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WCW 1998: The Third Johnson

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WCW Monday Nitro

Week 1, Jan ‘98

Alex G. Spanos Center in Southern California

11,075 in attendance


The following announcement has been paid for by the New World Order…


The nWo music plays over a montage of the formation of the group, starting with Hogan’s infamous heel turn at Bash at the Beach, moving into the WCW World Heavyweight Championship bring spray painted.


Events quickly move up to the weeks leading up to last night’s Starrcade 1997... New WCW commissioner Roddy Piper announces the 2/3 stipulation for the New World Order: If WCW wins two out of three of the main event matches at Starrcade, the nWo will immediately disband…


  • Diamond Dallas Page vs. Randy Savage…
  • Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko vs. The Steiner Brothers vs. The Outsiders for the titles…
  • Sting vs. Hollywood Hogan in a steel cage for the WHC…


Footage of the opening of Starrcade plays: Hogan and his cronies beating Sting mercilessly in the parking lot…Hogan laughing into the camera, asking WCW ‘whatcha gonna do?”


Sting being taken away in an ambulance…


Highlights of Randy Savage defeating Diamond Dallas Page…The New World Order celebrating…


Piper, with no clue who will face Hogan…Flair isn’t medically cleared to wrestle, and neither is The Giant…


Highlights of Curt Hennig betraying The Outsiders and helping Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko win the tag team titles…Ric Flair standing on the stage and holding up four fingers…


Hogan smugly making his entrance, knowing he has no opponent…


The WCW locker room watching from the monitors, disgusted, shots of the fans realizing that Sting isn’t coming back…


Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, we are 24 hours removed from what may have been the biggest night in our sport’s history, Starrcade ’97. Welcome to WCW Monday Nitro! I’m Mike Tenay, here at ringside with Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan and Dusty Rhodes!

Bobby Heenan: I’m speechless, Tenay. Last night was huge and I’m still stunned. I’ve been reminding myself to blink.

Dusty Rhodes: Baby for once I’m with you. Last night was da biggest night of pro wrestlin’ since they invented the suplex, baby.

Mike Tenay: Let’s get things kicked off with Commissioner Piper in the ring!


Piper: Hoooly cow you guys are blowing the roof off the place. Look, I’m not gonna pretend you’re making this much noise for me, so let’s cut to the chase. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce at this time, your NEW WCW World Heavyweight Champion…Bret Hart!


Bret’s new WCW theme, U2’s ‘Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me’ hits and the crowd explodes. Bret Hart, wearing the WCW title under his jacket, heads down the aisle, flanked by The British Bulldog and his protégé, Television Champion Chris Jericho. Bret soaks up the crowd in the ring for a moment, and then takes the mic from Roddy Piper, shaking his hand.


Bret: I want to be honest. I wasn’t sure how quite how to feel walking out of Starrcade last night, but seeing you guys all here tonight, I’ve got to say, I feel pretty good.


Bret chants break out throughout the arena.


Bret: I also want to congratulate the newest member of the Hart Foundation on his win last night. Last month when they dissolved the cruiserweight division, they told the cruiserweights to step up, and this guy did. And now Chris Jericho is your television champion.


Bulldog gives Jericho a man hug.


Bret: I know a lot of people probably have mixed feelings about what went down last night, I want to tell you right now, as soon as he’s 100%, Sting has a shot at this belt.


‘Voodoo Chile’ cuts Bret off and Hogan hits the stage, mic in hand.


Hogan: Sting? STING? You know something Hart, I’m already sick to death of hearing you, so let’s get to the brass tax, brother. New World Order or not, that’s my title, I want my rematch, and I want it tonight.


Bret confers with Piper.


Piper: You want another ass kicking, Hogan? I’m looking forward to seeing it. Tonight, for the WCW World Title, it is gonna be Hollywood Hulk Hogan versus Bret Hart!


Back from the break…


Mike Tenay: Welcome back to Nitro…guys, not even 20 minutes into the program and what a night it’s been. If you’re just joining us, tonight it’s Hogan/Hart for the title!

Dusty: Baby it’s rolling around like a jelly mound in this house, I can’t believe it!

Heenan: All I know is that I’m already starting to get sick of Bret Hart.

Tenay: Let’s get on to our first match of the night.


Buff Bagwell vs. Rey Mysterio ©


An overconfident Buff Bagwell isn’t expecting the rapid fire offense of Rey Mysterio, and is dominated by the luchadore until he’s able to slam him into a ring post…Bagwell remains in control and hits his signature moves before finishing Rey off with the Buff Blockbuster.


Winner via pinfall in 6:22- Buff Bagwell


After the match, Bagwell tosses Rey to the outside and poses for the jeering crowd.


Mike Tenay: What a jerk.

Heenan: Why? Everyone loves seeing Buff Bagwell pose.

Dusty: He tossed that whipperdoodle like a dartboard, brudda. Rey Rey’s got the heart, but Buff had the strength advantage.


Ric Flair’s music hits and the crowd goes wild!


Mike Tenay: We know what that means!

Dusty: Brudda, dis is what I’ve been waitin’ for all night, ya hear me? It’s time to get some answers after what happened last night with Ric Flair at Starrcade.

Heenan: Rhodes, why do you need everything spelled out for you? It’s perfectly obvious what’s going on.

Mike Tenay: Oh really? What is it, then?

Heenan: I don’t have to explain it to you. It would go over your head anyway.


Ric Flair heads to the ring, wearing a suit, walking the walk, and talking the talk with fans on his way down the aisle. Ric stands smiling in the center of the ring.


Flair: WHOOOO!


Crowd: WHOOOO!


Flair: WHOOOO!




Flair: What a night in beautiful Southern Cali! We may be close to Disney, but baby, you know that the real Space Mountain is right here on Nitro! WHOO! Now then, last night at Starrcade, we won the unwinnable and we did the undoable- the New World Order? Dead! Hall and Nash? Out of here! Not even in the building. And a lot of you are wondering…what this had to do with it.


Flair holds up four fingers and the crowd pops.


Flair: What happened last night, is that like a phoenix from the ashes, the group that Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff said was dead, rose again! The Four Horsemen stepped up, and we beat the New World Order at their own game. And I want to bring out, right now, the backbone of WCW, the pinnacle of professional wrestling, the Four Horsemen! I want you right now, to stand up and welcome your WCW tag team champions!


