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WWE Smackdown 2009: Wrestling & Entertainment

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To start off this is my first diary and im not just starting it on some whim and im gonna try to not be one of those people who start diaries and never update them. I've read ALOT of diaries here and i think im finally ready to see how creative i can get. So here goes....


"Well your business plan seems well thought out and i'v been trying to find reasons why this won't work and i haven't found any so i guess you've got a deal. Smackdown and all the rights to it now belong to you. You've been given the workers you asked for from the now defunct ECW and the shows time slot on Sci-Fi, make the most of it. And know that if you fail this is it. No other chances this wil be the end for you."

Vince McMahon then hung up the phone leaving


there was a mix up the day i started this and i ended up making two threads..can i request the moderator shut this thread down because of the mishap...Thank You

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