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Hail to the king, baby!


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No-one's mentioned this yet?!! Duke Nukem Forever will be out next year! I haven't been this excited since it was first announced thirty-six years ago! (;))


Seriously though, I honestly wouldn't care if it was still using the Build Engine, I just want another FPS Duke game. :cool:


Check out the press release: http://www.dukenukem.com


Sorry, we need more bland FPS games like we need a hole in the head.


Lack of excitement on my end...

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You can call Duke many things. Bland is not one of them. He, to quote Scott Hall, oozes machismo.


But, I'm fairly sure this may end up being a pretty bog-standard FPS. It's nice to know that it's finally being released after what...12 years?


13 long years.


But from what I've heard, it may be worth it. I still don't like Nukem, but maybe this game will change my mind.

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I remember playing the first Duke Nukem...2-D side-scrolling platform game from Apogee...which a quick Google tells me was back in 1991, which makes me feel old. That game, Jill of the Jungle and Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure were the bomb - anyone who remembers them gets bonus cool points.


With that said though, as much as I'm a fan of nostalgia - Duke's time has passed. To quote The Smiths, "That joke isn't funny anymore". The 'action hero parody' was great in '96, but how many times have we seen it since? Hell, even the action heroes Duke parodies have done parodies of themselves since then.


I fondly remember FPS's like the Doom series, Duke 3D, etc, but with the genre glut we've seen over the past five years, an FPS has to be either very special, or very different to grab my attention. The main selling point for this game seems to be "We finally managed to release this game...Duke's back!" For me, an average game based on a tired old joke just isn't enough to make me part with £40. Saying that, I'm not a particularly avid gamer...maybe the legend of Duke just isn't supposed to appeal to me.

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