The classic 4 Horsemen theme plays, and Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko walk down the aisle with the tag team titles. They flash four fingers to the camera on their way to the ring.


Flair: The Man of 1,000 Holds! The Ice Man, Dean Malenko! The Canadian Crippler, Chris Benoit! Your tag team champions, and the guys that turned the tides and took down the Outsiders! Now then! Heads are being scratched, questions are being asked about the fourth Horsemen, so let’s get him out here and clear things up!


The music picks back up, and United States Champion Curt Hennig heads to the ring.


Mike Tenay: Now this I just don’t get.

Brain: Quiet, Tenay.


Hennig steps into the ring, and Flair shakes his hand.


Ric Flair: You, my friend…are the unsung hero of this whole situation. Bret Hart may have won the title, but you are looking at the man that saved WCW. Several months ago, Curt Hennig replaced my best friend, ‘the Enforcer’ Arn Anderson in the Four Horsemen.


Mike Tenay: And we saw how that turned out.

Brain: SHHHHHHH! Flair is talking.


Ric Flair: That night, Curt let us know that Hogan, Hall, and Nash had contacted him and had made him an offer to destroy the Four Horsemen, and that’s when we knew we had an ace in the hole. I’ve known you for a long time, Curt. You’re a ****y son of a gun, but you’ve got integrity, and you’re a man that can be trusted. That night, the three of us made our plans together, I looked Curt Hennig in the eye and I said ‘join them.’ Join the New World Order, be our man on the inside. And then, at Fall Brawl, we sealed the deal, and brother I’ve got to say, thanks for not hitting me with that cage door any harder than you did. We risked your reputation, we risked my health, we risked it all, but baby, last night at Starrcade, I’ve got to say, I do love it when a plan comes together. The Outsiders had a man they thought they could trust in their corner, and when they knew they were outclassed, they turned to you. And we pulled…the trigger! WHOOOO! I’ve gotta say, we owe you a thank you, brother. We’re in your debt, and if there was ever any doubt you didn’t deserve Arn Anderson’s spot, you my friend are the Enforcer.


Curt Hennig: Ric, you know I didn’t do this for the glory, and I didn’t do it for thank you’s. I did it for WCW, and I did it for the Four Horsemen.


The Horsemen’s music hits, and the group celebrates in the ring.


Mike Tenay: I…I’m speechless!

Dusty: Brudda that Curt Hennig, WCW’s 007! Move over, Pierce Brosnan!

Heenan: I knew all along. They told me.

Mike Tenay: Right. Stay with us folks, the new Four Horsemen in action, next!


Back from the break…


Curt Hennig, Chris Benoit, & Dean Malenko (w/Ric Flair) vs. Lance Storm, Jerry Lynn, and Dave Finlay (B-)


This match is all about the Four Horsemen, with all three getting a chance to shine before Benoit plays face in peril to Lance Storm and Finlay. Hennig makes the hot tag and cleans house, with Malenko taking care of Jerry Lynn on the outside. Hennig-plex for the win.


Winner via pinfall in 7:02- Curt Hennig, Chris Benoit, & Dean Malenko


A video plays, recapping recent tension between Rick and Scott Steiner culminating in their loss in the three way tag team match at Starrcade. A shot of Scott leaving Rick in the ring ends the piece…


Ultimo Dragon and new comer Hiro Tajiri head to the ring, set for their tag team debut!


Mike Tenay: I’ve got to say, I’m looking forward to this. Since the retirement of the Cruiserweight title, it’s been exciting seeing what direction the talented members of the division wanted to take. Ultimo Dragon spoke with me earlier about his goal of winning the tag team titles with his protégé Hiro Tajiri.

Dusty: Ultimo Dragon baby, gotta be wunada high flyingest zip zangiest guys on the roster, and if he’s teaching that young Tajiri than dat boy’s gotta be good.

Heenan: You didn’t talk to Ultimo Dragon.

Mike Tenay: Yes I did.

Heenan: Does he even speak English?


The crowd picks up as the Steiner Brothers walk to the ring. Scott walks a good distance ahead of Rick.


Mike Tenay: You’ve got to ask, can the Steiner Brothers get on the same page tonight?

Heenan: Can they?

Mike Tenay: I don’t know.

Heenan: You said I had to ask.


Ultimo Dragon & Hiro Tajiri vs. The Steiner Brothers (B)


Fast paced action with Dragon and Tajiri staying a few steps ahead of the Steiners…Scott slows Tajiri down with a huge clothesline and takes the match to the mat. Tajiri finally connects with a spin kick, and makes the hot tag to Dragon. Rick is distracted and misses a tag from Scott, who gets a Asai DDT for his trouble. Ultimo Dragon and Hiro Tajiri pick up the win!


Winner via pinfall in 12:30- Ultimo Dragon & Hiro Tajiri


After the match, an enraged Scott gets in his brother’s face. The two exchange words and Scott leaves angrily.


Heenan: Hey, Rick Steiner is dead weight. Family or not, in this business, you look out for yourself. I knew I liked Scott Steiner!

Mike Tenay: You’ve never liked Scott Steiner.

Heenan: Sure I did. I just didn’t talk to you about it. I don’t talk to you about everything.


Backstage, Kim page is getting ready to accompany her husband to the ring and the crowd pops for the former Nitro Girl. Booker T steps into frame, leering at her.


Kim Page: Can I help you?

Booker T: Yeah I think you can. Yeah, you definitely can.

Kim Page: I think you should leave.

Booker T: Oh really? You like settling for suckas?


DDP steps out of his dressing room and steps between Booker and his wife.


DDP: You got a problem?

Booker T: Naw dog, no problem.

DDP: Good.

Booker T: Your girl looks good tonight.

DDP: Thanks.


Booker backs off and leaves. DDP stares him down the entire time.


DDP: You ok?

Kim Page: I’m fine, baby. Thank you.


Eddie Guerrero heads to the ring for his match with DDP.


Mike Tenay: That was just completely unacceptable.

Dusty: Booker T gotta understand that you can look but don’t touch and when it’s DDP’s wife you can’t look too close.

Heenan: I don’t know, I think they’d make a good couple.

