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I was wondering, what are you willing to give during contract negotiations?


I used to do purely base pay increases, but I came to realize that I was getting into a situation where I'm overpaying guys. I would do one contract by increase their base pay, and then when I get into another contract with a worker at similar level, they demand a similar amount of money.


Instead, I generally give out Merchandise percentages. It should lower my revenue, but it doesn't add to my costs.


I give out PPV bonuses sometimes. There's three situations where I don't do this, though.


1. I'm going probably use the worker in every PPV

2. They are main eventers or upper midcarders.

3. Their PPV bonus combined with the base pay is more than a single notch increase in base pay.


I almost never give out travel expenses (the game requires you to initially increase travel expenses for foreign workers). Travel Expenses increase with the workers respect level, and is on a per-appeance basis. If that's the case, I might as well give out a merchandise instead, or even just an increase in base pay.


I haven't given out any creative control (no worker has demanded this of me), and I generally don't give out title promises (though this has been rarely asked of me, too).

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Thanks for the input. I can say I rarely give out a creative or a promise to title reign, either. It's not because I dislike the either, but I dislike having less flexibility booking.


Travel expenses is one thing I dislike giving out, though. It quickly adds up. PPV bonuses I have to be careful with, especially with main eventers.


Edit: A one-star rating? Really? Okay, which of you jokers did that? :p

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