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TNA:My World

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(my ROH one isnt coming back cause it errored out on me,so im doin total nonstop action instead this time around,using the most recent real world mod. im just gonna post the first impact card of my diary,im not posting a roster since most of you know who it is)


TNA Impact


Douglas Williams Vs Shannon Moore


Matt Morgan Vs Jay Lethal


Velvet Sky Vs Taylor Wilde


Brian Kendrick Vs Raven


Abyss Vs Rob Van Dam vs ??? (Hardcore Match)


(also in my version of TNA,everyone has real songs..no composed stuff..ive got intresting suprises for theme songs)

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Raven Wins at 7:00 by pinfall after a raven effect


after the match raven hits the raven effect on the entrance ramp


Vs Taylor Wilde (i was very unsure of a theme for taylor wilde so if someone could help me out with this one,gladly appreciated)


Velvet Sky wins with help from Madison Rayne


comes out into the impact zone


"jay lethal thinks he can imitate who ever the hell he wants,im gonna put an end to that tonight after i kick his skull in with my Carbon Footprint. im going to knock Lethal out."


comes out and the match starts


Matt morgan Vs Jay Lethal


Matt morgan wins by Knockout after a Carbon Footprint into the Turnbuckle Post


EMT's come out and put lethal in a stretcher,Matt morgan attacks him and slams the Stretcher against the post,leans him against the post and gives him another Carbon Footprint


We cut to backstage as we see So Cal Val interviewing Douglas Williams about his upcoming match against shannon moore


"Moore,im too Classy for him to face me,im too much of a gentleman. he needs to take his mohawk and book of something or whatever..and shove it down his throat"


You see Shannon Moore walking to the entrance and you see Daffney walk by him they smile at eachother and Daffney stops him by pushing him against the wall


"Hey Shannon"


"oh...hey Daff..why do you wanna talk to me" shannon says all confused


"just wanted to tell you that you look really hot right now"


"oh...thanks daffney,you too..." shannon starts walking away and continues walking down the hallway. daffney says under her breath


"someday moore,you will be mine" she smiles and winks and walks off


You see a Graphic that says Jeff Hardy is gonna be here next week and the fans rejoice!


vs Douglas Williams

Shannon Moore wins with Help from Daffney Interfering


You get a Recap of what Matt morgan did to jay lethal earlier in the show



a music video for abyss plays highlighting the monster within him



Abyss Vs



Rob Van Dam Wins After Pinning Abyss


A three way Brawl Happens After This crazy match


Show Rating:B+

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hey,if anyone wants to help me with themes.this is what ive got so far


abyss:undead-hollywood undead

AJ styles:Remember The Name-Fort Minor

Alex Shelley:murder City-green day

Angelina love:Your love is my drug-Ke$ha

Brian Kendrick:free fallin-The Almost

Brother Devon:Worlds Collide-Powerman 5000

Brother Ray:Worlds Collide-Powerman 5000

Chris Sabin:murder city-Green Day

Daffney:My Fist, Your Face-Pintsize

D angelo Dinero:???

Desmond Wolfe:hungry like a wolf-Duran Duran

D-lo Brown:???

Douglas Williams:anarchy in the uk-megadeth

Eric Young:Slow Ride-Foghat




James Storm:???

Jay Lethal:20th Century Boy-T rex

Jeff Hardy:Paradise city-Guns and roses

Jeff Jarret:Cowboy-Kid Rock

Generation Me:??

Ink Inc.: Fat Lip-Sum 41


Kevin Nash:Slow Ride-Foghat

Beautiful People:starstrukk-3OH3 and Katy Perry

Kurt Angle:???


Orlando Jordan:???

Raven:come as you are-nirvana

Rhino:Crush Kill Destroy-GWAR

Ric Flair:also Sprach Zarustha

Rob Terry:Highway To Hell-AC/DC

Rob Van Dam:Walk-pantera

Robert Roode:???

Rosie Lottalove:Whole Lotta Rosie-AC/DC

Samoa Joe:Battery-Metallica

Shark Boy:???

Sting:seek And Destroy-Metallica

Taylor Wilde and sarita:Pour Some Sugar On Me-The maine (as of right now..if anyone has better ideas,id love to hear em)

The Amazing Red:Blitzreigh Bop-Ramones

Tomko:Click Click Boom-Saliva

Tommy Dreamer:man in a box-Alice in Chains



thats the roster but im not gonna go more indepth than this..but someone help with themes?

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Impact Card


Tommy Dreamer vs Jeff Hardy


Douglas Williams Vs Brian Kendrick


Shannon Moore Consults With Daffney Bout why shes stalking him

Jesse Neal vs Robert Roode


Rosie vs Lacey Von Erich


Plus two teams debut in a tag match..against eachother


(if anyone can guess atleast one of the 2 teams,ill let you help with one of my storylines..hint:they were both in the WWE at one time but not at the same time)

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TNA impact


We're Debuting 2 Teams Tonight


and out walks Charlie Haas And Shelton Benjamin and they get into the ring,they are "The Great Ones"


and out walks Scott Taylor And Brian Lawler..aka SexY And HottY


2 Nice Vs The Great Ones

Shelton Benjamin Pins SexY after hitting the paydirt


We cut To Shannon Moore in the ring,he calls out daffney,

She grabs a mic and asks him out,he rejects and she slaps him across the face "F**k You shannon,guess my second option has to deal with you..introducing my boyfriend...ARIK CANNON!"

and beats down shannon moore and walks away with daffney in his arms


Rosie vs

Lacey wins by Submission after the iron claw


Vs Robert Roode


Robert Roode Wins By Pinfall


A review appears of what happened with daffney,arik cannon and shannon moore


Douglas Williams Vs

(lions Den Match)


Douglas Williams Wins By Submission


Jeff Hardy talks About Tommy Dreamer backstage before the match


just to waste time for me,velvet sky shoots t-shirts into the audience



kurt angle gets attacked by james storm after giving an interview saying hes a legend


Tommy Dreamer Vs Jeff Hardy (hardcore match)


The Match is a Double Stoppage thanks to abyss interfering

and Throws them off the stage


show Rating:B

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