Mike Tenay: Oh, whatever. DDP I'm sure, looking for some retribution after his loss to Randy Savage in the Starrcade triple main event last night. What a match that was!

Dusty: It wuzzawar, baby, plain and simple!


The crowd pops for DDP’s entrance.


Diamond Dallas Page vs. Eddie Guerrero (C+)


A hot crowd with a lot of back and forth action. Booker T walks down the aisle towards Kim Page.


Mike Tenay: What is he doing out here?

Heenan: Maybe Kim dropped something.


DDP walks away from Guerrero and yells down to Booker T. Eddie seizes the opportunity and rolls DDP into a pin, using the ropes as leverage for the win!


Winner via roll up in 14:51- Eddie Guerrero


Mike Tenay: I can’t believe it! Booker T cost DDP the win!

Heenan: Hey, let that be a lesson- you never turn your back on Eddie Guerrero!

Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, our main event is next, and we’ll stay live until there’s a winner!


Back from the break…


Bret Hart vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan (A)


Hogan makes his entrance to a ‘new world orderless’ Voodoo Chile and still wears black, minus their logo. Bret makes his entrance without the Foundation, and Michael Buffer handles introductions. The men put on a PPV worthy main event, and when Hogan taps to the Sharpshooter, the entire place explodes.


Winner via submission in 21:40- Bret Hart


As Bret is handed the title, the locker room empties out, led by Jericho and Bulldog. With the WCW babyfaces in the ring cracking champagne bottles, Bret stands on the turnbuckle, holding the title up for the crowd as the show goes off the air.


Mike Tenay: What a night! Bret Hart stands tall as the undisputed WCW Champion, with the entire roster rallying behind him! Ladies and gentlemen I can’t wait to see what’s next. Good night!

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Good start mate. I'll keep tabs on this.



Alex Wright vs. Jamie Noble

Extreme Evolution (Raven and Saturn) vs. Omega SUPREME (Surge and Willow the Wisp)

Great Sasuke vs. Dave Finlay

Juventude Guerrera vs. La Parka

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One month ago…


“Eric Bischoff did what?” I handed my boss another arrow, which he fired from the hunting bow he had just spent a few grand on. That morning he had asked me to paint an alien wearing a suit on a rather large plank of wood. It was one of the least weird things I had ever done in my role as Ted Turner’s executive assistant.


The alien was now covered in arrows.


The guy was a decent shot, which was sort of terrifying. Ted took a drink from his flask.


“Moron got drunk at last night’s Turner Broadcasting Advertisers Appreciation dinner and showed his man parts to the president of Johnson & Johnson’s wife, asked if he could be the third Johnson. They threatened to pull their ads if we didn’t do something, so I fired the guy this morning. Shame, though. Pretty funny stuff.”


“What are you going to do?”


“Replace him. Didn’t like the guy, anyway. You like wrestling, right?


“Yes sir.”


“Ok. Pitch me WCW for the next two months.”




“C’mon on son, I know you’re always shaking your head at the guy in meetings, what would you do differently?”


I’m not sure how long I talked, or if much of it made sense, but I laid out my vision for the company- who its future stars were, who should be brought in, and who we were wasting money on. It wasn't the most polished pitch, but I thought we were just screwing around.


“You’re hired.”




“You’re the president of WCW. Now give the helicopter a call, I want to see if that saddle for my bear is done.”

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WCW Saturday Night

Louisville, Ky.

In attendance: 330


A video plays, recapping last Nitro’s huge main event and celebration…


Mike Tenay: Folks welcome to WCW Saturday Night! I’m Mike Tenay, joined by none other than The Ravishing One, Rick Rude.

Rick Rude: Tenay, never let it be said that I’ve never done anything for you.

Mike Tenay: What have you done for me?

Rick Rude: Acknowledging your existence.

Mike Tenay: Well, I appreciate it.


Alex Wright vs. Jamie Noble (C-)


Alex Wright takes control early on, and shares a few dance moves with the debuting Jamie Noble, who surprises Alex Wright with several quick reversals, including a small package for the pin!


Winner via roll up in 4:45- Jamie Noble


Mike Tenay: Strong debut for newcomer Jamie Noble!

Rick Rude: That kid looks like a twig, and his win was a fluke.


Raven and Perry Saturn head to the ring, where their opponents, Surge & Willow The Wisp are already waiting.


Rick Rude: Now here are two guys I can get behind. Not much in the way of looks or chiseled male features, but Raven and Saturn hurt people, and I can appreciate that. Who are these losers they’re about to destroy?

Mike Tenay: Rick, that’s Omega SUPREME, two brothers from North Carolina who are self trained and looking to make an impact in WCW.

Rick Rude: I’ll tell you right now, these two punks have no future.


Extreme Evolution vs. Omega SUPREME (D+)


The match is all Raven and Saturn, with Surge and Willow playing the part of ragdolls. Willow the Wisp attempts to build some offense but is crushed by Saturn. Raven hits the Evenflow DDT on Surge.


Winner via roll up in 3:40- Extreme Evolution


Dave Finlay walks to the ring and grabs a microphone.


Finlay: They’ve got some joker from Japan coming out here to face me. I want you all to know that I’m going to hurt him. I’m going to hurt him bad.


The crowd boos, and pops for the babyface’s entrance as the Great Sasuke makes his WCW debut.


Mike Tenay: Great Sasuke is with us through a talent exchange with Michinoku Pro Wrestling in Japan! Looking forward to seeing what he can do here tonight!

Rick Rude: He won’t be able to do much. Dave Finlay is a dangerous man.


Great Sasuke vs. Dave Finlay (C+)


An open match that spills to the outside quickly, with Sasuke taking a nasty shot into the guardrail before being rolled back into the ring. Finlay uses his power game and keeps Sasuke trapped in the corner. Sasuke is able to counter with an enzuigiri, and finishes Finlay with a huge senton bomb/thunder fire powerbomb combo.


Winner via pinfall in 9:32- Great Sasuke


Mike Tenay: Shocking finish! And it looks like Finlay isn’t taking the loss well.

Rick Rude: I’ll tell you this right now- that man is out for blood.

Mike Tenay: It’s time for tonight’s main event!


Juventude Guerrera vs. La Parka (C+)


A great fast paced match, with both men getting in a lot of offense. Juvie seems a bit off of his game.


