing

My Opinion: Jobber

Momentum: 44 (D)

Overness (Canada): 44 (D)



Larry Wood

Whose he playing: Midcard monster

What's he doing: Not much

My Opinion: Has become a bit... boring

Momentum: 70 (C+)

Overness (Canada): 61 ©



Art Reed

Whose he playing: Gimmick not needed

What's he doing: Wrestling

My Opinion: Good in the ring, bland with a microphone

Momentum: 70 (C+)

Overness (Canada): 64 ( C )



Canadian Dragon

Whose he playing: Comic Book Hero

What's he doing: Tag champ with CanEl

My Opinion: Distinctly Average

Momentum: 62 ©

Overness (Canada): 49 (D+)




Whose he playing: Mysterious Masked Warrior

What's he doing: Going for the Can Championship

My Opinion: Good worker and hasn't slipped up backstage

Momentum: 62 ( C )

Overness (Canada): 58 (C-)



Randy Bumfhole

Whose he playing: ****y Youth

What's he doing: Finding his feet

My Opinion: Going to be a star and he only just debuted

Momentum: 69 (C+)

Overness (Canada): 48 (D+)



Grease Hogg

Whose he playing: Bad Ass Biker

What's he doing: Making up the numbers

My Opinion: He's rubbish

Momentum: 45 (D)

Overness (Canada): 28 (E)



George Wolfe

Whose he playing: Average

What's he doing: Paying dues

My Opinion: Should be in development

Momentum: 44 (D)

Overness (Canada): 23 (E-)



Canadian Mimic

Whose he playing: Rocker

What's he doing: filling in when CanEl is double booked

My Opinion: Good, one to watch

Momentum: 68 (C+)

Overness (Canada): 35 (E+)



Skip Beau

Whose he playing: Nothing

What's he doing: Nothing

My Opinion: Nothing

Momentum: 90 (A)

Overness (Canada): 5 (F-)

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Current Champions and Card for Title Bout Weekly 1


CGC World Champion: Edd Stone (February 2011, 4 defences)

CGC Canadian Champion: Whippy The Clown (September 2010, 22 defences)

CGC Tag Team Champions: Canadian Element of The Dragon (CanEl/ Canadian Mimic and CanDrag) (January 2011, 4 defences)



New Look, New Start, New Stars


Match Card:


Bruce The Giant vs ????? ???????

CGC Canadian Championship: Joey Poison vs Whippy The Clown ©

Dread & Alex DeColt vs Eddie Chandler & Dan DaLay

Acid vs Duane Stone

CGC World Championship: Edd Stone © vs Ryan Powell

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Bruce The Giant vs ????? ???????

CGC Canadian Championship: Joey Poison vs Whippy The Clown ©

Dread & Alex DeColt vs Eddie Chandler & Dan DaLay

Acid vs Duane Stone

CGC World Championship: Edd Stone © vs Ryan Powell


Interesting to see where you've taken CGC and where you go from here.

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CGC on Pay Per View:Title Bout I


CGC: Title Bout Weekly


Live From Kamloops Royal Athletic Park, Sold out in front of 15,000 people.


[Door creaks open]

??? : You sure we got everything from the network

[The camera move to reveal Whippy the Clown with a bin bag over his shoulder]


Voice 1: Yeah, yeah I got it all, just chill the f*** out man.

Whippy: Can you say that?

Voice 2: Course we can this is Pay-Per-View not a f***ing network TV, Whip, chill the f*** out

Whippy: OK. I'm chilled... but where's my hairspray? I said where's my spray!

Voice 2: Borrow D's he won't mind

Voice 1: Yeah borrow mine, it'll be fine, Whippy.

Whippy: Thanks guys but I gotta sort some stuff out leave the boxes there and I'll see you later.

[The camera pans around the room and it appears there is nobody there]

Voice 1: Down here a**hole!

[The camera is dragged down by a hand and shows two midgets dressed as clowns.]




