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Best Game Played?

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I just played my most exciting game in BBCF last night and I wanted to see what other types of stories there are out there. I was playing A&M against Miss State in the Shreveport Bowl. I came back from 17 points down in the 4th quarter with my last 4 plays being TD pass, successful onside kick, pass to get into field goal range and a FG on the last play of the game to go into OT. The 1st OT we swapped TDs, the 2nd we swapped FG, and on the 3rd OT I kicked a FG and stuffed him for -1 yds on 3 plays. Miss State missed its FG attempt and I win the game. So, what are some of your thrillers? By the way, I only call offense and ST plays. I can never seem to call a defense well at all so I let my DC do all that work.
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