Winner via pinfall in 13:04- Juventude Guerrera

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Next week on Nitro…


British Bulldog vs. Buff Bagwell

Booker T vs. Great Sasuke

US Champion #1 Contender match: Konnan vs. Lex Luger vs. Juventude Guerrera vs. Ray Traylor

Non Title match: Steven Regal vs. Chris Jericho

Ultimo Dragon and Tajiri vs. The Steiner Brothers II


Who will challenge the world champion?

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British Bulldog vs. Buff Bagwell

He scored a good win over Rey last week so I think he should keep the momentum going here.


Booker T vs. Great Sasuke

Sasuke is a favourite of mine. The man is simply terrific, but not many people are more WCW than Booker T and he definitely has the charisma advantage over Sasuke. I'm hoping he can get more involved in the war soon.


US Champion #1 Contender match: Konnan vs. Lex Luger vs. Juventude Guerrera vs. Ray Traylor

Just because he's bound to be the most over at this point, but I'm not too sure because I wouldn't blame you for trying to faze Luger out.


Non Title match: Steven Regal vs. Chris Jericho

Even with the little Non Title stipulation thrown in their I still expect the Champion to get the rub although a win for Regal could set up a future Championship match.


Ultimo Dragon and Tajiri vs. The Steiner Brothers II

They continue to have disagreements.


I'll pump for one of The Outsiders to face Bret. I don't think Hogan should again and Sting is probably not ready yet. I'll go Kevin Nash.

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To: tedhatesreptoids@aol.com

Re: How you holding up?


There are still a few guys that are furious I'm running things, but even most of them seem appreciative that we're trying to put the focus back on good matches and some of the younger guys.


Lex Luger is complaining about me to anyone who will listen...Did I tell you that he no showed Nitro last week? We had booked Luger vs. Buff, and Rey volunteered to step up. Worked out better this way- this Bagwell-Rey program will be solid. Not firing Luger yet. He's got enough star power left to put a few folks over.


I know people aren't happy that a few key players are missing, but I promised Paul Wight, Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash a little time off. They'll be back in a big way shortly- have no fear.


David Smith is a mess. Have you had some time to think about my request for rehab in the budget?

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British Bulldog vs. Buff Bagwell



Booker T vs. Great Sasuke

The Great Sucka ain't got nothin on this OG


US Champion #1 Contender match: Konnan vs. Lex Luger vs. Juventude Guerrera vs. Ray Traylor

I'm thinking Luger wins so he can get Perfect Plexed later


Non Title match: Steven Regal vs. Chris Jericho

Regal slips on a banana peel. Jericho slips on the same banana peel but turns it into a Lion Sault for the win.


Ultimo Dragon and Tajiri vs. The Steiner Brothers II

There's a hurricanrana vs. frankensteiner battle and Rick throws his hands up and leaves because he only knows how to throw people across the ring.


Who will challenge the world champion?

Lex Luger, after winning a US title shot, throws it down and declares himself a World Champion Contender instead. Mean Gene explains that he hasn't earned a world title shot he's only earned a US Title shot. Lex Luger feels stupid and says, "Oh, well can I keep the US title shot. I didn't mean to throw it down." Mean Gene says, "No, you're a jackass. Go home."

The mystery remains unsolved for another week.

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British Bulldog vs. Buff Bagwell



Booker T vs. Great Sasuke

The Great Sucka ain't got nothin on this OG


US Champion #1 Contender match: Konnan vs. Lex Luger vs. Juventude Guerrera vs. Ray Traylor

I'm thinking Luger wins so he can get Perfect Plexed later


Non Title match: Steven Regal vs. Chris Jericho

Regal slips on a banana peel. Jericho slips on the same banana peel but turns it into a Lion Sault for the win.


Ultimo Dragon and Tajiri vs. The Steiner Brothers II

There's a hurricanrana vs. frankensteiner battle and Rick throws his hands up and leaves because he only knows how to throw people across the ring.


Who will challenge the world champion?

Lex Luger, after winning a US title shot, throws it down and declares himself a World Champion Contender instead. Mean Gene explains that he hasn't earned a world title shot he's only earned a US Title shot. Lex Luger feels stupid and says, "Oh, well can I keep the US title shot. I didn't mean to throw it down." Mean Gene says, "No, you're a jackass. Go home."

The mystery remains unsolved for another week.


I am completely abandoning my current plans for Luger and going with this.

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WCW Magazine!


  • It’s a brand new day in WCW, and we’ve got the 411 on all of your WCW champions!
  • What WCW wrestler recently partied with rap superstar Ma$e? The answer may surprise you!


WCW Television Champion: Chris Jericho!



Any fans of the Lionheart already knew that Chris Jericho had big things in his future, but as Bret Hart’s protégé and the newest member of the Hart Foundation, the whole world knows it! Chris Jericho recently defeated Steven Regal for the Television Championship, and time will tell if this young lion can put England’s most dangerous man down for good.


WCW Tag Team Champions: Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko!



It doesn’t get better in this business than being one half of the legendary Four Horsemen- unless you’re the tag team champions, too! The Canadian Crippler and the Iceman took the titles from The Outsiders at Starrcade in the match that turned the tide for WCW’s war against the New World Order!


WCW United States Champion: Curt Hennig



Speaking of the New World Order, who’s side is this guy on, anyway? Apparently, the mysterious Fourth Horsemen was merely biding his time to strike on Ric Flair’s orders! Now that the dust has settled and the war is over, who will the perfect United States Champion face next?


WCW World Heavyweight Champion: Bret Hart



Hart was determined to stay neutral in the war with Hollywood Hogan’s cronies- Hart was here to wrestle, and nothing more. But after a vicious attack on #1 Contender Sting threatened to end Starrcade before it could start, Bret accepted Commissioner Piper’s request to take his spot in the main event. We’re glad he did, because one sharpshooter was what it took to put the final nail in Hogan’s coffin!

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Good start mate. I'll keep tabs on this.



Alex Wright vs. Jamie Noble

Extreme Evolution (Raven and Saturn) vs. Omega SUPREME (Surge and Willow the Wisp)

Great Sasuke vs. Dave Finlay

Juventude Guerrera vs. La Parka


Now and forever. Looking forward to more Dusty.


I appreciate you guys following and participanting. Thanks!