Mitch: Whatever, lets get on with the show and what a show it is as Canadian Golden Combat debuts Title Bout Weekly Live on Canada 1-Choice and My Select USA, where anything goes and where no-one will contain CGC's unique product.

Eric: That's right Mitch and what a show we got tonight The Champ defends against CGC up and comer Ryan Powell in our main event as well, Duane Stone against 'The Mysterious Masked Machine' Acid. All this as well as CGC Canadian Championship action as Whippy The Clown defends against the new re-debuted Joey Poison.

Mitch: All that and up now is Bruce The Giant against an unannounced opponent.

http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j231/bsumystic/BrucetheGiant.jpg vs http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t112/thetramp_photos/Mystery.jpg

Bruce The Giant vs ????? ???????

Alex Decolt comes on the ramp as Bruce is in the ring waiting and takes a microphone:

'Introducing from the Land of Supreme, the 6'8 Dark Destroyer. Steve Frehley!'


The match started at a stalemate and the average big man punch for punch brawl but the quicker Frehley ducked a big punch from Bruce and used momentum of bouncing off the ropes to try and down the 7'4 giant but without avail, when he actually was knocked down by a push from Bruce who then took control of the match before hitting The Giant Chokeslam for the pinfall win.


Winner: Bruce The Giant at 10:44


Mitch: And there it is Bruce was just to good for Frehley and he becomes yet another one of many who have fallen to the Mighty Giant.

Eric: But here comes the man who didn't so much fall but was beaten inside the cage by Bruce when he smashed him through it, IT'S DREAD!



[Dread comes down and faces off with Bruce. He throws a punch and receives one back the two go back and forth, then back and forth again this continues until 20 or so security rush to break up the two Giants before it turned ugly-er.


http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd99/chuck_jaywalk/WhippyTheClown.jpg vs http://i355.photobucket.com/albums/r461/jester_x7769/TEW%20Alts/JoeyPoison_alt2copy.jpg

CGC Canadian Championship Match:

Whippy The Clown vs Joey Poison


Whippy and Poison shared back and forth high-flying action throughout the match and after a good spell of technical wrestling, Whippy threw Joey to the outside, or so he thought, Poison hung on and as Whippy turned around he was hit with a 720 degree DDT for a very close two count and many in the crowd thought we had a new champion. After the two count Poison went for a legdrop but missed and The Clown got the upper hand and hit a Joke's on You! knocking Joey into the ringpost and allowing Whippy to hit a Juggler Jugular Compressor (Knee Facebuster to the throat- throughtbuster for the pin.


Winner: Whippy The Clown at 12:44 for defence 22 of The Canadian Championship


Mitch: And another win for Whippy who now hasn't been pinned or made to submit in over 9 month's

Eric: And he's made 22 defences of that title which incidentally is one more than Jack DeColt managed before Edd took his gold and he is in the ring


[Jack DeColt is in the ring]


Jack: Alex, getting your f***ing ass out here now!

[He waits]

I said now!

[Alex's factions music plays and he come out]


Alex: What-sup, Baldy, what's got you HOT headed?

[Alex laughs manically as about 2 of the fans in attendance join in]

Jack: If you think you just turn up here like nothing happen then you are mistaken Alex you can't go arou...


Alex: No, No, No Jack! You don't understand, Jack, I can turn up here like nothing happen because I own this establishment, I own that ring you're in, and most importantly I own your ass! So you better shut your mouth 'cause there's nothing you can do to change it.

Jack: Big talk Alex it's funny you say that know, talking like you're the big man, but you know if Steve was here it'd be a different story!

[Alex looks taken aback by the mention of Steve, who is wrestling as we speak for NOTBPW]

Alex: You think I'm scared of Steve, you think I won't chuck your ass outta here like I did with that no good piece of crap!

[The crowd, for the first time since he left, begin a chant of Stampede Steve]

Alex: Shut up! Shut up!

Jack: You could try to chuck me out but I don't think you could Alex!

Alex: Security, remove this dirty ass-wipe from my ring.

[2 Security guards come to the ring, Jack head-butts the first knocking him down and belly-to-belly suplexs the other one.]

