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The CornelLife Database: A Work in Progress

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I gained an idea to merge three different databases to create a great ultra-verse. I've just started, and I've already gotten 159 promotions in the database. The three merged are Mr. Canada's amazing MCD database from August 2010, Hive's War of the World's database, and the CornellVerse from the start of TEW 2010. I just started making it last night.


The CornelLife database mixes the data of the original CornellVerse, August 2010 MCD, and the War of the Worlds Database. 159 Promotions, some yet to debut from the CornellVerse, most current, others defunct, that existed in the 1990s, and custom promotions generated by me. Big thanks to the original mod makers for making this happen.


Current Count

Workers: 3,532

Angles: 452

Dojos: 0

Events: 0

Gimmicks: 234

Injuries: 108

Locations: 1846

Match Types: 293

Media Groups: 0

Movesets: 0

Moves: 1220

PPV Agreements: 0

PPV Carriers: 39

Promotion Pacts: 0

Promotions: 89 (28 Yet to Open)

Stables: 0

Storylines: 155

Teams: 0

Titles: 0

TV Networks: 186

TV Show Slots: 0

TV Show: 0

User Characters: 24

Worker Relations: 0

Workers: 3212


Like I said, this is a progress thread. Post thoughts, questions, or suggestions here. =D

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the idea is a nice one.

but wont 159 promotions be a little to much. thats a lot off AI work. wont that make the loading times take forever.


also I not sure have to check this. But i believe also the reallife workers dont have the personal file correct. so they all have the same personalities.

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First off, I updated the list. Promotions have been reduced. Also, if you don't see a type of data on the list, it would be included in the mod. I apologize.


Current Promotions:

All Canada Pro Wrestling

All Japan Pro Wrestling

All Star Wrestling

American Wrestling Federation

Asistencia Asesoría y Administración

Australian Pro Wrestling

Big Japan Pro Wrestling

Border City Wrestling

Burning Hammer of the Wrestling Gods

Canadian Charisma Championship Combat


Coastal Zone Championship Wrestling

Combat Zone Wrestling

Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre

Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling USA

Dragon Gate Pro-Wrestling

Dramatic Dream Team

East Coast Wrestling Association

Extreme Championship Wrestling

Florida Championship Wrestling

Full Impact Pro

Heartland Wrestling Association


Italian Professional Wrestling

Kryptonite Wrestling Entertainment

Lucha Libre USA

Mid Atlantic Wrestling

National Wrestling Alliance

New Japan Pro-Wrestling

North of the Border Pro Wrestling

Nu-Wrestling Evolution

NWA New Jersey

NWA UK Hammerlock

NWA Wildside

Ohio Valley Wrestling

Organization of Extreme Grappling (Arts)

Pride Glory Honor Wrestling

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla

Pro Wrestling NOAH

Pro Wrestling Zero1

Renegade Wrestling Federation

Ring of Fire

Ring of Honor

SHIMMER Women Athletes

South of the Border Pro Wrestling

Supreme Wrestling Federation

Tap Out Wrestling

Total Championship Wrestling

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling

Ultimate European Wrestling

Ultimate Pro Wrestling

United States Pro Wrestling

World Championship Wrestling

World Wrestling All-Stars

World Wrestling Council

World Wrestling Entertainment

World Xtreme Wrestling

Wrestle Association R


ZEN: Art of Wrestling


Please post suggestions of promotion ideas that you have, promotions you think I should re-import, or promotions you think will be useless, and I should delete.

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