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WCW Monday Nitro

Week 2 Jan 98

Arena at Harbor Yard, CT

Attendance: 9,786




Mike Tenay: Welcome to the number one rated wrestling broadcast in the world! Welcome to WCW Monday Night Nitro! I’m Mike Tenay, joined by my broadcast colleagues Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan and Dusty Rhodes.

Dusty: Baby we got so many irons in da fires tonight I’ll be amazed if the whole place don’t burn down like a crispy lil’ pumpkin.

Mike Tenay: We are on the road to WCW Souled Out, and the question stands- who will challenge Bret Hart for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship?

Heenan: Bret Hart? Who’s going to challenge Bret Hart? How do you even know Bret Hart is going to have the title at Souled Out? He’s a marked man! He’s got a title that everyone wants- even his closest friends!


The crowd pops as Roddy Piper’s bag pipers play, and the kilted wonder himself makes his way to the ring.


Mike Tenay: Here’s a man who might know a thing or two! Commissioner Piper!


Piper: You guys are too much! Look, last week on Nitro we wrote it in stone- the New World Order is old news, and the championship is just a glimmer in Hollywood Hogan’s beady little eyes! There are a lot of guys back there in the running for that title, and we’ve got to figure out how to determine the #1 Contender!


Ice Cube and Dr. Dre’s ‘Natural Born Killaz’ cranks up, and Randy Savage steps on stage with a microphone. He has cut his hair short, which somehow makes him look even crazier.


Randy Savage: ‘Determining the #1 contender tonight…Seems to us it’s a waste of time, yeeah…let’s not forget, Piper that we beat Diamond Dallas Page as Starrcade. So let us make your job easier for you, can you dig…At Souled Out, it’s gonna be Bret The Chumpman Hart entering the world of Madness, yeeeeeeeeeah….


Mike Tenay: Um, who is ‘we?’

Heenan: I’m so glad we don’t sit near the stage anymore.


Piper: Oh, it’s just like that, huh? You say and I do? I don’t think so, pal.


Randy Savage: Don’t patronize us, Piper…You’ll regret it.


Piper: Come into this ring and tell me that, you screw loose.


Savage marches to the ring as Piper takes off his jacket, ready for a fight.


Randy Savage: I want you to name one guy back there that deserves the main event at Souled Out more than us, and make it a good one…because if you insult us, we’ll end you, Piper. Who? WHO IS IT?


<object width="445" height="364"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_dWja9V4sk&hl=en_US&fs=1?color1=0x006699&color2=0x54abd6&border=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_dWja9V4sk&hl=en_US&fs=1?color1=0x006699&color2=0x54abd6&border=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="445" height="364"></embed></object>


Mike Tenay: Oh my god!



The roar of the crowd is deafening as Sting steps onto the stage, pointing his bat at Randy Savage. Savage is livid!


Piper: There’s your answer Savage! At Souled Out, Bret Hart’s challenger is either gonna be you, or the man called Sting! And we’re gonna find out TONIGHT!


Mike Tenay: That’s HUGE!

Heenan: It’s insane! Is Sting even medically cleared to wrestle?

Mike Tenay: We’re going to find out! Stay with us!


Back from the break…


Mike Tenay: We’re back for the first match of a huge Monday Nitro, Japan’s Great Sasuke is making his way to the ring. Sasuke just had a big win over Finlay on WCW Saturday Night.

Heenan: I think this guy made my teriyaki chicken once.

Dusty: I’ve heralotta good things about Great Sasuke boy, but he’s gonna have his hands full with a man like this one right here, Booker T.


The familiar Harlem Heat theme is greeted by a chorus of boos. Booker T ignores it, heading to the ring. He gets in the camera and says something about Kim Page…


Mike Tenay: You’ve got to wonder what’s going on in DDP’s mind, as Booker T cost him a big win last week against Eddie Guerrero. What is Booker’s agenda here?

Heenan: First of all, stop telling me what I have to wonder. This is America. As for agenda, have you pulled your head out of the sand and looked at Kim Page lately, Tenay?


Booker T vs. Great Sasuke (C+)


A good showing from Sasuke, but he can’t build momentum against Booker T, who has really developed into a beast in the ring. Booker catches Sasuke in a top rop attack and brings him to the mat with a Booker-end.


Winner via pinfall in 4:09- Booker T


Mike Tenay: God, what an impact with that Bookend.

Heenan: They’re gonna have to scrape Sasuke off the mat with a spatula!


Booker T takes a microphone.


Booker T: All ya’ll listen up! I want to dedicate this match to a very special lady! Kim Page, that was for you! If you want to ditch that saltine cracker, you know where I’m staying tonight. Now can you dig that….SUCKAZ?


SELF HIGH FIVE! DDP rushes the ring with a chair, and Booker T clears out, exiting through the crowd. Page throws up the sign…BANG!


Mike Tenay: Ha! Now can YOU dig THAT?

Heenan: Please stop speaking.

Dusty: He ran like a scud missile on a broken treadmill!

Mike Tenay: Let’s get back to the action with a rematch between Steven Regal and the man that took his Television Championship, Chris Jericho!

Heenan: These guys tore the house down at Starrcade- I can’t wait to see Regal make this guy tap out.


Backstage, Bret Hart and Chris Jericho are standing together. Bret is preparing Chris for his match.


Bret Hart: Just don’t underestimate the guy. You beat him once, but anything can happen out there.

Chris Jericho: I’ve got this, Bret.

Bret Hart: Make yourself proud out there.


Jericho leaves. Bret turns to head back to his dressing room, but is blocked by Sting.


Bret Hart: How are you feeling, Stinger?

Sting: I’m feeling like I’ll see you at Souled Out.

Bret Hart: There’s no way you’re 100%, man. Look, take all the time you need to recover, ok? When you and I get in that ring, I don’t want you injured for our title match.

Sting: It's easy for you to tell me to wait. What you need to understand is that this isn't just about the World Heavyweight Title.

Bret: What is it about?

Sting: I missed the most important fight of my life at Starrcade. This is about redemption.


The two face off for a moment before shaking hands. Sting leaves, the champ watching him go.


Mike Tenay: The card for Souled Out continues to shape up in this next match- if Steven Regal can beat Chris Jericho, he’ll get a TV Title rematch!