[Jack then turns to Alex and points to him and motions for him to 'bring it on' but Alex shakes his head and walks to the back]




Mitch: And we're back in the ring is Dread & Alex DeColt so without further ado here comes their opponents Eddie Chandler and Dan DaLay



http://i355.photobucket.com/albums/r461/jester_x7769/TEW%20Alts/AlexDeColt_alt1copy.jpg & http://i754.photobucket.com/albums/xx181/jhdTEW/Alts/Dread_alt2.jpg vs http://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm75/trenchcoatbrigand/Dangerous/SWF%20Footage/EddieChandler.jpg & http://i81.photobucket.com/albums/j231/bsumystic/DanDaLay.jpg

Alex DeColt & Dread vs Eddie Chandler and Dan DaLay


Eddie Chandler was completely dominated into the corner by a good tag display despite it being only their first match together as a team and Eddie was lucky to get a tag into Dan DaLay who took out Alex but was met with a big boot from Dread and fell into place for a DeColt Driver for the win.


Alex DeColt & Dread win at 11:44




[After the match Jack DeColt ran down to the ring and clotheslined Dread to the outside and met face to face with Alex DeColt. Alex through a punch at Jack who grabbed his arm and twisted it around and then head butted Alex to the ground and started stomping mudholes into his brother until the security came down to take him away and it took 5 or 6 to actually remove him as he continued to try and get to Alex]


Tyler: And Jack is looking absolutely crazy nobody can control this animalistic fury that he is display and I fear for anyone in his way.

Mitch: And you could say Duane Stone is a clever man in choosing to align with Jack and he's up next.


http://koti.mbnet.fi/sadhappy/Acid_alt5.jpg vs http://i345.photobucket.com/albums/p366/celdom/Full/DuaneStone_Self1.jpg

Acid vs Duane Stone


In a very eastern influenced match these two Japanese juniors put on an excellent display which had the crowd in awe at the amazing ability which is rarely seen in CGC and it felt more like a BHOTWG or even a NOTBPW match, after 20:00 of amazing action Acid went for a Springboard Moonsault, but Duane step to the side and grabbed Acid's arm in a Canadian Crossface and after a small struggle Acid tapped out, as the fans show that was awesome.


Duane Stone wins at 21:46


Mitch: What a match that was Tyler and Duane picks up the win there.

Tyler: Duane delivers once again and both men are physical messes now.



As Edd comes to the ring he passes an injured Duane going back and Edd lunges at him and hit him with his belt and as the medics helped Duane on the ramp Edd taunted him and pose to the fans who were booing the champ and a few fans threw items into the ring until the entrance was cleared and Ryan Powell came down.


http://i345.photobucket.com/albums/p366/celdom/Full/EddStone_Self6.jpg vs http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd99/chuck_jaywalk/RyanPowell.jpg

CGC World Championship: Edd Stone vs Ryan Powell


The match saw huge heat towards Edd Stone who the crowd really hate and he seemed to thrive on this and even when Powell got a break and attempted a Star Treatment only to be met with a low blow and which was followed with a Party's Over for the 3. He celebrates to boos as the show goes off air.




Rating: B+ (86)

Buy Rate: 0.11

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Title Bout Wrestling 2 Match Card



New Look, New Start, New Stars


Match Card:

CGC Tag Titles Match: The Canadian Element of the Dragon © vs Larry Wood & Chris Caulfield

Jack and Ricky vs The McWade Brothers

Alex DeColt vs Ryan Powell

Art Reed vs Dark Angel

Duane Stone vs Sean Deeley

and for The CGC World Title: Edd Stone © vs Eddie Chandler

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CGC on Pay Per View:Title Bout II


Pre Show:

-Randy Bumfhole cuts a backstage promo.


-In a match that had some good action but not much in the way of heat, Randy Bumfhole defeated Joey Poison in 9:46 by pinfall with a Bumfhole Buster.




