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I think the gameplan should have more options. Some examples of what would increase my ability to get the most out of my team. -Being able to set % of double covering a certain receiver -Being able to set overall % of plays to blitz on -Being able to set a defender to spy on an opposing player, such as an option quarterback or a great running back -Being able to set a % of how many blitzers you send at a time -On offense you should be able to target a mismatch such as a poor corner on your stud receiver or go after the weaker players on their line w/ the run In the gameplay, there should be a ton of more blitzing options. The defensive gameplay comes off to me as a reactive thing. Sure, this would be great if it were a historical sim of the 50's and 60's, but nowadays defenses are aggressive, blitzing, hounding defenses. Some ideas I had for this: -stunting with your defensive line. -ability to call bump and run, normal, or playing off, for your corners on plays -setting a player as a spy -more blitzes with more defenders at a time Ex. sending all your backers, and stunting the d-line on the same play -overall it'd be nice if in the next edition of this game, there were a multitude of defense plays or even ability to make your own plays. Defense is a largely creative, aggressive part of football, and it should be conveyed as such. Other random ideas: - Being able to call a return for kickoffs or calling punt block, or punt return left or right or a reverse on the return - Being able to play a guy at another position without having to switch his position. Like in the middle of the season and your left tackle gets hurt. Maybe you'd rather start your backup guard there than your backup tackle. - Every play having a counter to it and maybe another. Such as a reverse off an option pitch or an option pass. Or having your bread and butter running play have a bootleg and a bootleg pass counter to it. This is a huge part of football in real life, and it'd be cool if it could be reflected in the game. That is where most of the deception in football is. - I think the clock management needs to be cleaned up a little bit. I don't understand if the time on the clock is the time at the end of the play or what, becuase it doesn't always jive with the game log. The frustrating part of this is that it renders clock management useless. Maybe a popup a la Front Office Football that would tell you if you need to call a timeout to keep time from expiring or if you have time left for 1 play. - I also think the college kickers get a little too much credit in the game. First off, besides Mason Crosby, who in the NCAA can consistently kick a field goal 55 yards much less make it? Plus, in recent years it seems like there are so many kickers who struggle to make 75 % of the fg's. Heck, wasn't it Auburn's kicker the went 1/6 one game? I see too many kickers in the game with percentages like what an NFL kicker's would be, when the world of kicking in college football is actually much more shaky than that. -On one last note, it seems to me that there is way too much parity in the game. In my game Iowa State, an average prestige in the middle of the Big 12 has a roster that doesn't look much worse than USC's or Texas'. It's college football, not NFL. USC and Texas should have way higher talent pools than mid to lower level Big 12 schools. Heck in my demo, Clemson is 4th in the nation, I know the polls are messed up but still. USC and Texas, two powerful mainstays are out of the polls altogether and have a combined 6 losses by week 9.
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