Heenan: ‘If?’ More like when. Steven Regal is one of the greatest technical wrestlers on the planet.


Steven Regal vs. Chris Jericho (B)


Regal and Jericho put on a clinic- Regal is more fierce than usual, determined to regain the television title. The heat from the crowd is main event worthy- especially after DDP’s segment, they smell blood in the water! Regal reverses a Walls of Jericho attempt, and defeats Jericho with an STF!


Winner via submission in 17:42- Steven Regal


Mike Tenay: What a match!

Dusty: Ol’ school, baby- like a greaser in a silent film!

Mike Tenay: I cannot wait to see this war continue at Souled Out with the title on the line. Does Regal have Chris Jericho’s number?

Heenan: Of course he does! What did I tell you? Chris Jericho isn’t fit to lick this man’s boots!


The British Bulldog heads to the ring and takes a microphone.


British Bulldog- Last week, we had the privilege of seeing Rey Mysterio wrestle.


Pause for crowd cheers.


British Bulldog- After an extremely competitive match, he was treated like garbage by the man who beat him- Buff Bagwell.


Pause for boos.


British Bulldog- That’s why I requested this match. It’s time that Buff Bagwell learned some respect.

Buff’s music hits, and he prances to the ring, posing and mugging to fans.


British Bulldog vs. Buff Bagwell (c-)


The match has great heat, but it’s clear that Bulldog isn’t working with a full deck. The match breaks down into a pose off several times before Bulldog puts Bagwell away with a powerslam.


Winner via pinfall in 9:33- British Bulldog


After the match, Buff shakes the cobwebs out, and goes after Bulldog with a chair, beating him down. He exposes the concrete at ringside and hits a vicious DDT on Davey Boy, who doesn’t get back up.


Mike Tenay: Oh my god…

Heenan: Even the Bulldog doesn’t deserve that…

Dusty: Help is on the way baby, but it may be too late!


Bret Hart and Chris Jericho charge down the aisle and Buff bails.


Heenan: That’s two guys in one night that have escaped the same way.


Medics hurry to the ring and Bulldog is eventually hoisted onto a backboard. Piper hits the scene, as well as road agents Arn Anderson and Ricky Steamboat. Things look pretty grim. The audience is stunned silent as the Hart Foundation follows their brother down the aisle to an arriving ambulance. Nitro cuts to a commercial as Bret and Jericho watch the ambulance drive off.


Back from the break…


Mike Tenay: Not sure what to say about what happened prior to the break. We’ll keep you updated on the Bulldog’s condition. It’s time to find out who’s going to face Curt Hennig for his United States Title at Souled Out with a four way dance! Elimination rules, last man in the ring gets the title shot!


Konnan vs. Lex Luger vs. Juventude Guerrera vs. Ray Traylor (C+)


From the moment he passes the curtain, Luger looks like he could give a damn about the match, so it’s good that he’s eliminated first. Konnan and Guerrera work together against Traylor, who is pinned when Konnan tosses the masked luchadore at him, cross body style. Konnan immediately tears into Juvie, putting him down with a mule kick/K Factor combo.


Winner via pinfall in 8:43- Konnan


Konnan mugs to the crowd, gesturing that he’ll have a title around his waist soon, and takes a mic.


Konnan- Curt Hennig! You traitor bitch! You aren’t walking out of Souled Out, cause I’m gonna break your legs!


Dusty: Let’s hope Hennig’s legs is stronger than Konnan’s words, cuz that buggah looks supercharged on rage!

Heenan: Can you blame him? Konnan was riding in style with the New World Order, and now it’s all gone, and it’s partly Hennig’s fault!

Mike Tenay: You almost sound like you wish they were still around, Brain!

Heenan: Well of course I don’t! Well, their music was sort of good.

Mike Tenay: It’s time for a rematch from last week’s Nitro!


Ultimo Dragon and Tajiri enter to a much bigger pop than the previous week, followed by the Steiner Brothers.


Mike Tenay: Do you think the Steiner Brothers have gotten their acts together?

Heenan: I don’t think Scott’s doing anything wrong. It’s Rick Steiner that needs to step his game up.


Ultimo Dragon & Hiro Tajiri vs. The Steiner Brothers (B)


The drama between Scott and Rick intensifies- they are all over the place, while the tandem offense of Dragon and Tajiri continues to improve. Rick Steiner falls to a buzzsaw kick, followed by Dragon’s patented corkscrew moonsault from the top.

Winners via pinfall in 12:08- Ultimo Dragon & Hiro Tajiri


Mike Tenay: Well that sealed the deal! I hope that the tag team champions are paying attention!

Dusty: It was like Luke Skywalker and Yoda working together in there baby.


Scott angrily waits for Rick to recover and stand before he attacks his brother, locking him in the Steiner Recliner. Ultimo Dragon and Tajiri return to break the hold, and Scott is pushed backstage by a swarm of referees, while Rick is helped to the back by road agents.


Eddie and Chavo Guerrero walk on stage with microphones as the chaos dies down.


Eddie: Well, well, well! Mire a todas estas personas gordas! Another one bites the dust, ese! Dragon! You, your midget friend, and the rest of the tag team division can consider yourselves on notice, holmes! Los Guerreros están aquí!


Ultimo Dragon and Tajiri gesture for them to come to the ring, but Eddie just soaks up the boos before he and his nephew leave the stage.


Mike Tenay: Well, one team comes to a violent end and two more start climbing the ladder! The tag team division is unpredictable lately!

Heenan: I don’t know what language they were speaking, but I’m a fan of Eddie and Chavo.

Mike Tenay: It was Spanish, Brain.

Heenan: Oh yeah, like you’d know Spanish if you heard it.

Mike Tenay: When we come back, it’s our main event! Championship implications! Randy Savage vs. Sting is next!


Back from the break…


‘Natural Born Killaz’ plays and the crowd pops for the main event. Randy Savage makes his way to the ring.


Heenan: Is he even blinking?


Sting’s music hits and the crowd is on its feet for the Icon.


Mike Tenay: As Sting makes his way to the ring, I can’t help but wonder if Bret Hart was right. Is Sting ready to return to the ring after being attacked at Starrcade?

Heenan: Are you joking, Tenay? Of course not. The guy looks like he can barely stand, much less beat the psychopath waiting for him the ring.