Live from The Canadian Air Centre in front of a sell out 15,000 people


[The opening credits finish and a disgruntled and unmasked Dread is in the ring]


Dread: I don't care who tells me or when but I want to know, Why am I not on this card. I've worked my A$$ of in this business for 22 years since September 1979 and I was training before Edd Stone was born and I don't get a look in. I've had broken bones, bloody brawls all over the world and Eddie Chandler gets a shot before me, I even signed a deal with the devil himself 'Alex DeColt' to get a bit of favouritism around here and what do I get for playing lackey for nearly half a year, not even a opening spot against a talentless 'Hardcore American' and a Comic Book rip off of a Japanese legend. I am a legend so treat me like one!


[Dread throws the microphone down and heads to the back on his way he rugby tackle a cameraman who got too close and continued on his way back]


Mitch: And a disgruntled Dread making his point clear there he want matches like everyone on this roster and he expects one every show.

Eric Tyler: Up next we got the tag team title on the line


http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t112/thetramp_photos/CanadianElemental.jpg & http://i345.photobucket.com/albums/p363/maxxhero/UWR/CanadianDragon.jpg vs http://i650.photobucket.com/albums/uu230/eayragt/USPW%2010/ChrisCaulfield_alt1.jpg & http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t112/thetramp_photos/LarryWood_Nachtfalter2.jpg

The Canadian Element of the Dragon vs The Can-Am Psychos


The previously untested team of Larry Wood and Chris Caulfield worked extremely well as a cohesive unit and had CanDrag under control in the match but he managed to get a tag which changed the complexion of the bout and Canadian Elemental was too fast for the veterans and a missed spear saw Caulfield smash into the ring post and seemingly be KO'd CanEl dropkicked Wood off the apron and went for the Inferno Splash and he hit it perfectly for the pinfall victory.


Canadian DragEl win at 9:32 by pinfall



We immediately cut backstage where Edd Stone has a microphone


Edd: Tonight the Canadian Rebel SUCCESSFULLY defendS his World Title for the fifth time, against Eddie Chandler, and not only will I beat that disloyal a**whipe I will annihilate his hope of ever becoming a 3 time champion, hell, if I feel like it I may even decide there isn't room for 2 Edd's in CGC and retire you in that ring tonight.


I really haven't decided what I'll do with you but I can assure you that I will be walking out of here with that strap around my waist, or draped over my arm, or maybe around my neck if I'm feeling crazy. Or my name is not Edward Daniel Stone.


http://i158.photobucket.com/albums/t112/thetramp_photos/JackDeColt_alt3.jpg & http://i355.photobucket.com/albums/r461/jester_x7769/TEW%20Alts/RickyDeColt_alt3.jpg vs http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc315/BeezerWrestling/DAVE/DallasMcWade.jpg & http://i213.photobucket.com/albums/cc315/BeezerWrestling/DAVE/DeanMcWade.jpg

Ricky & Jack DeColt vs The McWades


Ricky and Jack dominated the McWades who never looked like getting anything from the match and a DeColt Driller (Facelock jawbreaker) from Jack DeColt was enough tp end the match


Ricky & Jack Decolt win by pinfall after 12:17



[We again quickly cut to the back and Whippy The Clown is out being attended to by medics he is blooded and battered and is mumbling something, also his happy face paint has magically began to display a sad face and angry eyebrow for a reason unknown to us]


http://i355.photobucket.com/albums/r461/jester_x7769/TEW%20Alts/AlexDeColt_alt1copy.jpg vs http://i223.photobucket.com/albums/dd99/chuck_jaywalk/RyanPowell.jpg

Alex DeColt vs Ryan Powell


In an fairly even match Ryan Powell came close to a few near falls that shocked Alex, but Alex soon gained control and looked to have the match in the bag until he went for an arrogant Gorilla Press but Powell slipped out of it and went for a Throw in the Powell (facebuster) but Alex resisted it and Ryan just fell to the floor and when he got up he was met with a DeColt Lariat (Clothesline) for the win


Alex DeColt defeated Ryan Powell by pinfall in 9:09




[We go back stage where Edd Stone is irate]


Edd: Where the hell is it!

