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Most Decorated Career?

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For anyone who has a long term game going, or even just a watcher diary, who has the AI given the most titles to.


Using the C-Verse 97 mod, Mito Miwa is hugely decorated with a total of 29 titles since the game began (plus the PGHW Historical Japan title from before the game began). I havent checked every promotion, but with Hinote Dojo having 6 yearly tournaments, Im sure Mito must be the most decorated person in the game.


His list of achievements:

5x Hinote Dojo All Japan Title

5x Hinote Dojo Best Of April Trophy (For some reason the title wasnt won between '97 and '01, meaning Miwa is the only man to win the tournament.)

4x Hinote Dojo Best Of August Trophy

6x Hinote Dojo Best Of December Trophy

4x Hinote Dojo Best Of February Trophy

3x Hinote Dojo Best Of June Trophy

2x Hinote Dojo Best Of October Trophy


This just shows how selfish Miwa is, as he has been booker since the beginning of the game. (All though I would have probably had him win all those titles if I was booker)

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not sure if i would count him as really the most decorated wrestler. Many of these things are very low value. What does a monthly award really mean comapred to a world title reign? If I saw one wrestler in real life win the "Best ROH wrestler of whatever month" 27 times, or I saw someone else have 6 WWE Raw world titles, 4 WWE Smackdown World titles, 2 IC title reigns, 2 US title reigns, 3 TNA worl title reigns, 4 ROH Tag title reigns, 2 ROH Pure title reigns, etc ide say the 2nd wrestler was MUCH more decorated even though they had a lower number of accomplishments.
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