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Guest nikkichatwin

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Guest nikkichatwin
Recently got the game and love it..just wandering what people name their PPV's ive got EPWA fed's first one coming up soon and i cant think of what to call it
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<p>Nonstop Wrestling Action (Cornellverse)</p><p>

Feb: Genesis (first year) Slammiversary (2nd year -)</p><p>

Apr: Instant Classic</p><p>

Jun: XtraVaGaNzA</p><p>

Jul: Great American Brawl</p><p>

Aug: SummerFest</p><p>

Oct: Survivor Spirit</p><p>

Dec: WrestleQuest</p><p> </p><p>

Other names:</p><p>

Next Chapter</p><p>

Ready 2 Rumble</p><p>


Sold Out</p><p>


Triple Threat (Three Way Matches only)</p><p>

Saturday Night (Clash of the Championship like event)</p>

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My events in HIW:


Jan New Beginnings

Feb Do or Die

March Scorch Comfort

April Northern Lites

May Bleed Forever

June Summer Falls

July The Undefeated

August International Language of Screaming

Sept Guntrip

Oct Western Battle

Nov Sex, war & Robots

Dec No Sympathy



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Currently, in my USPW dynasty (shameless plug, I know...sorry), I'm going through the ones that are default that I absolutely hate ("Red, White, and Blue!" and "Apple Pie and Wrestling!" stand out) and coming up with new names for them. And, I'm also making new PPV logos for USPW with the alt company logo I use.


One of the things I am going to do, even if I keep USPW's default names for PPVs, is drop the exclamation points at the end of all of them. Just seems minor league for a company who is trying, at least in the viewpoint of my dynasty, is trying to go rival the Big Two.

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