Official: Calm down, where did you have it last?

Edd: Have it last? A$$head I haven't lost it it's been thieved and don't tell me to be calm!

Official: Who would want to steal your title?

Edd: Are you serious? Do you know who I am, who wouldn't steal it would be better.

Official: Ok, who wouldn't...

Edd: Shut up get out and find that belt now!

[Edd starts to kick around his locker room. Throwing a tantrum over the belt]



http://koti.mbnet.fi/sadhappy/Art%20Reed_alt2.jpg vs http://koti.mbnet.fi/sadhappy/Dark%20Angel_alt2.jpg

Art Reed vs Dark Angel


These two put on an unusually shocking display and the match fizzled out to be boring until Bruce The Giant came down and distracted the two the referee wouldn't allow him into the ring and whilst he was busy with the Giant Dark Angel lowblowed Reed and pinned him FTW


Dark Angel defeated Art Reed by pinfall in 10:12 .



[Edd Stone is shown from a far telling Alex he lost his title, Alex is clearly angry and forces Edd to look for it, whilst Edd looks scared]


http://i345.photobucket.com/albums/p366/celdom/Full/EddStone_Self6.jpg vs http://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm75/trenchcoatbrigand/Dangerous/SWF%20Footage/EddieChandler.jpg

Edd Stone vs Eddie Chandler


Edd's mind looked elsewhere and he made a few potentially costly errors and he almost lost his belt when he got locked into crab in the centre of the ring but he soon got back even and took control at the vital point and took control eventually picking up the win with a Death Valley Driver Swinging neckbreaker dubbed by the announcers as a 'Stone's Throw.'


Edd Stone won by pinfall at 12:50



[Whippy The Clown has a microphone in his hand backstage]


Whippy: I know you did it but I don't know why,

You knocked me down twice with a giant cream pie,

And as a got back to my feet,

You took me out with a Steel folding seat,

And as I climbed up from my falls,

You slammed the tightrope on my balls,

And as those little B*stards ran,

I swore revenge on The Crazy Clown Klan


And if those guys do wish for a fight,

I'll see them on next Wednesday Night!.


http://i345.photobucket.com/albums/p366/celdom/Full/DuaneStone_Self1.jpg vs http://koti.mbnet.fi/sadhappy/Shooter%20Sean%20Deeley_alt2.jpg

Duane Stone vs Sean Deeley

In another excellent showing from Duane Stone he ran ring around Sean and gave him a technical clinic for 17 minute before locking in the Canadian Crossface for the submission win


Duane Stone wins after 17:39 by Submission




PPV Buy Rate: 0.11 (=)

Show Rating: B (83)

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Getting some good grades from CGC. Took me awhile to start getting those when I did my diary in '08 with them. Also, if you want to get some predictions for shows, its usually a good idea to wait about 24 hours or so to post the show after you posted the predicition to give people time to see the thread.
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Thanks and I just thought I'd get it up because I was bored. I have changed the grade somewhat so I think that helps with the grades and since I've been with CGC for about 9 month I have a better understanding of them that when i started.
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Title Bout Wrestling 3 Match Card




Match Card:

Jack DeColt vs *** *******

The Crazy Midget Clown Klan vs Whippy The Clown

Alex DeColt vs Eddie Chandler

Buddy Garner vs Skip Beau

Dark Angel vs Ricky DeColt

CGC World Title Match: Canadian Elemental (qualifies due to M.I.W (Most impressive win)) vs Edd Stone

Duane Stone vs Steve Frehley

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Match Card:

Jack DeColt vs *** *******


The Crazy Midget Clown Klan vs Whippy The Clown


Alex DeColt vs Eddie Chandler


Buddy Garner vs Skip Beau


Dark Angel vs Ricky DeColt


CGC World Title Match: Canadian Elemental (qualifies due to M.I.W (Most impressive win)) vs Edd Stone


Duane Stone vs Steve Frehley

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