#1 Contender Match: Randy Savage vs. Sting (B+)


Sting and Savage tell a slow burning story in the ring: Randy Savage’s brutality has reached new heights: he’s like a man possessed as he battles the injured Sting. But Sting, hurt or not, refuses to be beaten, wrestling smarter than Savage to keep from being overwhelmed. Savage drives Sting face first into an exposed turnbuckle, blood pouring over the Icon’s cracked white face paint. Savage connects with a big elbow, but it’s not enough! Enraged, he climbs the turnbuckle for a second, but connects with the mat as Sting rolls out of the way! The two struggle to their feet, and Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop, only to collapse next to his opponent! Savage recovers first, climbing the ropes a third time to hit an axe handle on the rising Sting, but the Stinger counters with a big knife hand strike! Savage tumbles to the mat, and Sting takes a leg for the Scorpion Deathlock! Wait! Hollywood Hogan with a chair! Down goes Sting! The ref calls for the bell! Savage struggles to his knees and takes a chair shot as well! Sting pulls himself up, and Hogan nearly takes his head off with a crooked arm lariat.


Mike Tenay: Was that the Axe Bomber? I haven’t seen Hogan use that since his days wrestling in Japan!


Hogan tosses the chair at Savage, and gives Sting a kick as an afterthought.


Randy Savage vs. Sting: Double Disqualification at 23:05


Heenan: Sting isn’t moving…

Dusty: Hogan coming at them like a man possessed…Never seen so much hate in a man!

Mike Tenay: If Hogan wanted to send a message…

Heenan: We heard it loud and clear. That man is not going to go quietly! I blame Piper!

Mike Tenay: How is this Piper’s fault?!

Heenan: He backed Hogan into a corner! You don’t back a wild animal into the corner!

Dusty: Somewhere between the ghost and the darkness baby, that’s where Hogan is right now!


Piper screams at Hogan from the stage…Hogan simply stands in the middle of the ring and points at the Souled Out banner to end the show.

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WCW Saturday Night preview

Great Sasuke vs. Dave Finlay II

Los Guerreros vs. Jerry Lynn and Marty Jannetty

Scott Steiner vs. Jamie Noble



Chris Jericho talks about his upcoming match with Steven Regal!

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Really enjoyed the show mate. I like how the title picture is shaping up, I wasn't sure Sting would be back so soon, but it works seeing him fighting for his title even though he's clearly not 100%. Even though I went against them in the picks I was pleased to see Bulldog and Konnan win. Looking forward to seeing how you develop some of these feuds mate, it's all shaping up nicely after two Nitro's.



Great Sasuke vs. Dave Finlay II

Finlay is probably somebody who is going to be putting over talent and I really like Sasuke. He seems to be able to have a good match with just about anybody.


Los Guerreros vs. Jerry Lynn and Marty Jannetty

Probably going to stay strong and look for the titles at some point.


Scott Steiner vs. Jamie Noble

Not too sure here because you could have Rick turn on Scott, but I think that would happen on Nitro and probably with a slower build. Scott could probably use the rub in the singles matches if he's losing the tag ones.

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WCW Magazine presents...


Know your tag teams!


The tag team landscape in WCW has changed drastically in the past two months...Don't be the only kid at your lunch table that still thinks High Voltage has a shot at the titles!


Generation Mex

<a href="http://s745.photobucket.com/albums/xx100/jstarr187/Tag%20Teams/?action=view&current=genmex.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i745.photobucket.com/albums/xx100/jstarr187/Tag%20Teams/genmex.jpg" border="0" alt="Generation Mex (Juvie and Super Crazy)"></a>


Last month, Juventud Guerrera shocked the world when, after becoming the last Cruiserweight champion, he stood in the middle of the ring and removed his mask! After he and his new partner Super Crazy dismantled the WCW Luchadores, Generation Mex announced that they were tired of Mexican traditions holding them back, and that the next generation of lucha libre was here to stay!


The Outsiders

<a href="http://s745.photobucket.com/albums/xx100/jstarr187/Tag%20Teams/?action=view&current=outsiders.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i745.photobucket.com/albums/xx100/jstarr187/Tag%20Teams/outsiders.jpg" border="0" alt="The Outsiders (WCW)"></a>


One of the most dominant teams in pro wrestling probably didn't need an army of thugs to ensure their title reigns, but they used them any way. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash revolutionized the business by teaming with Hulk Hogan to form the New World Order. While the team recently lost their titles and their war with WCW at Starrcade, The Outsiders have been noticeably absent from WCW Television recently, which doesn't exactly put this particular magazine intern at ease.


Ultimo Dragon & Hiro Tajiri

<a href="http://s745.photobucket.com/albums/xx100/jstarr187/Tag%20Teams/?action=view&current=dragontajiri.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i745.photobucket.com/albums/xx100/jstarr187/Tag%20Teams/dragontajiri.jpg" border="0" alt="Hiro Tajiri & Ultimo Dragon (WCW)"></a>


After the cruiserweight division was dissolved, Ultimo Dragon set his eyes on the WCW Tag Team Championship, and recruited his protege Hiro Tajiri to get there. Ultimo Dragon is one of the most celebrated and heavily decorated professional wrestlers in the world, and while still young, Tajiri's lethal kicks have already earned him the nickname 'Buzzsaw.'


Next issue...Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko! Extreme Evolution! Los Guerreros! The Steiner Brothers?

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Your #1 site for pro wrestling news and 10 second video clips!


WCW Closes Power Plant, creates two developmental territories


cutandpastewrestlingnews.angelfire.tripod.cjb.net has just learned that WCW management has invested in two independent promotions for training new talent: Fog City Pro Wrestling in San Francisco and Gulf Coast Pro in Panama City, Florida.


FCPW will be joined by trainers Mike Rotundo and Larry Zbyszko, while GCP will be overseen by Ricky Steamboat.


Chris Kanyon, Nick Dinsmore and Billy Kidman have already reported to FCPW, and WCW’s scouts have signed a number of young talents to deals, including Kaz Hayashi, Adam Copeland, and Jason Reso.


