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No one has answered yet so I'm going to ask more specific questions. I'd appreciate the boards help with these questions.


1. Should I be calling zone or man on run plays?

2. Is it better to mix up man vs. zone or should I stick with what my players are best suited with?

3. Is it better to use DL slides on running plays or passing plays?(when the dl arrows point at an angle instead of straight?

4. Are draws and screens the way to overcome blitzes?

5. Can anyone run the ball while calling their plays?

6. Does the game recognize substitutions and play tendency (Ex. I put in my backup qb and call qb runs often)?

7. Is it better to call trips whenever the opponent is in man vs. zone?

8. When is it a good idea to call roll outs?

9. Is play action more effective if I call the run play that is similar to it often or do I just have to run the ball often?

10. Any suggestions that work for you are greatly appreciated.

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