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Mobile TEW2010

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If you haven't noticed, mobile "apps" are hugely popular and a great source of revenue for developers today. I am one of those developers and I was just curious if Adam/Grey dog had ever considered creating a similar app for mobile devices similar to TEW or maybe converting it to mobile.


I couldn't find much on the forums about this and I am a huge fan of the game and I was curious about such development.



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This was talked about last month in This Thread


Although Adam hasn't commented about this to my knowledge TEW just doesn't really work at a mobile game. Those apps are what size? Less than a MB in size? To where as TEW is what? 50+ mb's?


I can't see a way to get the complex nature of TEW into a small app. You would go the way of EWR and atleast for me I can't even play TEW 05 let alone EWR.


I'm not saying it can't be done its been discussed to death but I see no way that a game this complex and this size could be crunched into a phone app and be anything close to this.

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Adam has definitely addressed this somewhere before, I just don't know where. But from memory I remember him saying something along the lines of:


1. TEW is extremely processor intensive and so would have to be massively scaled down to work on a format like that.

2. He hasn't coded on the format so he'd have to take the time to learn it AND basically make a new game

3. The potential market for a mobile version of TEW is far smaller than the PC market (in that it's probably mostly TEW players who would play and many of them don't have the phones)... meaning it's potential value compared to simply making a new TEW is far lower, especially given that the retail price would need to be far lower.


Ultimately, I wouldn't hold out any hope for this at all. If making PC games is more profitable Adam is going to keep making those. There's no point in him putting MORE time/effort into a LESS profitable product, the man has to make a living somehow. :)



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