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2016 The Real Sports, Entertainment.

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This is and idea i had after watching LeBron sign with Miami and i thought "if Pat Riley can make LeBron play in Miami maybe he could make him wrestle"



2016 The Real Sports:eek:, Entertainment.



In July of 2010 giant sporting star LeBron James signed a 6 year contract with Miami Heat causing a lot of tension between the two teams of Cleveland and Miami. Pat Riley at that time current president of the Miami Heat saw the opportunity arise that LeBron should box a former team mate. But in risk of LeBron being injured in the fight pulled out his star. Ring of Honour owner Cary Silkin approached Pat Riley about a wrestling match between LeBron and former team mate Delonte West. Pat Riley thought it was a wonderful idea and had Silkin to pay for West to appear at ROH’s August show Driven. West made his appearance in which members of the All Night Express and one masked man grabbed West and attacked him in the ring. The man with mask took it off revealing that it was in fact LeBron James. This angle saw ROH soar in popularity and has matched the WWE in popularity.


Three years on other sporting codes have adopted the idea of professional wrestling as training with promotions starting all over the country. While the NBA began with the idea they slowly took over ROH and renamed it National Basketball Wrestling (NBW) and removing their wrestlers and replacing them with basketball stars. NFL, MLB and NHL all jumped on the idea with the failing wrestling industry bought out by major sports codes. NFL purchased WWE and renamed it National Wrestling and Football League (NWFL), MLB purchased TNA and replaced its name with Major League Wrestling (MJW) and the NHL purchased small promotions such CZW, Chikara and Pro-Wrestling Guerrilla and formed their own promotions now known as Extreme Hockey and Wrestling League (EHWL).


Six years after the LeBron vs. West match at Driven on the former ROH no new wrestling promotions have made a splash and are usually bought out and crushed by the big four promotions. NWFL has pushed itself into the number one spot by using the NFL Super Bowl Half-Time show to promote a massive match for the contract to NWFL in match between Peyton Manning and former WWE Superstar John Cena in which NWFL would revert back to the WWE and employ all former employees. Peyton won after throwing an 89-yard touchdown causing fireworks to hit Cena therefore giving Manning an opportunity to gain a pinfall. Wrestling is now controlled by the largest sporting companies in the world.





This is in initial stages people so take it easy i will post rosters when they are ready and update every so often


EDIT: Update on rosters





• Peyton Manning

• Ray Lewis

• Dwight Freeney

• Joe Thomas

• Ryan Clady

• Andre Johnson

• Adrian Peterson

• Troy Polamalu

• Nnamdi Asomugha

• Patrick Willis

• Philip Rivers

• Jared Allen

• DeMarcus Ware

• Aaron Rodgers

• Darrelle Revis

• Larry Fitzgerald

• Chris Johnson

• Ben Roethlisberger

• Tom Brady

• Drew Brees



• “The King” LeBron James

• The Shaq

• Delonte West

• Ray Allen

• Dirk Nowinski

• Kobe Bryant

• Nene

• Carmelo Anthony

• Dwayne “Flash” Wade

• Amare Stoudmire

• Kevin Durant

• Kevin Garnett

• Mo Williams

• Pat Riley

• Steve Nash

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I got a question:

What are the kind of gimmicks and pushes Shaq and Kobe are getting in NBW?



Umm for Kobe Bryant deffas Main Eventer and a No Gimmick Needed

and for Shaq Upper Midcard and a Beast gimmick dunno yet really coz i'm trying to get everyone into the database first


Oh, another one:

How are you handling LEGENDARY players? Are they gonna be used as Road Agents, Retired Workers, Left The Business, or something else?


ATM i am just putting in few current players but Legends (yet to be named) as as you said Road Agents etc. depending on their current role in the respective sport... E.G a Coach (doesn't matter if head or assist.) is Road Agent but former players as Columnists or Commentators (Such as Charles Barkley) would be Color...

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