Though details are sketchy, WCW has offered a lump sum to Matt and Jeff Hardy, the owners of indy promotion OMEGA, and who wrestle for WCW as Surge and Willow the Wisp, as compensation for signing a large number of their wrestlers. WCW scouts were apparently very impressed with the potential shown at a recent OMEGA event, and have sent Shane Helms and Shannon Moore to GCP.


A giant surprise for Japan (That's not Godzilla)?




It is also rumored that several big name WCW wrestlers will be touring with Michinoku Pro and NJPW in Japan. Former WCW champion The Giant was spotted at an Atlanta Walgreens having his passport photo taken last Tuesday.


Souled Out


WCW’s pay per view Souled Out is being held next Sunday. Matches announced so far include Curt Hennig vs. Konnan for the United States Championship, and Chris Jericho vs. Steven Regal for the Television Championship.


CutandpasteWrestlingnews is speculating that Scott Steiner vs. Rick Steiner will also be included on the card, and that breaking up the greatest tag team in wrestling history is a clear sign of WCW's incompetance.

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Really enjoyed the show mate. I like how the title picture is shaping up, I wasn't sure Sting would be back so soon, but it works seeing him fighting for his title even though he's clearly not 100%. Even though I went against them in the picks I was pleased to see Bulldog and Konnan win. Looking forward to seeing how you develop some of these feuds mate, it's all shaping up nicely after two Nitro's.



Glad you're enjoying it! I'm actually almost to Starrcade '98 in this game, and it's been interesting going back to turn it into a Dynasty...lots of weird booking and lots of learning how to play the game properly.

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Next week on Nitro…


Brothers in crisis: Rick Steiner vs. Lance Storm

Man on a mission: Rey Mysterio vs. Psychosis

Hands off of my woman: Diamond Dallas Page vs. Ray Traylor

Time for payback: Konnan vs. Dean Malenko

New teams on the block: Eddie Guerrero vs. Hiro Tajiri

Road to redemption: Sting vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

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WCW Saturday Night preview

Great Sasuke vs. Dave Finlay II

Dave Finlay II is bigger and stronger than the original Dave Finlay. To begin his reign of terror he must destroy the hero from the previous film in the first five minutes. Sorry Sasuke.


Los Guerreros vs. Jerry Lynn and Marty Jannetty

You should make Jerry, Marty's brother so we can have promos that go like "Marty and Jerry Jannetty here kids, telling you stay and school and trust in Jesus."


Scott Steiner vs. Jamie Noble

Jamie Noble has a 125 1/3 percent chance of eating a Recliner. A real one.


Next week on Nitro…


Brothers in crisis: Rick Steiner vs. Lance Storm

Lance goes for the rolling crab and gets punched in the face.

Man on a mission: Rey Mysterio vs. Psychosis

Hands off of my woman: Diamond Dallas Page vs. Ray Traylor

Time for payback: Konnan vs. Dean Malenko

New teams on the block: Eddie Guerrero vs. Hiro Tajiri

Road to redemption: Sting vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan


Sting vs. Hogan on a free Nitro. Keeping it real, I see.

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WCW Saturday Night

Week 2 Jan 1998

Avalon Ballroom in Ontario

Attendance: 441


A video package featuring a Randy Savage, Sting, Hogan, and Bret Hart plays which highlights Hogan’s violent attack at the end of Nitro.


Mike Tenay: Welcome to WCW Saturday Night! It’s tough to watch that footage from Nitro…Still no official response from WCW officials on Hogan’s actions.

Rick Rude: The response should be a title shot!

Mike Tenay: Joining me on commentary, Rick Rude ladies and gentlemen.

Rick Rude: Look, Hollywood Hogan just proved why he’s the top guy, whether he’s got an army behind him or not.

Mike Tenay: We may have to agree to disagree on that, Rick…Let’s get to the ring for a rematch from last week’s Saturday Night!


Great Sasuke vs. Finlay (C-)


Finlay is determined to beat Great Sasuke, and Sasuke takes advantage of his growing frustration several times in the match. Eventually, Finlay ‘accidently’ shoves the referee into a turnbuckle. Sasuke stops to check on him, and gets hit with a belly to belly piledriver.


Winner via pinfall in 6:32- Finlay


Mike Tenay: It’s a shame Finlay resorts to these kinds of tactics, when he has all the talent in the world!

Rick Rude: Maybe he just enjoys it, Tenay. Don’t you have any hobbies?


Chris Jericho’s music hits and the Canadian crowd give him a huge ovation. Jericho soaks it up in the ring for a few moments before gesturing for a microphone.


Chris Jericho- Niagra Falls, Ontario- Let me hear you!

They let him hear them.


Chris Jericho- Last Monday, I got a little ****y, and Steven Regal got the best of me. So now, Regal is walking around with his pinkies up, telling anyone who’ll listen to him ‘oh, that bloody chap Chris Jericho, that bloke, that fellow, I’ll eat him like fish n chips at the guvna’s house, I’ll beat him like it was time for a cuppa! Lifts, Beatles, Queen Elizabeth!’ Regal, if you think you’re taking this title from me, you’ve got the brain of a Spice Girl. So at Souled Out, bring your best. Because what Chris Jericho brings is going to be better.


Los Guerreros vs. Jerry Lynn and Marty Jannetty (D+)


Mike Tenay: Here’s a man we haven’t seen in a while! Marty Jannetty!

Rick Rude: Teaming with Jerry Lynn, we can call these guys The Midnight Jobbers.

Mike Tenay: You don’t think they’ve got a shot at Eddie and Chavo?

Rick Rude: No Tenay, I don’t think they’ve got a shot at Eddie and Chavo.


Jerry Lynn plays face in peril to Los Guerreros before making the hot tag to Marty Jannetty, who gets a warm reception from the crowd. Their shaky, coke fueled comeback doesn’t last, however- Eddie and Chavo pin them both with a double frog splash.


Winners via pinfall in 10:17- Los Guerreros


Eddie: Get used to that, Canucks! Because we aren’t stopping until we’ve got the WCW tag team titles around our waists! Ultimo Dragon! Hiro Tajiri! You're next on the list boys!


Scott Steiner vs. Jamie Noble (C-)


Mike Tenay: Wow, Steiner cut his hair!

Rick Rude: What is this, fashion week? Pipe down, Tenay.


Noble gives Steiner a run for his money, but eventually taps out to the Recliner.


Winner via submission in 10:32- Scott Steiner

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