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RayW's Skin Showcase (Version 2.0)

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Okay, here's where I'm going to post and share all my new skin's that I have made. Just a quick note, I use the web template made by Darkflow for his Gold on Grey skin for TEW08, so credit goes to him for the included website designs.


Also, I will make available the blank image set I made myself as a template.


Click the skin name to view a preview:


» Blank Image Set (Template)


» RW Skin 001 (Download)

» RW Skin 002 (Download)

» RW Skin 003 (Download)

» RW Skin 004 (Download)

» RW Skin 005 (Download)

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Good Job on these #4 is easily my favoriote one however all are amazing, one thing I did notice though and I notice this on most skins is that on the control room there isn't a border surrounding the logo of the promotion that you are playing as and there isn't a border seperating the four sections of the control room. The reason I bring this up is because I ususally don't play with skins where it looks as if the logo is just there. If a border was added to the control room screen I would gladly play with it but if its not changed I just can't do it. I know I sound picky but thats just a pet peeve of mine when dealing with skins. Otherwise great job with them!
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